Unconventional Legend Chapter 1215


The pampered young master laughed playfully: "It seems that Brother Jin is also not an ordinary person. I admire him. In that case, You two will send Brother Jin on the road."

The last sentence is for two bodyguards.

"A woman who has changed her heart, her heart is really cruel! It turned out to be sighed and pierced intestinal water."

Jin Yunsheng sighed then said, and he quickly sighed six The steamed buns were stuffed into their mouths and ate them, and said, "Although they may not be your opponents, you can't just wait and die like this! You are alive, but you can earn your life..."

Master Chen Young said : "Kill him!"

One of the bodyguards grinned and stepped forward, while the other bodyguard had an extra bottle of corpse powder in his hand and also lifted another big bag.

"Don't make it all smelly, can't you just put it in the space ring?" Master Chen Young taught.

"Isn't this pretending to be unlucky, forgive me, forgive me..." The bodyguard smiled.

Over there, the desperate battle has already begun.

Jin Yunsheng’s cultivation base is not profound. In addition, he was heartbroken, and he also took the initiative to take the poison. As soon as he fought, he fell into a disadvantage.

But he didn't know what method he used. Suddenly, the more fights the more brave is, and as he said, he made his life!

When you lean slightly, the fist style becomes more and more violent. Each step under your feet is extremely powerful, and the more powerful it becomes later.

When each step falls, there is the general power of The earth shook and the mountain quivered.

With such a mighty bonus, I gradually moved back to the disadvantaged position, and played an equal part with that bodyguard.

This made the three people who thought it easy to win were all stunned, obviously unexpectedly.

Jin Yunsheng’s face was solemn, and said separately: "Maybe you don’t know that I am a rare poisonous soul physique. For me, taking poison will increase the cultivation base and refreshed. This section, even that Girl doesn’t know!"

"The more toxic, the greater the formidable power I can play!"

"Thanks to her cruel heart, she actually gave me Such a high-end poison. Hehe...It seems that today I can actually pull a back cushion..."

Jin Yunsheng laughed.

"She asked me many times, why should I buy that many cheap pesticides and poisons at home, and I was so unlucky... It was just because when I was very tired... Be more energetic. To me, those pesticide poisons are no different from refreshing drinks...but I am afraid of scaring her, and I am afraid that oneself will become a real poisoner without telling her that's all..."

"I just want to live a good life and work hard to make money to support my family. Why do you always force me!"

"All I want is peace, happiness and stability...Why in this world, even Such a low requirement can't be met!?"

"Her aptitude is not good, I just want to spend my life with her, but I will be betrayed!"

" I have agreed to let go and retreat. Why do I have to fight hard? I have to make my life!"

"Why?" Jin Yunsheng roared in a low voice, fighting more and more frantically.

When each step stepped out, it was a big shock and turbulence.

The restaurant boss came here after hearing the news, but was stuffed with a lot of banknotes by Master Chen Young, and whispered: "Five minutes."

Boss glanced worriedly. Collected the money and said; "I don't care if the city guard is here for a while."

"Don't worry, I can handle it." Master Chen Young said.

At this moment, there was a loud noise of Heaven-shaking and Earth-shattering cry from the room. With a muffled bang, the two connected rooms collapsed in succession.


At this moment, Jun Changkong has dripped blood to the thirteenth star position.

I am immersed in the upcoming yellow robe addition, full of luck. Who else, His Royal Highness Third Imperial Prince of Only I Am Supreme, is dripping blood with concentration, and suddenly the two of them feel the surrounding terrain shakes. Get up...

Dust drifted continuously over the secret room with the turbulence, and it seemed that there was an earthquake.

"What's the matter?" The black robed man looked suspiciously over the sky.

Jun Changkong was also surprised at the changes at this time, surprisedly said: "What is going on here? This is a Commerce District next to Royal Residence. It is said that nothing will happen, even if it does. Earth is moving, there should be early warning..."

The black robed man frowned, his eyes full of worry and said: "This secret room has been sealed by me with the sky star blockade... The waiting outside is interrupted. It can’t be passed in, on the contrary, any movement inside will not be passed out... But it does not include the firmness of the secret room, which is the only shortcoming."

Jun Changkong said: "In this regard It won’t be okay. When I was building, I added a lot of steel plates to all around. Even if it’s really bad, and a meteorite breaks through the heavenly canopy and hits nearby, it’s enough to support it."

" What about the specific load-bearing above?" the black robed man hurriedly asked.

"In order to be safe, I added several layers of load-bearing at the beginning!" Jun Changkong said with confidence: "They are all made of reinforced concrete, it should be fine!"

Yes It's okay...

black robed man is speechless in his heart.

Reinforced concrete?

If it's all right, why is there so much dust leaking out?

If you step on horseback, don't do the tofu dregs project...that's a pitfall!

