Unconventional Legend Chapter 1210

"Is that enough?" Zither Fiend squinted at her: "I don't think it is enough."

"Enough is enough, enough is more. Quite a lot." Wu Yuting quickly took out a part, at least half of it, and pushed Zither Fiend back: "Hehe, you don't need so much, you can take these back..."

A little bit of a low voice.

This is the first time Wu Yuting has been in so many years!

"So much more?"


"Count your acquaintance."

Wu Yuting trembled with anger, but dared to be angry and didn't dare to speak. My mother has never seen someone who wants to be a mistress can be so arrogant in front of the main palace Lady!

But...this really doesn't excite her! Originally, this guy would not act in consideration of his facial identity. If it was oneself, it would be irritated... It would be terrible if you simply ignore it...

And there is a valid reason: the main room said me Don't dare, then I will show it to her!

Wu Yuting will not give this opportunity anyway! Even if oneself is a little wronged!

On the other side, Zuo Changlu's face is also pale, and his eyes are a little blue... scared to death!

Finally...Zither Fiend completed the interest payment, and when he reached Zuo Changlu, he stretched out his hand:...

Zuo Changlu thought for a while, hesitantly handed over a note, coughing One cry: hit... hit promissory note?


The note suddenly burned in Zither Fiend's hand.

It became ashes.

Zither Fiend pursed his mouth, his eyes are cold and his expression is cold.

The eyes look like a knife, like a sword, like a gun!

The meaning is very clear: I want to be a concubine for you, you still want me to write promissory note? believing or not, I really do?

Zuo Changlu turned his head to look at Wu Yuting in a panic.

Wu Yuting turned his face away, pretending not to see it.

Zuo Changlu's face twitched, and he quickly chose a thicker one and placed it in Zither Fiend's palm. Hurry up...I'm going to be killed by you...


Zither Fiend took the mending heaven jade and walked away proudly.

Small, I can't help you couple? Actually want to pinch me...

I really thought I was going to be your man's concubine... I, Zither Fiend, is definitely not that kind of person!

The tears are raining, see you are scared...aunt won't grab you!

Heaven Patrolling Throne couple, unprecedented for the first time...

Zuo Changlu sighed lightly, only feeling the heartbeat beating. I clearly feel that oneself’s life tonight will probably be very difficult...

and this time in the future will be very difficult, very difficult, quite difficult, oh my god , What a disaster...

"pu chi 噗chi..."

The surrounding laughter that was forcibly endured but finally did not hold back was faint.

Zuo Changlu's face is like heavy jujube, and he glances around with cold eyes.

The lack of laughter around him suddenly stopped.

The next one is Ximen Lie, with a look of flattery: "Boss...I...make a promissory note..."

"You know how to make a promissory note! What else can you do? Can you be a little bit promising?!"

Zuo Changlu immediately found the target of venting, and said angrily: "You can't real gold, white silver?! For the rest of my life, I didn't even accumulate a minimum of savings. Next, presumptuously as a seven-foot man, what do you think you have been doing in your life, what else can you achieve, what can you hope for, how did I go blind and gave you that many resources and asked you to promissory Note, how long will you be able to make it?..."

Ximen Lie looked dumbfounded: just now everyone was playing promissory note, and I didn’t see what you said...I’ll just...

The people next to them held back their laughs and urged: "Hurry up! What is the big man's tweaking?"

Ximen Lie looked embarrassed and said in a low voice: "But I am really now I can't take it out..."

"If you can't take it out, go and drop it!" The others became more and more noisy.

Ximen Lie's face turned into a persimmon color.

I didn’t know what to do, it looked very pitiful...

Finally, after You Xingchen stood up and made a round of intercession, I hit the promissory note and got the mending. The heaven stone...

In addition to sending out fifteen mending heaven stones, Zuo Changlu hurriedly announced: "No, basically one Legion, one Left and Right Heavenly Kings, one Zither Fiend Blade Demon Sword Monarch Demon Ancestor waits for one piece for one person, two yuan for the emperor, and the others don’t have this treatment..."

"This is a strategic weapon, and...everyone is well versed in Good Fortune of Heaven and Earth. For generations, even though this treasure has a deep connotation, it is ultimately rootless water with a limit on the number of times. I don’t know how many people can be saved by such a piece, but... it is impossible to use it without limit."

"It's up to you to grasp it for yourself. I will not ask what you should do and where you should use it when you encounter a situation. But don't entangle with me anymore. I don't have anything extra on hand!"

Zuo Changlu's voice is heavy.

Everyone understands very well that the promissory note is hit and the good stuff is obtained, but the shoulders are getting heavier and heavier.

With this thing, there is undoubtedly more confidence to save your life!

However, the military attaches great importance to the friendship of comrades. No one wants to see the oneself comrade-in-arms fellow officer die, so...

You can already foresee that after every battle, Legion all carried a lot of wounded and dying soldiers and came to oneself in front of oneself, kneeling down and begging...

