Unconventional Legend Chapter 1218

"Huh? Could it be that I found nourishment for the two bottle gourds? But what is the nourishment? Can it be copied? Why didn't I take a closer look just now!" Zuo Xiaoduo expressed surprise.

But I can’t figure it out, so I don’t want it. It’s always good to get it. It’s definitely not bad to be able to see things in the eyes of the little black Little White.

Look at the star map that had been ripped apart and cracked into dozens of pieces. Zuo Xiaoduo simply threw a ball of origin into the fire, and the star map immediately burned, and his fingers quickly disappeared. Turn to ashes, and dust with the sky.

At the same time Little White and Xiaojiu swallowed those fifteen crystals...

In the slum secret room, they are negotiating to regain the fifteen crystals of luck. Individuals, including Greedy Wolf Grandmother who was seriously injured, felt a splitting headache and a heart full of colic... After a while, they all vomited a mouthful of blood!

"Qiyun crystal...refining...refining at the same time?"

Fifteen dumbstruck!

This is...really, a big loss.

"This matter must be reported to an adult..."

A middle age person smiled bitterly: "This loss... is really too heavy."


Yes, this is not about stealing the rice without giving it away, it's going to lose all profits and lose out!


The third-party participant in this incident, Jin Yunsheng, who is the direct party, is now falling into an unprecedented state of awkwardness.

He doesn't know what's going on at the moment. Oneself was originally so desperate to think about life and death, so he really didn't want to live anymore.

The reason why you are fighting for your life is just the unwillingness of the disadvantaged!

Those six buns, although they didn’t poison to death him, they also increased his strength in turn, but they still couldn’t be wiped out. When he ate the six buns, his heart was already dead. , Was completely poisoned to death!

He fought decisively with a certain death mind, put up a desperate struggle, he didn’t know why the ground suddenly collapsed...

I don’t even know what the bottom is. Don’t have cave heaven...in a moment of change, a lot of super experts who are beyond oneself’s cognition jumped out, shouting for a fierce battle...

There is an immortal thing in the meantime who wants to kill oneself...but There are also more powerful characters who came forward to save oneself...then they fought each other oneself and threw the oneself party directly aside, completely ignored...

It looks like someone is going to kill oneself. Vent your anger, what plan seems to be destroyed by oneself?

But how did I ruin your plan?

I had to fall from the top altogether. It seemed that I stepped on a person's feet and ruined your plan?

Where is there such a reason in the world?

The kind of special effects attacks that can only be seen in movies, bloom continuously next to oneself...

Fortunately, this battle did not last long before it was over.

A handsome young man walked to oneself with a smile hehe, looked at oneself and asked, "Jin Yunsheng, what are your plans for the future?"

"Do you know me? Xiaoyu Where?"

Jin Yunsheng looked outside blankly.

"Little Yuer?" Zuo Xiaoduo was taken aback for a moment, then remembered that this should be his ex-girlfriend's name.

smiled and said: "I was accidentally injured by the black robed man just now, and he is dead, and that Chen Young Master and the two bodyguards have been killed by mistake. What a pity... There are three more innocents. People’s lives are in distress, breathe one's last."

Zuo Xiaoduo feels the heavenly secrets on the three people, mixed with 1.5 points of the fulfillment of the'blood light disaster' Destiny Points return, and I feel comfortable. Shuang, said with a sad expression on his face.

"Dead...dead?" Jin Yunsheng as if was struck by lightning.

Yu Moyan came with a long sword dripping blood with the tip of the sword, twitched his lips and said: "This shameless woman does not die, do you want to keep her for the New Year?"

Jin Yunsheng lowered his head slumped, he naturally understood very clearly, he knew better than anyone that the woman had no place to be nostalgic for, she was a viper and venomous woman...not worthy of oneself and love. , And it’s not worth oneself’s sincerity and life...

Even, paying a piece of hair for such a woman is a huge waste!

He understands, he understands this truth better than anyone else!

But when it comes to letting go, letting go is that simple thing!

How can it be said that it’s not worth it from now on? Forget it. Can you really forget it?

Can you really assume that nothing happened?

How much damage a relationship can bring depends on how much happiness it once brought. The two are basically the same. Jin Yunsheng is sad and distressed. It may not be because of the beautiful dreams of the past.

"many thanks everyone ……life-saving grace." Jin Yunsheng's naked eye was visibly decadent.

A decadent breath exudes from him. At a young age, he felt like an old man who had seen through the mortal world and had nothing to love, full of the smell of twilight.

Zuo Xiaoduo laughed: "Seeing that Brother Jin is young, his parents and family are all okay?"

Parents and family!

Jin Yunsheng's whole body suddenly shook, and his eyes immediately regained some brilliance.

"If we meet today, we are considered to be destined."

