Unconventional Legend Chapter 1213

"third highness, what is not hanging is not the point. Your focus now is an opportunity, an opportunity that can turn defeat into victory. It just so happens that there is such an opportunity right now !"

The black robed man's voice was dry, and said: "We can only do our best now to get this only chance before we can turn over."

"Now, What the third highness did in White Mountain City has been known by the Feng and Yun families of the Dao League; therefore, the Feng and Yun families expert will do such a big move to look for your whereabouts. During this time, our house has already Many experts have fallen into their hands...life and death are unknown."

"And many secret clubs and strongholds of the third highness have been removed by the Feng and Yun families...The situation is precarious. In their hands...I'm afraid their lives are worrying."

"The Feng and Yun two great clans of the Dao League are beyond the scope of secular laws and regulations. They will not care about your Imperial Clan status."< /p>

"Not to mention, you still offend other people. The heavenly family is unrelated and will abandon you but it is natural; now that we are helpless, we can only try to use this legendary Means, try your best, take the last chance, why bother to hang on."

"It is the Imperial Clan bloodline flowing through you that can also motivate the Imperial Family."

" Luck...As long as you have absorbed all of the imperial family air luck, you will also naturally achieve the Son of Heaven fate. Heavenly family has no relatives, just like people and yourself..."

"At that time, you have Heavenly Dao air luck body protection, and everything afterwards can be operated calmly. Think that Heavenly Maiden Ling Nian is phoenix fate... As long as the third highness achieves True Dragon Son of Heaven fate, there will naturally be Destiny leads, everything is just where water flows, a canal is formed, it’s just a matter of course..."

"Of course, it’s not that after doing this, Just waiting for all the plans to be successful, you still need your highness to mediate; it’s not going to be done once and for all. "

The black robed man said very sincerely, he put his heart on the table, and put everything on the table, speaking frankly and in every detail.

Third Imperial Prince's expression slowly eased. Soon he became very excited again.

If he said that after doing this, he would get everything immediately, and he had the power, the world is mine, he would never believe it.

But this The black robed man oneself also said that this is only a reversal of the fortune, and it needs to work hard; this increases the degree of trust.

And more importantly, the Third Imperial Prince oneself is very clear, oneself, Maybe this is the last chance, a chance to turn things around in one fell swoop!

The rest, such as the unaccompanied of the heavenly family, but the last part, the Third Imperial Prince has long understood clearly, but it is not a problem!


"Let me think about it. "Third Imperial Prince is pacing, seeming to be thinking about something, but in fact, he has already agreed in his heart, and is even very excited.

Soon, he hypocritically asked: "If you are alone in taking the Imperial Family luck, will it cause any harm to the Imperial Father and big brother...? "

black robed man sighed then said: "third highness, this is the inevitable result, once a general success is still withered bones and mountains, even more how is the emperor's aura easier. "

"At least there is no danger of life, right? "Third Imperial Prince asked: "They are not kind to me, I can't be unrighteous to them." "

When I heard what he meant, the black robed man couldn't help but despise it in my heart.

Now there are no outsiders here, so you should show it to someone else. What?

It was pondered then said: "As long as the third highness does not kill, Supreme Sovereign and Eldest Prince will naturally be fine. At most, the luck is worse than ordinary people. "

"Then I can rest assured. "Jun Changkong's expression is relieved, it seems that he has let go of his focus.

"Then start now?" "

"Well, the third highness will endure a little bit of pain. "

Mrs. Black Robe took out a few jade bottles and put them on the table: "If you feel bad, just drink one." This is the Holy Water of the Stars. It only takes one sip to make up for all the missing blood in the body, and increase the hematopoietic ability of the whole body to the greatest extent possible to survive the current stage. "

"Okay. "

"The array chart is ready. "

"Okay. "

"Please. "

as far as the eye can see, there is an old star map on the ground. Fifteen shining objects have been arranged on the star map, each placed in a different position.

"third highness, please cut open the wrist veins, drip the blood from the first point, wait until the light of the first point goes out, follow the route and spread to the second point...the first point The distance from the second point must be filled up with blood, and you must confirm that the rays of light are all extinguished before you can move forward, and so on, until the tail star, you can't make any mistakes in the process, remember! "

"I see. "

Jun Changkong couldn't wait to get started with a knife, and asked with gestures: "Cut the artery directly, right?" "

The black robed man flickered his eyes and said; "This kind of effect is the best, I am afraid that the third highness will be too hard and unsustainable. "

"What am I afraid of now?" Life and death in the wind and rain, what haven't you experienced? "

Jun Changkong laughed boldly, put the blood-enriching medicine next to the right hand, confirmed that he could get it at hand, and opened the mouth to drink at any time.

Then, without hesitation, the hand lifted the knife and dropped it. With the blunt sound of the slicing skin, the artery of the left wrist was severed by the knife. A large amount of blood rushed out like a fountain...

The tide of blood fell on the first star of the star map.

