Unconventional Legend Chapter 1211

After just playing a few games, it became Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian one-on-one against each other.

There is no other reason. The difference between the strength of the two of them is a bit big compared to the other twelve.

It was the twelve people who went up together. Against either Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian, they were still directly crushed, and there was no room for resistance!

The real one has been knocked down before he waits for the offer!

This is still the case when Zuo Xiaoduo did not move Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer and Zuo Xiaonian did not move Ice Whitesoul.

Li Chenglong and the others are not reconciled. Facing the reality and facing such a powerful strength, they can only bear the facts.

After playing a few games, Zuo Xiaonian Zuo Xiaoduo personally experienced Zuo Xiaoduo's strength, everyone was hit hard.

Especially Gao Qiao'er and Zhen Piaopiao, their faces are increasingly bleak.

Although other people are also strong, at least they are still within the scope of catching up, and they are within reach, but Zuo Xiaonian Zuo Xiaoduo is already within reach...

I also said that it is impossible to reach, because I know that the two are still just Flying Boundary, and they are of the same level as everyone else. If they did not know, I am afraid that I would not believe that they would kill the two girls. This would be the same Flying Boundary as oneself. , Just broke through? !

This is the Dao Fusion level, and everyone is not surprised.

Afterwards, everyone simply divided the venue.

With the mountain of qi vein as the boundary, this side belongs to Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian, and the other side belongs to twelve people.

Everyone minds their own business, we don’t come to abuse, and you don’t come to bully us...

The twelve don’t know, Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian are also here Under great pressure, Li Chenglong and the others are so desperate. If these guys get closer, they don’t have to really catch up with oneself. As long as twelve people work together, they can compete with Zuo Xiaonian and Zuo Xiaoduo. One person, I don’t know what cocky is like...

So the two of them also started desperately cultivation, absorbing, and fighting, and they didn’t know what the cycle was, in short, they just cycled...

even more how Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian two are still competing with each other!


It is the time of one day, one night again.

This is already the evening of the 2nd day, when the lights are on.

Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian went out again and arrived at the printing factory on time.

Elderly Zhou had been waiting at the door for a long time, and when he saw Zuo Xiaoduo coming, he immediately greeted him with joy: "Boss, you are here."

Zuo Xiaoduo is not inked. , Asked directly: "How is it done?"

Elderly Zhou's board also does not grind, and just put forward a sample.

A business card is usually a very small one, but the patterns and dark lines on it are extremely delicate.

Zuo Xiaoduo feels satisfied at first glance. It is exactly the same as oneself's imaginary version.

"Not bad!"

Zuo Xiaoduo asked: "How much did you do?"

"On the first day, because I had to model, I just did One million copies are over." Elderly Zhou said on the board: "I’m still in the third class for expedited production. Starting tomorrow, the daily output can reach 20 million copies."

"I’ll make a decision. The printing equipment supplier has already shipped the goods, and the goods will arrive in about five days. After the installation is complete and ready for use, the daily output can reach 60 million sheets."

" , I also contacted 30 printing factories. It is estimated that in half a month, the daily output of 1 billion yuan per day will be delivered. Of course, this is the most ideal state. We will assign personnel to supervise the quality of the products to ensure that they will not appear. Defective products...I am still contacting new manufacturers, and the daily supply volume will definitely reach even higher. The supply of nine petaflops in three years will definitely be achieved..."

"Well, give me this million first." Zuo Xiaoduo was very satisfied with the ability of Elderly Zhou board and gave quite affirmation.

He thought that he could get tens of thousands of copies on the first day. He didn't expect to have so much supply in a day, enough to be used for a while.

However, after seeing the printing process, Zuo Xiaoduo immediately had a clear comprehension, a large sheet of prescribed paper products can make hundreds of business cards, which are printed out at one time, like running water continuously...

Then the other side is cut with a big guillotine. It is enough to cut 20 large sheets of paper together, and the finished product does not need to be repaired. One minute is three thousand finished products.

If it is generally enough to make up 100 sheets, it will be cut together, but because of the better quality and much thicker, 20 sheets will be cut.

And there are only five such machines now, that is to say, if the machine rotates 24 hours a day, the daily output of 20 million can be achieved. Of course, the premise is that the machine is not broken. There was no failure.

This work is simply not too easy, a profit is not enough to describe...

However, after considering Zuo Xiaoduo's quantity and quality requirements, the current production volume is even linked to Thirty printing factories, calculated at one billion a day, still cannot fulfill this order within three years.

Because according to the current production volume, it will take at least 30 years to complete.

Not to mention how to guard against death, be careful, the quality of the finished product is completely impossible. In addition to the removal of defective products, there are also daily maintenance of the machine, occasional machine failure and other irresistible Factors, in order to complete the order, it is necessary to contact more printing factories to do it together...

