Unconventional Legend Chapter 1216

If you walked to extremes just now, you forced the array to complete, and you can still retain 70% or 80% of the performance. At this time, the final step was cut off, and the star map was completely destroyed, and countless hardships. Planning the layout and getting into a bubble, the black robed man went crazy on the spot!

"die for me!......" The black robed man yelled with extreme resentment. This roar was extremely sharp.

Slapped it with a fierce slap.

This slap is even more fierce than the heaven falls and earth rends just now!

Under this palm, with Jin Yunsheng’s cultivation base, even if there are a hundred of him, he will definitely die!

But at this moment, a blazing fire suddenly appeared, and it came violently. A big sledgehammer suddenly crossed in front of the fallen man, and the black robed man exhausted himself. With a full slap, it hit the sledgehammer with such force!

There was a burst of sound of gold and iron, sparks flying in all directions!

The black robed man screamed...

He absolutely didn't expect that oneself would be slapped on a sledgehammer with a palm that he must win!

And indeed, it was a sledgehammer with a special texture that was beyond the reach of oneself's palm. A momentary force was completely wrong and the reverse force struck, and the wrist was shocked to dislocate on its own. The two bones were also broken!

"What hammer is this..." The black robed man hissed and roared, angry and unbelievable!

If it is an ordinary hammer, or even a sledgehammer with a sharp weapon series of divine weapon, with oneself's cultivation base series, even if the palm cannot be crushed, it will absolutely not fall here. result!

Although it is using poor strength, but... can the back shock break oneself's bones?

This is just kidding!


Zuo Xiaoduo was waiting for Jin Yunsheng to escape. As long as he escapes, he will encounter Greedy Wolf Grandmother according to his destiny. This is Zuo Xiaoduo's vision. The established result.

But absolutely I didn’t expect this kid to be bloody, and with the combined power of the two poisons, oneself’s strength was increased several times, and he played well with the two bodyguards of Master Chen Young. , And each step is thunder and thunder...the more you fight, the more powerful you get.

Zuo Xiaoduo is all lost.

Is there still something wrong with my divine ability?

This kid's posture is obviously like a fight here, this is definitely not a fake, that is to say, he didn't even think about running away!

His current posture is just fighting for his life, he is desperate, just wanting to push back at all costs!

This is strange.

How can I find someone if you don’t run?

Well, this kid is not only the body of poisonous souls, but also has also cultivated the Earth Element cultivation technique. At this moment, the fighting heart is unprecedented, causing his own power body to operate unprecedentedly, stepping on the ground, and his strength continuously...< /p>

Zuo Xiaoduo is depressed.

Other people also looked at Zuo Xiaoduo, with the same meaning in their eyes: "What's the matter?"

What's the matter?

Now Zuo Xiaoduo oneself don’t know what’s going on...


When everyone was simultaneously puzzled, suddenly Heaven-shaking, earth-shattering made a loud noise, and the next room collapsed without warning!

Underneath... is actually hollow?

Zuo Xiaoduo's heart suddenly brightened.

Immediately oneself, the room also showed a tendency of sloping and collapse, Zuo Xiaoduo did not say a word, acted on the situation, and jumped down...


< p>Jin Yunsheng also really didn't expect oneself's ex-girlfriend to poison oneself, and the effect is so intense.

This is clearly a posture for fear that oneself will not die!

But the stronger the poison, the more, higher, and stronger the lifting power for him!

He spared his life and death and put his life out of the question, leaving only a single thought: "If life ends today, then you must also have one to accompany me to walk into the Yellow Springs. A lonely road!"

"Either you have money, or you have the right, or you have a great influence."

"But when I don’t care about anything, In the face of life and death, I am equal to you! Perhaps, this will be my only time, an equal opportunity with you!"

"So this opportunity, I will not miss it!"

"If you are willing to die, I will splash your blood!"

In this extreme state of mind, Jin Yunsheng's blood energy surged wildly, his whole person was like a crazy devil, and he didn't know the end of the poison alone. How much has been increased for oneself, just a crazy fight!

Finally, when he stepped down with a desperate foot...

Finally collapsed!

At this moment of change, Jin Yunsheng doesn’t know what’s going on. The only feeling is that oneself’s foot seems to have stepped on something, in order to stabilize his body and maintain a combat state, even if it’s the imbalance of the ground collapse. In an instant, I was still squeezing my feet, and I wanted to stand firm immediately before I could talk about continuing the fight!

Otherwise, if one slips and falls, under the current harsh situation where the enemy is strong and we are weak, he can only be kneaded by others and suffer a tragic loss!

Just now...what seemed to be stepping on?

But this stall...don’t care about these details anymore, it’s not important...Anyway, today is the dead end, what do I care about... what else is worth noting...

< p>But next moment, a huge imposing manner suddenly rises. It is oneself. Whether it is the oneself of the past or the moment, the oneself that has been the strongest in his life, it is an absolute powerful force that is difficult to touch...

< p>Who is the other party? Profundity Return, or Flying, in short, one-self contact, or an unrecognizable super powerhouse!