"Marshal, save him...I know you have spirit medicine, You can resurrect your soul and come back from the dead..."

"Marshal, please show mercy..."

"Marshal, this is our fellow officer brother... …"

"Marshal, please..."

The four marshals felt that the mending heaven stone in oneself's hand was a bit hot when they thought of this picture!

How many people can be saved with such a thin slice?

If you let go of the use, and if you want to respond, I am afraid that a small unit's local encounter will run out of it!

Therefore, this kind of heaven-defying baby definitely has repercussions.

So...how to use this thing specifically, it really needs a regulation and strict enforcement.

"I have said everything, but I have to take care of it by myself, and let it go!"

Zuo Changlu feels that oneself has to drive everyone away quickly. He has already Feeling that my daughter-in-law is getting thicker and thicker, the chill is gushing out at any time.

At the moment when everyone was doing the birds and beasts, Zuo Changlu followed and heard Wu Yuting icy's voice: "You come with me."

"Xiaoduo his mother...this is really not the case. Blame me, I have no idea..."

Zuo Changlu grimace.

"What you said is not the point, come here!" Wu Yuting pulled Zuo Changlu, and he disappeared in no time.

Those who seem to have left, but in fact, are not far away waiting to watch the gossip, all of them are disappointed...


"The tragic capital..." You Dongtian shook his head, his face was full of taking pleasure in other people's misfortune.

Now there is only the cynical Right Path Heavenly King, such a courageous, wild and unscrupulous, state aloud, is his Lao Tzu, Star Picking Thearch may not be so courageous!

However, for such courage and action, there is a price to pay. Right Path Heavenly King hasn't finished saying a word, in midair, a big knife kacha fell all at once. The forty-meter-long big knife, horrible to see, fortunately, the hilt of the knife hit You Dongtian’s head, and it didn’t make a cut...

"I was wrong..."

You Dongtian ashen-faced, fell on his knees with a thud: "But I didn't mean it... I saw this expression on Dongfang Zhengyang's face, so I blurted it out and felt it... Actually this is Dongfang Zhengyang. What I was thinking... Zuo Shu Mingjian, Dongfang Zhengyang is really not a thing..."

The face of Dongfang Zhengyang, who has already gone far away, turned black for an instant: "This dog is really a seeking revenge for The slightest grievance, this bone eye is still throwing the pot!"


Zuo Xiaoduo and the others, who have just received a large number of cultivation resources, are in the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower every day Throughout, all of them are fighting and cultivation as if they are desperate.

Among them, the female classmates were especially crazy. Their innate talents are slightly insufficient, and their cultivation is even more desperate than the men!

The cultivation base and combat experience can be said to be increasing day by day.

Two women, Zhen Piaopiao and Gao Qiao'er, are the two most desperate among the female compatriots, still above Wan Lixiu.

They have to play all over the court every time, and they still play all over the court several times. Probably because they have the weakest foundation of the two players, the battle strength is naturally the weakest. No matter who they are against, They are all properly at an absolute disadvantage, and no one can let them take advantage.

But these two women are surprisingly tough, no matter how badly they are injured, they will challenge again immediately after recovering!

Li Chenglong calculated it.

The outside time of one day, one night in Emptiness Extinguishing Tower is equivalent to five months, and in these five months, the number of times each of Zhen Piaopiao and Gao Qiao'er was madly hit ...Conservatively estimated, more than two thousand five hundred times!

This is a horrible and crazy figure!

This is clearly a battle without any hope of victory.

——Everyone is better than them.

They are making continuous progress, but others are also making progress. Not only is the progress no worse than them, such as Li Chenglong Yu Moyan Long Yusheng and the others, the progress is faster and more Much faster...

Under such a vicious circle, I can only be hit and crushed all the way. I have never counterattacked, and I have been stunned.

However, this continued, and the two women never meant to give up or relax.

If you get knocked down, then get up, then fight, then fight. If you can’t stand it, go to cultivation, go diligently, try again, fight again, fight again...

< p>This fierceness makes Li Chenglong and the others feel a sense of crisis-if oneself is overtaken or even knocked down when oneself is clearly dominant, then it will be ashamed. .

Under the effect of not knowing whether it is a vicious circle or a virtuous circle, everyone has each one, and they all have started a head-to-head mode of life-threatening.

The weak one is struggling to catch up!

Strong enough to keep running!

Later, even Xiaoxiao joined the battle group and drove the Great Sun True Fire to fight with everyone.

Xiaoxiao’s Great Sun True Fire is naturally sharp, but he is still young after all, and everyone is a real flying cultivator, and a flying cultivator far beyond the ordinary sense, said To confront the Great Sun True Fire head-on, that is not enough, but it is not difficult to take advantage of the gap and seize the opportunity to defeat Xiaoxiao.

But when I hit a small one, I naturally had an older one. After Zuo Xiaoduo thoroughly digested the two inheritances, he was sued by Xiaoxiao, and naturally joined the battle group with Zuo Xiaonian. Everyday all fights. It's a joke.

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