Unconventional Legend Chapter 1220

Jin Yunsheng knows that oneself has really met a noble person.

Turn your hands over the clouds and rain!

A person's destiny is completely changed at the touch of a finger.

This kind of opportunity cannot be met but not sought.

All of what happened to oneself is all because of this young master Zuo!

"Qing treats me as a scholar, how should I deal with it?"

"I don't know anything else, I don't understand either."

Jin Yunsheng He picked up a bottle of poison, opened the lid, and let out a sigh of relief, muttered: "I only know that the confidant is dead!"


Others clan.

"Did you give it away?"

"Sent it... but this Jin Yunsheng didn't seem to dare to accept it. He didn't pay attention this time. It might be returned tomorrow."< /p>

"Must let him take it!"


"Must have a good relationship with him!"

"Yes. "

"Family Head, what the hell does this come from? The file resume is mediocre..."

"Meaning is right, you don't need to worry about the details. All you need to know is that we have made him good, or there is no benefit. But if you bully him, our family may be gone. This is the benefit, this is the benefit..."

"Hi... …"

Similar dialogue content also occurs in several other clans.

Among them, it even includes You Family, Nian Family...and so on.

These all are the old fox of a thousand years, Zuo Xiaoduo placed Jin Yunsheng in Shangjing so generously, the intention can be seen at a glance.

Those who are qualified to know the identity of Zuo Xiaoduo will naturally not let this opportunity pass.

As for the origin of the Master Chen Young Master, clan, his son was killed, and the Family Head was angry ten thousand zhang, looking for Jin Yunsheng, the instigator, to settle accounts.

"It's not that he brought that little bitch to Beijing, can my son be fascinated?"

"If my son is not fascinated, can he die today?"


"Jin Yunsheng sinned and caught me! I want to let him die horribly, and regret coming to this world!"

Then this little clan made his big words at Family Head a moment after Within minutes, all clan-related companies were interrogated, no exceptions, and no one was spared.

The hygiene is not up to standard! seal!

Fire protection facilities are not up to standard! seal!

The food is not up to standard and harmful to health. Seal, catch!

Tax evasion...Catch!

There was an illegal act, trial!

It turns out that there was a murder case... The matter is big, dig deeper, dig deeper!

My family actually still has some antiques of Shaman Clan... Collaborating with the enemy and betraying the country, the whole family is in jail...

Then, this little clan pulled up by one day. the roots.

After that, someone sent a copy of the past to Jin Yunsheng as a result of the processing.

Jin Yunsheng was completely shocked!

What kind of divine development is this, I really didn’t want to do it so absolutely...

Different from a nobody Jin Yunsheng’s ascending to the skies with a single leap, proud of One's success, Wang Family's strength has shrunk during this period of time, and the above attitude towards Wang Family is getting worse and worse. Malice is almost undisguised, exhibiting one's feelings in one's speech.

Wang Family’s current attitude towards life is just clenching his teeth.

There is no way, now I can only hold on!

Just after this period of time, things will turn for the better!

At that time, if the turning point is a good opportunity, it will naturally be prosperous and glorious forever. On the contrary, it will be better than a blunt knife to cut meat, which is always difficult to endure!

Fortunately, there is only the last, less than a month!

It’s just that it’s really difficult. Wang Family has almost canceled all foreign affairs activities and is holding on, but people from the Military Department will come to the door every time.

"The front line is tight. As War God's clan, your Wang Family's high-end battle strength needs to be deployed on the battlefield to continue the glory of War God."

No matter how hard Wang Family rejected the request, it couldn't be rejected.

When you come once, at least three or five people must be arranged to go to the battlefield!

I have to give an explanation anyway.

But every time someone is sent out, Wang Family's heart feels like a knife.

Because the Wang Family people who were sent to the battlefield before, all the Wang Family people, now... have all died in the battle, without exception!

No one stayed!

Finally came back, only a notice of death and a jar of ashes.

The military has repeatedly stated that the Military Department is approving it and will determine its merits after the battle is over.

And this statement is also normal. Every post-war statistical work, collection of various deeds, how to give an explanation to the soldiers who died in battle, and an explanation to the family members, every item is not a short time. decided.

But...Wang Family feels something is wrong, it is too wrong!

When your military merits are approved, will our Wang Family still have it?

Wang Han is completely unable to sit still at home.

But he knows that he can’t act arbitrarily or act arbitrarily; moreover, he dare not act arbitrarily!

He also knows that oneself has already become the target of public criticism. If he can stay still, he must make a mistake when he moves!

But the torment in the heart like being fried makes people feel restless and restless.

As time went on, the situation continued to deteriorate, and he had no regrets in his heart.

Speaking of truth, at least in Wang Han's view, how can this matter not go to the current level.

