Unconventional Legend Chapter 1214

The place they agreed upon was a small shop. In fact, this shop occupies a lot of space. The yard is especially large. The shop divides the yard into many small single rooms; Meals are noisy and crowded.

Jin Yunsheng has been to this small shop many times before, and every time he enjoys the food, he feels the fragrance of his teeth and cheeks and he lingers forever.

However, this time, he was in front of the store for a long time, and oneself didn't know what oneself was thinking.

In the past, oneself came with his girlfriend in arms, smiling happily... But today... is here for a breakup meal.

In the past, joy and happiness are full of expectations for the future.

But today, there is only a withered mood.

"You are here, Jin Brother." The restaurant guy is very familiar with Jin Yunsheng.

"Well, is there any room?"

"Your girlfriend has already booked it. It is the room on the right corner inside."

" The corner room?"

Jin Yunsheng smiled bitterly. Every time he came, he would choose to be in the middle room. Looking at the noisy crowd outside, he felt more angry in his heart, even if he couldn’t decide the middle one. I would not go to the most corner, I would rather choose to be in the lobby...

But today, I was set at the most corner. Is it really a breakup? This is different from the past.

What does this seem to mean?

Meaning... really reached the corner?

To the end?

Jin Yunsheng gave a wry smile: "Is she here yet?"

"Not here yet."

"Well, then I will go in and wait for her. Here is a pot of...black tea." Jin Yunsheng wanted to order the green tea he often drank, but when he was about to say it, he felt that the green word was like an arrow, shot into oneself's heart, and subconsciously changed his mouth.

"Hao Le!"

A little bit of time passed...

The sky gradually dimmed, and the time wheel had reached the beginning of the light.

As for the star map in front of the Third Imperial Prince Jun Changkong, seven have been extinguished, and eight are left, which means that it has just been completed less than half.

And the precious medicine known as the Holy Water of the Stars has already drunk four bottles.

Black robed man is always not irritable, he has to wait patiently throughout the whole process, and occasionally speaks to soothe and admonish him, and repeatedly tells Changkong to do what he can, and there is no need to be impatient, only in the starlight of the star map. One dimmed one, the moment the yellow light flashed, his eyes would burst with a flash of light.

I have to say that in addition to being very afraid of death, this Third Imperial Prince also has seeking instant benefit. He told him that he doesn’t need to be in one go, and the blood perfusion extinguishes one star. It was possible to take a break, but he didn't listen at all, instead he couldn't wait to move on to the next step. It was probably because of this that he only extinguished the seven star positions, which had already consumed a lot of the holy water of the stars.

The black robed man didn’t expect. The third highness Jun Changkong did so because of the magical effect of the star holy water. During the four pauses in taking it, he was already The Profundity Return cultivation base, which has been stagnant for a long time, has increased by 10%, and the result is unexpected harvest. It is of great benefit. Therefore, I have become more and more convinced of what the black robed man said. I naturally want to complete the process of collecting the imperial family gas luck faster. !

And Jun Changkong didn’t know that, the black robed man made such a big move and really exhausted the suffering untold hardships before opening the Imperial Family qi vein, and then extended it here with the array , And throwing a lot of secret medicines in conjunction with the array, using the power of the star to infuse the imperial family gas into the body of the Third Imperial Prince, this series of actions is all a lot of work.

And his ultimate goal is to use the bloodline body of the imperial family as the carrier, and then use the blood essence as the medium to extract it into the star chart.

Now we have reached the final step, which is the most important key point. Slow down...just slow down.

As long as it succeeds!

But this is really thanks to the Feng and Yun families of the Daomeng. If they hadn't found them all the way from White Mountain City, how could they put such a huge pressure on Jun Changkong!

As for people like Jun Changkong, if they are not in desperation, they will not fight for their lives.

In contrast, oneself discards the many secret medicines, although it is a waste, it is always worth the money!

Under the close attention of the black robed man, a large amount of blood was mixed with the faint yellow that Jun Changkong couldn’t see, spewing out, pouring into the star map...

During this continuous process, the two of them hadn't spoken for a long while.

Jun Changkong is full of expectation, expectation, and can’t wait, while black robed man is always calm and calm.

Compared with the urgency of Jun Changkong, the difference between old rivers and lakes and Xinnen is more obvious...

Those who travel a hundred miles are half 90, experienced and prudent like black Robed man, naturally has a calmness far beyond ordinary people!