Jun Changkong couldn't help but be surprised: "It really is magical, so much blood can't be extinguished... "

We must know that once the arteries of the human body are cut and broken, blood will gush out from the whole body in a very short time, and the amount of bleeding is very alarming.

At this time, Jun Changkong His blood kept pouring out, and not a single drop fell outside after being absorbed by the first star position of the star chart. Although it was only a moment, at least thousands of cc of blood had been poured in, but the first star position was impressive. There is no sign of going out yet!

"This...Can this go out? "

Jun Changkong couldn't help panic in his heart. He is also a cultivation expert. Although his body is far better than ordinary people, but such a large amount of blood is lost, and the life force is constantly passing, so long as this goes on, how can he continue? The heart is overwhelming and difficult to be stable.

If it weren’t for this expert, he saved oneself’s life more than once when oneself was hunted down by the Feng and Yun families of the Dao Meng, and he had been good for oneself. How sincere, Jun Changkong is afraid that he will have doubts in his heart, and doubt the motives of the other party.

For a long while, at least two kilograms of blood drips into the star position, and the first star position is Finally it was declared out.

Only this star position was extinguished, Jun Changkong already felt that oneself was a little soft and unsustainable.

Understanding the situation is one thing, but with his own eyes Witnessing, personally experiencing the loss of so much blood from the brain, even with the physical fitness of the Jun Changkong Profundity Return Realm Cultivator, it is too much to bear.

And then there are fourteen star positions waiting for him. , And the line in the middle also needs to be filled with blood... Can oneself really complete it?

black robed man faintly smiled, it didn’t mean to urge Jun Changkong. Instead, he waved his hand, Third Imperial Prince’s wrist The injury stopped immediately, the cool potion was spilled, and naked eye began to scar in a visible state.

"What does this mean? "

Jun Changkong said he was puzzled. In his cognition, since bloodstains along the way can't be interrupted, the extinguishing of the fifteen stars must naturally be in one go. How can it be interrupted?

< p>"We can't seek success, really let His Highness hurt the roots. "

The black robed man said with a hoarse but concerned voice: "As long as one star position is extinguished, Your Highness can slowly rectify, or take medicine to restore the physical condition, or take a little rest, for Make more appropriate preparations for the first stage. How, does your Highness feel that your confidence has increased? "

As I said, I took out the nourishing Heaven and Earth Treasure, let Jun Changkong eat it, and then let him drink two sips of the heavenly holy water.

Jun Changkong who had drunk the heavenly holy water I clearly felt that oneself’s body recovered almost instantaneously, spirit full and qi sufficient, from top to bottom, which is full of power. In the bloodline, the blood is rushing, and the loss of a lot of blood just now really makes up for it. After coming back, there is even some surplus, and the cultivation base seems to have increased a bit.

"Good stuff! Really a good thing! "

Jun Changkong is full of praise.

Being born in the Imperial Family, like him, he climbed the Profundity Return Cultivation Boundary early on, regardless of his vision and knowledge, he has enjoyed it a lot. It’s a treasure of heaven, material and earth, but it has an immediate healing effect like the holy water of the stars, and it even has the ability to promote the diligence of the body, which is really rare!

As the black robed man said, he is now concerned about the so-called No more worries about the loss of blood loss!

"Then continue? "Black robed man squinted.

"Of course continue! "

Jun Changkong's confidence has greatly increased at this time, there are so many treasures here, oneself is still afraid of bleeding?

Just kidding!

Hurry up and finish it all. !

"Oh, you shouldn't have stopped me just now. Now that the wound is scarred, I have to cut it again. "Jun Changkong hehe smiled and pretended to complain.

"In order to reassure Your Highness and have more confidence, this setback is not in vain. "The black robed man smiled and said gently.

"Oh, come on, let's make another cut. "

Jun Changkong hehe smiled.

black robed man said: "At the moment when the star position was dim, did Your Highness see a flash of yellow light?" "

"I saw it. This is..."Jun Changkong is short of breath.

"This is...yellow robe has been added, but the weight is still small, not enough. "The black robed man's voice is hoarse, with a little meaning.

"What are you waiting for, go on!" "Jun Changkong was completely excited, and took the initiative to pick up the knife, ready to cut oneself.

"The old man has to ask third highness again, you know the follow-up troubles, this, there is no turning back after another shot. "The black robed man reminded in a deep voice.

The more he reminded, the more Jun Changkong became mad, "Don't worry!" This way, how could it be possible to turn back! "

"Good! Your Majesty is so courageous. "The black robed man simply started to call Your Majesty.

Jun Changkong laughed heartily, cut it on oneself's wrist with one knife, and the artery was cut off instantly, even more resolute than the knife just now...

Blood gushing out again, bloodstains spreading out...


Besides, Jin Yunsheng is already in this commercial street, here can't be considered high-end In Commerce District, the prices of goods and commodities are very close to the people, so sometimes if you come here to eat and drink, you can usually afford it.

And the place that is not very far away is the Third Imperial Prince’s Royal Residence is also relatively quiet.

After all, in the hearts of civilians, the Imperial Family is still very shocking.


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