Unconventional Legend Chapter 1221

" After that, You Family, Nian Family, Dongfang Clan, Nan Family...and Wu Family, Liu Family, all sent steward, or met by chance, or went to that printing factory What kind of business... In short, I tried every means to establish a relationship with this Jin Yunsheng and gave gifts... and his attitude was extremely low."

"These clan Chief Steward, which one is waiting for free Character? Whoever comes out, can’t be more powerful than the family head of ordinary clan? Even if you are the head of the major real power departments in Beijing, when you meet these steward, which one is not a smile and a pleasant look?"

"But these people simultaneously smiled at an Innate's Jin Yunsheng, with a pleasant look, is this normal?"

"The surnamed Chen's little clan who snatched Jin Yunsheng's ex-girlfriend was within one day today It was uprooted...Various inspections, all rushing up like tigers and wolves, in the end it was actually the charge of treason... Is this... normal?"

"Can be regarded as the most relevant and most relevant Jin Yunsheng, who should have known it, almost knows it last, it is almost like ordinary people!"

"What can you do for? Why?"

"For Jin Yunsheng? Jin Yunsheng is just a complete one. Poor fellow, with a simple background, is an Innate martial artist, is it worth it? So for what?"

"It's just for Zuo Xiaoduo!"

"Because Zuo Xiaoduo has a clear-cut general Jin Yunsheng became a oneself person. Jin Yunsheng is now Zuo Xiaoduo's subordinate, and he may become a confidant in the future, so these talents will do this!"

"If you speculate like this, isn't it the truth!?"


"Zuo Xiaoduo is now on the surface under Star Soul Continent, only this one Jin Yunsheng...is no different from a target. So that everyone rushed up..."

< p>"That...why is that?"

"Why can it be for Zuo Xiaoduo! Do you still want to ask, who is Zuo Xiaoduo? Why are these big clans even his I want to please my subordinates too?"

Wang Zhong said with a smile: "Big brother, if you don’t Unexpectedly, you can just pretend to be a Family Head, but you dare not think in this direction, and you don't want to think in this direction, that's all. "

Wang Han's face was pale.

For a while, in the secret room, the silence was extremely quiet, even the sound of breathing was gone.

At this moment, even if it is Dropping a needle may also cause thunder!

Everyone is holding their breath and waiting for Family Head’s response.

"So, Zuo Xiaoduo really ...It has something to do with Throne..."

Wang Han's lips trembled.

From top to bottom in this brief moment, as if all the bones were pulled out.


"Not only is there a relationship...I am afraid it is not a normal relationship. "Wang Zhong laughed miserably: "Big brother, our Wang Family...this time, we really hit the gates of hell." "

Everyone is becoming more and more dumbstruck, that is, Ruohan Cicada.

This incident happened because of Zuo Xiaoduo, because this kid’s luck belongs to the younger generation. Number One Person, no one can beat him!

Therefore, this round can only be made by him.

So Qin Fangyang is unlucky and attracted Zuo Xiaoduo, Then the tomb of He Yuanyue was dug again, also because of Zuo Xiaoduo.

After that, Zuo Xiaoduo did come because of it.

But since this kid came here When I went to Beijing, the whole situation suddenly took a turn for the worse, and I couldn’t deal with it!

Because of him, it was all because of him?!

Qin Fangyang, Zuo Xiaoduo’s mentor.

< p>Throne’s best friend.

He Yuanyue, Zuo Xiaoduo’s mentor.

Wang Han groaned, unbelievable, or with a little hope: "Luck can’t Do you recite like this? Really related to Throne? "

Wang Zhong laughed sorrowfully and was speechless for a long while.

You can never wake up a person who pretends to sleep. Up to this moment, your Family Head is still lucky. Where can I be saved?

"This doesn't need to be traced anymore... I can't find it. Now the entire Star Soul Continent, across the country, high-level Aristocratic Family, news is only blocked for Wang Family! "

Wang Han took a deep breath. After a long time, he took out his cell phone and said, "I'll make a call." "

He made a call.

Beep toot...

It worked, but no one answered.

Wang Han sighed then said, he changed his person and dialed out again.

It was the third call...After five or six rings, I was connected.

The voice, which has several points of aloof and remote, means: "War God's clan's Family Head Wang, how come you have time to call me? What an honor! "

"Year steward, I trust you have been well since we last met. "Wang Han coughed dryly.

"Thanks to you, fortunately, I am not surnamed Wang. I have a stable life, and I don't have to worry about falling asleep. "

The faces of all the people present showed extremely angry expressions.

Back then, the Nian Family Chief Manger’s home suffered a catastrophe. Wang Family extended To help and escape, this is no effort at all to the Wang Family, but it is a kind of living for this person, which can be called a great favor.

