Unconventional Legend Chapter 1206

As for how much you lose and how much you win...Everyone doesn’t care. Anyway, even if you lose, you can rub against your comrades around you. As long as the people are still there, what the money is, that’s bastard... …

Every day, every day is a big scene of hovered between life and death, but from beginning to end, from top to bottom, no one died.

But everyone is not surprised. They are all high-level officials. Who hasn't had a few unique skills to save lives, as long as there is a victory or defeat.

Anyway, at the level of big bosses, if you die easily, it will be a strange thing...

Everyone understands this principle.

The days just pass away every day...

A bunch of embryo killers have become more and more interested in their lives, and I deeply feel that life is so delicious...This is also The real thing is the strange culture and phenomenon unique to the battlefield...

By the time the Shaman Alliance regroups and rushes forward, the other side has already made all the preparations.

On the Dao League side, the officer who made mistakes this time was ordered to contribute to the continent to build the Sky Restriction Domain... The most weird thing happened-he escaped a little bit!

A total of more than 300 people, led by a Heavenly King, fled collectively in fear of crime!

This matter is simply rubbing the face of Dao Alliance Seven Swords fiercely under the feet of all powerhouses of the three continents!

The end is extraordinary shame and humiliation!

The hot-tempered Daoist Huo was so ashamed that he almost committed suicide on the spot... (I feel that the name Daoist Dian is a bit unpleasant, so I changed it to Daoist Huo. Brothers, if you notice that the previous places need to be modified, please I cut a picture and sent it.)

The Fire Sword and Yun Jian in the Seven Swords teamed up to chase and kill the escaped crowd.

Anyway, these people are not captured and brought to justice. The two Taoists feel that oneself has no face to live...


The other side Capital City.

After the last Northern Dipper killing array tragedy, the major clans and each one are all silent a lot.

And this time the battle between Sun and Moon Pass has caused too much movement, which caused many clan's overwhelming majority experts to go to the front.

It is the Wang Family, who also sent twenty flying experts to the front lines.

As a result, Shangjing’s high-end battle strength reserves shrank sharply, but the extreme situation that had been seen every day suddenly eased.

Although this kind of relaxation, everyone knows is the prelude to the volcanic eruption, but...

No one has made it clear, it is silent like water, indifferent.

All clans are accumulating power in the dark, preparing for the moment when the thunder erupts.

In the next two days, Zuo Xiaonian found that Zuo Xiaoduo's behavior was very strange when he woke up. Sometimes he smirked at a chair with unfathomable mystery, and sometimes at the yard. The tree inside mumbles to itself, sometimes mumbles to an ant on the ground...

When meeting people, sometimes it is thoughtful and sometimes frowns...

When it’s okay, I will go to meditate in the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower oneself, and sit in the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower for several days.

Well, several days here refer to the time in the tower.

Li Chenglong and the others hurt and good, and then hurt again... Repeated and repeated cycles, infinite cycle, Zuo Xiaoduo did not wake up from meditation after a single meditation...

This situation is really a bit abnormal.

Zuo Xiaonian was worried and worried for two days, and simply put it into action. She decided to follow Zuo Xiaoduo's side and watch Zuo Xiaoduo up close.

The strange and inexplicable situation lasted for several months before finally improving.

Zuo Xiaoduo has returned to the original state, acting and acting, fully restored.


Zuo Xiaoduo's behavior during this period was weird, and naturally it was not for no reason. The inheritance he gained this time is really too much.

It was difficult to digest the load for a while, but after several months of buffering, he slowly straightened it out. The so-called weird behaviors naturally did not exist.

Speaking of which, Zuo Xiaoduo's move to integrate the Creation Plate this time really involves considerable risks, but this medium risk is not in the budget of Zuo Changlu Wu Yuting or even Zuo Xiaoduo himself.

Father Zuo Mother Zuo focuses on guarding against the possible existence of Azure Dragon Saint Monarch Remnant Soul possession. All preparations are based on this aspect, even Zuo Xiaoduo itself. Imagine, but the real risk of Creation Plate does not lie in this at all.

Well, or to say, the so-called crisis of Creation Plate is actually caused by good luck.

Of course, it is also a coincidence. Because I just received the gift from Great Commander Dongfang, those inheritance.

Zuo Xiaoduo received many jade slips from the Great Commander Dongfang before, which has already overwhelmed his brain, and the spiritual soul bearing has already reached its goal.

And it hasn't had time to digest it completely.