Achievement is almost here, as long as a moment later, it will be the moment of successful accomplishment!

On the other side, in the courtyard restaurant, Jin Yunsheng’s girlfriend finally arrived. Arrive slowly, she came with someone else, a young pampered young master. Son, there are two bodyguards with him.

I have to say, if Jin Yunsheng, the girlfriend, would put aside her character, she would have a pretty good appearance, no matter her figure or appearance, she is very delicate, full of pretty daughter in a humble family The pitiful taste.

If a woman gets a perfect score of 100 points, Jin Yunsheng’s ex-girlfriend, although only a mortal, still has a score of 90 points or more. If after experiencing wealth and wealth, his appearance and body will not change, and Add some elegant and poised breath to the body, and it can rise slightly.

At this moment, facing his girlfriend and the pampered young master, Jin Yunsheng did not have the restraints he imagined, and suddenly became free and easy.

"Please, please sit down."

Jin Yunsheng said faintly: "I will be the host for this meal today. I wish you a happy life and a happy life in the future."


When he saw his girlfriend with this man, Jin Yunsheng gave up his heart completely in an instant, but he also let go of it completely.

He completely let go of his mentality, but he is open-minded and generous.

Although you may not be able to see you goodbye and be friends, two polite remarks still have their due meaning. At this time, the words are sincere and show more demeanor.


In the cubicle.

Li Chenglong sighed then said, saying: "Slim and slender, causing trouble to the roots. The ancients said it well, people who are poor should marry a beautiful girl, such a girl, with this Jin Yun giving birth to the current situation, no matter what, Sooner or later, you can't keep it."

Zuo Xiaonian indifferently said: "It's human, as long as this girl can keep it, Jin Yunsheng can keep it, so the key to the matter lies with this girl."


Zuo Xiaoduo moved in his heart and stretched out his hand to hold Zuo Xiaonian's hand.

Before Zuo Xiaoduo awakened, although the situation was different, the nature was basically the same as the Jin Yunsheng in front of them.

At that time, Zuo Xiaonian and oneself were clearly not the same people in the world, but Zuo Xiaonian never wavered.

Feeling Zuo Xiaoduo's heart, Zuo Xiaonian smiled.

For a while, I felt warm in my heart, and the thin fingers of my backhand clasped Zuo Xiaoduo's fingers. I only felt peace and joy in my heart, happiness and contentment.

"Boss, is this kid so lucky?" Long Yusheng couldn't help wondering how to think that Jin Yunsheng is an extremely ordinary martial artist, at most an Innate cultivation base... The cultivation base is not too ordinary in Star Soul Continent.

"He is now in a blood light disaster pattern that has died in one dying. He had no future at all, but if he survives death, it will be extreme sorrow turns to joy, and he will become a butterfly fortune. It’s hard to say which step I can go in the future, but the fortune is bound to be strong... Now that our intervention has made his extreme sorrow turns to joy more obvious, it can be regarded as a manpower shifting the trajectory of life. Just give him a good luck."

Zuo Xiaoduo said: "Or you can let him go to our company, or go to Qiao'er."

Gao Qiao'er comes I am interested: "Listening to what this means, this kid is so valued by the boss, and he can enter your Dharma vision?"

"It may not be necessary to say how to value it, but it can only be regarded as an appreciation of its decisiveness and structure." Zuo Xiaoduo laughed: "After all, it's still just a game of chess that's all. But Jin Yunsheng will have the luck of disaster becoming fortune in the future, which can be very useful."

Zuo Xiaonian noticed another direction: "You still have a company? Why don't I know?"

Zuo Xiaoduo and Li Chenglong: "..."


Next door.

I'm also talking about an old topic.

"...It seems that we are really not a world person. The so-called righteousness, saying that it is outdated and bad habits, may not be the most reasonable saying... Separating as soon as possible is also a good thing." Jin Yunsheng said.

The wine and dishes began to be served one after another.

Jin Yunsheng said indifferently: "I don't have a lot of money, and I am destined to not be able to invite you to eat better; the maximum capacity is now like this, please don't dislike everyone; after all, Grand Dao Go up to the sky and go on one side; maybe in the end of my life, I will not see each other again."

"I don't say anything resentful, but I can't say more blessings to you, please, please give Cup."

Jin Yunsheng raised his neck for himself and drank it out: "I only hope that this kind of banquet, I will only eat once for Jin Yunsheng in this life."