But for what exactly, why did Wang Family become the target of public criticism?

War God Aristocratic Family's ten-thousand-year reputation, monstrous feats, can't suppress some a nobody, a group of ants.

I knew this a long time ago, so I might as well not do it.

At this meeting, the most core members of the Wang Family are having a secret meeting in a secret room. Everyone has a gloomy look and frowns.

"Who can tell me what the hell is going on? The situation has developed so far, and every aspect has been weird." Wang Han looked puzzled.

"You Family, Nian Family, the Aristocratic Family of the four great marshals, and...some Department Heads should know something...Even the emperor Your Majesty should know something... But the more you know something, the more alienated you are. No, it should be said that the hostility is more appropriate..."

"There must be a key point, a key point that we don’t know. And Let us get into real trouble, the fatal point that is on the brink of desperation should be at this key point!... But where is the problem?"

"Even He Yuanyue is Lu Yingfeng My youngest daughter, even if the Lu Family is in the same heart, it is irreconcilable with us, but just with a trifling Lu Family, how can such a big movement be made? No reason! Impossible!"

" , Stroke it well, stroke it from the beginning."

Wang Zhong sat on the side with his head down. A few months ago, he was still a black hair with thick black hair. Now his temples are white. It even smells like senile.

"Big brother, no need to stroke anything...I always feel...this time, Throne should have made the shot; otherwise, such a big movement is impossible!" Wang Zhong said quietly.

"What did you say? Throne shot!?" Everyone in the Wang Family was shaking this simultaneously, and his face changed.

This is the shadow of a person's name tree. A single name can already shock a lot!

"Just look back and think about what else you don’t understand. There are some things that we didn’t want, but they didn’t happen. At the beginning of the incident, it was caused by Qin Fangyang's emergence. And Master Throne When I went to Ancestral Dragon High Martial, I made it clear...Qin Fangyang is his senior's life friend." Wang Zhong sighed.

"Although Lord Throne did not personally rectify it, he still found several. And that time, when we thought it was over, it was just a warning. As everyone knows, it was just a beginning, and there will be more follow-ups. Come... Actually, Lord Throne’s attitude has long been clear, but we are lucky and are not reconciled to let go that's all."

"Also...If it wasn't for Throne and the emperor to shoot, with The energy of our Wang Family is definitely not that we still can’t get any news yet, right? How can there be no top powers to intervene if we can be so airtight!"

"So many clans know about it. It's just that we don't know anything, and we have been kept in the dark...what does this mean?"

"It's just this level of confidentiality... Looking at the entire continent, who Can you shut up the whole continent in one sentence?"

"Now that we look at it, Wang Family wants to die to the point where we can't understand it. What does this mean?"


Wang Zhong sighed and said: "Big brother, I said before that this Zuo Xiaoduo is probably related to Throne. You must not believe it. You list a lot of evidence and stick to the original intention. This is the way to get into real. The trouble, the deeper the trouble... Now, even if I still can’t find any news, all this...isn’t it more obvious?"

Wang Han's face suddenly faded: "No...this It's impossible...Don't talk nonsense."

"This is not what I said nonsense...this is the fact!"

Wang Zhong lifts the head, revealing a deadly silent eye:" Just the night before the big day... Zuo Xiaoduo and the others fought in the commercial street. Although I don’t know who their opponents are, Zuo Xiaoduo and the others just left after that..."

"After all the incidents, there is no Zuo Xiaoduo for the least bit. Someone has taken care of it, is this normal?"

"There was such a big disturbance without investigation. No one doubts! Is this normal?"

"Even if it’s the prince...If something like this happens and others don’t check, Your Majesty should always ask, right? But Zuo Xiaoduo directly hit the sink. No one asked! Is this normal?"

Wang Zhong hehe sneered: "If these are not enough... Then I still have it."

have what? "

"On that night, Zuo Xiaoduo recruited an employee named Jin Yunsheng after the trouble. "

Wang Zhong said with a smile: "Just a little ant who has only an Innate cultivation base, Zuo Xiaoduo appointed him as a supervisor, specializing in the supervision of a printing plant transaction, with an annual salary of ten Wan, everything seems normal, right..."

"But from the day before yesterday...this Jin Yunsheng suddenly became hot enough to scald one's hands. Department Head Ding wrote a calligraphy in person. Once you have mounted it, you can send it over... It's a gift, a warning, or a beating, and the content is... Don't be arrogant or impatient, don't forget your original intention! "

"The meaning is clear, isn't it, don't you fail Zuo Xiaoduo's hope!" ! Just this kind of thing...a supervisor of a Xiaoxiao printing plant... the national Martial Education Department Head personally write the inscription? Is this normal? "

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