Now I suddenly got the huge information instilled by the Creation Plate, which suddenly caused the brain to be overloaded, and the behavior was not like ordinary people. It can be said that it is the most basic manifestation of negative state. Information flow invaded and collapsed, and Zuo Xiaoduo would become a brain-dead living dead.

Fortunately Zuo Xiaoduo supported it, and even more fortunately the existence of the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower, which not only gave Zuo Xiaoduo a lot of buffer time, absorbs information and adapts to the state, but does not really consume a lot of reality. Time, otherwise it really takes so long in reality muddleheaded, and it will really delay a lot of major events.

If Zuo Xiaoduo really integrated the Creation Plate before Flying, I am afraid that he has now become a mentally ill patient with a halazi on the corner of his mouth all day long-and I don't know how many years will it take to recover...< /p>

But Zuo Xiaoduo digested Creation Plate inheritance this time, but it also gained great benefits.

The power of Heavenly Dao, which seems to be endless chaos, made Zuo Xiaoduo's cultivation base made considerable progress, and he was promoted to the Flying middle rank in one breath.

And another advantage is...under the oppression of the power of the Chaos Heavenly Dao, the Zhurong True Fire, which has been in the body for a long time, completely let go of the past'Lao Tzu first under the heavens' Proud, began to merge with Zuo Xiaoduo, the true sense of integration, there is no difference!

In this situation, Zuo Xiaoduo’s cultivation technique, whether it is Burning Sun True Scripture or Origin Fire Art, is the triumphant progress of the tide rises, the boat floats. step!

Progress this time, but a qualitative change!

Burning Sun True Scripture has turned into a scorching sun from Scarlet Sun Golden Sun.

Zuo Xiaoduo restored to sobriety and calmness, he did not continue his studies immediately, but chose to travel to several cities, change his mood, settle his mind, and even collect the Star Soul collected during this time. Jade powder will be collected in the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower.

After the dual commands of Bai Yunduo and Demon Ancestor, the Star Soul Jade powder in various places has risen to a situation of high attention to strategic materials. Not only is the amount collected, but also the purity is guaranteed. .

Zuo Xiaoduo used the Flying Boundary cultivation base for the first time to accelerate his own speed to the extreme, and quickly moved around seven assembly areas, and the final harvest made Zuo Xiaoduo almost smiled and crooked his mouth.

Too much, too much!

This is the consumption of the entire Star Soul Continent!

In the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower, Little Dragon is surprised. The boss is really amazing during this period of time... There are more and more such powders coming in...

Qi Luck The mountain range rises from the ground, becoming wider and wider, and the height has reached an average height of two kilometers.

This is the average height, which shows how huge the improvement this time is.

And the other side.

After learning about the outbreak on the front line, Li Chenglong and the others could not sit still, and they all came to ask Zuo Xiaoduo. They did not hide their intention to fight, and were eager to have a try. .

But after Zuo Xiaoduo asked Zuo Changlu, he got an answer.

"The frontline does not need you, you have more important things at present, and the follow-up related matters of going to Beijing are actually left to you for your own operation!"

"Remember, this time The Heavenly Dao game must be won, and you must win!"

"Don’t be negligent. This Heavenly Dao game is more important than the frontline victory!"


"Fortune, it’s best not to leak a single bit, and to gather everything together! Even if you can’t, you have to charge most of it!"

"Remember, this time the group of dragons seize the vein, you will not have any foreign aid, any support, we are on the front line, can't walk away, can't separate, can't move."

"Entrust you to oneself to operate!"

Zuo Xiaoduo told Li Chenglong of this matter, and then he gave all the relevant information that everyone speculated, including all the information about the killing of Southern Northern Dipper, to Li Chenglong.

Then Zuo Xiaoduo doesn't care about it. More specifically, Li Chenglong is the expert, and oneself won't make trouble.

With Swelly here, oneself is simply superfluous to worry about it.

"Swelly, think carefully and slowly, we still have enough time. If you feel that time is not rich, you can enter the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower space and think about it. Must think about this game thoroughly. You might as well think of the situation a bit worse."

Zuo Xiaoduo said: "I went to play with your sister-in-law go roam around the street. Recently, I am exhausted and I need to change my mood."

Li Chenglong rolled his eyes and waved his hand to catch the flies and said: "Let's go, let's go, change your mood, as long as you don't bother me in front of me, it will be a great help to me."

After talking, he plunged into the sea of ​​various clues.

What he likes to do most is this kind of thing, sorting out a mess and even many messes clearly, obvious at a glance, knowing and thorough in his heart.

This sense of accomplishment is simply unparalleled. Especially the oneself that others can’t do, it’s really cool to say...

