Unconventional Legend Chapter 1227

Li Chenglong murmured as he walked: "There is such a shameless person in this world. It really is Heaven and Earth that is so big, who has them all..."

"Opening a warehouse is so grind, and the evidence is solid. When asked whether to admit it or not to admit it, that's all, but promised to let us go in and get it... Stand up..."

"Stand up again...What an eye-opener today..."

Wang Han walked quickly to the forefront, far away from Li Chenglong Far away, he is really afraid that oneself will be mad at death!

But when Li Chenglong saw that he was far away, he poured spirit qi directly into his voice, and suddenly roared like a big horn in Wang Family Mansion...

All Wang Family Everyone is trembling with anger...

Watching Zuo Xiaoduo and the others enter Kumen...

Wang Family is naturally more than this warehouse, this is To be sure, even what is stored in this warehouse will not be the true heritage and essence of Wang Family.

But Zuo Xiaoduo also knows that it is not easy for Wang Family to open this warehouse.

In other words, this is the bottom line of Wang Family.

After entering, you are faced with a bunch of peak grade Star Soul Jade.

"Found it! It really is here!"

Zuo Xiaoduo cheered: "These all are my family's, I remember clearly, my family's things have the atmosphere of my family, my family's Star Soul Jade, there is spirit qi inside...well, there are fingerprints on it!"

He grabbed a piece at random, and said, "This piece is a representative to check if there is my fingerprint on it. Whether there is spirit qi in it, these are all real evidence and cannot be denied."

The several Wang Family members who entered with them were angry and confused on the spot.

Then I saw Zuo Xiaoduo going all the way in: "The medicine ingredient here is also my home, with spirit qi, fingerprints... When I was a child, I used to urinate on it. Dissipated, but the breath that belongs to me, ninety-nine percent are still..."

"This bunch is so familiar, it seems to be the ones lost in my family, I have to touch it to see if there is me on it Most of them have fingerprints..."

"Well, these weapons are clearly my family's, and there are my fingerprints on them. I took a closer look and they have my face..."

Wang Han felt more and more anger in his chest, and sat down with his chest, that's all that's all, I won't go with you.

I'll just wait here...

You can take whatever you want, and you can play it, anyway, I don't want to listen to you anymore!


Li Chenglong’s voice is getting louder and louder: "Wang Family is really shameless, all these lost things are actually in their home... Take a look, this Didn’t you find it? Just now there was a face to distinguish, saying that they did not steal, that is, the boss is kind, if the police report to the police, is Wang Family okay..."

"The end is shameless and extremely shameless! "

"Sure enough, all the primordial capital accumulation of the grand era family was bloody and illegal..."

"Wang Family stole so much from our house... true It’s really irritating!"

"Those here should be Lu Family, look, look, there are marks on them, these medicine ingredients are divided into two branches, which clearly represent Lu. This is a guide from the heavens. I can't understand the shamelessness of some people."

"This should also belong to Lu Family, Lu Family Head. Take a piece and see if there is your fingerprint imprint on it?"

"These weapons must be Lu Family's fingerprint verification! Lu Family Head, do you have fingerprints on it?"


"These medicine pill belong to my family...Huh, there are Lu Family among them?"

"These pieces of Star Heart are definitely my family's, except for my house, there are no other places. If there are any, they are all stolen from my house, a very simple inference..."

"This...it’s no wonder that my Burning Sun True Scripture hasn’t made progress for a long time. It turned out to be the help of my cultivation. Yang Shi has been stolen here. It’s really vicious..."

"Ah, there are so many Niannian Cats here, I said her extreme cold profound ice is gone... so I got here. , Admit it? You can't admit it, it exudes Niannian Cat's exclusive icy air..."

"This piece of medicinal herb looks familiar...my house!"

< p>"That's my house too..."

"This is Lu Family's, isn't it? Lu Family's? Lv Family Head, your family is the same as ours, they are not strictly guarded, let's talk about it There is no other way. People’s martial arts are strong and powerful. We are lucky enough to be able to find the lost property. , I force more, I’m afraid I’ll be killed. They are War God’s clan. They have unlimited glory and will destroy our little shrimps, but wait for nothing..."

"Is this shelf Lu Family? of? "

"What's the matter, Wang Family, how much is this stolen...I look at this wall now, it looks like my house..."



Finally, under all eyes...

Zuo Xiaoduo and the others filed out of the warehouse.

Wang Han live without hope took a look into the warehouse and suddenly It was dark in front of me and almost fainted.

The huge warehouse was emptied!

Yes, it was empty, empty, without countless iron shelves. Now!

