Unconventional Legend Chapter 1224

A group of professionals began to survey the scene.

After some investigation, it was announced with great pain that five experts of the Wang Family had been attacked by gangsters and died.

The gangsters are murdering and overwhelming. They are fierce and arrogant, and the methods of committing crimes are even more brutal.

The nature of this case is extremely bad, it has been reported, and we are ready to mobilize people to encircle and suppress the'great handsome guy bandit group in the north'!

At the same time, it faces the general public and collects all the news of the'Great Handsome Guy Bandit in the North'!

The culprits must not be allowed to go unpunished.

Once there is news, the soldiers will attack immediately and be arrested and brought to justice.

In addition, this case is not trivial. It requires careful investigation and detailed investigation to confirm whether there is any hidden feelings, grievances, grievances, and other social relations...

Why did it happen?

For the so-called'robbing', it is too one-sided and not enough to win trust.

Then, I’m afraid that there is another real reason...

Wait and so on...

The squad will be coming soon, detail A little bit of inspection of the body, the work is meticulous and serious.

Someone from Wang Family soon came over.

Seeing the tragedy at the scene, the face of the family head Wang was so gloomy that almost water dripped.

"This is clearly a planned and targeted sniper! The murderer does not need to investigate! This is an obvious thing!"

"Oh? This Wang Family manager , You have said so. Compared with the suspects, dare you to ask who is the murderer in mind?"

"The murderer is..."

People from Wang Family Before the words were spoken, it was already dumb.

Who is the murderer?

Is the son of Heaven Patrolling Throne?

If you don’t say this, if anyone will believe it, if anyone dares to believe it, he dare not say it first, he has to be muttered--

"We are wronged, I Wang Family people died unjustly..."

"Know that, the innocent people are gone like this...I must feel uncomfortable. We will investigate well, solve the case as soon as possible, and give the deceased a fair, rest assured Don’t worry, justice may be late, but you will definitely not be absent!"

"The corpse of the deceased...you take it back first? We have completed the investigation of the surrounding environment of the murder, and we can collect the corpse. After all... It’s big, I want to go to the soil for safety, or, hurry up and send it to the ancestral grave."

Wang Family The people who came here heard this...simultaneously, his face turned black, as if he was stabbed again. .

Ancestral grave?

Where do we have any ancestral graves now?

It collapsed early...

"This case will be handled like this for the time being. After I go back, I will immediately report to the superior. It is up to the superior to decide how to capture the murderer. The king is in charge. Do you still have Any comments or suggestions? If you have any doubts, remember to tell me."

Suggestions? Suspect? Tell you!

Wang Family everyone feels oneself and may be mad at any time!

In broad daylight, it is a dumb loss. Not to mention that Wang Family is the first time. Even if it is placed in the entire Capital City boundary, it is an unprecedented rare event.

Wang Family.

"Despicable! Shameless!"


"This Zuo Xiaoduo, in what way is it a descendant of Throne! It is actually used like this! The means of the next work!"

Wang Han angrily smashed the entire study room!

"So shameless means, where is the face, where is the body!"

"Big brother calm down."

Wang Zhong calmly persuades.

"You must not mess around now. If you lose your composure, then our Wang Family is really hopeless!"

"bully intolerably, It's really bully intolerably!"

Wang Han's face was convulsed with anger, and his whole body was shaking and deformed.

After a long time, he calmed down under the comfort of Wang Zhong.

"extraordinary shame and humiliation, extraordinary shame and humiliation!"

"Second Brother, you said that Zuo Xiaoduo, you can say that after the Continental first place, it actually used this The subordinate means..."

Wang Han complexion ashen, continuously circled in the room: "Whether he accepts it or not accepts it, it's reasonable, but he just decides it face-to-face. and the others robbed people when they left the house, and even killed people and overwhelmed their goods...How shameless and mad...old man, old man is as disgusting as eating poop..."

Wang Zhong A wry smile: "Big brother, Zuo Xiaoduo, this is not shameless, but deliberately disgusting you, this is his true purpose for doing everything..."

"en?" Wang Han suddenly Froze.

"He didn't accept it, he showed his attitude and position; he turned around to grab it back, and did not hide it in the slightest, it was pure disgusting you, and he was also showing his attitude and position."

< p>"He didn't even hide his body shape and voice, but it was perfectly clear to tell you that I did it, what can you do? How dare you!"

"He is like this now The method is directly equivalent to pointing at the nose..."

"As before, we set up a strategy to kill Qin Fangyang and dig He Yuanyue’s grave. It’s not just self-righteous, but I did it. , How can you be unscrupulous? Just thinking that the other party has nothing to do with us, and now, it’s just Fengshui taking turns!"

"And now, we really have nothing to do with him, no longer self-sufficient. I thought!"

"In any case, I dare not do anything to him, especially now."