Nowadays, the Wang Family who has been in trouble, I want to ask people, but I never thought that this person would actually talk like this, frigid irony and scorching satire, taking pleasure in other people's misfortune.

But Wang Han is not angry at all, he knows , This is the most normal, this is human nature.

In this society, where is there any love for whom?

You are powerful and powerful, and naturally there is human love; But when you are down, these people didn't hit a person when he's down, didn't beat the falling water dog, didn't come to insult your aloof and remote female relatives to get pleasure... it's already... a great favor!

As for provide timely help, maybe there are, but more will only be hehe!

A person who has never risen before, in times of trouble, as long as this person has talent and potential, Maybe someone will provide timely help.

But when a prosperous clan was in decline, few people would provide timely help!

Yes, only the wall fell. Just push!

"This is probably...mortal world! "Wang Zhong sighed faintly.

Just listen to Wang Han with a gentle smile on his face, and he said with some kindness: "Why did the young man say this, calling you this phone today is also desperate... Brother Nian, please enlighten me with a word. "

There was a moment of silence over there, and said: "Wang Family clan, overawes the world, overawes the world, War God glory, glorious future generations, desperately desperate four words, the words are too heavy. "

"Young man, I don’t want to talk secretly. My Wang Family encountered this event. I suffered a big defeat. The decline was obvious. I want the eastern mountain to rise again. The probability is less than 30%. "

Wang Han lightly saying: "Young man, whether it is my Wang Family or not... Nian Family's four villages outside the city, two buildings in the city... The ownership will always go to Old man all. "

Four villages, two buildings!

Wang Han said: "The young man should know that these... are all industries that are not on the register. All you need is a word from me. It was processed immediately, but what is lacking now is also a sentence from the young man. "

On the other side, Nian Steward's voice groaned for a while, and said: "Family Head Wang, if you have any questions, please tell me directly, I can't leave my post for too long." "

Everyone was speechless for a while.

Why can't you leave your post for too long? You are Chief Steward of under one person above ten thousand people!

This is clearly not wanting Continue this call for too long.

"I won’t say anything extra. I just want to know, where are we Wang Family, this time? "Wang Han solemnly asked.

"You Wang Family......Where do I die? "Nian Steward said.

Wang Han said sternly: "If you don't tell me, I also know. "

"Do you know what else you are asking?" It even asked me such a nobody's head! "

"hehe, the relationship between Zuo Xiaoduo and Throne, is it an adult steward, do you really think that you can always hide from me?" "Wang Han miserably said with a smile: "This matter was concealed from the people of the world, and my Wang Family finally died because of it!" "

Although he is a cliché, he is full of certainty in his words, and his tone is firm, without the slightest hesitation.

Nian Steward was silent for a while and said: "Now that you know , Then it should be understood that you Wang Family died unjustly this time, and 30% of the eastern mountain is probable again? Does Wang Family always overestimate oneself? Not in half of Chengdu! "

The hearts of everyone in the Wang Family sank neatly,

This sentence is too clear.

Wang Han choked, and then became angry. Said: "Although it is self-inflicted and cannot live, but Throne-sama is too short in this game! "

The opposite year steward lightly laughed: "Family Head Wang, it turns out that you are scamming me, so you don't know anything..."

Wang Han was taken aback: "This is what I said. But where do you start? "

"Family Head Wang, you have lied to me. You have erased the old cause and effect of kindness and righteousness. You have a long time to do it, so let's do it for yourself. from now on, I won’t use this number again. Your four village two buildings, no one is eligible to take it...The mountains are high and the rivers are long, so please be well. "


Hang up.

Wang Han frowned.

The look on Wang Zhong's face was It’s more bleak.

"What do you mean? "The other Wang Family members asked without knowing it.

"How come we suddenly understand that we don't know anything?" "

Wang Zhong face deathly pale, on the verge of collapse.

"What happened to you? What did you think of? "Wang Han asked nervously.

"Big brother...Wang Family is really over this time. "Wang Zhong muttered: "The matter turned out to be worse than the worst situation I had imagined!" "

"Where do I start? "Wang Han's voice trembled uncontrollably. He vaguely guessed a bit, but he still couldn't believe it.

"The surname Nian said, since you know, you should understand that your Wang Family is dead. injustice. "

Wang Zhong ashen-faced, said: "Then big brother, you said, Throne is too short to protect you... the surname of the year will immediately know that you actually don’t know anything, this represents something ...It's just unimaginable. "

"What do you say? "

"Because Senior protects shortcomings, there are probably only two situations, which are unreasonable. "Wang Zhong tremblingly said: "One, you hurt his favorite son. "

"Second, you hurt his favorite grandson! "

"In addition to these two relationships, the others...will not be so serious. "


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