Unconventional Legend Chapter 1212

"Not bad, Niannian Cat's life is good." Zuo Xiaoduo was happy from ear to ear.

I slammed a piece on oneself, pu... the heavenly secrets order was directly turned into fly ash.

"It's...it's so!" Zuo Xiaoduo was speechless.

While walking by the rein, I happened to pass by a forest. Looking around, I saw these lush and lush trees, which will be completely destroyed by the battle in the near future, so Zuo Xiaoduo crash- Threw away bang to hundreds of heavenly secrets approval orders.

"A tree is also a life in the world, and that is also a life! All beings are suffering, why are all beings, why bother..." Zuo Xiaoduo talked about God, his face full of compassion and compassion.

"This is also Destiny Points... It's a pity that these short lifespan flowers and grass and those small trees can't generate Destiny Points... It's really a pity, obviously they are also part of all beings. Why do you favor one another than the other?!"

"Otherwise, I can consume all this million today..."

Zuo Xiaoduo felt a little joyful in his heart. Of dissatisfaction.

What's wrong with flowers and grass?

Isn't Xiao Hua Xiao Cao... not a life?

How unfair God is!

Zuo Xiaoduo quietly fell on Jin Yunsheng and threw a blood light disaster to him, and then Shi Shiran went back to the house and threw one to Li Chenglong and the others.

"These renege on a debt ghosts are all lucky one by one...hmph! The better you are, the greater my future income. I owe so many debts. I really think one This life must be over? Wishful thinking! There is such a good thing under the world!"

Zuo Xiaoduo thought bitterly: "With the method of the Zuo master to catch a toad, you will have to urinate. I want to see where you are going! The present is endless, and the future is endless. As long as we don’t die, we will have your both principal and interest, a day of great bleeding."

By the way, let’s show Zhan Xuejun. After a while, I was immediately shocked!

Let me go!

There is such a thing!

"The heart of an immortal martyr, the soul of a female beauty; the magic flame rises into the sky, and falls to the stars!"

Zuo Xiaoduo was shocked.

This Zhan Xuejun... is actually so awesome?

Did the divine spear enter her body first, unexpectedly...

So Yan Shisi was quickly pulled out for interrogation: "Tell me, what's the matter? This one? Miss Zhan's body..."

Yan Shisi behaved very humbly at this time, and also has several points of guilty conscience.

"Oh...this...I can't help it."

"I mean, how could her potential be so great? I want to know the reason, all!" Zuo Xiaoduo solemnly asked.

"The potential is great...that's because the divine spear body has bred for a long time, and the accumulation of great might...well, or the pure magic is more appropriate."

< p>Speaking of this, Yan Shisi was so angry.

Because these are supposed to be it, in order to end the previous cause and effect, the tyrannical might given to him by the body of the divine spear......

"At that time, the elbow and axillary were transformed, and the other side needed to be tyrannical The strength of the guard sits at the gate, and even attacks the boss you... Then there was a wave of explosions. After the explosion, my spiritual soul was extremely weak and could not control the origin qi. Then the boss took me out again..."

"It was originally a state of separation of soul and power... I came out, and those powers naturally stayed in her body, and they all turned into her heritage..."

Yan Shisi cried. Said: "This war girl is really lucky. She didn't do anything. There is countless years of pure Demon Monarch power hidden in her body... And the boss, you protect her spiritual soul, just wait for her Wake up, take that pure demon origin as your own, Fusing into One, it will instantly transform into expert expert, high expert...... Hey...... People are really annoying than people!"

Yan Shisi I don't know what to say.

Oneself, the established Inheritor, was deprived of all might by unfathomable mystery and silly. It needed to be re-started and continued to work hard to regain its glory. People who did not know it inherited everything in a coma. Who do you think is reasonable? ?

"How long will it take you to recover to the original level?" Zuo Xiaoduo asked dissatisfiedly.

"It will take a long, long time for me...mainly because of the lack of demon soul nourishment..."

Yan Shisi is very somewhat guilty and short of breath: "You haven't played against Demon Clan very much, then I can’t get a demon soul. I can only use these most conventional and basic methods to assist the cultivation. The efficiency is naturally not fast..."

"demon soul?" Zuo Xiaoduo was shocked:" The soul of Demon Clan?"

"No, it is Demon Clan cultivation demon art, the natural demon energy, and then the essence is refined..." Yan Shisi weakly said: "As for the soul, that is Elder Sister Bai and the black big brother like it, I don't need it, I don't dare to grab it, I can't do it if I want to..."

"Elder Sister Bai? The black big brother?" Zuo Xiaoduo was stunned.

Who is this talking about?

"It's..." Yan Shisi stared behind Zuo Xiaoduo with some fear and panic.

Zuo Xiaoduo turned his head and saw that Little White and Xiaojiu were looking at Yan Shisi with shining eyes.

Can’t help but sweat: "..."

The days are like years in the past...

This time is like years, for Zuo Xiaoduo and the others , Is not an exaggeration!

Hovered between life and death was hit in Emptiness Extinguishing Tower many times, and I found out that one hour of this day has not passed, so why don’t you live like years...

