Unconventional Legend Chapter 1207

Zuo Xiaoduo immediately cheered up.

If Zuo Xiaonian is walking around and oneself follows, it is more likely to gain something...

"Follow me?" Zuo Xiaonian was taken aback.

When I came out, I actually became the master. Which one is this...

"Well, now I will follow you." Zuo Xiaoduo chuckled said: "Maybe if you follow you, you can find the Southern Dipper Northern Dipper and other messy things."

"How can it be such a coincidence that the ones that are not available?"

Zuo Xiaonian made a cut, but involuntarily thought along the question in his heart: "...will... really meet?"

The two continue to wander, Zuo Xiaonian originally thought about finding someone seriously, but when his thoughts turned around, he felt that try one's luck was too unreliable, and gradually ceased to take it seriously. He went shopping purely for shopping, and subconsciously tended to hang out to the clothing store. I went...

girl, um, it should be said that it is a lady, a girl, a girl, no matter how many clothes you have, how many good clothes you have, you will always subconsciously feel that oneself lacks clothes, the clothes displayed in the window, It’s the one that fits oneself best.

The clothes that make oneself shine are the most suitable oneself...

In short, in oneself’s closet, There is always one set, or this set, or that set.

But Zuo Xiaonian is different from ordinary women. It is a type that only can't buy. Just look at the style and take a few photos. For Zuo Xiaonian, it is equivalent to owning.

And this actual situation can't help but make the clothing store employees look at Zuo Xiaoduo's eyes very contemptuously: It is a pity that such a handsome boy is actually a poor man...

With such a beautiful girlfriend but no money to buy clothes for her girlfriend, she can only ask her girlfriend to take a picture...

Finally, the two of them look really passable, the real man is handsome The beauty of the woman, plus her temperament, is still outstanding, and no one of those clerks is easy to say something ironic, which makes Zuo Xiaoduo feel a pity, so that the uncle has a lot of opportunities to act cool, the uncle is now the richest money, and can't use it up. The kind of...

It was originally conceived. If someone is sarcasm, when someone understands, just buy the store and give it to the non-sarcasm, and then expel the sarcasm on the spot... It's a big pretense, but unexpectedly there is no chance.

Depressed, depressed, I am a big rich man, I have money and no place to spend a day, life, lonely like a flower...

After another hour of shopping...Finally Let Zuo Xiaoduo get into trouble.

Seeing the front, You Xiaoxia wore a big white windbreaker, covered a slightly swollen and chubby body, with her head held high, she strode forward.

"Boss! Boss!"

A long distance away, You Xiaoxia has already screamed excitedly. The loudness of the yelling made passers-by look at him.

Zuo Xiaoduo subconsciously wants to turn around.

Why do you encounter this Little Fatty every time you come out?

What kind of luck is this!

Naturally, he doesn’t know. You Xiaoxia has been paying attention to him every day since he came to Beijing. He didn’t talk about it when he was at home, but when Zuo Xiaoduo went out to go out and play, he was discovered, You Xiaoxia You will get the news immediately, and then you will come over to "encounter" immediately.


Zuo Xiaoduo squinted his eyes, and he felt uncomfortable everywhere. Zuo Xiaoduo knew that oneself is a genuine top cultivator's second generation, but there is no hope in life, and can only continue to struggle, I can’t help feeling more and more that this guy who doesn’t know how many generations actually lives is much more comfortable than the pure second generation of oneself, many, many kinds... …

On this point, it is simply intolerable, uncle and aunt can not tolerate it!

The most terrible thing is that Zuo Xiaoduo consciously made a mistake in oneself, and the self-inflicted person brought up You Xiaoxia’s generation and mentioned a position comparable to oneself... This is a whole thing, let Zuo Xiaoduo was very upset.

Originally this product should be called oneself Old Ancestor is not enough!

But now, because Mo Xuanyi and Zuo Xiaonian have worshipped, on the day of their marriage, oneself still has to call his brother-in-law? You have to be called brother-in-law all the time!


It's a big loss, alright!

Originally, I just wanted to help Mo Xuanyi, but this kid was completely touched...

Zuo Xiaoduo, the self-inflicted insurgent, the instigator Zuo Xiaoduo, really wanted to get more and more angry.

"Boss, hahaha...Are you shopping with sister-in-law?" You Xiaoxia smiled with a spring breeze.

Zuo Xiaoduo hummed: "How are you and Xuanyi now?"

You Xiaoxia laughed heartily, with a look of happy love: "Thanks to the boss, now progress is made Soon, hahaha......"

You Xiaoxia has forgotten everything about that night.

All the memories have been erased. The only thing I remember is Mo Xuanyi who worshipped a good-nature godfather. Oneself left early, but I don’t remember exactly why I left...< /p>

Then You Family is just like the Chinese New Year, starting to buy heavily, preparing to get engaged, and then go to Mo Xuanyi, Mo Xuanyi is not as cold as before...

This status quo surprises Little Fatty Inexplicably, the past few days is more like living in paradise, and walking is always fluttering.

"It's progressing quickly?"

