Unconventional Legend Chapter 1209

Zuo Xiaonian was really confused by the information on the other side of the phone... Oneself can actually exchange more than 3,000 peak grade Star Soul Jade for the points in the Nine Heavens Pavilion?

So many? When did I make such a major contribution?

This is a pleasant surprise!

Zuo Xiaoduo called the Finance Department again: "It’s Yang Department Head, right? Hehe, my name is Zuo Xiaoduo. Uncle Nan asked me to ask you for help... You’re too kind, Well, I have time to come to my house with Uncle Nan. My mother cooks delicious dishes. I will definitely pre-order you for the next family dinner......"


< p>Not long.

In the stunned Li Chenglong and the others, a large number of high-quality Star Soul Jade was sent over.

I don’t know how to spread the news. You Clan, Dongfang Clan, and Nan Clan also sent Star Soul Jade. One family sent 10,000 yuan, and they said bluntly, “Some are , I'll send some in a few days!"

"Money? Resources? No need. These things have been left at home for a long time. This time I will clean up the warehouse. The warehouse is not enough..."

"It's really like this, Family Head said, if we pay for this thing, we will break our legs when we go back..."


For these situations, Zuo Xiaoduo expressed his surprise!

Is this the power of Super Repair II?

This...It's really easy to point something!

peak grade Star Soul Jade, at the beginning Hidden Dragon High Martial Ye Principal wanted to ask for a purchase, but grandfather couldn’t find her grandmother. One would cost more than 100 million...

Now, when oneself made a call, it was tens of thousands and tens of thousands of them sent here, and there was no money. The meaning of the words, I was afraid that oneself would not accept it!


Oh my god... I really love oneself. Now this identity!

Sent away because of the need to clean up the "warehouse" to send out peak grade Star Soul Jade people.

Zuo Xiaoduo clapped his hands: "Come, come, come here, there will be benefits for you. Not only peak grade Star Soul Jade, but also other things, this time it is definitely a good thing that can save lives! Equal to you Everyone has 20 more lives, don’t you understand?"

Then a blank paper was sent to each of the twelve people: "What should you do next? I don’t need to say anything more. , Come on, hurry up, numb."

Li Chenglong is the most coordinated. Without a word, he immediately starts to act and writes...promissory note!

"promissory note

I owe Zuo Xiaoduo..."

I wrote here and raised my head and asked: "How much is appropriate?"

Zuo Xiaoduo rolled his eyes and said: "Oneself sets prices, and oneself knows a little bit in mind. As a boss, can you lose your money? What I want is attitude. Do you know attitude?"

Li Chenglong think about it, and continue to write: "Understood... I owe Zuo Xiaoduo ten continents today. No proof, stand up as a proof, the sky is above, and witness for me; never renege on a debt, I will pay it back in this life! Li Chenglong...in a certain year, a certain month, and a certain day."

Then he draws and presses his handprints, a series of actions in one go, and he is very familiar with it.

Long Yusheng immediately began: "promissory note, I owe Zuo Xiaoduo 20 continents...Long Yusheng, Wan Lixiu, a certain year, a certain month and a certain day."

With the two sets of templates in the front, Gao Qiao'er and the others are also painting a scoop based on the bottle gourd, like a bowl copy.

So in an instant, Zuo Xiaoduo's foreign debt promissory note suddenly added 120 continents!

"Well, plus what you owed before, you now owe me equivalent to a total of two hundred continents. Remember to pay it back when you use it!" Zuo Xiaoduo warned repeatedly.

"Don't worry, I will return in this life."

"Well, it doesn't matter if you remember it, I remember it anyway." Zuo Xiaoduo nodded, cherish the pile of promissory notes. He put it away, and then began to distribute the peak grade Star Soul Jade.

Everyone is smiling, one promissory note can get so many high-quality resources, and it is a good thing, how many times such a good thing, how many times, five times a day, five times a day, ten times eight times That is not too much!

Although everyone has this kind of "dirty" cautious thinking, everyone's feelings for Zuo Xiaoduo are the most sincere, the previous Heart Washing Saint Fruit, and the Heart Washing The ownership of the Saint Fruit tree can be seen in general.

Whether the content of the promissory note is outrageous is one thing, everyone has the ability in the future, and always has to pay it back; when you encounter any good things, don’t forget to share a copy of the left boss, that’s it ……

This point is also prepared in everyone's heart.

But they never think that the world is unpredictable and the universe is unpredictable. They will go to a certain period of time in the future and wait for them to divine art Great Accomplishment and laugh all the heroes. These promissory notes turned out to be the nightmare of a lifetime...

At that time, Zuo Xiaoduo waved the promissory note and collected a wave of interest on a whim, and then again after a while. A wave of interest has caused their existence that crosses the extreme peak to dig their minds for avoiding debts and racking their brains for promissory note. I have to say that there is a fixed number with one pecking and one peck...

Cough, This is something very far away, and I will talk about it later when it's needed.

In a word, everyone is very excited about receiving without paying now, and when they are liquidated in the future...

Let’s find out!


"What good is it for you to collect so many promissory notes?" Zuo Xiaonian was very curious. He looked at Zuo Xiaoduo with a thick pile of notes on his hands, and it was divided. The file, including Li Chenglong's promissory note, has reached as many as thirteen.

