Unconventional Legend Chapter 1203

In response to the collapse of the battle, the sudden decline, Star Soul Continent urgently mobilized its forces, Dao Alliance Continent urgently mobilized its forces, and responds urgently, so that the situation will not continue to deteriorate, otherwise it will be true To completely collapse, non-high-end military force must be extremely involved!

As for the Shaman Alliance Continent, it is also urgently mobilizing troops. The Star Soul two continents will never let the situation continue to deteriorate, and they will definitely respond with all their strength. That is the joint force of the two continents, once they get the chance. , May not be able to counterattack vigorously.

For a while, the Star Soul battle strength in all directions rushed to the front line like a high tide.

Some are behind the barrier, and some have even rushed to the front of the barrier, falling into a siege.

Many high rank battle strengths such as Dao Fusion Flying have also been put on the battlefield, and the battle situation has shown an unprecedented trend.

This is always the Shaman Alliance's first breakthrough in the Sun and Moon Pass defense line in tens of thousands of years. The morale is showing off one's ability, the fighting intent is high, and the two sides are extremely facing each other, which is exactly a pin against an awl.

Over the battlefield, several great witches and Dao Alliance Seven Swords, as well as the Star Soul Right Path Heavenly King top battle strength, are also fighting. The battle looks extremely fierce, compared to the three sides on the ground fighting to the death. It's also a hundred times hotter.

However, the real situation of the fierce battle in the sky is...While playing extremely brilliantly, while discussing urgently and discussing countermeasures.

"What's wrong with this? Watching Monster Clan is about to return, the signs are now showing; the three continents are working together to fight against this more powerful enemy. The situation took a turn for the worse, and it became an extreme battle among the three of us?"

The Golden Scale Great Shaman of the Shaman Alliance is so angry!

In the long tug-of-war, not only Star Soul experts have emerged in large numbers, but also the Shaman Alliance geniuses. In the past two years alone, a large number of flying experts have emerged and have entered Ancestral. Shaman intensive training and promotion.

Seeing that soon, there will be a group of New Generation elites who stand out from the Profundity Return Realm Breakthrough Flying, who can further study in secret, and further increase Shaman Clan's background, and the future of Monster Clan's capital .

The situation is very good.

Several great witches are all looking forward to continuing this smoothly, striving to cultivate a large number of mid-level and high-level battle strengths such as Flying Dao Fusion in the last few years.

Because of this kind of realm, in the spirit qi drastic changes and life and death battle after the return of the Monster Alliance and the merger of the continent, there will be a great possibility of becoming a butterfly and becoming a true expert.

Only in that way can the situation be stabilized and defeated one-sidedly.

Who would have thought that Star Soul's solid line of defense, which has not been shaken for tens of thousands of years, would be lost at this time!

Furthermore, it was the immediate action of the general after the fall. Instead of counterattacking to regain the lost ground, he chose to retreat, turning the retreat into a rout, a thousand miles away!

Is this a joke?

What do you ask the senior leaders of Shaman Alliance to do? There is no such reason to prevent the Shaman Clan brigade with high fighting intent from continuing to attack!

But when this attack continues, when will he be a leader?

Shaman Clan’s comprehensive battle strength is certainly better than the Dao League or Star Soul Human Race, but it’s a one-to-one comparison. Once the two continents really cooperate and work together, Shaman Alliance also To suffer.

With the continuous enhancement of Star Soul Human Race, even if the Shaman Alliance is still superior, it has easily dared not to start an extreme battle. The three sides compete, if either side smashes, the only thing left in the end will be Third party under.

And this is also the fundamental reason why the Dao Meng and Star Soul Human Race are unable to work in the alliance. They will not believe that if the Dao Meng and Star Soul Human Race gather their full strength, it will truly destroy the Shaman Alliance. At that time, Star Soul Human Race would not turn around again and destroy the Dao League. Similarly, the Star Soul executives also had the same considerations. This made the three races always limited to the Sun and Moon Pass boundary, making the three races maintain A terrifying but delicate balance!

Until the veracity of Monster Clan's upcoming return is confirmed, the tripartite relationship has mutated again, and there is mutual hostility. It has become a three-party implicit cooperation to fight Monster Clan. In fact, in the bones is not Monster Clan. Strong, none of the three parties, such as the Shaman Alliance, or even the three parties may not be able to match the strength.

But once the sky has changed, the battle situation has changed, and the situation has taken a sharp turn. At this moment, the three high-level leaders are collectively slapped!

You Dongtian furious sound transmission said: "Daoist Feng and Daoist Feng are all eating shit, how can they be undefeated?!"

Daoist Feng and Daoist Feng You Dongtian teamed up to deal with Golden Scale Great Shaman, his face was full of shame, and the sound of scolding was heard, but he did not respond for a long time.

Sometimes he may be narrow-minded, but if he is ambiguous in the overall situation of this kind of big right and wrong, then there is really no merit at all, but how can he cultivation to the peak of this world? The cultivation realm.

After learning the news, the Great Commander Ximen and Beigong quickly responded, adjusted their formation and released the channel, let the Dao League collapsed army out of the battlefield, and then quickly closed the camp, crushed the battlefield, and crushed the Shaman Alliance. The two soldiers from northwestern China stopped him, restrained the opponent's momentum, and fought back steadily.

Now that the line of defense has been hit nearby, if the current momentum is followed, it may be possible to push the Shaman Alliance troops beyond the line of defense.

The southeast two roads are much more miserable.

Especially Great Commander Dongfang is good at viewing qi. Before he left, he had watched his own fortune and decided that there would be no major event in a short time. Most of the remaining strategies are to stick to the team as the priority. .