And what Zuo Xiaoduo likes most, of course, is to play...

Really put Zuo on Zuo. Xiaonian, went shopping.

Zuo Xiaonian was puzzled: "Why come out to go shopping this time? It’s a bit too big, right? Or do you want to lead the snake out of the hole?"

Zuo Xiaoduo wrinkled nose laughed: "Where is it possible to lead the snake out of the hole? Even if I leave Shangjing now, they will not care."


"Because not only we have Expert, it can be seen that the Heavenly Dao game has been completed... The opponent must have an expert in this area, and he must be able to see the clue... So, the opponent is perfectly clear now, I can't go, and I just pay attention to it. for no reason is a waste of manpower, material resources and physical strength. And there is a risk of exposure..."

"So the only result is to consume our energy and will not have any effect."

" >

"Then you are..."

"Although I can't lead the snake out of the cave, it doesn't prevent me from actively looking for the snake!"

Zuo Xiaoduo laughed faintly.

"Take the initiative to find a snake?"

Zuo Xiaonian was very sensitive to the two words'active'.

"Yes, it is active."

Zuo Xiaoduo mysteriously laughed.

heaven and man's form 2nd Stage, Zuo Xiaoduo understands the form of everything!

When it comes to the appearance of everything, it’s pretty awesome!

If we only look at the blessings and blessings of the day, then the divine ability of a person’s life trajectory has also increased to a considerable extent. Nowadays, life and death can be achieved within a year.

This is also that's all, but it's the enhanced version of the original divine ability......

Zuo Xiaoduo now has another ability, the advanced effect of the divine ability, It's another brand new level, and this advanced effect is that everything has a phase and everything can be seen!

The specific effect derived from this can be called a metamorphosis, with the initial rank'look at the phase', and the'approval' in the transformed into 2nd Stage!

The true meaning is that I will look at you and write an order for your future.

If it is correct, Destiny Points will naturally start, and the orders that have been issued will disappear oneself, and turn into ashes at the moment when the hexagram is accurate.

And the consequence of this is-count the heavenly secrets, neither increase nor decrease; burn the ashes, no cause and no effect!

This is the power of heaven and man's form.

Fortune-telling, viewing qi, and fortune telling for people are very taboos.

As the saying goes, it’s good, the hexagram is counted once, and the fate is three points.

It is said again that if there are too many leaks of heavenly secrets, there will naturally be Heavenly Retribution, because leaking the essence of heavenly secrets is to deceive the heaven, deceive Heaven, and bully Heaven, of course, will be punished by Heaven.

This is also from ancient times to the present, in this line of achievements, basically can not escape the five words of widows, widows and loneliness.

The more brilliant the scholars, when giving comments to people, they often use some vague or even seem right but actually isn't code words. This way can weaken this to a certain extent. punishment.

And when Zuo Xiaoduo first gave orders to people in order to earn Destiny Points, he always expressed his bluntness and seldom covered up. If not, the humanitarian cause and effect induced by his previous heavenly tribulation, It would not be that many. This is also the root cause of Father Zuo's calm temperament.

But Zuo Xiaoduo nowadays heaven and man's form, there is no need to worry about such repercussions anymore.

Because with a decree turned into ashes, all cause and effect have nothing to do with him!

And when he gets Destiny Points, he won’t suffer any loss; because this heavenly and human phase was created by the people who are parting heaven and earth; even Heavenly Dao, I must also be grateful for His descendants must have feedback.

Otherwise, it is ignorant of cause and effect, and it is ungrateful!

This level of cause and effect, even the sky can't afford it!

Zuo Xiaoduo took Zuo Xiaonian and first came to a printing shop, which specializes in making business cards, and then he placed an order for...nine quadrillion sheets.

Since it is an approval, oneself naturally has to make a batch of approvals first.

This number almost directly scared the boss of this store to death!

Even if the number nine quadrillion was confirmed again and again, this Boss still thought that Zuo Xiaoduo was probably insane, otherwise how could he have placed such an outrageous order.

But Zuo Xiaoduo can't help it. Brother already has too much money on hand...too much money to spend, very melancholy, not extravagant, extravagant, wasteful, is it wrong?

The other frustration is: this kind of destiny; it can only be done once!

When I do it the second time, I have to bear the cause and effect as before.

So... Zuo Xiaoduo does his best to do as much as possible.

Only this one, see all the past and present!

In this case, how could Zuo Xiaoduo not take it seriously.

Naturally do as much as you can.

