Unconventional Legend Chapter 1202

Wu Yuting and Zuo Changlu are determined not to let Lei Changtian know about it.

I can't even say that I was killed.

Hehe, this matter...

Tell others to keep the secret, tell you...that's not necessarily so.

If it really becomes a well known secret, the excitement will be great!


In the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower.

"What is the taboo?" Zuo Xiaonian asked with concern.

"This matter is not trivial. The law does not spread to the six ears, you get closer and I will tell you."

"What, there is no one else in there now. What six ears are you telling... Uh, uh..."

Zuo Xiaoduo planned for a long time and finally got Zuo Xiaonian into the trap of oneself and fell into the clutches of oneself.

At this moment, I can't help being proud of being high-spirited and vigorous, and hug it tightly.

Zuo Xiaonian struggled twice, but found that he did not move. Zuo Xiaoduo hugged too tightly, and simply stopped struggling.

It’s not that I don’t resist, it’s that I can’t resist. Xiaoduo is fierce now, and his strength is so great...

So much so...

For a long time After that, Zuo Xiaonian opened his eyes and stared at Zuo Xiaoduo in front of him, muttered: "Puppy, I know you are going to make things worse..."

Zuo Xiaoduo bit her and looked upright. On the little nose, he hummed and asked: "Why am I broken?"

"Anyway...it was broken..."

Zuo Xiaoduo hugged his waist and muttered; "Then...Do you want to make me worse?"

"No...I want to..."

"Niannian Cat, we're all flying now... Mother didn't say... …Flying...I can do that..."

"No...no...you...you...you take out your hand...well..."

"Don’t Move... I've been holding back for a long time..."


After a long, long time...

Zuo Xiaonian was finally released When I came out, my face was flushed, and I looked up and down oneself with anxiety after I came out, um, the dress is neat and tidy, and the skirt is not wrinkled...

The two little hands are disturbed here and there. Li, sometimes touching the collar, sometimes pulling the skirt, sometimes adjusting the belt...

Then take out a Small Mirror and take a picture of oneself's hair...

biting her plump lips, The eyes were ashamed, happy, embarrassed and angry.

both eyes are blurred, it seems that there are thousands of Star River in their eyes...

Lil Puppy is too bad!

It's necrotic!

Zuo Xiaoduo is following her, not leaving immediately, with his hands in his pockets, his face is flying, if nothing happens, he whistle, nothing seems to happen...

Zuo Xiaonian's eyes rolled over one after another, Zuo Xiaoduo calm expression.

Wu Yuting came out of the room and looked at the two of them sighed then said, Old Yu is as sophisticated as her, there is no need to say anything, even guessing.

Zuo Xiaonian this girl is like an iceberg in front of outsiders, but once in front of her family, the whole person seems to be transparent.

Anything and any emotions are on the face...

Basically, you can see what happened by just looking at her face.

100% did not run.

So when I was young, whether these two guys got into trouble, I just looked at Zuo Xiaonian's face and I knew everything.

It’s still the same now, no matter how calm, calm, and nonchalant Zuo Xiaoduo’s performance is, but as long as you see Zuo Xiaonian’s face, you know that these two baubles have made a breakthrough...

Or Zuo Xiaonian took a step back, and Zuo Xiaoduo... took a step forward.


Wu Yuting beckons with the hand, said: "You come here."

Zuo Xiaonian walked over coyly, mosquitoes hum Hummingly said: "Mom, don't get me wrong, neither of us did anything."


Wu Yuting covered his forehead.

Did I ask you?

What are you telling me not to get me wrong?

Wu Yuting sighed helplessly when he saw Zuo Xiaoduo's innocent look as if he really didn't do anything.

Remembering the previous agreement restrictions, it looks like...

Flying now...there can be no more restrictions.

"Before the fusion is complete, you can't break your body! Understand?" Wu Yuting looked at Zuo Xiaoduo.

"Understood, mom, don't worry! I promise to guard your body like a jade, don't let...don't let the family succeed!"

Zuo Xiaoduo laughed.

"Go! Get out! You can have a thicker skin!"

That afternoon.

Li Chenglong and the others woke up one after another, in great condition.

Then, Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting, without exception, were interrogated again, um, interrogated again.

It's just that the interrogation process this time, the means, are too soft.