Zuo Xiaoduo became more upset in his heart, and said with a dark face: "Then you are having a good time now."


"Generally so, hahaha..." You Xiaoxia said happily: "I, I have no ambitions, I will eat and wait for death in this life, and be a salted fish... That's enough, You Clan, also use It doesn't matter what I do..."

Being a salty fish...

Zuo Xiaoduo suddenly felt 10,000 divine beasts rushing past.

This is clearly Lao Tzu's dream!

The dream life that I didn't achieve, you little Fatty has already lived such a good life!

Is there any reason for this? Is there any reason? Is it still an affair? Is there any reason? !

! ! !

It's almost...too unbalanced.

Zuo Xiaoduo said with a black face and gritted his teeth: "My father said, the future Family Head Little Fatty of You Family, if its own cultivation base cannot be promoted to Flying Boundary, how can we get married?! We are Duan Duan will not agree to this improper marriage!"

You Xiaoxia's face turned pale all of a sudden, and she lost her voice: "Isn't it boss? I'm only Cloud Transformation high rank now... "

"It's really not interesting!"

Zuo Xiaoduo fiercely said: "Xuanyi is Spirit Controlling, you are actually Cloud Transformation, how are you embarrassed, how can you be able to afford it Xuanyi!"

You Xiaoxia almost cried: "Godfather really said that?"


Zuo Xiaoduo's heart was blocked.

Continue to scream and scream: "I can lie to you! Originally, my dad said that marriage is not allowed until Dao Fusion. Thanks to Elder Sister Xiaonian for helping you intercede, I changed to Flying. She has a shallow background, and she is a girl of my Zuo Family. She didn't have a decent cultivation base. Why?!"

Little Fatty is trembling, and her face pale.

Flying ……

Little Fatty don’t talk about recent breakthroughs, I’m afraid that in this life, he may not be able to touch the realm of Flying, it’s the far end he didn’t even think about. !

Just eat like he he, lie down and win your life, how good is it?

Why do we have to break through Flying?

This is simply... embarrassing my fat tiger Ahhh...

"Can you be accommodating?" Little Fatty is like prepare for there funeral.


"Is this true sister-in-law?" You Xiaoxia looked at Zuo Xiaonian tearfully.

"It is true."

Zuo Xiaonian is obediently and honestly nodded, Zuo Xiaoduo said, of course it is true.

Even if it is fake, it can be true!

It’s great that oneself came forward to tell the father to help Xiaoduo lie, what a big deal!

In short, oneself can’t be lost. Old... the face of the old man, the face of a man is very important!

This is the experience taught by Mother to oneself, it must be the truth, it must be the most reasonable saying!

Little Fatty's whole person is not good, I just feel that the sky is getting dark...

He knows clearly that oneself’s good days will be gone forever...

While shopping with Zuo Xiaoduo Zuo Xiaonian, Little Fatty bowed his head, said nothing, with an expression of crying...

Zuo Xiaoduo suddenly got a shock. .

In front, at several hundred meters, a young man was striding forward with a face of decisiveness.

Behind him, a young girl chased with tears in her face.

Finally stopped him with a sad face: "I already knew that I was wrong, why can't you forgive me?"

It was a couple quarreling.

The youth's face is sad and cold: "We are over."

"It's really the first time."

"So what? "

"Now this society is so open, can't you be so unacceptable? I was wrong this time? You are a man so narrow-minded!"

"Before you knew me I will accept all of the past, but any time after knowing me, will not forgive, it’s that simple."

"You forgot our vow?"

"No longer Important."

"But you know that I love you the most!"

"But that's not the reason for you to open a house with others."

Youth With a sad look: "It's over, let me go."

"If you don't forgive me, I will die in front of you." The girl drew out the knife with tears and lay it on oneself's neck.

Qian Nian gave a sorrowful smile: "I didn't forgive you, but..."

"Just what?"

The youth did not answer, and suddenly turned around at the stall. I bought a piece of delicious barbecue, the girl thought he was going to coax oneself, could not help but look forward to her eyes.

"Is this meat not fragrant? Is it a good piece of meat?" the young man asked.

"Yes, it's delicious."

The young man turned around and walked to the side of the street to extend the hand and handed it to a stray dog ​​lying there. The dirty stray dog ​​took a bite. Come, bite into your mouth.

But the young man immediately took the piece of meat from the dog's mouth again, with two more tooth marks on it, all of which were dog saliva. The dog was angry, but was kicked away by the young man.

"This is still that piece of meat. Do you eat it?" The young man handed the meat to the girl.

"Are you disgusting? It's all dog's saliva." The girl looked at this piece of meat with disgust, and said angrily.

"So you know how I feel."

The young man said lightly: "I don't forgive you, I just feel sick."

Then he raised hand and threw this piece of meat to the dog completely.


This kind of excitement will naturally not attract Zuo Xiaoduo, but he stopped and watched with keen interest pleasure.

Because of the black qi calamity on this young man's face and the future news that Zuo Xiaoduo saw, he immediately stopped.

"Jin Yunsheng, died of Greedy Wolf Grandmother five days later."

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