Opposite Girl with tears in her eyes.

Looking at Jin Yunsheng’s unrelenting cold face, the hatred in his eyes grew stronger and stronger, indifferently said: "That’s not necessarily true. In today’s society, material desires are rampant, Jin Yunsheng, if you don’t do it as soon as possible Change oneself, this kind of meal, I’m afraid I really have to eat many times."

"That is also my life." Jin Yunsheng smiled freely, not angry, indifferently said: "After today, no You bother."

The girl said: "I know you hate me, hate me for vain, hate me ungrateful, after all, when I went to school, learned martial arts, all the expenses, expenses, were What you gave me... Now, if I abandon you, you will definitely hate me. This is such is human nature, and I don’t blame you."

Jin Yunsheng said: "You are wrong, I don’t hate you, speaking of which I also want to thank you. After all, you look so beautiful and you have been with me for a while. I should be very satisfied, because at first I should know that you and I are not the same People in the world, being able to get along for a while, is already my advantage. Probably many people have this idea, right?"

Girl paused, faintly said: "Jin Yunsheng, I'll ask you a question. If I look It doesn't look good, will you still support me?"

Jin Yunsheng said indifferently: "What's the point of saying this now, but since you asked, I will answer you honestly: No."


The girl let out a long relaxed breath, and said contemptuously: "It turns out that you have just fancyed my beauty from at first."

Jin Yunsheng smiled nodded, but in his heart it was In the empty bitter smile: the love of beauty, everyone has it, is it a crime? But when I first recognized you, you were dressed in shabby clothes, with yellowish skin and thin, unkempt hair, picking up vegetable leaves in the vegetable market to eat... I really don't understand, why I fell in love with your beauty!

I sponsored your studies, supported your martial arts, and supported everything you need in life. It was not until a few years later that you offered to thank me, fell in love with me, and wanted to be with me forever... Then It is when they change their relationship and become lovers, and then have the rest.

Only at the beginning of the day, because of your childishness, a little girl who hasn't grown up yet, why do you talk about beauty? !

He just watched calmly, watching oneself raised up by one hand, and regarded it as a girl who is the guardian of life, finally shedding her cocoon into a butterfly, but wants to leave there, never see again, even though there is nothing in his heart Not to be reconciled, after all, has several points of unspeakable emotions flowing in my heart...

The girl was silent for a long time, and finally said hoarsely: "I am very grateful for your care and support over the years...please Forgive me... I'm just not reconciled, not reconciled, I am more beautiful than an overwhelming majority woman, but I want to follow you and suffer from poverty and suffering. Yes, I love vanity. But I can't wait to accompany you to succeed in my career. "

"Yun Sheng...Before I came, I steamed you a basket of your favorite meat buns. It was... I don't have any face to ask you, I just hope... you are in my face. , Eat a steamed bun, or, in my heart, I will think that I have repaid you something... Just as you said, after today, we may not meet again..."

Girl's tears finally fell Falling.


Jin Yunsheng took the hot bag without the slightest hesitation, opened it, and inside it were six big white buns, exuding a tempting fragrance.

Jin Yunsheng laughed bitterly and said: "speaking of which the craftsmanship of buns, I taught you."

The girl said: "Yes."

< p>Jin Yunsheng smiled, picked up a bun, and put it in his mouth.


"The buns are poisonous." Li Chenglong in the compartment can hear it all, and can even guess it without looking.

"Knowing that it is poisonous, I still eat it." Xiang Bing's eyes widened.

"If you don't eat your heart, you won't die. If you eat, you can poison to death oneself's kind heart." Yu Moyan said coldly.

Everyone sighed simultaneously.

In the next room...

Jin Yunsheng chewed slowly and smiled, but his tears flowed down, and said softly: "Such a delicious steamed bun, in my life... …Maybe, I’ll only eat this time."

The girl’s eyes flashed a little hesitation, then she stood up and said, "I’ll go to the bathroom and wait for me to come back. Tonight, I’ll be with you. ."

"Yes, I'm drunk in this life." Jin Yunsheng laughed faintly, watching her walk out, and then looking at the three people on the opposite side with calm eyes, smiling more and more.

"What are you laughing at?"

"I'm laughing, the poison is good, I have swallowed it, she left to create opportunities for you, what are you waiting for "

Jin Yunsheng asked with a smile.

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