Ten thousand steps back, no matter what the structure of reinforced concrete, for the high-rank martial artist's battle fluctuation might, it is not worth mentioning...

"You were Did you confirm the construction process with your own eyes?" The black robed man felt bad.

"This kind of project...Why do I need a prince to supervise the work in person?" Jun Changkong was asked with a stunned expression.

What are you afraid of in such a safe place?

Isn't it just shaking twice and dropping some dust?

Even if it is an earthquake, my secret room is absolutely resistant and nothing will happen!

Black robed man has more worries in his eyes, and his premonition of uncertainty is getting stronger and stronger.

"I'm not afraid of earthquakes, but afraid that someone will fight on it..."

The black robed man took a breath and said: "If someone on both sides of the conflict has an Earth Element Endowment, or cultivation with Earth Attribute... may cause great variables, and our plan will be ruined at every turn."

"This... can't be such a coincidence, right?" Jun Changkongdu It feels unimaginable anymore.

"Great Thousand Worlds, there is no lack of strange things, doing a hundred and a half ninety things, there are more."

black robed man took a breath:" Hurry up, hurry up and finish, rest assured, hurry up!"


This will have reached the fourteenth star, just the last star It's...

black robed man feels the heavier and heavier shock and quietness above it, peng peng is jumping in his heart, it is difficult to calm down...

"Quick...fast...faster ......"

Suddenly, at this critical moment, the sound like heaven falls and earth rends suddenly burst!

The entire top of the chamber collapsed!


Although the black robed man is only a word, the meaning contained in it is complicated and difficult to distinguish!

Looking at the star map that is about to be completed, the river of blood flowing into a creek, the falling roof smashed one after another, and you can’t see anything...

This kind of suddenness Feelings of loss, this kind of disappointed regret, anger, and an unimaginable, unbelievable, extreme inner annoyance, countless negative emotions converge...

There is this word, which is the most vividly and thoroughly expressed!

The Third Imperial Prince on the opposite side uttered a scream. He was still bleeding frantically, but was hit by a sudden accident. The falling bricks hit his head. He couldn’t help screaming, and he couldn’t make his debut. It's all miserable.


black robed man from top to bottom starlight trespassed, brazenly shot, and actually supported the collapsed roof masonry with a powerful cultivation base.


Then he grabbed Jun Changkong and cut him off with his left hand with a knife, and immediately pressed towards the last star on the star chart. Forcibly injecting blood and watering...

Jun Changkong’s screams heaven-shaking, earth-shattering: "What are you doing..."

The meaning of blood loss after being cut It's completely different. For Sovereign, he can't be a person with five incomplete shapes. Even if he longs for a dream, but at this moment, it has been determined that the black robed man is hiding evil intentions, and there are other pictures.

"Who the hell are you? What are you going to do?" Jun Changkong roared miserably.

The black robed man didn’t answer, but just grabbed him tightly, sealed up all his cultivation base, and urged his blood with true qi, spurting blood from the wound crazily, and for a while, blood was like Yongquan, it seems that the final star position will be filled with completion.

This is the most last resort and the last extreme method. Heaven and Earth is not complete. Any array array chart also has defects and loopholes. The array completion under oneself is the best. If it can’t, it may not be extreme. There are already fourteen star completions on the left and right. As long as the last fifteen star has enough luck and blood, the formation can still be regarded as Great Accomplishment, and it can also perform 70% to 80% of its effectiveness. It is finally unfortunate. Fortunately!

But the black robed man is still fortunate, the array can still be completed in this second best way, and when the kacha is heard, a person falls straight down in the sky, and it is no coincidence Qiao's foot landed on Jun Changkong's left arm.

In this moment, the coming person includes not only the strength that was violently stepped down, but also the unbalanced strength that suddenly collapsed. With all his strength, he stepped on Jun Changkong to the side immediately. You must be aware of Jun Changkong's whole body cultivation at this time. The base was banned, which was almost the same as the ordinary person. He fell to the ground with a bang, and the person who was dropped fiercely stepped on his belly, and suddenly a big hole appeared...

Jun Changkong’s body slammed back and forth...both eyes are full of despair...

The black robed man screamed, watching the guy who fell suddenly stepped on one foot With the flesh and blood of Jun Changkong, the other foot fiercely stepped on the star map that had been devastated to see, bang......

The star map was directly trampled on.

A group of rays of light was engulfed and dissipated suddenly. A part of the starlight yellow light rushed into this person's body!

Star Array, it's over!

"Ahhh..." the black robed man roared into the sky, only feeling a heart in this brief moment and it suddenly became hollow!

It's the last minute!

It's the last moment!

Even if you give me a few more seconds...

"Asshole Ahhhh..." The black robed man went crazy!

"What kind of crap are you riding a horse!!!"


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