Unconventional Legend Chapter 1217

Zuo Xiaonian's sword came out like the wind. While blocking the starlight that shot towards oneself, he also shot out the sword to block the two starlights that shot towards Jin Yunsheng. For the long sky just nearby, It is totally unreasonable, let it be annihilated in starlight...

"You retreat and let the space out!"

Zuo Xiaoduo loudly roared, and then two hammers one hammer pointing At heaven, one hammer pointing at earth, with a muffled buzzing sound, the Thousand Souls Nightmare Hammer has already been launched, intending to kill the black robed man!

We must come to a killing move to end this campaign as soon as possible. The current various changes have exceeded the budget too much, which is very different from the original idea. No matter what, everything is unexpected.

Especially the strength of Greedy Wolf Grandmother is so different from prediction. From the established ease, as easy as pie, suddenly becomes difficult to shake. You must have spare no effort. Avoid more accidents!

Especially, outside is the Commerce District, there are many civilians in it!

The explosive power of the world is confined to a corner where it falls violently!

Black and white, amidst the explosion of origin fire divine art, suddenly burst out!

Greedy Wolf Grandmother stretched out his hand and suddenly issued a groan, but Zuo Xiaoduo's second hammer came across the sky, like a meteor rushing to the moon.

Zuo Xiaoduo made five moves in a row during the time of flicking in a flash!

Greedy Wolf Grandmother loudly roared, blood spurted out of his mouth, and then let out a roar, the starlight flowing on his body became more and more brilliant, and his body was shaken, and it turned into more than two dozen silhouettes. The respective starlight flickers, the magnificence is infinite!

Multiple silhouettes break through in different directions!

Zuo Xiaoduo and the others were prepared for this. Each self-detonation issued its own highest battle strength and intercepted them separately.

"Stop it!"

boom~ boom~ ……

Countless starlight burst, Zuo Xiaoduo one person and two hammers, swinging one after another, smashed four pieces one after another. The starlight Avatar, and Zuo Xiaonian’s sudden explosion of Ice-Cold Qi, also froze the three Avatars, and then smashed them into pieces with the Spirit Seizing Sword.

Li Chenglong and the others tried their best to intercept, and they did stop a lot...

But the secret technique used by Greedy Wolf Grandmother, I don’t know what it is, it’s wonderful. Anomaly, the Avatar encountered by everyone has considerable strength, and can actually defeat Wan Lixiu and the others, Zhen Piaopiao Dugu Yan'er and other weaker ones, not even their enemies. After all, there are still three Avatars, breaking through the blockade of everyone. The force field rushes into the sky and turns into a streamer. It has no trace and disappears in the night sky!

Only a voice full of resentment was left in the night sky: "Zuo Xiaoduo! You wait!"

When you lean slightly, the voice also disappears in the sky starlight. Among.

Obviously it is the limit of the layout. After planning and moving, we still failed to leave the opponent, let alone completely wiped out. Zuo Xiaoduo and the others are somewhat covered in dirt, which feels very irritating everywhere. paragraph.

Especially Zuo Xiaoduo, I deeply feel that this Greedy Wolf Grandmother is completely different from oneself's imaginary prediction, even if it is a Sect Master of Sect, but...Mo Xuanyi clearly stated that its Profundity Return middle rank Cultivation base, then it shouldn’t be wrong.

It can't be the medicine that you have taken in the past two years, so that you can rise so quickly in a straight line!

Doesn’t it mean that Greedy Wolf Grandmother is a genius comparable to oneself?

This is unscientific.

If so, why did she go a few years earlier?

However, this guy's strength is really too strong, it's ridiculously strong!

Furthermore, is this Greedy Wolf Grandmother a man or a woman? After fighting for so long, Zuo Xiaoduo couldn't see it...


It was far away from the commercial street where the incident occurred.

A very hidden place in a slum.

The dim starlight suddenly dissipated, and a black robed man fell from the midair and fell into the yard, making an extremely heavy muffled sound, and blood hu hu from his mouth flowed out: "... …Help me...come..."

The silhouette flashed randomly, and several silhouettes flashed, and I was shocked at first glance.

I saw a thin and dry old woman in the black robe, already ashen-faced, close to the bleak stage of death.

"How could this be?"

Several people hurriedly protected the old woman to heal her injuries and continued her life. They hurriedly carried them in. Someone was outside to let the air out, with sophisticated movements and clear division of labor.

In the secret room.

"How could this happen? How could Pi change like this?"

"The current Capital City boundary is basically impossible. If there is such a series of experts, how can it hurt? Like this?"

"It shouldn't be. The Star Monarch starlight bonus that my grandmother mobilized to the maximum is comparable to the might of Dao Fusion Peak Level, and he still suffers such a serious injury?"< /p>

"Who the hell is the opponent? He has such strength!"

"I'm afraid, the Star Array plan...mostly it is bode ill rather than well."

After a long time, Greedy Wolf Grandmother finally woke up.

Under the enquiry of everyone, he sighed: "Because of the mountain Jiuren, after all, the star array plan was about to succeed, and it was completely defeated. Then the Third Imperial Prince was shot to death by me helplessly. "

Everyone's faces are as sinking as water, the life and death of Jun Changkong is insignificant, but the long-term plan suddenly fails, and no one can bear it.

"The Star Array plan is so thorough, it has entered the closing stage, how can it fail? This is what we have studied for a long time, and heaven's will enter the game, motivating the Star Soul powerhouse to go forward. Line... There is no luck in Shangjing that can affect this plan... How can it fail?"