Originally wanted to make nine absolutely billion, but Zuo Xiaoduo felt that oneself shouldn’t be too greedy...

"I don’t want you to deliver immediately. I placed an order today, as long as tomorrow Before the evening, just give me a part, there are tens of thousands of copies, and then once every three days, I will pick up the goods, or I will send someone to pick up the goods! Except for the first time, every delivery of the goods must not be low In a million copies."

"Brother is rich, regardless of the price, I can give you double the price for each sheet, but you have to give me quality and quantity."

< p>"I will pay you 100 million first. You can do it and keep doing it, but no matter how you do it, if there is any problem with the quality, I will not pay any more, and you will The money in hand is returned to me. There is no need to waste time writing any contract. The contract is just a piece of paper. If you don’t accept the money or do bad things, I have a way to make you regret it."

Zuo Xiaoduo said while holding the iron rod of the store's horizontal door in his hand, slowly twisting it into a twist, and then bending it in his hand to form a discus, and then melting the disc into molten iron. This is not the end, but the molten iron evaporates...

The shop boss was so scared that he almost drew it away, and hurriedly agreed.

"No problem, no problem, hero, if there is a problem, you can kill my family! I promise!"

Zuo Xiaoduo indifferently said: "Fantasy And the dark flower characters, and the surrounding patterns, there must be no omissions, the front and back, according to the standard, thickness, etc... fonts etc..."

"Prepaid 100 million yuan, when I get the goods and get the value of eight When the quantity is tens of millions, one hundred million will be prepaid again, and so on, remember, money is not a problem, all I want is quality and quantity, do you understand?"

"Understand, understand!"< /p>

Boss's panicked thoughts gradually disappeared, but excitement gradually rushed into his heart, and he gradually realized that or the highlight moment of oneself's life has arrived!

If everything goes well, for the rest of oneself's life, there will be nothing to do, just eat this one, you will be able to eat a full belly and be rich for all generations!

That is nine quadrillion sheets, how can oneself be able to do it in this lifetime?

It is estimated that this is the only order, and the livelihoods of children and grandchildren are settled...

The dream is not finished yet, Zuo Xiaoduo puts forward a new condition: "At the latest Within three years, I have to hand in all the goods I want."

"This impossible hero!"

This Boss immediately complained: "Your order is too large. Now, it’s impossible for anyone to do it in three years, let alone three years, three hundred years..."

"I’m not clear enough, it means three years and it must be completed."

Zuo Xiaoduo said: "You can't do it oneself. You can distribute the orders to others. Whether you distribute it to a thousand families or a Wan family, I don't care. I only ask for quality and quantity. "

"...This way..."

Boss thought, this matter...as long as it works properly, it may not be impossible, except for oneself. A printing press, and then spread the order to all the printing factories in Beijing, and if you try your best to make the order, it may not be endless.

For the same thing, the more you do, the lower the cost will be; the cost of the basic one will be at most five cents for the quantity that the people in front of you want.

The current price of oneself is 1.5 cents; the price given by this hero is doubled on this basis, which is three cents.

After this calculation, I used a seven-cent price to do it. It is estimated that the outsourcing bosses will have to break the head.

Don’t look at one sheet and just make two cents of profit. If you print millions and tens of millions a day, wouldn’t it be amazing profits? ...The most important thing is that there is no technical content in it...

Even if one sheet earns two cents, a factory prints one million sheets a day, you can just get it off the net in a day. Earn 20,000 yuan, or the net profit after removing all costs will enter the pockets of Boss Oneself. Who is unwilling to do it?

Who hates money?

If you don’t want it, you’re stupid!

Even if we mention that the price of the release is a dime, oneself has huge profits to make...

"Okay!" Boss gritted his teeth: "I will try my best. !"

"What I want is not your best effort, but must complete! It is best to do it in advance!"

Zuo Xiaoduo said: "If you complete this order in advance, for example, you It took two and a half years to complete, so in the next six months, no matter how many extra copies you make, I will settle the excess with you at three times the price!"

"Really? it's a deal?!"

"Well, don't you believe me?" Zuo Xiaoduo snorted, and directly transferred a hundred million in the past: "I believe it now! The risk is all mine, and all I want is the result!"

"Trusted it, believed it!"

Boss almost didn't draw it.

This hasn't gotten much drop yet, it's already 100 million on my head? !

The big money has already arrived, so what else can't you believe?

Before today, oneself was just a small boss with a net worth of hundreds of thousands, but now, oneself is already a billionaire!

Oh my god...


Zuo Xiaoduo snorted.