At the moment when Jin Yunsheng was feeling desperate, a sledgehammer turned out to save oneself before the mighty hand...

For a while, Jin Yunsheng It feels like a dreaming subtle sensation...

What he doesn’t know is that he stepped on a Profundity Return’s hand and stomped on his stomach just now. He hasn’t reached Core Essence yet. Cultivation base, this record can be played for a lifetime!

Seeing a boom, all the things that had collapsed on it were emptied in an instant, and the night sky outside could already be seen at the moment when the eyes were fixed again.


The black robed man screamed and shouted furiously: "who you are?!"

Zuo Xiaoduo, if you don’t say anything, just hit the hammer Smashed past.

If you fight, you will fight, and you still need to report your surname by name. Who has set the rules, so what a delay?

Ice cold aura appeared, and a sword came bitterly. It seemed that Zuo Xiaonian had arrived with Zuo Xiaoduo's sledgehammer.

A sword of frost and coldness is no less powerful than Zuo Xiaoduo's Ling Ran sledgehammer!

Li Chenglong and the others also showed up one after another. All directions surrounded the black robed man. It would not be a very big secret room, and it was surrounded by water.

Yu Moyan is the latest to come.

On his sword, drenched with blood, the pampered young master, his two bodyguards, and the ungrateful girl, have now become his departed spirit under this sword!

Yu Moyan hates such ungrateful things the most; since they have encountered it, he will not let anyone escape.

When the girl saw Yu Moyan, her face was full of horror. She was very pitiful, but it was a pity that Yu Moyan cut her head directly with a sword, and a sword pierced her. By heart!

Yu Moyan thought very simple.

Since you don't have a conscience, I'll gouge it out for you!

After that, you won’t need it anymore.

The black robed man saw the situation change again, and his mouth groaned, mumble, and suddenly the starlight flourished!

The moment the starlight on the injured hand was pervading, the injury was instantly recovering completely, and the little starlight surged, which seemed to greatly increase its strength, and could actually block the joint attack of Zuo Xiaoduo and the others.

Although it is still unavoidable, such a record is already shocking and appalling.

No one noticed. In the distant sky, a star was shining and shining all around, making the surrounding stars eclipsed.

It is Greedy Wolf!

There was another thud, and a palm once again furiously and unusually strikes on Zuo Xiaoduo's sledgehammer.

It’s only this time, it’s not that black robed man dislocated his arm and broke his hand bones, but Zuo Xiaoduo felt a shock in his hand and the sledgehammer almost broke out. At this moment, he was almost shocked to dare Believe it!

"This is Greedy Wolf Grandmother?"

Zuo Xiaoduo really couldn't believe it, because he had asked Mo Xuanyi.

"What specific cultivation base is your Master, Greedy Wolf Grandmother?"

"Profundity Return middle rank."

At that time, Mo Xuanyi was very sure, There is no doubt.

But now, the cultivation base shown by this black robed man is Dao Fusion, and it's the Dao Fusion Peak that is firmly established!

This reality makes Zuo Xiaoduo have to doubt.

Going out with one hammer and hammer, Zuo Xiaoduo loudly shouted: "Greedy Wolf Grandmother, it really is the name is not in vain!"

When I heard these words, the opposite black robed man eyes flashed, Yin said with a smile: "Zuo Xiaoduo is worthy of a generation of Tianjiao..." Zuo Xiaoduo's body!

Fighting for a while, seeing an inexplicable shock on his body, the starlight suddenly dispersed.

On the ground, Jun Changkong was dying and propped up his body: "...Save me..."

It's not that Jun Changkong has no brains so far. I haven't noticed that the black robed man is concealing evil intentions. The black robed man is already his only life-saving straw.

With the appearance of Zuo Xiaoduo Zuo Xiaonian and the others, it has demonstrated a cultivation base far beyond that time. Then the hope of living and escaping from this situation can only be pinned on the black robed man. I hope that oneself is useful for black robed man. Overwhelming majority die if they don’t want to. Jun Changkong especially doesn’t want to. It’s better to die than to live. It’s a moment to live longer!

The ominous light flashed in the black robed man's eyes, a sharp roar, and the starlight all over his body, like one after another sharp arrow, shooting hundreds of them violently!

all directions are all covered by the starlight sharp arrow.

Jun Changkong, Jin Yunsheng... are all within range!

With the burst of starlight, the space in the secret room is limited. Li Chenglong and the others have no time to dodge, each with their full strength to resist. Everyone feels a sudden shock. The formidable power of starlight suddenly appears Li Chenglong and the others, who have been promoted to Flying, also feel difficult to deal with!

Fortunately, they are only coping with the difficulties, and they are not unable to resist and endanger their lives!

But Jun Changkong didn't have this ability, but seeing the starlight flash, he exploded freely on Jun Changkong.

One flower on the head, one dantian, one on the chest... At the moment of roaring, Jun Changkong's body has been blown to pieces by the starlight, skeleton doesn't exist.

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