And Li Chenglong and the others had no intention of concealing the Father Zuo Mother Zuo, and then faced with the spring breeze-like concerns and inquiries, what they said was what they said, what they asked, what was answered, they knew everything, and they said nothing. I'm afraid that the answer is not detailed enough, Father Zuo Mother Zuo can't understand it.

After inquiring, Wu Yuting and Zuo Changlu talked about Li Chenglong and the others’ cultivation base strength, physique attributes, doubts on the road to cultivation, what should be noted in the future, and even the future direction of the road ahead. , I gave them all directions.

Especially for Li Chenglong, Long Yusheng, Yu Moyan, Li Changming and Pi Yibao, I gave some advice.

Then urge everyone to enter the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower for cultivation. It’s best to learn about it first, and toss oneself to the point of exhaustion...

So twelve people swarmed into the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower and started a civil war.


At Zuo Xiaoduo's request, Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting entered the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower and took a look at the situation of Zhan Xuejun.

"It's okay, oneself can wake up."

Zuo Changlu thought for a while, or for it entered a spiritual soul power, and said: "Be patient; in addition, What kind of treasures, what kind of cultivation resources... Just stuff her inside!"

Xiang Chong was overjoyed and hurriedly agreed.

"You also have to be prepared. When you wake up, maybe... your personality will change a bit." Wu Yuting warned.

"Understand, it's okay. I can take it!"

Xiang Chong was nodded again and again.

The last is Zuo Xiaoduo.

The two came out of the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower and called Zuo Xiaoduo over.

"You are now ready to merge."

Zuo Changlu looked at Zuo Xiaoduo with a very cautious expression.


Zuo Xiaoduo took out the corner of the Creation Plate, Zuo Changlu grasped it in his hand, and made a little by little survey carefully.

Zuo Changlu doesn’t worry about anything else, the only worry is... Zuo Xiaoduo from Azure Dragon Temple originally belonged to the remnant corner of Azure Dragon Saint Monarch Creation Plate, whether there is Azure Dragon Saint Monarch attached to it. The spiritual soul remains; after all, this thing has been in the hands of Azure Dragon Saint Monarch for countless years. If there is a trace of Remnant Soul in it, it’s totally fair...

But if there is really Remnant Soul there, it’s only With a single shot, with the power of the legendary Azure Dragon Saint Monarch, the possession Zuo Xiaoduo is just the opposite.

Zuo Changlu doesn't want Azure Dragon Saint Monarch to possess oneself's son's body.

So he checked very carefully.

After he checked it again, Wu Yuting took over the check again; finally, the husband and wife joined forces and used this world’s cultivation base to double their strength to thoroughly clean the remaining corners of the Creation Plate.

Then Zuo Changlu checked again on this basis, so tirelessly in and out of the inspection...Finally, it was confirmed that there is no risk in the corner of good fortune.

In order to be foolproof, Wu Yuting still wrapped oneself's spiritual soul; then Zuo Changlu also added another insurance with spiritual soul.

With such multiple protections, even if the Remnant Soul Evil Spirit of Azure Dragon Saint Monarch really exists, it can be completely refining with the power of a husband and wife!

Until this moment, the two couples were completely relieved!

"Let's get started."

The two immediately set up a three-story soundproof barrier, and a three-story full barrier, and then asked Lei Changtian to stand high above the barrier and protect the law invisible.

Thinking about it, I want to drive Zuo Xiaonian out.

Then the spiritual thought of the husband and wife turned into nothingness, which made Zuo Xiaoduo start the final preparations.

After all, the spiritual thoughts of the oneself couple are too strong. What if the spiritual soul internal qi leads them to grab the opportunity for their son?

In short, all aspects are considered.

Zuo Xiaoduo sits cross-legged, mending heaven stone in his left hand, and Laurel honey in right hand; suddenly the ultimate spiritual soul power erupts.

In an instant, the Divine Palace was full and splendid; the black qi of the divine spear, the yellow qi of the Sovereign Wa Sword, the Qi of Black and White of the black and white bottle gourd, the red qi of Xiaoxiao, the scorching heat of the Zhurong fire Aura, and a group of Spirit Clan's green aura...

Various kinds of magical auras rose into the sky.

In an instant, Zuo Xiaoduo's sea of ​​consciousness was emptied!

Then... On Zuo Xiaoduo's chest, something like a jade plate slowly emerged.

The jade plate looks crystal clear and round at first glance, but when you look closely, you can see that the jade plate has many mottles, countless small lines, all incomplete, it can be said to be incomplete.

But it can also be seen that many of the original flawed small lines seem to have been repaired by some external force, leaving only a shallow trace.

The jade plate has gradually turned from illusion to essence.

The purple qi is full of enthusiasm, and the round brand is finally condensed into substance.

It looks like this, the outer edge is really intact. Only in the middle, missing a round bead; there is a hole the size of a soybean.

Zuo Changlu looks invisible, and feels faintly, is this a hole for piercing a rope? But... it's not like it.

What kind of rope does this kind of baby need to wear?

Among a group of purple qi, a simple face seems to appear, with a deep gaze, quietly looking...

At the moment of contact with this line of sight, Zuo Changlu Both Wu Yuting and Wu Yuting were stiff, and suddenly felt that oneself couldn't move.

It seems that with this look, the two will die at one glance.

But then the face shook, and an overbearing aura suddenly appeared and rushed away.

Vaguely, with infinite anger.

A voice, faintly discernable, faintly.

"...I developed Heaven and Earth, but I was secretly calculated by your back, and the creation of the world was stolen. You can become Heavenly Dao..."

"...to face Huh!!!"

Intermittently, at the end there are three words suddenly Hong Zhong Dalu!

The quaint face shook suddenly and then disappeared.

The whole jade pendant immediately bloomed with awe-inspiring atmosphere. Brilliance began to circulate, and the true face of jade pendant has really emerged.

On the corner of the Creation Plate on the table, I seem to feel a certain kind of summon.

Suddenly flying up, hu hu spins, slowly emitting a purple mist.

The round card also emits a purple mist, slowly becoming richer.

Then it started to rotate, at first, two rays of light, one black and one white, suddenly appeared on it. As the rotation gets faster and faster, the black and white rays of light merge into one ball...

With a swish, a corner of the Creation Plate flies up.

Circle around the jade token, and then slowly rotate to the point where it is directly invisible, only a ball of light is spinning.

Then a faintly discernable trembling sounded...

It seemed that family members who had been separated for tens of thousands of years, suddenly reunited, and each was trembling with excitement and crying... That was one Kind, heartfelt moving, sad...

This moment...

Whether it is Star Soul Continent or Shaman Alliance Dao Alliance Continent...Everyone, no matter what you are doing , Including the soldiers fighting in the Sun and Moon Pass...

Suddenly, I felt a kind of sadness, a kind of sadness, the kind of joy and tears of a long-lost reunion...

Suddenly one by one They all shed tears quietly.

No one can be an exception...

In major cities, everyone bowed their heads silently, tears falling down.

Each great cultivator practiced Holy Land, everyone felt quietly, and tears flowed continuously...

The couple who were arguing suddenly shed tears... Each heart was soft, and the husband was silent. He took his wife into his arms...

Before the Sun and Moon Pass.

The people who were in the life and death battle suddenly stopped fighting, one holding a knife, the other holding a sword, looking at each other, tears streaming down their faces.

Many people simply threw the blade and sword and sat on the ground, crying with great sadness...

"It's too difficult...it's too difficult... …"

The Old Generals who have been fighting for countless years in this brief moment closed their eyes and burst into tears.

Such a long life has been fighting...A vivid face fell beside him...One after another passing in front of him, each one smiles at oneself...

These knives and axes do not frown. The Old Generals who are proud of life and death cry like a child one by one......


On Shaman God Mountain.

Flood Witch closed his eyes, a moment of sadness, two drops of tears fell from his eyes.

But then he woke up with horror and looked up at the sky.

"The sky is crying?!"


In the Zuo Xiaoduo spiritual soul, all the Destiny Points collected are directed towards the Creation Plate drop by drop. It penetrates into it...

It turns into smoke and blends into purple qi.

Half into the Creation Plate, half into the corner of good fortune.

Then a drop of 2/3/2021 enters the jade pendant, and one third enters the corner of good fortune...

This ratio is gradually shrinking, and in the end, it is already a percentage. Ninety-nine enters the jade pendant, and one percent enters the corner of good fortune......

