Unconventional Legend Chapter 1228

Li Chenglong murmured: "A lot of evidence is in hand, so forget it? Boss, you are too magnanimous. I have to say a few words about you, even if your family Dayeda doesn’t care about these bits and pieces, but they are also a lot of high-quality resources. According to me, they should all be captured... What War God glory, there is such a giant clan in Shangjing, I am deeply the life and property of the people of Shangjing. I feel a deep concern about security..."

"Take other people's things...huh..."

"Too shameless!"

"Too much skinny It's thick..."

"Can't stand it!"

"It's hard to tolerate..."

"In this world, there are such shameless people... …It really opened my eyes to me again, Great Thousand Worlds is really there is no lack of strange things...... They are so cheap......"

Wang Han can't bear it anymore , A mouthful of blood rushed to his throat, but he finally understood the current situation and swallowed it back with a grunt.

He knows that if he really vomits blood, he will not only be laughed at by everyone in front of him, but also fear that there will be waves again. The names are all ready-Family Head Wang will start acting again, really It's really an acting school, is it possible that you are going to be squirting?

Long Yusheng and the others gathered all this in their eyes, holding back a smile, and suffocating their stomachs.

Go out soon.

Everyone suddenly found an old man with white hair, Senile, in front of the door, as if he would fall to the ground when the wind blows.

This old man is wearing an azure gown, crouching on his waist, leaning on an Imperial Tutor chair, holding a sword in his hand, and a long sword with a sheath.

At this moment, I was rolling my eyelids, looking at Zuo Xiaoduo, panting and saying: "You... called Zuo Xiaoduo? Are you a descendant of Throne?"

"Who are you? Zuo Xiaoduo tilted his head and frowned.

"Who am I..." The old man took a deep breath and said: "I am...Wang Lingyun!"

Wang Lingyun?

Zuo Xiaoduo said he had never heard of it.

However, Li Chenglong on one side was complexion changed and hurriedly informed of sound transmission.

"Wang Lingyun is the eldest grandson of Heavenly King Senior Wang Feihong and the founder of Wang Family; at the beginning, Heavenly King Wang died and left his only son; he raised seven children, Wang Lingyun, It’s the boss...the creation of the Wang Family in one hand and it lasts to this world."

"This old man is Wang Clan, and now the only surviving and oldest Old Ancestor is."

Zuo Xiaoduo nodded, it is clear.

"Wang Lingyun, right? What do you want to do when you sit here?" Zuo Xiaoduo still asked condescendingly.

After understanding the identity of the other party, Zuo Xiaoduo didn't dare to call him by name anymore!

Although the old man’s age is there, the continent War God surprises Heavenly King even if he is the same generation as Zuo Changlu, his eldest grandson Wang Lingyun is still a generation younger than Zuo Xiaoduo.

Wang Lingyun is only three generations at most, while Zuo Xiaoduo is not just in name only, but also in reality, the pure second generation of a seedling on a million mu of land!

So, even if it is called'Elderly Wang,' Wang Lingyun can't enjoy it at Zuo Xiaoduo either!

"You slandered my Wang Family for stealing for no reason. In the name of Throne, you came to my house to blackmail. Do you know how much this will cause Zuo grandfather's reputation?!"

< p>Wang Lingyun rolled his eyelids and looked at Zuo Xiaoduo sharply. He was already short of breath in his words, so he could say something and take a breath.

It took a long time to finish a sentence, and immediately raised the long sword with a sheath in his hands tremblingly, indifferently said: "I may not be qualified to control you, but this sword, even if it is the left grandfather. See you When it arrives, I will be sad."

"This is the sword of my Wang Family ancestor, Jinghong Heavenly King, Jinghong sword!"

"It was the original gift from Master Throne. To the ancestors!"

Wang Lingyun said angrily: "Zuo Xiaoduo, if you are interested and leave things behind, my Wang Family can give gifts and exchange courtesy. Everyone is a good family member, and I don’t want to make trouble too much. It’s not pleasant."

"How about..."

"How about it?" Zuo Xiaoduo indifferently said: "How do you want?"

Wang Lingyun trembled Weiwei wanted to stand up, but couldn't stand up. After breathing for breath, he said for a long time: "Zuo Xiaoduo, you really want to ignore Throne's reputation for petty gain? This is Throne's reputation!"

Zuo Xiaoduo was silent for a while, he really saw the anger and hate iron for not becoming steel in the eyes of the old man before him.

Finally, I felt soft and said: "Wang Lingyun, you are like this... It should have been a long time since you went out, haven't you been in contact with foreign objects?"

Wang Lingyun hearing this is one Frozen: "How do you say?"

"You said I tarnished Throne's clean name, but how much do you know about the status of Wang Family?"

Zuo Xiaoduo coldly "Do you know why I came today? What's the reason?"

"Do you know why I didn't go to another house? I want to come to your Wang Family to act publicly? Do you know the reason?"


Wang Lingyun was stunned, he just got a report from posterity filled with righteous indignation, saying that it was how Zuo Xiaoduo took advantage of one's position to bully people. Now Wang Family has been wronged to death...for a while, the anger came out. .

But as for the inside story, it is not clear at all.

Turning his head to look at the Wang Family people beside him, his old and muddy eyes looked over one by one, and finally stopped on Wang Han’s face. After carefully identifying it for a long time, he said uncertainly: "You are Who? Are you the Family Head of Wang Family? What’s your name?"

He doesn’t know Wang Han, but he knows Family Head’s gowns and accessories

Wang Han steps forward Kneel down: "Old Ancestor, I am Wang Han, the current Wang Family Family Head."

Wang Lingyun stopped talking, closed his eyes and thought for a long time, muttered: "You said, Heaven Patrolling Throne's Later generations came to our Wang Family to blackmail and extort...I didn’t stop after emptied the warehouse, can this happen?"

Wang Han took a deep breath and said, "Yes, there is such a thing." This is a fact!"

Wang Lingyun took a breath and said: "Is the Throne grandfather still alive?"

Li Chenglong loudly said on the side: "Heaven Patrolling Throne, now It is the number one expert recognized by the Three Continents and is on the same level as the Flood Great Witch! The world is majestic, and the spirit is high! A few days ago, the three continents battled the Flood Great Witch in a decisive battle before the Flood Great Witch, evenly sharing the colors!"

There were tears in Wang Lingyun's eyes, muttered: "Left grandfather is still the primordial pillar of Star Soul Continent. It is gratifying and congratulatory."

He fell silent immediately.

Many things are too clear, