Unconventional Legend Chapter 1222

Wang Zhong's teeth trembled up and down, and said: "This means... Zuo Xiaoduo, either Throne's son or Throne's grandson!"

"Because in addition to these two relationships, the great-grandson and the like, according to the clan family bond, are not enough for the elderly to value it!"

It’s not a son, it’s biological grandson!

As soon as this sentence came out, everyone at the foot of the Wang Family Mountain was completely blank in their minds!

The most serious consequence they thought before was that Zuo Xiaoduo was the clansman of Throne!

But I have never dared to extend the relationship between Throne's son and grandson!

But now...

"Wang Family is dead! Eastern mountain rises again? Impossible!" Wang Han sighed to the sky, tears streaming down his eyes.

Who can think of it, Wang Family has been planning for a long time, painstakingly lonely, using all the background, mobilizing all the financial resources, dispatching the experts that have been hidden for thousands of years, and even doing many things that violate the taboos. The game that came to plan was actually planned exactly on the head of Heaven Patrolling Throne?

As long as you know a little bit in advance...

Wang Han will definitely terminate the plan immediately, and then the whole family will go to Throne and kneel in front of the Throne...

But now , Everything is too late!

Qin Fangyang is dead!

He Yuanyue's grave has been planed!

Zuo Xiaoduo has been assassinated several times!

The absolutely irreconcilable blood feud has been settled, and it has reached the point where it cannot be resolved anyway!

Master Throne did not come forward to ask the guilt and overthrew the Wang Family, already giving enough face to the dead War God!

For Wang Family, it was dark. I was full of confidence to do something, but suddenly realized that oneself provokes people who simply cannot afford to offend——in this world, what else is more fucking and desperate than this?

"You all go out...Wang Zhong, you stay." Wang Han slumped on the chair directly with both eyes, waving his hand weakly.

Other people walked out like walking corpse, and everyone’s faces are filled with deep despair...

"What should I do?" Wang Han turned his neck weakly , Looking at Wang Zhong: "Brother...you think the most, you...take an idea, is there still room for change in this matter?"

"Where is there room for change?"

" There is room for..."

Wang Zhong smirked: "Unless..."

"Unless what?" Wang Han asked eagerly.

"Unless Qin Fangyang is resurrected, He Yuanyue’s tomb has not been planed at all...Then the whole family will beg the Right Path Heavenly King, and his Senior will take him to Throne’s gate to plead the crime, and all the people involved Wait, hand it all over, all the high-rank practitioners of the Wang Family will go to the front line... in an attempt to pay homage to their sins."

"After Lord Throne gave the willingness to forgive, Wang Family still needs to give up all the clan foundation. , For Zuo Xiaoduo, if Zuo Xiaoduo is willing to ask...Wang Family, there is still a glimmer of survival."

Wang Han sat down in the chair with a pale face.

These are simply impossible requirements, especially those two that bear the brunt: the resurrection of the dead and the restoration of the tombs? !

"I think I can work harder, at least in my opinion, there may not be no room." Wang Zhong exhaled softly, and said: "Big brother, do you remember that in He Yuanyue's grave? On... the flower you got?"

Wang Han expression congeals: "The Other Shore Flower?"

"Not bad."

"You It means..."

"Find someone to send it back, plus some other treasures, and see if Zuo Xiaoduo accepts it." Wang Zhong said: "This will be the future of Wang Family A signal of prosperity and decline."

"It’s okay, it’s okay."

Other Shore Flower is a rare treasure. According to legend, people who eat Other Shore Flower can Restoring previous life memory is a rare treasure.

Especially for mighty figure, in case there is an accident in the reincarnation process, Other Shore Flower can be said to be the only divine medicine that solves this kind of accident!

The Wang Family accidentally discovered Other Shore Flower on He Yuanyue's grave. It was a super surprise.

I immediately reported to Wang Han. Wang Han was so happy that he couldn't close his mouth for several days. Realizing that Wang Family is indeed the destiny, he just went out to dig a grave, and he could find something like this treasure!

Now, the treasures in hand are about to be taken out.

After all, the precious things are nothing compared to the life and death of the whole family.

Wang Han immediately began to arrange.

“Other Shore Flower appeared in front of He Yuanyue’s grave. It’s not a long time. Zuo Xiaoduo may not know about it.”

Our whole heart is kind, and even more sincere. If we know it, we send it back to the original owner. We also release our kindness to see if we can negotiate terms with Zuo Xiaoduo. As long as we keep our attitude low enough, Hand over those gravediggers, and then...someone will come out to bear the responsibility..."

"I would rather pay a few lives. This matter...I must also try it."


"Second Brother, do you think...will he accept it?"

"The probability of not accepting it is great, and those who go there are also worried about their lives."

< p>"Ah, don’t you have to talk about it?"

"Then go, this is the only opportunity for our Wang Family."

"Try it …It’s better than not trying! Zuo Xiaoduo is Throne’s relatives, but in terms of his past behavior, he has respect for the soldiers guarding the continent. No matter how hostile we are to the Wang Family, we still have to look at it. Divide the thin face of Old Ancestor!"