"Even, we dare not expose his identity! Without evidence, we exposed his identity, only to make the people of the world take more extreme measures against us: You dare to insult Throne!"

Wang Han sighed: "How can I do this? I don’t know? You said that this was done by Throne’s son, did you come up with conclusive evidence? Without conclusive evidence, you are slandering Throne!"

"Throne has a son in the whole continent. No one can prove it...how can we have proof?"

"Furthermore, even if it proves that this is what Throne’s son did, what can we do? Everyone in the continent I will only be more happy: Throne is here! Everyone celebrates! Everyone is well-known! It's well-known! That's all imaginable!"

"Even, there will be people who are happy to set off firecrackers."

Wang Zhong’s face was full of bleakness: “If we have to do something, we will be attacked by the crowd... What is it that Throne’s son killed you? This sentence will definitely fall into the Wang Family. On the head!"

The two sighed relatively.

This sentence is just like what the Wang Family said at the beginning: We War God's clan, we are credited to Star Soul, we are outstanding, what counts for killing a few people?

We War God's clan, what does it take to occupy a little land?

We War God's clan, what is a grave?

But your War God is so awesome, can you compare with Throne?

What a big face?

If Zuo Xiaoduo’s identity bursts out, it will definitely be a mountain cry out and sea howl: According to your Wang Family theory, it is Throne’s son who killed you Wang Family. Just treat it as a pastime, do you still have the face to shout?

Throne’s son wants to kill you, why don’t you wash your neck quickly and line up? Are you not ready to crane your neck to accompany Young Master for fun?

In case Young Master beheaded and chopped off unpleasantly, wouldn't you Wang Family be extremely sinful?

Thinking of this situation, Wang Han and Wang Zhong can feel ashamed or die ashamed!

"Looking back again, today’s City Guard and Star Shield Bureau’s reactions were not normal everywhere. It took so long to finish things before arriving slowly. Doesn’t it mean that someone was deliberately procrastinating? Action."

"And this person, I am afraid that he is still a high-level person, or a high-level person!"

"After he came, he seemed to be fair, but he was in the bones. It’s all perfunctory!"

"Every sentence, every sentence was to sprinkle salt on our Wang Family wounds, and actually asked about our Wang Family ancestral grave... The heaven falls where our Wang Family ancestral grave fell. And earth rends, who doesn’t know? If he didn’t mean it..."

"This is a blatant taking advantage of one's position to bully people! Moreover, it is our Wang Family who is bullying! "

I don't accept your gifts!

I will inevitably be misunderstood after receiving your gifts. I won't accept it, but I still want it.

So, grab it back!

Killing and surpassing goods, but waiting for nosy.

Do you Wang Family have any comments?

Everything was inference clearly perfectly clear, but the two brothers only sighed relatively long and were silent.

The form is very clear.

Zuo Xiaoduo's purpose is also very clear.

I bullied you, what can you do? How dare you?

For many years, this kind of taking advantage of one's position to bully people was done by Wang Family to others.

Leaving other people speechless, they can only despair and can only stare blankly.

Nowadays, Fengshui takes turns, and others have the same taking advantage of one's position to bully people, and they bully Wang Family. This dumb loser, not only can't fight back, can't talk back, even even testify against the murderer. Don't dare-Wang Family members have truly tasted the feelings of those who were oppressed by them before!

Moreover, it has been tasted several times!

This kind of aggrieved, aggrieved, helpless, desperate, no way to the sky, no way into the earth...

It's a depressed mood of wishing to commit suicide...

Just at this time.

Suddenly someone came to report.

"Family Head, Zuo Xiaoduo is here..."

"Zuo Xiaoduo is here?" Both Wang Han and Wang Zhong were taken aback. At this time, what is he doing?


After saying that the'northern great handsome guy bandit group' went back, Li Chenglong rolled his eyes and thought about it, and immediately gave a good idea: "boss, This matter is not over yet, we can use the follow-up."

"Follow-up, how to use it?"

"Now that Wang Family already knows your identity... But it's better to do too much."

Li Chenglong squinted his eyes and said: "Originally, we were relatively disadvantaged and couldn't go directly to the door. People who didn't know would be able to encircle us... But now it’s another matter. We can make things even more arrogant and disgusting. Let’s get the full interest first. Let’s get out of the air!"

"Let’s do it because of the situation. Now, I can’t really kill the Wang Family and avenge the Old Principal, but now I can do something else!"

"en?" Zuo Xiaoduo's eyes lit up like light bulbs.

"Wang Family doesn’t always take advantage of one's position to bully people? Today we will deal with a man as he deals with you! arrogant and despotic who won’t?"

Li Chenglong smiled sinisterly: "We are like this..."

"Good idea, I like it! hahaha..."

"Don't like it first, you still want to be like this In this way, it will speed up the feelings of enmity...Let’s have a wave of coolness first!"


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