Unconventional Legend Chapter 1225

"A clever plan! It's Swelly! You are so bad, it is so bad that you have sores on the top of your head and pus on the soles of your feet...but I like it! hahaha..."

Zuo Xiaoduo was excited.

Li Chenglong: "..."

Left boss, I tried my best to figure out a solution for you, but in exchange for a sore on the top of the head and pus on the soles of the feet?

This is a bitch!

"That's it!"

The decision is made. The youngest Zuo naturally couldn't wait for a moment, and this was the trip to Wang Family.

Since he wants to vent his anger, he must be cruel, Zuo Xiaoduo simply pulls on Lu Yingfeng as soon as he arrives.

The resentment in Lu Yingfeng's heart is more than anyone else!

Zuo Xiaoduo is sure in his heart.

I have been identified at oneself, and all the curtains have not been opened yet, I lent Wang Family 10,000 courage, and I dare not do anything to oneself!

So oneself is extremely safe!

So everyone grandiose went away.


Although it feels like eating flies and defecate in his heart, Wang Family still chooses to welcome the high-level VIPs and welcome Zuo Xiaoduo and Lu Yingfeng and the others in. .

Wang Han, the Family Head, also came out in person and was very respectful.

The aggrieved part of Family Head Wang's heart can be imagined, but also secretly held back, suffocating internal injuries...

"Oh yeah...Wang Family is really good Big!"

Zuo Xiaoduo took the Eighth Step, from top to bottom, full of the style of'Son of Heaven Patrolling Throne', with a reserved face: "Not bad, not bad, this house is wonderful! "

Li Chenglong dressed up in steward, tilted his nose and said: "How much is this the people's blood, sweat and tears..."

Wang Family looked sideways .

How does this steward dressed boy talk? This is still in front of your face...has you been a guest like this?

"hahahaha...speak carefully." Zuo Xiaoduo said: "Speaking should be flexible, don't tell the truth. It is easy to offend people."

Li Chenglong knows: "The big brother said The thing is, the little brother is just a rectum... But this place is really extravagant, and there is a famous saying in ancient times, behind the red doors meat and wine go to waste, while out on the road lie the frozen bones of the poor...It may be said It's the Wang Family."

Wang Family people:......

If you can’t speak, just say a few words less!

Wang Han held back his anger and laughed with him: "Left Shao is here today, I don’t know... but what's the important thing?"

"It’s okay."


Zuo Xiaoduo laughed and said: "In fact, there are some things that are not easy to tell..."

"It doesn't matter if there is little left to say."

"That's it Yes, during this period of time there is a turmoil...My side... is also a soldier, and there is a lot of loss, this is not... I accidentally lost some of the treasures my father gave me... This is a bit unreasonable..."

Some treasures my father gave me!

My father!

Wang Han's face turned blue, this...this shock almost made him lose his soul.

What else do you not understand?

At the beginning we wanted to kill Zuo Xiaoduo’s parents...but we didn’t find...so to speak...

Did we Wang Family... almost assassinated? Throne? ?

The cold sweat of Wang Han's vest came out with a loud noise, and his face was covered with white hair.

For a while, I was overwhelmed, but I didn't even pay attention to what Zuo Xiaoduo said.

Zuo Xiaoduo laughed heartily: "I lost something, lost something, just lost something hahahaha..."

old fellow pretended to be stupid.

But how can this young master make you pretend to be stupid?

Wang Han woke up, his head was blank for a while, and he could only follow Zuo Xiaoduo's words and eat and eat: "I don't know Zuo Shao...what is missing?"

At the moment of this question, I suddenly felt an unknown premonition rise in the mind.

Seeing Lu Yingfeng faint smile next to him, Wang Han's expression finally changed.

Next to it.

Li Chenglong stood up unwillingly with a face filled with righteous indignation, pointing to Wang Han’s nose and cursing: "Wang Han, what are you pretending to be confused?! The thing that our boss lost is your Wang Family’s. If someone stole it, you still made a look of innocence! You put a donkey bird on your nose, do you think you are pretending to be an elephant? Did you know that this thing is soft when it is cut off?!"

Wang Han almost vomited blood: "I’m from Wang Family stole it? Where do I start?"

Countless Wang Family people glared at Li Chenglong and wanted to rush forward. Eat him in one bite!

Zuo Xiaoduo feinted: "Swelly, what are you telling the truth?"

Then he looked at Wang Han with a smirk: "Family Head Wang, sorry, I This steward, I don’t know how to speak flexibly. You have a straight temper and like to tell the truth. Don’t mind."

I don’t mind!

Wang Han looked at Li Chenglong as if he wanted to eat people.

I don't mind too much!

You Zuo Xiaoduo is also a real talent!

Is this your steward? Lie!

Who doesn't know that this is the one named Li Chenglong?

It seems that there is also a very high evaluation of "a generation of military advisor", and the four leaders are all salivating, such a steward, based on you Zuo Xiaoduo, can you afford it?

Well, Zuo Xiaoduo is a relative of Throne, and it seems to be affordable...

Wang Han didn't dare to get angry, so he gritted his teeth: "I Wang Family didn't steal..." Speaking of it, there is endless suffocation plus daring to be angry and not daring to speak.

"Let your grandma's eighteenth bend bend the fart! You didn't steal it! You said that you didn't steal it, and you didn't steal it? You have all the evidence! How dare you so much? Just open your mouth, it's really full of nonsense! Do you think you can pull out shit just like your anus when you touch your upper and lower mouth?"

