Unconventional Legend Chapter 1205

Everyone was silent for a while.

If this is the case, the situation is much more sinister.

Just listen to Dongfang Zhengyang’s words: “As for the established no-air defense line, we probably still need half a month or so to complete the work, but the Dao League... I’m afraid it’s still a lot worse. ……"

Thunder Dao gritted his teeth and said: "Even if all the lives are smashed in, the construction must be completed!"

Zuo Changlu sighed then said: "The ones in this battle Those who make mistakes, let’s build a line of defense and set off the merits."

Thunder Dao fell silent for a while and said: "Okay."

There is no other way. , This time the mistake is too big; if it is not severely punished, no one on the two continents will be convinced, and it will inevitably cause a rift in the future three-continent alliance.

Especially the four major Legions of Star Soul Continent, I am afraid that they will directly riot-I have guarded the line of defense for tens of thousands of years. Once you fight, you lost it in only half a year...

Many of the original good things are now being replaced...

Not to mention that many comrades-in-arms fellow officer that we sacrificed because of your mistakes......

If the instigator can get away with it... Then what are we fighting for?

The seven Taoists are bitter in their hearts.

In this wave, the Dao League army has to deal with more than a thousand people from top to bottom military chiefs!

What's more terrifying is that it also involves two Heavenly King senior level...

But looking at the Sun and Moon Pass, there is a lot of blood, and in some places, the blood becomes a lake. If you are pleading, you can't tell if you are killed.

Besides, Heaven Patrolling Throne is not a Flood witch.

If the Dao Meng Oneself does not deal with these people, or if it is perfunctory, Zuo Changlu will definitely deal with these people himself!

This is a foreseeable inevitable.

"Next...I'm afraid you adults...you can't leave."

Dongfang Zhengyang's voice is dry: "If it's the three hundred and sixty-five Heavenly Cycle Star in Skyrim, it's great. The array is really completed and the monster qi is fully activated, so the turbulent Power of Stars will show the only violent before. Its violent degree is very likely to shake the entire Sun and Moon Pass... and time does not know when."

"With our own strength, we can't stop this shock."

"After all, the foundation of the Sun and Moon Pass and the Sky Restriction Domain, They are all arranged and completed with the help of the power of Star Dou..."

Dongfang Zhengyang gently sighed then said.

Heavenly Dao game is really terrifying.

An unreasonable change in the border has really trapped the Peak expert here, and can't move it anymore.

That night...

Star Soul and the Dao League, and even the great witches of Shaman Clan, everyone looked at the sky with silent eyes.

Staring at the starry sky, those stars that have begun to shine, three hundred and sixty-five demon stars, which represent Monster Clan's monster qi, are dripping with richness, connecting with each other...< /p>

This fully demonstrates that Heavenly Cycle Star is gradually forming a coordinate to guide Monster Clan back home, but everyone has no choice but to wait passively.

Because this is the priesthood of the ancient Heavenly Court, sitting on the indelible characteristic of the starry sky.

If these Star Monarchs do not fall, and their souls are immortal, the connection between the stars and Star Monarch cannot be erased.

This is also the sharp point of the ancient Monster Court. Although the great tribulation and countless Monster Gods were destroyed at that time, as long as there is a trace of soul, or even a trace of aura, it will not really fall. If you can recover, you can have the opportunity to return in a swirl of dust.

But those who are hostile to them do not have such conditions.

Because Monster Court is the orthodox recognized by Heaven and Earth at the time, and it is also the so-called World Protagonist.

Once the monster qi drops directly, it will shake the foundation of the earth.

So we can only wait passively...Only when the starlight monster qi is hanging down, it can be scattered or deflected, in order to keep the gains, but there is no such thing as the coordinates that can form Monster Clan. Method.

The situation in front of us is the epitome of Star Soul Continent suffering from countless meteors, and I don’t know what it indicates, or what it means!

"Now there is the gradual formation of monster qi coordinates... The return of the Monster Alliance, I am afraid it will be at least one year in advance, or even... two years."

"That is to say... …It is very likely to return this year."

"For the current strength of the three-continent, it is simply a disaster."

Thunder Dao people take a closer look. Looking at the starlight in the sky, sighing constantly.

"I still don’t understand why the people like Shaman Alliance...have left the Southern Dipper Northern Dipper of Monster Clan, but the hidden dangers are indelible. Until now, they have made such a major event and become a scourge. ......"

Not only Thunder Dao people don't understand this question, but Zuo Changlu also doesn't understand it.

"The only turning point in this matter has fallen on the Heavenly Dao game in Shangjing..." Dongfang Zhengyang deeply sighed: "As long as...they can hold it, maybe, the situation It won’t be that bad."

"Let’s start with both sides."

"But now we absolutely can’t go back. Heavenly Dao has already locked in a dilemma by all parties. Once Going back and intervening will break the delicate balance that has been formed; and the Monster Clan Heavenly Dao idea, there will be reasons to further urge the stars, so that Monster Clan will return sooner."

Dongfang Zhengyang sighed then said, To Zuo Changlu sound transmission: "Actually...Sun and Moon Pass this time...accidents should also be part of the Heavenly Dao game, which is to let...the power that can break the rules, leave this game! Heaven's will make people, always So, I can only bear it passively. Speaking of manpower against the sky, easier said than done?"

Zuo Changlu indifferently said: "Even if heaven's will trick people, it is still not a reason for defeat, let alone an escape. The reason for sin."

"Duoduo must be one of the reasons."

Dongfang Zhengyang whispered: "I have never had a good impression of the Heavenly Kings of the Dao League. , But this time, the inexplicable rout may not be because heaven's will be the cause."

"How do you say?"

"Heavenly Dao is in place, and Heavenly Dao is not allowed. The urinary resistance of human resistance will naturally affect people and things related to it from all aspects. For example, the fluctuation of spirit qi will correspond to people's emotions in a certain period of time... and then amplify certain negative emotions without limit, unnoticeable influence The wrong decision is made..."

"The person who enters the dao cultivation first emphasizes dao heart firmness and peace. However, once the dao heart becomes unbalanced, the person’s negative emotional state suddenly erupts, and the mood is bound to change sharply...these all are imaginable."

"And when it comes to mentality, the army has many people, morale has always been the heaviest. If the war begins, some people will hold the heart of fighting to the death, fighting hard, others will be easily infected, even if they know they will die, they will dash on bravely with no thought of personal safety Rushed up... and vice versa. If someone had already escaped when the war started at first, then even if Zhanxin was firm at the beginning, as the number of people running increased, they would also run, as opposed to Morale and blind obedience are also the most common mentality in the military. "

"And this, the importance of the veterans has become more and more developed. Why have the most precious veterans in the war brigade since ancient times? Because veterans dare to fight, moreover, a veteran can drive recruits to quickly grow into veterans. "

"Of the three parties, the Shaman Alliance and our Star Soul Human Race have been confronted all the year round. In this protracted confrontation, the military talents produced in this long-term and iron-blooded career are not comparable. Cultivation is slightly less genius."

"On the other hand, the army of the Dao League, they say it is an alliance, in fact, the time of the overwhelming majority is left behind, and there are very few battles in contact; this will happen, even The appearance of a rout, in fact... is also reasonable. "

"To be fair, I was not optimistic about the military battle strength of the Dao League. I just considered that the three parties have reached a hidden alliance. The Shaman Alliance will not attack as extreme as in the past. Even the battle strength of the Dao League No matter what, after the initial adaptation period, after another year or two, even if I can't become a strong team, I can still be used as a reserve backup, but it turns out that I am too optimistic... After this defeat, Lord Throne, In the future, whether it is facing Demon Clan or Monster Clan... When a large army is needed for a battle, the army of the Dao League... We must carefully consider. If similar situations occur again, it is not based on a certain person or a few people. The power can turn the tide of battle. "

Zuo Changlu sighed deeply: "I understand that if this battle hadn't been reached early by the Flood Witch and me, it would have been lighter." "

"But those who have a firm dao heart will not be affected. "

"In other words, the impact is relatively small. In the final analysis, this matter is still the Dao League’s fault. We really attribute all of it to Heavenly Dao. Which of our tens of millions of soldiers will be convinced? I agree with your statement, but the Daomeng still needs to take responsibility for this and pay the price! "

Dongfang Zhengyang doesn’t speak any more.

He doesn’t mean to excuse the people of the Dao League at all. He said these things and he doesn’t have a fair-minded attitude. His purpose Just to remind Zuo Changlu about this incident. As for the people of the Dao League, whether they die or how to die, what do they do with oneself?

The top expert of the three continents, at this time Sun and Moon Pass incident All of them rushed to the front line, but everyone found out that this matter was rectified, and everyone can't get out of it...

This matter is extremely fucking!

Next, the people who were idle and all right began to open up small battlefields, naming arranged fights every day.

The twelve great witches appeared frequently, Dao Alliance Seven Swords sword qi rushed into the sky, Star Soul everyone The guys also jumped out every day. The Heavenly Kings of the Shaman Alliance Star Soul are also often challenged.

Later, even the marshals of Legion, Generals, began to imitate the high-levels. Arranged fight is an expert of the same level as the opponent.

Therefore, every day, I have several points of static and thoughtfulness, and the tendency is to get out of control when I move.

See how, in every battle between these people, the movement is so big that you can't wait for heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, and to others, it seems that the two sides are irreconcilable. The scene of the decisive battle is staged every day, shaking the mountains. It roars and the earth trembles.

The ordinary martial artists are busy repairing the defense line, or strengthening, or occasionally fighting, or assisting in the construction of the Sky Restriction Domain...

Is there any It’s not too much to watch the excitement. Every time a high-level team fights, they open a gambling game and gamble at the bank!

There are few people in the army who are not involved in gambling, and they are the best gamblers. Everyone is licking blood with a knife head, and there are life-setters who don’t know if there is tomorrow, who cares about that little money; many as long as they participate in gambling, all their wealth is pressed up-if I win, I will send a fortune, and if I lose, Just let the winning brother send a sum!

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