Long Yusheng Wan Lixiu is second, Yu Moyan Li Changming is third...

Except for the latest Zhen Piaopiao, who only got one, the others waited, and the least was two. Zhang is in the account.

"Shanren has its own magical effect!"

Zuo Xiaoduo hehe smiled: "If everyone can't make it to the end, it doesn't matter; but if they all make it to the end... Well, for specific examples, you can refer to Uncle Nan and Uncle Wu... From now on, our husband and wife... We are a big family, and our ancestors will eat interest for generations, and they will be able to eat well..."

Zuo Xiaonian: "..."

You can think really long-term.

Zuo Xiaoduo's method was naturally not taught to him by Zuo Changlu, and Zuo Changlu never told him about it. These are all the stunts of walking rivers and lakes that Zuo Xiaoduo self-taught comprehend.

At the same time...

In front of the Sun and Moon Pass on the other side.

Zuo Changlu looked at You Xingchen, You Dongtian, Dongfang Zhengyang, Sword Monarch Blade Demon and the others present here, with warm smiles all over his face, and since he took out a pile of...promissory notes from the space ring.

"Do you all remember these promissory notes? Right now, you are still idle. You have been saving for many years. Do you want to settle the interest first... You know that half of the children eat the poor. , I am raising two, life is very stressful, you don’t know how to raise a pair of children, the cost, we are already overwhelmed by the cost, we need everyone to give back one or two..."

At this remark, everyone's eyeballs simultaneously drummed.

What's this...how many years has it been? You still keep these promissory notes?

Is this something human can do?

Is this what Heaven Patrolling Throne should do?

What about the face? How about face?

The distortion of human nature!

The decay of morality!

Can the Heaven Patrolling Throne be forced into this by raising a pair of children? We trust you so much...

"Don’t talk nonsense with me, and quickly settle the amount of each person’s debts. After this round of settlement is completed, remember to write another one after the settlement is completed today. New promissory note."

Zuo Changlu smiled: "I got a new mending heaven jade here. I will distribute it to you later, but I have to make it clear in advance that this item is an important strategic material and not only cannot be used uncontrollably. , And it’s strictly forbidden to use it with people other than us. When it’s used up, there will be nothing! Understand?"

As Zuo Changlu explained what mending heaven jade is, everyone’s eyes are like light bulbs. Generally lit up.

Mending heaven Jade, what a good thing!

Even if the heart is smashed and Dantian is beaten, he can recover in a few seconds!

This is simply...the biggest gospel on the battlefield, the big baby who is defying the sky!

"Nan Zhengqian." You Dongtian beckons with the hand.

"What are you doing?" Nan Zhengqian was a little puzzled.

"Come here." You Dongtian smiled.

"What's the matter?" Nan Zhengqian stepped forward in confusion.


You Dongtian hit the unsuspecting Nan Zhengqian dantian with a punch!

The blood flew all over the place, and the tragedy suddenly appeared!

Nan Zhengqian screamed, and the beads of both eyes almost protruded: "You..."

"Try it."

You Dongtian will oneself the piece The mending heaven jade was attached to Nan Zhengqian's body for five seconds...

Nan Zhengqian recovered perfectly clear, and during the peak period, no wounds were left.

If it weren’t for a large pool of blood splashing out on the ground, I’m afraid no one would believe that Nan Zhengqian had just been severely injured.

"Really a good baby!" You Dongtian couldn't put it down playing with the mending heaven jade on his hand.

Nan Zhengqian was immediately embarrassed: "You Dongtian, you fucking shit!!!..."

He understands, You Dongtian's move is clearly to retaliate against oneself. I watched his lively things before, otherwise I can’t find someone, and I just took Laozi to do the experiment...

Why don’t you go to Dongfang Zhengyang?

Turning around, Dongfang Zhengyang has actually ran up to Zuo Changlu and started to write promissory note seriously...look steadily forward, it seems that he hasn’t seen anything.

Really come back to life!

My goodness! ......

Everyone got excited all of a sudden and gathered around to calculate the arrears and return the interest.

Just now Zuo Changlu made it clear that the previous interest has not been paid off, but he does not have the qualification to play mending heaven jade promissory note!

It's so hard-spirited, it's such a bachelor!

Wu Yuting collects the accounts on the same side, except for cash and transfers, he needs everything, and he stops whenever he doesn’t move. He doesn’t smile: "That’s it?!"

So the person who was asked hurriedly gave a big smile...

When it was Zither Fiend's turn, there was finally a problem.

Wu Yuting looked at the things Zither Fiend took out, but didn't smile, "hehe...this is it?"

Zither Fiend's face turned blue and white with anger: "The tears are raining, don't go too far!"

"hmph, what do you want?" Wu Yuting rolled his eyes.

Zither Fiend turned his face and said to Zuo Changlu: "Elder Brother Zuo, I have been waiting for you... Now, powerhouse three wives and four concubines is normal, and I do not ask you What status do I give me, I am willing to..."

Wu Yuting was taken aback, immediately took the things, replaced them with smiles, and quickly said: "Qin aunt... Enough."

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