"Understand...I am steady...I am steady...I roar quack quack steady..."

Zuo Xiaoduo rolled his eyes.

You are so stable, so I really feel insecure...

"Hurry up and start work!"

"Tomorrow, if I find you when I come There are too few finished products...Don’t blame me for finding another place."

"Understand, Boss!"

"Don't call me Boss!"

"You It is my boss, you are my food and clothing parent, no, you are my reborn parent, you are my pro-ancestor..."

Zuo Xiaoduo rolled the eyes, I really can’t stay there anymore, just go with Zuo Xiaonian. Handle, disappear out of thin air!

"...Where's the person?"

Boss was startled, but in an instant he realized that the person who came here was a cultivator, and his heart was stunned.

"...It's no wonder that you placed such a large order and took the money completely improperly... It turned out to belong to Earth Immortal..." Boss felt even more awe and joy.

Turning around and yelling immediately: "Everyone is here, 3 minutes for a meeting! We received a big job..."

"After doing the work at hand, all business immediately Stop, and no longer accept any business!"

"All workers' wages will be increased by 20% on the original basis!"

"The design department will immediately start at the fastest In time, make a template for this sample!"

"Buyer, buyer! Buy this kind of raw materials immediately, just these kinds of...the quality must not have any problems, first come five hundred Ten thousand sets of shares!"

"Call the machine manufacturer, I want to negotiate with them, I need a lot of machines, the quality must be excellent machines!"

"All are available , Give me action immediately, immediately, immediately, quickly!"

"As long as everyone works fast, not only will there be a monthly bonus every month, but an additional month’s salary subsidy will be added every quarter. In half a year, there is a half-year award only to the group with the best quality and the most volume!"

"There is an annual bonus every year, with a minimum of 5,000 and a maximum of 100,000! The specific rules will be posted on the wall of the workshop later. Zoom in!"

"The full attendance award is quadrupled on the basis of the original 200. Listen, it is quadrupled, not doubled; that is to say, the monthly full attendance is 800! quarterly! Full attendance and shipments above the midstream, full attendance is 10,000. Annual full attendance is 30,000! Those who cannot be full attendance only get the minimum wage."

"Quick! Quick! Quick!"

< p>"Hurry up!"

"In the office, post a job advertisement immediately, and then, after the machine arrives, immediately start the shift system, we must implement the third class system of working overtime and people shutting down the machine! "

"Maintenance workers must hire the best, double the salary!"

"Let's leave the machine, brothers, let's get rid of the arms and do it, the day for us to make a fortune is here! "

The workers of the entire small company, upon hearing this series of Boss orders, they all rushed out as if they had been beaten up. This treatment is the only one for the whole continent!

That's hard work!

"Contact the major printing factories in Beijing immediately, I want to talk to them about business!"

Has been promoted Elderly Zhou, who is a billionaire, is full of confidence, red light across the whole face: "Now, I am their God of Wealth, the boy who gives money!"


"Do you really only entrust such a big business to this boss? So rest assured?" Zuo Xiaonian looked at Zuo Xiaoduo.

"Of course don't worry, how can you forget it, I will see you."

Zuo Xiaoduo triumphantly said: "This Boss has a long lifespan and second wealth. , The third is self-motivated, the fourth is the wrist, the fifth is well managed, the sixth..."

"It's OK, I know the discerning eye, discerning eye, needless to say." Zuo Xiaonian Rolled his eyes.

The two talked and laughed, heading for the busiest place in Capital City.

The billboards on both sides, the big screens, and the electronic equipment of all businesses are playing frontline battle reports and various conscription news...

Zuo Xiaoduo raised his head, He seemed to be curious about everything and looked around. In fact, everyone who passed by was taken in the entire scene by him, and he watched it again!

Although it is a needle in a haystack, but...Zuo Xiaoduo really wants to try, to see if oneself uses oneself's ability to pull out the opponents who are hidden behind the scenes?

What if you really meet one?

I have to say that Zuo Xiaoduo thinks very beautifully, and in fact, this kind of waiting and waiting has indeed happened many coincidences in history......



Zuo Xiaoduo's luck today is obviously not as good as he had imagined. After watching it for a long time, he still got nothing.

After a while, Zuo Xiaoduo rolled his eyes and said, "Niannian Cat, where do you want to go shopping? I will follow you."

He suddenly had no success for a long time. Think of it.

For the entire Star Soul Continent, it seems that no one can have better luck than Zuo Xiaonian!

Since oneself has nothing to discover, then use Niannian Cat...


【Have fun... Give a few tickets Ticket...]

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