"Well, the momentum must be made as big as possible, the face and so on, we are now much better !"

"I understand."


In the afternoon, Wang Family posted a report and apologized, the radio station, and all the TV media were blocked by Wang Family. I bought time with a lot of money and apologized to Zuo Xiaoduo.

At the same time, create momentum and send a unique treasure to Zuo Shao!

In order to express Wang Family’s deep apology, not much regret.

This matter, in a very short time, made it well known!

Zuo Xiaoduo and the others saw this message when they came out to rest.

"It seems that Wang Family knows your identity as the boss. I want to show my favor and ask for mercy." Li Chenglong hehe sneered.

Long Yusheng scratched his head and said: "What is the identity of the left boss? What is the identity of the left boss?"

Li Chenglong sighed: "Well, you haven't guessed it yet?"


Long Yusheng shook his head blankly, then turned to look at Wan Lixiu next to him, Wan Lixiu coughed, and said, "I guessed it. I didn't tell you until the matter was confirmed."

Yu Moyan and Li Changming also shook their heads simultaneously, their faces stunned, apparently they didn't know what Li Chenglong Wan Lixiu was playing.

Gao Qiao'er Zhen Piaopiao and the others are holding their foreheads with their hands on their foreheads and their faces are speechless.

"The three of you don't know?" Li Chenglong immediately found that Pi Yibao was shaking his head, and he was taken aback. If Pi Yibao didn't shake his head, he would have forgotten Pi Yibao again...

Well, why should I say "again"!

That’s the case. When I saw this big head shaking, I actually thought about it...

"Baby...you invisible Dafa...this is already Great Accomplishment?"

"Don't call me baby!"

Pi Yibao's face is distorted and loudly roared in anger.


"No way!"

"Little treasure..."

"Li Chenglong, you Do you have to bully me Pi Yibao?! Really oneself is the Number One Person under the left boss? Even if you really are, you can't bully people like this!" Pi Yibao's angry face flushed, and his words were incoherent.

The dignified big man, being called baby, Boa...It's really shameful!

"hahahaha......" Everyone leaned forward and fell back together, stupefied that no one came forward to complete the game.

"Well...you guys don't know? Didn't guess? Didn't guess, or didn't want to guess!" Li Chenglong asked with a smile.

"Nonsense! If we can guess it, I will ask you? You are smart?"

Li Chenglong nodded: "Then, just keep holding on, we are very smart. , Are smarter than you one by one, we are smart, we are foresight, we are proud."

Unexpectedly, I stopped explaining and started talking.

Long Yusheng and the others are full of resentment, as if being fed with a mouthful of something, can't swallow it and can't vomit it out.

Co-author, you said for a long time just to play with us?

"Boss, what did you say?"

"What else can I say?"

Zuo Xiaoduo said: "People have given such great sincerity, I must follow the previous side, then listen to my command and watch my wink action!"

Everyone immediately refreshed simultaneously.

Wang Family is so complete, Zuo Xiaonian's small courtyard suddenly became the target of public criticism and the focus of the public.

Everyone's eyes are focused here, so naturally they want to see, what will this legendary Zuo Shao do with this matter?

Also in full view, the four flying experts of Wang Family, headed by Wang Family Family Head Third Brother Wang Yi, came to the small courtyard.

"...Wang Family didn't have much to know, so I had to inadvertently obtain a heaven and earth weird grass some time ago, which was specially dedicated to Zuo Shao, to show my heart."

Wang Yi finally saw the daoist, relaxed, and felt that the mission was half completed. At least Zuo Xiaoduo is willing to meet, and that means there are talks, as long as there are talks, everything is easy to say.

Li Chenglong and the others are totally unclear.

Only Zuo Xiaoduo was stunned by looking at this gorgeous swaying Other Shore Flower.

This is... the Other Shore Flower in front of Grandma He's grave!

Wang Family What is this for?

Come to provoke?

Add fuel to the fire?

Zuo Xiaoduo’s above thoughts are really wrong to Wang Family.

Wang Family really doesn't mean this. Wang Family thinks that the signal has been given adequately: We have admitted wrong, and we have all taken the initiative to send back such rare treasures as Other Shore Flower.

Zuo Shao, what else do you need, and how can you calm down... Just say it.

We accept it all, without ambiguity!

We sent Other Shore Flower back, which means we bowed our heads and confessed our guilt. No matter what you say, we will accept them all.

Otherwise, we would not send out Other Shore Flower.

If Li Chenglong knew the origin of Other Shore Flower, perhaps Wang Family's thoughts at this moment, he would be able to see through it at a glance.

Unfortunately, the Wang Family encountered Zuo Xiaoduo at this moment.

Left Shao who doesn't take the usual path!

Zuo Shao's brain circuit has always been different.

So, seeing the immediately of Other Shore Flower, Zuo Xiaoduo's face suddenly became gloomy.

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