Now this warehouse is really emptied. It can be said that even if a mouse gets in, it has to come out with two tears...

And Zuo Xiaoduo and Li Chenglong, who walked out, were still muttering regretfully.

"There are still many good things that I haven't found..."

"Those cherished The divine weapon, the divine weapon, must be hidden. This is a matter of reason..."

"The point I found today has only a few values. What is it worth? , The ones that are not found are the real good things..."

"If you can find these, you can just laugh..."

"Wang Family, this is clearly Perfunct us..."

"It's really hateful, there are such shameless people in this world..."

"Swelly steward, how many things have we not found?" I don't care about these, I can't remember. "Zuo Xiaoduo said.

"Just the ones you mentioned in the past, the part that has been recovered now is less than one-tenth of the total, and all the products recovered this time are all large-scale goods, and there is no high-quality goods. It can be said... hey..." Li Chenglong sighed, as if distressed.

"Damn, only found the tenth? Not yet? How many good things have been stolen in our house? "

"Why don't you think about it, our house is not just in name only, but also in reality, the first under the heavens house of genuine, can we have fewer good things? There are still fewer fine products, so aunt can give you less good things? "

"Yeah, it really makes sense. "

So Zuo Xiaoduo turned around: "Family Head Wang..."

Wang Han stood up tremblingly: "Zuo Shao, these... Is it all right? "

Wang Han, the Family Head of Wang Clan, his entire complexion, as if he had been tens of years old in this short period of time, the wrinkles on his face have darkened.


Zuo Xiaoduo said: "But there are still many lost items that have not been found. I recovered less than one-tenth of the weight. Look at Lu Family Head's sad face, the weight I found must be the same. It is far from enough..."

"But my Wang Family is just this one warehouse, there is no more..."

"What about the deceit?" chi... Do you think I believe it? There are four to five hundred warehouses in my house..."

Wang Han wants to say: Are you a liar! Would you show me four to five hundred warehouses in your house for a look?


"Hurry up and open the other warehouses as well. We must continue to prove that things that are not related to us will never move a little, let alone move without evidence. I have said so. Be sincere! "

Zuo Xiaoduo repeatedly urged

"But our Wang Family is really such a warehouse! "

Wang Han swears by a bet. One swearing, my house is a warehouse.

"Isn't it right? ! "

Zuo Xiaoduo's eyes are filled with distrust and brilliance fills his eyes: "Just now you clearly said that your house has a lot of Other Shore Flowers... Why didn't I see it in the warehouse? Wang Family has more than one warehouse! "

Wang Han: "..."

I understand this, why did you think it was not enough to grab a plant!

The goods stopped leaving. Wang Han waved his hand with a dilapidated headache: "Steward, go to my study, and bring the two Jade Cases with Other Shore Flower in them... Take them away to Zuo Shao, which is a little bit of my heart. "

"What your thoughts, it is clearly my family, my dad told me, this stuff, our family has, other..." Zuo Xiaoduo rolled his eyes and simply talked. Tiger skin is the banner.

"Okay, okay... it's all yours! "Wang Han is getting weaker and weaker. The young man in front of him has pulled out Mr. Throne and talked about it. There is still room for oneself to distinguish.

I came out to receive this time. It can be regarded as Wang Han's best life. One thing I regret, I knew that if I knew this, what the Family Head said that oneself would not come out!

Just send someone to receive it...

It's really angry I got dizzy and I was so angry.

"This is what you said. "

So Zuo Xiaoduo got two other Shore Flower plants. He lamented Wang Family’s long history of clans, but at the same time, he still felt a little lack of beauty.

"My family still I've missed it..."

"Left young man, people are watching the sky, so it's enough. "

Wang Han's lips are trembling continuously.

Are you not finished yet?

I asked if your family had lost a Wang Clan?

Is there any?

Li Chenglong is still forced to talk and chatter, but Zuo Xiaoduo already knows that this has reached the limit of the Wang Family. If it is dragged on any longer, people will insist. No, oneself and the others really can’t help it.

After all, it’s not time to turn around, especially oneself and the others can’t spend a lot of time here, and the gains outweigh the losses.

Simply today’s blackmail has been successful, and the humiliation is in place, and that's almost it.


Zuo Xiaoduo laughed: "Then Let’s do it, Family Head Wang, I’ll take my family’s things and leave. For the sake of the Star Soul Continent fellows, I won’t report this matter, so you will have less trouble, even though Wang Family War. God's clan, the glory is undiminished, but it is meaningless to be crowned a thief. "

Wang Han's face was black, as if he was about to vomit blood at any time, and said: "That's really many thanks, Zuo Shao is so magnanimous." "

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