Li Chenglong yelled: "Looking at your lack of confidence, it is obvious that you have a guilty conscience. The virtues, did your special mother suffer from Yin Dao inflammation!?"

Wang Han immediately rushed to his forehead with a puff of blood!

Too bad to hear!

Too bad to hear!

This bastard's mouth is even more smelly than a cesspit!

"Family Head Wang, don't mind, in fact..." Zuo Xiaoduo said hypocritically.

Wang Han can't help it completely: "The surname is Li, you said there is evidence, where is it? Take it out! Even if your status is respected, you can't slander good people for no reason!"

"A good man?"

Li Chenglong laughed heartily, with nostrils facing the sky: "As far as you Wang Family, you still dare to speak wild words today, open your mouth and shut your mouth and say that oneself is a good person , I don’t know the two words good people anymore, or I understand the meaning of these two words wrong..."

Long Yusheng and the others are so cool at this moment from the sole of the foot to the top of the head, very satisfying.

Especially Lu Yingfeng, now it's cool to be flying.

The scolding is really poisonous, and the scolding is really ugly, but I really like it...

It's just a lifetime to see Wang Han being scolded in front of oneself. The most worry-free and eye-catching thing, looking at Wang Han's aggrieved face, Lu Yingfeng looked at this face more and more, I couldn't see enough!

A little bit more stubborn...the better.

Long Yusheng Yu Moyan and the others all suddenly realized, plus they looked at them.

Li Chenglong's eloquence is really okay...

No wonder Li Chenglong volunteered to do this job. This guy is so eloquent. It's so enjoyable to curse people. I can’t think of the good words in my dreams. I know many words and use them. But the most vicious words are connected together to form the most vicious words, but I can’t think of them...

Zuo Xiaoduo hehe smiled and said: "Family Head Wang, this is the case... You gave me the Other Shore Flower in the past... I didn't want it, and I was very angry... This, hehe, can't hide it. This is something. , You know?"

Wang Han 吭哧吭哧groaned.

Do you have a face to say that you had snatched it back long ago... and you have killed everyone, so you still come to mention Other Shore Flower?

Where is the face?

How embarrassed?

I know? Can I not know? !

Just listen to Zuo Xiaoduo saying: "But I am angry, there is a reason..."


Zuo Xiaoduo said:" Back then, my dad and my mother were afraid that we were too young and ignorant to cause trouble, and provoke people who shouldn’t be provoke, in case we get hurt or something... right, but it’s not good... in case if we provoke it. That kind of bastard is unreasonable, it will inevitably be exhausted to the death of friends and elders, and the graves will be smashed, and it will inevitably be even more unpleasant, Family Head Wang, don't you think?"

Zuo Xiaoduo said with a smile Looks like a knife in his eyes.

Wang Han coughed and said: "What Zuo Xiaoduo said is...this is also such is human nature..."

Zuo Xiaoduo said with a laugh: "In order to avoid this, My dad and my mom prepared something for me. I think it was really disappointing back then. Since my family was relatively rich since I was a child, I didn’t take anything into my heart... Now I’m ashamed to think about it. ……"

"It is important to know that one porridge and one meal are hard to come by; the wisps of thought are hard to come by....Who knows that Chinese dishes are hard to eat, Family Head Wang, you Right?"

Wang Han lowered his head and rolled his eyes.

You are very literate...

"Among the things my parents gave me, there is a natural treasure, um, Other Shore Flower. Some time ago , Was stolen...and were stolen together, there are also a lot of Star Heart, Star Soul Jade, and divine weapon weapons, heaven and earth treasures... a lot."

"Originally. This is really embarrassing, but the batch of materials I stolen is really a lot, and it’s already broken..."

"The things were stolen, but they were not as skilled as people. No one else, I’ve already admitted defeat, and I’m alive, who wouldn’t step on a few shit and be disgusted for a few times!"

"But today, when you see Family Head Wang, you send it over That Other Shore Flower...I feel familiar..." Zuo Xiaoduo said.

"Other Shore Flower should look the same, right?" Wang Han said coldly.

He understands, these guys today are obviously to be disgusting people, but also blackmail, and then they are purely humiliating!

"Ah, did Family Head Wang's unspoken implication, have you seen another Other Shore Flower? Even more than one?" Zuo Xiaoduo asked in amazement.

Are there many rare treasures such as Other Shore Flower in this world?

"I dare not, but for Other Shore Flower, although my Wang Family has a shallow background, there are still a few plants." Wang Han said coldly.

Zuo Xiaoduo hehe smiled and said: "I naturally did not question the meaning of Family Head Wang, but I can be sure that the Other Shore Flower I took today is mine."

< p>"Dare to ask Young Master Zuo to prove it?"

"The proof is easy to say, because I have been naughty since I was a child. It is mainly me. The possessive desire is relatively strong, and I like to leave on oneself things. A mark exclusive to oneself."

Zuo Xiaoduo explained with a smile on his face: "On that Other Shore Flower, one of the petals was pinched by my nails... and, also, On the trace of pinching, a little tortoise was drawn. He he he...We were really young and ignorant at the beginning, but didn't want to be the evidence of the present. One pecking and one pecking, is it destined to laugh and laugh."

Zuo Xiaoduo hehe smiled: "As long as Family Head Wang takes out the Other Shore Flower, I will show it to you. The evidence is solid and there is no possibility of denial."

......... …

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