Zuo Xiaoduo sit cross-legged, feeling countless emotions, rushing to my heart, crying and laughing, tears streaming continuously .

He seems to have seen countless sadness and helplessness, countless joys and sorrows.

Looking at the moving mountains and suppressing seas proud of the stars, one by one was conspired to die...

That kind of aggrieved, helpless, angry...

Countless heroes, after doing what oneself most wants to do, but the biggest benefit is stolen by others...

Experienced generals who have leveled the world, even before the class Being framed to death...

The reform and revolution allowed the people of the world to be killed at the celebration banquet...

With the power of one person for the entire Sect, the people after the break are killing and repelling the powerful enemy When I was seriously injured, I was killed by a junior brother junior sister sneak attack who was always jealous of oneself...

Countless insights, rise in the mind.

"The dangers in front of everyone can be overcome; behind a Blade God is difficult to guard against!"

"can accomplish all the good fortune, can't escape the trajectory of fate; heroes of the world, can't control the disaster Blessing!"

"Fate Track"

"Heavenly Dao is not benevolent!"

"Who can predict the fate! Who can win the hearts of the people! Who can reverse Heavenly Secrets!"

"Not controlled by man, not locked by the earth, not determined by the sky!"

"To people is life and death, blessings and blessings, and to heaven is heavenly Secrets turn!"

"Heaven and man's form, opposing heaven and changing fate!"

"Heaven and man's form, opposing heaven and changing fate!"

"Heavenly Retribution; Heaven How overbearing?"

"Since parting heaven and earth, there is only one person who does not account for cause and effect!"

Zuo Xiaoduo heard a big laugh in his mind.

"Heaven, what I do, Heaven and Earth are causal, but a smile!"

Then there are heaven and man's form, 2nd Stage, and all the cultivation techniques, like tides Back in.

Zuo Xiaoduo is struggling to support.

Although it is only the formula of 2nd Stage, it is huge and endless, almost bursting into the head!

"I don’t account for cause and effect, so I can create the law of heaven and man...turn yin and yang, pervert the universe, know misfortunes and fortunes, measure heavenly secrets, reverse heaven's destiny, and live and die!"

"Get my Inheritor, go with my heart."

"I was born to be happy, to go freely, not to think about the future, not to think about the future, although there are secret calculations, I will not regret it!"

< p>"The opportunity of Heaven and Earth great tribulation is the way to perfect all heavens; I use the opportunity of great tribulation to explode the Heavenly Dao disk, if you use the mundane to seal the gods, I will open the market with the mundane."

"My true spirit is not obscure, I just want to see, people of luck, through heaven and man's form, wherever you can go, wherever I can go!"


A burst of heroic laughter: "Let's go! Let's go!"

Zuo Xiaoduo took a long breath, only feeling full of head swelling Pain, filled with countless knowledge instantly... Automatically naturalized, spit a mouthful of blood.

This mouthful of blood is bright and dazzling, even a little dazzling, and it is red to the point of shining.

It is Zuo Xiaoduo's life soul blood!


I am vomiting on the jade pendant that is still slowly rotating.

jade pendant red light flashed.

Suddenly the red of hard to describe burst out. The red light is so rich that you can't even see Zuo Xiaoduo's figure.

The red light burst out suddenly, then suddenly converged, stopped spinning, and stayed in front of Zuo Xiaoduo.

That is a jade pendant, a corner of the Palm-size Creation Plate, after integration, there is only a little bulge of Xiaoxiao.

It is the East.

After the fusion is completed, this oriental corner begins to emit infinite purple light, purple qi... and then injects into the jade pendant...

Good luck corner and jade pendant, and then Do not distinguish each other.

Even at the connection point, there is no crack at all. It seems that it has always been like this, it has never been broken...

Then the whole jade pendant is turned into a ball The purple light slowly penetrated into Zuo Xiaoduo's body.

Zuo Xiaoduo shook his body twice, only feeling that the spiritual soul was exhausted to the extreme, and fell slowly, before he completely fell to the ground, he was already asleep.

Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting appeared, only to feel the shock in their hearts, which has reached the extreme!

The two looked at each other, and both felt lingering in their hearts.