But now the situation has changed abruptly, and things have happened suddenly, and it was this unexpectedly huge unimaginable accident.

Eastern Army rushed to the battle, and had no commander in charge. The loss was quite heavy. When Dongfang Zhengyang came back quickly, he became angry ten thousand zhang, but the previous battle has become a reality. Even if Dongfang Zhengyang assembles an army , Fully counterattack, the battle situation is still not very optimistic.

Bai Yunduo and Left Path Heavenly King are on the East Road, facing the Western Sea Great Shaman.

On the other side of Nan Zhengqian's Southern Army, the situation is even worse. You Xingchen personally took the seat and repelled the two Heavenly Kings of the Shaman Alliance. Now it is against the Raging Fire Great Shaman.

In a word...The sudden defeat of the Dao League led to the complete collapse of the entire battle, which was almost beyond control.


Shangjing is here.

The Zuo Changlu and his wife, who learned that the situation on the frontline was unprecedentedly severe, had already reluctantly waited for Zuo Xiaoduo to wake up, and confessed Zuo Xiaonian; then they cleaned up and immediately went to Tearing Space to sit down.

Their speed is naturally faster than Dongfang Zhengyang and Nan Zhengqian, much faster, and the people they have to face are also not comparable to the Shaman Alliance forces facing the southeast armies.

Zuo Changlu went straight to the inland of the Shaman Alliance, and used spiritual thought to shake the Flood Great Witch and lead him to come.

At this time, a decision must be made. Shaman Alliance needs enough people to come.

The Shaman Alliance army must withdraw from the Sun and Moon Pass in the shortest possible time.

Otherwise...Once a real person enters Star Soul, it is inevitable that there will be a sea of ​​smoke and blood everywhere; and once the hands of the Shaman Alliance army are stained with the blood of the people, it will no longer be a battlefield fight.

That's the unresolved enemy for life and death!

Fight on the battlefield without grievances.

But once the massacre of innocents is reached, it is absolutely irreconcilable.

This is the basic guardian concept of soldiers.

On the Sun and Moon Pass, a long wind blew up. a long whistle, shaking the earth!

Zuo Changlu Tearing Space immediately arrived at the border, it was a backhand roll, tens of thousands of Shaman Alliance troops, he threw away Sun and Moon Pass directly!

"Get out of the Sun and Moon Pass!"

shouting loudly, thunderbolt blasted into the sky.

On the Shaman Alliance side, one silhouette rushed forward like lightning, shouted loudly: "Master Throne, you have broken our old promise by yourself!"

Zuo Changlu shouted: "After Yunhai, you don't have the qualifications to talk to me, call Flood!"

The Cinnabar Emptiness Great Shaman and Ice Dark Great Shaman who are rushing here are separated by several dozen li , His prestige is overwhelming; but when he saw the person opposite, he sank with a shudder, shouted: "Be steady, and withdraw first! I'll go to the boss to deal with him!"

"Don't be meaningless Sacrifice!"

"Patients against soldiers and generals, even if you all rush to self-detonation, it is useless, for no reason sacrifice!"

"This is a sky survey!"

Then rushed directly to the sky and yelled: "Surnamed Zuo, you broke the agreement, my big brother will not let you go, wait for you to die!"

Zuo Changlu, no Action: "I'm waiting! Within half an hour, if your Shaman Alliance army does not withdraw, I will kill you! Behind me are hundreds of millions of people, unarmed civilians... I can't take care of even breaking the agreement. !"

Cinnabar Emptiness Great Shaman exclaimed: "You intervene like this, you are shameless, you are a rascal!"

Ice Dark Great Shaman angered: "Despicable, To be the man at the top of the world!"

Zuo Changlu snorted: "Whether this seat is base and shameless, I can’t tell you! I’ll just say it again, and I won’t withdraw the army again. Don’t blame me for being a killer and being merciless!"< /p>

Cinnabar Emptiness Great Shaman's face is full of grief and anger and said: "You wait!"

Ice Dark Great Shaman aggrieved: "Wait for my boss to come, I want you to look good. Dare to break the rules and do not know how to die!"

So he ordered: "Withdraw part of it first!"

The Shaman Alliance army saw the legendary Heaven Patrolling Throne approaching the Sun and Moon Pass. No one dared to move rashly, retreat quickly ……

in midair, the silhouette of Heaven Patrolling Throne is as tall as a mountain, thousands zhang high, burly and huge, with a mouthful of Heaven Patrolling Blade in his hand, which is more than 6,000 meters long!

Mapping daylight in the sky, constantly flickering.

Everyone trembled when they saw it.

Such a super big knife, every time you go out to kill thousands of people, it is as easy as eating and drinking.

Beside Zuo Changlu, a soft phantom flickered; but no one thought that this Rain Demon really did not come.

The husband and wife have been with each other for a lifetime, so naturally they are together!

Faced with the extreme might, all the Shaman Alliance troops have nothing to do, even if they are extremely frustrated.

It is Heaven Patrolling Throne couple who appeared in the sky at this time. Cinnabar Emptiness Great Shaman and Ice Dark Great Shaman couldn't stop each other. I really dare to go up and attack, maybe I have to plant in this scene. .

Everyone in the Shaman Alliance suffocated, everyone gritted their teeth and stared and waited, and made you arrogant for a while. When our Lord Flood comes, let's see how you die? !

But under the attention of hundreds of millions of people, the Flood Witch did not arrive immediately.

It was delayed for more than half an hour!

I don’t know what event was delayed...

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