For this, Elderly Zhou has already decided in mind. This order is difficult to say, but simple but simple. It is not simple, and requires considerable commercial skills to be completed within the time limit.

Zuo Xiaoduo expressed satisfaction with the careful consideration and plan of the Elderly Zhou board. After receiving the one million finished products, he generously sent a batch of secular high-end tobacco, alcohol, sugar and tea out: "Everyone has worked hard. Now, these are benefits for everyone."

"Long live Boss!"

Cheers were thunderous.

Leaving the printing house, Zuo Xiaoduo thought for a while and called Department Head Ding: "Ding Uncle, this is the case... I need to print a lot of things... So I found a few companies to help me do it. Living factories do not need to provide them with too much extra convenience, just watch that no one makes trouble, so as not to delay the completion of my order."

"No problem!"


Over there, Department Head Ding agreed.

With his monstrous power, this matter is not even a drizzle to him. You don't even need to find him, a secretary of a subordinate's subordinate can handle it!

But Zuo Xiaoduo personally called, Department Head Ding apparently realized something, so he did it as a major event, and after he got the content of the order, he was also amazed. Throne’s Son, it’s really not an ordinary person. Normal people can do this kind of thing, nine trillion business cards, three years to get it, and trouble...

"Finally, everything is ready, just waiting to receive it. "Zuo Xiaoduo sighed in relief.

"Nine quadrillion...Puppy, you need too much... Don’t say there are not so many people in this world... Adding all of the people together, it's absolutely not enough..." Zuo Xiaonian was speechless.

"I set this number after careful consideration. I plan to get it in place at one time. It will take a long time... Based on our cultivation base and future progress, we will live a few hundred more Ten thousand years should be no problem, right? I even lifted it, and that's not necessarily enough."

Zuo Xiaoduo is full of confidence.

"You don't plan to use it for a lifetime, do you?" Zuo Xiaonian was surprised.

Do you need such a long-term plan?

"How is it possible..." Zuo Xiaoduo vigorously shook his head: "This is probably not enough in my life..."

"..." Zuo Xiaonian almost couldn't help but say a man Those vulgar words just said.

This Lil Puppy is crazy!


Zuo Xiaoduo got these one million copies and immediately collected them into the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower, and put them on a table already prepared. , Thoughts move, has been sealed and preserved.

Afterwards, a little bit of Destiny Points was poured into it and turned into aerosol in it, and all these heavenly secrets approvals were contaminated.

Everyone who was infected with the heavenly secrets approval of Destiny Points, everything changed instantly, the color became deeper, and the pattern seemed to come alive...full of mysterious aura...

As soon as Zuo Xiaoduo's mind moved, one sheet appeared in his hand.

Turning my head, looking at the Elderly Zhou board who was still watching oneself at the door, slightly smiled, and with a flash, the heavenly secrets order came silently into the pocket of Elderly Zhou board.

For this change, Elderly Zhou didn't notice at all, and the words on the approval order flashed for a while, and then disappeared.

This is a short-term photo taken by Zuo Xiaoduo for Elderly Zhou board. When it is fulfilled, this heavenly secrets approval will be burned naturally, and the Destiny Points after the photo will automatically come. .

Compared with the previous method of obtaining Destiny Points, it can be said to be much taller, more than twice as fast!

"Good baby! Good idea! Good idea! Great profit!"

Zuo Xiaoduo is full of praise for the results and oneself's fantastic ideas, high- spirited and vigorous.

Of course, this heavenly secrets approval, Elderly Zhou board, if they want to see it, they will also see it; for example, if they accidentally see oneself's approval, they will naturally see it. Of comments.

But after seeing it, when it is fulfilled, Destiny Points will be doubled.

If an ordinary person like Elderly Zhou board originally contributed Destiny Points to only one-tenth of a point, if he saw it with his own eyes, it would be two-tenths of a point.

And after seeing it, putting it in oneself's pocket is that's all. When it is fulfilled, the pocket is naturally empty; it doesn't matter if you throw it away, because you can't throw it away no matter how you throw it.

Zuo Xiaoduo walks all the way and throws it all the way, no matter who sees who, as long as there is something unlucky or satisfactory in the near future, he will just move and throw it over.

In just half an hour, more than 300 copies were issued.

The last time I upgraded, I had accumulated that many Destiny Points, but there were only less than 50 drops left, which made Zuo Xiaoduo a great sense of crisis.

Now that there is a heavenly secrets approval, it’s almost like doing a big wholesale. Seeing who is a heavenly secrets approval flies over...

Especially when I see a few The disaster of blood light, in Zuo Xiaoduo's eyes, is more like a baby, I just feel that the Destiny Points have fallen into oneself's pocket...

Of course, Zuo Xiaoduo's first picture Naturally it was used on Zuo Xiaonian.

Success in one year!

"Follow the wind and the water, the colorful phoenix flies across the dragon; the wind and the clouds will meet each other, a glass of wine from the universe."


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