One day outside, many months have passed inside, and it seems that it is not one day and one year.


On the fifth day, Zuo Xiaoduo and the others came out together. It was not for fun, it was really bored in the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower. It's choking.

Except for Xiang Chong, who had to accompany Zhan Xuejun inside because he was dead or alive, there were a lot of others, all of them acted.

The cause is just a word from Zuo Xiaoduo.

"I'm going to do something tonight, maybe a fight."

As soon as I heard this, everyone's excitement was overwhelming!

So they all came out.

Everyone seems to be scattered, but in fact they still have Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian as the core, and go straight to Xicheng.

Jin Yunsheng, who was praised by Zuo Xiaoduo for acting decisively and not procrastinating, has been muddleheaded these few days and has not been out for two days.

Being decisive and not procrastinating does not mean that he will not be sad, distressed, or chilled. The blow to him caused by this incident can be said to be devastating.

Although it was his oneself initiative to break up, but in his heart, he was always chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades with general pain.

A relationship, how much happiness has caused it, will also cause the same amount of damage at this time, and those damages are not a long stream of one by one, but a brain attack, which lasts for a long time, Jin Yunsheng This is the situation now.

He didn't understand what happened to oneself.

Clearly I don't want her, obviously she is sorry for me, she cheated.

Why did I take the initiative to abandon her, but oneself feels so painful, sad, and sad, shouldn’t you just have to chill? !

Because he is just the first brother in love, he will naturally not understand that he has made all the preparations for being with that person for a lifetime, building a blueprint for the future, and even making all the preparations for this person ; Once it is over, the whole heart is actually empty at that moment.

It’s empty, not just hurt and cold, but almost dead!

"It's been four days...Why does this room still smell like her?"

Jin Yunsheng muttered to himself.

He casually ate a few steamed buns and a pickle, ready to go to work in the afternoon.

Just as Earth will not stop because of any one person, no matter how empty his heart is, he still has to live his life, and his life still has to go on. Life cannot be abandoned. a lot of.


He laughed at himself in the mirror: "Sometimes, I admire your persistence. I obviously don’t live as good as a dog, but I have to work hard to make oneself like a person..."

Close the door and release the lock.

Jin Yunsheng rubbed his face vigorously, pulling a smile from the corner of his mouth, ready to go out.

At this moment, the phone suddenly remembered that it was the phone number of the ex-girlfriend and asked him to meet.

Jin Yunsheng refused.

But the other party called again, sincerely, and couldn't refuse.

"Even if everyone has broken up, but the past is still there, I am sorry for you, and I don’t want to ask for your forgiveness anymore. I just want to see you for the last time. Tomorrow, I will leave Shangjing and return to my hometown. Perhaps this is the last time in this life..."

The words of my girlfriend are full of sadness.

Jin Yunsheng couldn’t help but feel soft. He only felt a sense of emptiness in his heart. He agreed subconsciously and agreed on a time and place to see that the time was almost up. He went back to the room and carefully. He washed oneself for a while, trying to make oneself clean and profitable.

Sitting quietly in the room for a while, seeing that it was already past four in the afternoon, I walked out slowly.

Arrive slowly is better than arriving slowly.

As the ex-girlfriend said, perhaps, this will be the last meal between the two, the last touch.

Also, it must be oneself to say anything. It's the dignity of a man.

Although there are not many savings, although there is no future for two people to look forward to, but...for the dignity of men, we must always take care of them.

Moreover, Jin Yunsheng still has a thought in his heart that oneself does not dare to think about, does not believe: If she sincerely repents, what should I do?

Do you want to forgive her? If so, is it worth believing?

He didn't know what he was thinking, it was like a mess.


At this moment, the time has come to 5:30 in the afternoon.

Not far from the residence of the Third Imperial Prince.

In the study room in the basement secret room.

This secret room is just outside the Third Imperial Prince Residence. A tunnel with a depth of several hundred meters emerges from the mansion to a nearby Commerce District.

It's about twenty meters underground in the Commerce District.

And now, all the tunnels in the Third Imperial Prince Residence have been buried, which means that this is an isolated land; you can only get out from here, not from there.

Since the two clans of the Dao League came to the important figures in the capital, the Imperial Family was furious, and let Jun Changkong come to confess his guilt...

Jun Changkong fled around, and he didn’t dare to have a family. Back, I have been here for more than a month.

Everyday all is cautiously out of the day and night. Fortunately, there are quite a few things that happened in Beijing during this time, and they have not been searched by the Feng and Yun families.


Third Imperial Prince Jun Changkong looked excited: "Are you sure this way, can arouse the power of Heavenly Dao?"

opposite him , Is a person who is enveloped in black robe, can't see what it looks like, just looks very skinny.

"The third highness, I am sure that I can arouse the power of the stars Heavenly Dao, and change your fortune completely."

"Doing this will really allow me to have a yellow robe. My fortune? Become Lord of Destiny? True Dragon comes into the world? So that the unnoticeable influence makes Heavenly Maiden Ling Nian be tempted by me? Why do I listen to it a little susceptible?" Jun Changkong still hesitated.

He is not stupid.

But now he is desperate.

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