With a heart, peng peng beats fiercely, with dry mouth and tongue.

"This is...Great God Pangu?" Wu Yuting bit his lip and sounded transmission.

"Speak carefully!"

Zuo Changlu hurriedly sound transmission reminded: "Moti!",

Wu Yuting looked scared and repeatedly nodded.

"This...Xiaoduo, this opportunity...is really...really..."

Neither husband nor wife know what to describe!

Who would have thought that this is actually a round.

And those two are in the game.

Moreover, the one who is in charge of everything now does not know!

Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting are eager to delete the memory of oneself just now.

But I can’t do it!

This is not a Divine Immortal fight anymore!

But... I dare not even think about it.

Looking at Zuo Xiaoduo who was sleeping in hu hu, Zuo Changlu's face was very exciting: "My son...have to say, this is really big."

Wu Yuting droops He raised his head and showed a wry smile like a cry, and said: "Yes, it's a big heart...I feel like I'm very good now, I can actually give birth to a son with such a big heart..."

"...Me too."


Just this evening.

A strong earthquake broke out in Capital City!

Wang Family's ancestral tomb suddenly collapsed for unknown reasons. All the land where the ancestral tomb was located, together with some surrounding areas, directly turned into a big lake.

The Wang Family people are shocked to a loss!

The ancestral grave is gone!

What is this going to do?

At the same time, there are still many ground settlements in Beijing. Several clan's ancestral tombs have been damaged or collapsed.

And the whole continent alarm sounded all of a sudden.

Sun and Moon Pass has changed.

Currently, the two million troops of the Dao League are fighting the Shaman Alliance, but for some reason, things changed overnight. The Dao League Heavenly King made a mistake in decision-making. The four defense lines of East, West, North, and South were unexpectedly Full fall!

Shaman Clan Army Captain drove in.

Step into the Sun and Moon Pass!

The Dao League army originally fought vigorously during the protracted battle, but after falling into the wind, they actually fled!


It's incredible that this kind of thing happened to the frontline army.

But it happened-because the two Superintendents of the Dao League, the Heavenly King, made another choice after discovering that something could not be done: a strategic retreat.

Retreat two thousand miles and regroup the line of defense.

But this withdrawal caused a mutiny in the military's mind. So the retreat turned into a rout...

At this time, the four major Legions of East, West, North, and South of Star Soul Continent were still taking a break after the battlefield.

Just got the news that the Dao League’s army has been defeated across the board.

Suddenly the battle is critical!

Star Soul Continent the four directions clouds moves!

Nan Zhengqian and Dongfang Zhengyang desperately rushed back, Right Path Heavenly King and others also pressed on the battlefield at the same time, and Star Picking Thearch, which had not appeared on the battlefield for thousands of years, also came to the front line...< /p>

All Star Soul experts, immediately rushed to the front line to support...

Bai Yunduo and Lei Changtian, when they got the news immediately, they rushed to go.

In addition, Sword Monarch, Blade Demon, Zither Fiend, etc... all returned immediately...

Heavenly Dao suddenly became confused, Qi Viewing Technique, for some reason, it was useless. Ground.

Star Soul Continent suddenly fell into the wind and rain. All the experts are on the front line, but they want to push the Shaman Alliance back... but it is easier said than done?

Dao Alliance Seven Swords has also arrived, and his mouth is slanted with anger!

The army of the Dao League made such a mistake, and all seven of them felt ashamed and unable to show one's face......

But at this time, how can there be any time to account for them? ? There is no sarcasm about their thoughts. Everyone will return to the team when they are doing it immediately. If a team has 80% of the organization, they will not wait anymore and immediately enter the battlefield!

Such a change, the twelve witches of the Shaman Alliance were all stunned!

How did the battle plan suddenly break through?

This... This is really an asshole.

But they dare not stop it; they can only let the battle continue and the erosion continues...

Because, if we order the retreat now...I am afraid that the entire Shaman Alliance has all the military will, all Zhanxin will all collapse!

——For many years, we have been receiving this kind of education and have entered Star Soul Continent!

Dominate the world!

Now that we have finally broken through the line of defense, we have to order a retreat?

So what is the purpose of the people who have died for so many years, so many years of fighting?

The battle was suddenly eroded, and the three continents were like heaven falls and earth rends.


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