Zuo Xiaoduo said straightforwardly: "Since we are destined for a while, I will not shy away from some things. Brother Jin's current situation It seems that it has several points of unsatisfactory. I want to rely on the ability of oneself to feed my family, and make my parents proud of oneself, and really have face... I’m afraid it’s not easy, it will take a lot of time."

Jin Yunsheng gave a wry smile.

More than that is not easy?

That is directly impossible!

Even before this incident, oneself was still powerless, even more how oneself is now walking corpse in general?

"But when you met me, it was a turnaround. I can give you a chance." Zuo Xiaoduo said: "You take this note of me and go to the Beijing Caiyun Printing Factory to find Elderly. Zhou board, I have a batch of goods over there, and I need a qualified supervisor."

"When you see the note, he will immediately arrange for you to be a supervisor. The salary will be paid by me. As for your salary, Let’s tentatively set an annual salary of 100,000, and there will be additional bonuses every quarter, every six months, and every year."

"Annual salary of 100,000?!" Jin Yun raised his head vigorously, with bright eyes in his eyes. Bright light.

His current monthly salary is only a little more than two thousand, which is three or four times more by estimation.

It is enough to survive in Shangjing oneself, not to starve to death. It is impossible to make a fortune.

The annual salary is one hundred thousand...oneself I didn't even think about it.

"An annual salary of one hundred thousand? Are you telling the truth?"

Jin Yunsheng asked.

"Of course it is true, because there is no more business in Beijing now, so if you can give you a position, you have to supervise this one. There will be other positions waiting for you in the future. The annual salary is 100,000, but it is Our company’s minimum annual salary is only one. In the future, the annual salary will be one million, and it is possible to have an annual salary of ten million!"

Zuo Xiaoduo turned his head and said: "Qiao'er, you arrange a personal hand, bring Jin Yunsheng joined in the past and entered the company’s files."

"I see." Gao Qiao'er smiled: "Jin Yunsheng, send me a copy of your basic information."

< p>Jin Yunsheng didn't hesitate, and he posted it very happily.

He knows that a cultivation great expert like Zuo Xiaoduo will not cheat oneself on such matters, nor will he play with oneself on this matter.

Because oneself is not worth it, it is not qualified.

Since it is not worth noting, then all this is true!

It's really a godsend, it's a pie in the sky!

"Working hard is the best return to me. I admire your character and value your character. Remember to use your hard work today and use it all in the future." Zuo Xiaoduo shot Pat him on the shoulder: "Come on, don't let me down."

"Yes, Boss."

Here is almost ready, everyone simultaneously left the secret room and went out. Suddenly, I saw a mess.

Especially Jin Yunsheng, looking at the body of his ex-girlfriend in a different place, the bodies of Master Chen Young and two bodyguards...they remained silent for a long time.

Finally turned around.

"Will you not collect her body for her?"

"When the government finishes processing, I will claim her body, take it back, and bury it."

"I will put on her, the old clothes she wore when I picked him up. So... she's still the... timid, shy, but pure and kind-hearted girl."

"All filth and sin, all good and betrayal...... dust returns to dust, earth returns to earth."

Jin Yunsheng is gone, walking very smartly.

Zuo Xiaoduo believes that after the case here comes to an end, Jin Yunsheng will definitely go to collect the woman's body, and will definitely do everything he said.

"Will his future really have such great potential? Is it worth your personal solicitation?" Gao Qiao'er looked at Zuo Xiaoduo.

Zuo Xiaoduo smiled.

"In fact, the potential is second."

Zuo Xiaoduo whispered: "I just want to...send these kind people and do good deeds, but are betrayed in the end...a little bit Social justice, try your best to maintain it... The saying that a good person must have a good return is justified."

"A good person deserves the help of an honorable person."

< p>"No one is here to be this noble person, so I will do it. It feels good to be a noble person, in fact, it's pretty good."

Zuo Xiaoduo smiled faintly.

The first time Gao Qiao'er saw Zuo Xiaoduo like this, suddenly there was a subtle feeling of awe.

Zuo Xiaonian lowered his head, but a sweet smile appeared from the corners of his lips.

Lil Puppy like this... I really want to kiss him.


Everyone gathered their troops and returned to the camp, and went on to continue the cultivation. Through this battle, everyone feels that...the crisis is full!

Among the fifteen Star Sects, one of the Sect Masters has such a tyrannical strength. With so many people working together, oneself has not been able to keep her!

This kind of strength is shocking!

"We are still too weak!"

Everyone agrees so.

Even Zuo Xiaoduo feels like this: If it goes on like this...In this Heavenly Dao game, or our hope of victory is really low.

"Work overtime and practice hard!"

Zuo Xiaoduo made the decision.

But before practicing hard, Zuo Xiaoduo needs to go to a place and find someone.

Mo Xuanyi.

He needs to ask seriously, Greedy Wolf Grandmother, what is the cultivation base? !

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