"Even if there are variables like the poison of luck, the viewing qi and The astrological signs are all saying that the variable of the poison of air luck only exists in the ants... There is no power at all to affect the fortune, but how can it..."

"Star Monarch is not doing all you can to improve you. Strength? Why is it so miserable?"


Greedy Wolf Grandmother looked speechless and said: "No way, I met Zuo Xiaoduo..."



Everyone fucked a dog.

"These stalls...I have calculated well in the morning, and I have never rushed to them, or even have a relationship with them...Why do they still meet? Does heaven's will make people, make it more than Star Soul Human Race , There are us?"

"I don't know in this section, everything will be transformed into elbows and armpits, completely unprepared."

Greedy Wolf Grandmother looked dazed: "this time... …My spiritual soul was almost completely broken up…three immortal souls and seven mortal souls, the incarnation of Star Monarch…All of them were shattered…"

"Look at everyone, with starlight Ikesuke I recover." Greedy Wolf Grandmother said, vomiting blood from the corner of his mouth.

"Starlight Pool..."

Everyone is sighed.

Greedy Wolf Grandmother is seriously injured. If you want to recover, in addition to taking many spirit pill magical medicines, you also need to use the starlight pool. If it is normally, as Greedy Wolf Grandmother, it is understandable to use it. But at the moment, if you rashly use the savings from the starlight pool, in this north-south star formation, you will inevitably lose a little bit of heritage; at the moment when you compete for luck in the future, it is bound to make a discount.

However, if this star array is missing Greedy Wolf Grandmother, it will not even run.

Kills, Destruction, Wolf Three Stars must exist before there is a star formation; if someone among Kill, Destruction, and Wolf is absent, some stars will fall...

"That's all, it can only be so..."

The other middle age person sighed.

"Unexpectedly, such a perfectly constructed star formation would have flaws and collapse."

Everyone's faces are covered with clouds, all in I sighed that I was going to win a game, but I would also miss it!

Obviously, the Star Soul powerhouse at the top was driven away by heaven's will. Heaven's will is here. How can it be so! ?

There is also Zuo Xiaoduo, this is a shit-chucking stick, why is he everywhere? !

“Where’s the star array chart? Did you bring it back? And the fifteen-star Battle Qi Yun crystals? Did you bring them back? I waited until I knew that the Star Battle Qi Yun crystals had already taken shape, and even a mistake was made. , I can't bring back all, can I always bring back some parts?" Another person asked hopefully in case.

"The incident happened suddenly and my elbows and armpits changed. I instigated the Star Dou Aurora, took a risk, and even forced a lot of blood essence in the sky, hoping to save the situation, but... just a generation of ants The stepping on my foot made my calculations frustrated. Everything is so incredible, but true and true. The star map was destroyed on the spot..." Greedy Wolf Grandmother both eyes spiritless.

"..." Everyone was speechless.

Damn, not only did not bring the Star Battle Qi Yun crystal back, but also started a starlight pool...

This plan was completely useless, and it also brought losses. It's so bad that you have to lose even your underwear!

Others say that the loss went to the grandma’s house, and the loss went to the grandma’s house...

This statement...is it true...

Everyone's eyes Looking at Greedy Wolf Grandmother in a complicated way...It feels invisibly, did you take this name wrong, right? Is it wrong? ?

This is really... I lost my grandma's house!

Your grandma's!

"Damn it! This Zuo Xiaoduo...how could it happen to be there?"

"He is Dragon and Dragon. We made this action and dragon and Phoenix doesn't fit at all... How did he get it together? There is no such traction method even with internal qi!"

After listening to Greedy Wolf's explanation, everyone was still puzzled.

"But the crystal of luck is useless if others hold it, and no one will even know it. We may find a chance to snatch it back. Didn’t Greedy Wolf just say that, he was strong at the last moment The perfusion of blood essence is not complete, but 50% or 60% of the effectiveness may still be there."

One of them said: "The divine physiognomy is a guide to determine the place of the matter. It is difficult, and the situation may not be irreversible."

"Snatching something from Zuo Xiaoduo...easier said than done...He survived the heavenly tribulation safely, his strength is not what it used to be, Greedy Wolf is extremely motivated. Starlight, with a strength that is no different from the peak of Dao Fusion, is still defeated and hit hard. Who of us can take it lightly?"

The other person sighed then said.


On the other side, Li Chenglong and the others went out to appease the people outside, Zuo Xiaoduo smoothly pulled the dilapidated star map on the ground, only to find a few rolled out Smaller...

"What is this?"

Zuo Xiaoduo picked it up and looked for it. There are fifteen such baubles in total...

< p>Fourteen of them are dark red, and the last one is slightly ruddy, still shining, like tiny tiny stars.

"Hey, it seems to be fun." Zuo Xiaoduo took it in his palm and looked at it.

"mama...this is delicious..."

Little White and Xiaojiu turned into small dolls and appeared quietly, turning around in Zuo Xiaoduo's palm, then The fourteen dark red stars are all gone.

Then Xiaojiu stretched out a green bottle gourd vine, pinched the remaining shiny one, picked it up and handed it to Little White graciously.

Little White, tsundere's swaying head, signaled that it is not rare for me. So the little wine was sent again, flattering: you want it.

Little White ah held it for a while, and finally opened his mouth and swallowed the last luminous body. The patted belly, which showed no trace, turned tsundere, and then disappeared.

Xiao Jiu turned over contentedly, patted his belly, and disappeared.

"Full...Thank you mama..."


[Old Yuan through the ages, farewell. 】

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