Unconventional Legend Chapter 1226

"Take it out?"

Wang Han stared.

You really have the face to say this.

You have taken it away, but now you want me to confront it!

What bastard talk!

Wang Han fell back with anger, and said with a black face: "But this Other Shore Flower was just taken away by the great handsome guy bandit group in the north..."

"Snatched away?"

Zuo Xiaoduo narrowed his eyes and said: "Family Head Wang, it doesn't matter if it is robbed. The so-called Heavenly Net is restored without leaking. I have a retribution, a causal cycle, but I have other evidence to prove that the Other Shore Flower that the Heavenly King family took out is indeed the trifling in my possession."

"Evidence, what Evidence?"

"I took a picture when you sent it away. Family Head Wang knew it at first glance."

Zuo Xiaoduo took out his phone, turned on the camera, and adjusted it. A photo came out and said: "Family Head Wang, please take your eyes."

On the photo, Wang Yi is holding a Other Shore Flower in his palm, flattering and fawning on his face. .

And on the petals of the Other Shore Flower, there was a nail print as expected, and a little tortoise that was not so clear was drawn...

Of course this is Li Chenglong's transformation into Wang Yi’s appearance is photographed... With his current and today’s cultivation base, he controls the muscles on his face to become another person for a short time, just waiting for nosy...

Wang Han’s face is clicked The child is black.

Is there such a planting?

Is it true that I have seen you a long time ago...

What about the face? How about face?

Is it fun to play like this? Is it really interesting?

I saw Zuo Xiaoduo pointing to the photo and said: "Family Head Wang, is this a nail print? Is this a little turtle? Is this your Third Brother? What is it called? Wang Yi? Is this considered as conclusive evidence? Family Head Wang gave a pleasant and fair word!"

Li Chenglong was on the side, and said with a lively expression: "It turns out that it was the Wang Family who stole it. Our stuff! People of Wang Family are thieves."

Wang Han became more and more like the bottom of a pot. He did not say anything for a long time. After a long time, he took a deep breath and said, "You can't kill people. Zuo Shao, what are you doing? Do you want to completely humiliate our Wang Family?"

Zuo Xiaoduo has not spoken yet, Li Chenglong has already slap the table and stand up: "What do you mean by that? You are thieves, but you still make sense? Wang Family Wannian clan, that’s how you made your fortune? Huh? Like people during the day, the whole family will be thieves at night? Killing people, digging graves, robbing graves, and accumulating ten thousand clan. "!"

"Wang Family can you still have a face? Can you? Family Head Wang, is this your face? How do I look like my ass? You open your mouth and let me see, you Do you have teeth in your mouth? Don’t it really be upside down? You stay away and let me see, don’t really squirt out shit..."



Xiang Chong Long Yusheng and others couldn't help it, turning their heads and squirting.

Because it was already foreseen today that the scolding would be terrible, all the female compatriots did not come, but all the boys' shoes were not lost, and they all followed.

At this moment, all of them are so refreshed that their intestines are about to cramp!

But they also made up their minds one after another: in the future, don't mess with Li Chenglong!

This curse is too vicious!

I would rather provoke the left boss and be beaten, and absolutely can’t provoke Li Chenglong’s poisonous tongue!

The formidable power is too strong, no one can bear it!

Wang Han is finally angry, slap the table and stand up: "The surname is Li, don’t be bully intolerably, our War God's clan is not easy to mess with!"

Li Chenglong The same furious slap the table and stand up, saying: "What about War God's clan? War God's clan can steal things? War God's clan can be unreasonable? Now that there are all witnesses and physical evidence, is it such an obvious thing? Are you going to go to court? Well, since you don’t admit it, then we will file a lawsuit, let the state judge, let the law judge! Let the law enforcement department, Uncle, come to justice and judge a case..."

"Walk around, let's go to the Law Enforcement Department, and go now!"

"I still don't believe it. There is no place for reasoning in this world. War God's clan can act wilfully, Unscrupulous, no taboo! Family Head Wang, I only ask you, if the law enforcement department decides that you stole it, what do you say?!" Li Chenglong patted the table, raised his chest and raised his mouth. splash.

Wang Han only felt that his blood pressure rose, and he was about to spew out a mouthful of blood.

Is this still a lawsuit?

Wang Han clearly understands in his heart that this lawsuit, no matter where it is fought, oneself Wang Family will lose!

Even if you hit the emperor Your Majesty, the emperor Your Majesty would only say: You Wang Family stole something!

Although everyone knows that this evidence is false, no one will speak for oneself!

Everyone will say: This is true!

Zuo Xiaoduo can only point out that the two proofs are his, but at that level, they can easily find a thousand pieces of evidence to prove: This is Zuo Xiaoduo's!

This is a lawsuit that must be lost!

Wang Family has done this kind of thing thousands of times or even tens of thousands of times in these thousands of years!

As long as you want something, something that is originally worth one hundred million yuan, you can buy it with one hundred thousand yuan, not sell it?

It just so happens that even the one hundred thousand yuan can be saved and the lawsuit can be brought. Some evidence is: This is originally my family, and my family does not want to take advantage of one's position to bully people, so I said that I bought it with the money. ......

Then the verdict comes down, um, this is my family!

You don't need to spend a penny, and you don't need to spend money in a lawsuit, because you lose the lawsuit.

How easy it is!

You can still earn a good reputation!

But today, the same method is applied to oneself by the bottle gourd. This feeling is really terrible...

Zuo Xiaoduo sighed then said , Said: "Family Head Wang, I don’t understand. I stole something if I stole it, and it’s okay to come back? I don’t have any undue demands. Why do I have to deny such conclusive evidence? for No reason has fallen into the glory of War God's clan!"

"We didn't steal it!" Wang Han was so wronged that his chest was about to burst.

"Really didn't steal it?" Zuo Xiaoduo narrowed his eyes: "Since your Family Head Wang is so convincing, then you don't intend to be reasonable, so I have to find a reasonable person. Now."

"What do you want?" Wang Han softened.

Although he doesn't know who Zuo Xiaoduo is looking for, he is sure that it must be someone who cannot afford to offend.

And there are not many people like this in Capital City, but there are not too many. In the current situation of Wang Family, it is unwise to set up such a big enemy on the surface.

Rather than when the time comes, it’s more uncomfortable, and the great character may further affect the overall plan. It’s better to be a bachelor now. Didn’t you understand that the situation is better than people?

"What I want is very simple, as long as I give me my things, I turn around and leave, never love the stack." Zuo Xiaoduo said.

"Your stuff..."

Wang Han vomits blood and said: "What is there? I just give it to you!"

So say, I just made up my mind to succumb to the end, and the wealth and disasters disappeared.

This is no way, the situation is better than people.

"I really don't know what's there..." Zuo Xiaoduo didn't care about it: "I just received it at the time, and didn't even see what it was. Anyway, the divine weapon is a great weapon. Not a lot!"

Wang Han was dumbfounded.

You don’t know oneself, so how do we compensate?

What does it mean quite a lot?

"Let’s open your warehouse, let’s go in and take a look, you also see, my things are marked, we will never take things randomly."

Zuo Xiaoduo has a serious face.


Wang Han finally couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood.

You are here to copy the house...

Opened my treasure house, as long as you fancy anything, press a fingerprint is yours, I use this special Can think of it!

As a result, we emptied our warehouse, and my family will have a reputation as a thief!

Moreover, it was still the treasure of Throne's family...

This is just a big pot of black sky, so wildly covered!

It's not enough if you don't recognize it!

You don't recognize it, maybe your Wang Family will be gone today.

As soon as Zuo Xiaoduo said it, someone would immediately come to "enforce the law impartially" and seal the Wang Family warehouse to let Zuo Xiaoduo go in and find "his oneself's things".

This is a certainty!

Well, Wang Family has had this experience before. Of course, in the past, it was the warehouse of other people's houses that Wang Family went in to search for favorite things!

"That's all, I recognize it!"

Wang Han clenched the teeth: "I hope that Zuo will say nothing and believe in it. After finding something that belongs to you, don't have any more extravagances "

Zuo Xiaoduo was displeased and said: "Family Head Wang, who do you look down on? Is this kind of person Zuo Xiaoduo?"

He looked righteous. Said: "Why do I have extra branches? I am the owner. I am fair and comfortable. How can black and white be confused?"


Wang Han just felt black in front of his eyes. .

This is a very good question for you. Are you Zuo Xiaoduo that kind of person? What do you say?

Can you still be a little bit forced by oneself?

Gritting his teeth, without saying a word, he waved his hand and ordered: "steward! Open the storeroom!"

I saw Zuo Xiaoduo turning his head and saying: "Lu Family Head, how do I listen? Say you have lost a lot of things in your house?"

Lu Ying laughed out a little risk, and hurriedly suppressed: "Yes, I have lost a lot of things over the years, and I haven't found it back. The other party's divine ability Kuma, trifling Lu Family, I really can’t get it back."

"Are there any marks on those things?"

"Some of them, there were a lot of lost things before, I hope. One day you can find it back, and naturally leave the mark, but what's the use of the mark alone..."

"Why it's useless, let's go in and look for it together later, since it works for the Other Shore Flower that I lost In the hands of Wang Family, maybe your lost things may also fall into Wang Family, but you have to be honest, and don't take things that don't belong to your family..."

"Of course. "Lv Yingfeng looked pleased: "Thanks to Zuo Shao, otherwise there is no hope of returning my family's ancestral property..."

Wang Han pu' sound spits out mouthful of blood again.

"Please, Kumen is already open." Wang Han really didn't want to say a word with these two shameless people.

Do whatever you want, just move it.

As long as you can leave today!

I am willing to give everything!

"Walk around, let's hurry over." Zuo Xiaoduo laughed and stood up and walked forward on his own.

Li Chenglong murmured as he walked: "What kind of world is this? I am a thief and I am so arrogant... I need to point my face, can I have a face? Look at this face, It’s like we’ve come to blackmail him...I really can’t bear it, are people so shameless now?"

"It’s really a long time to see you!"

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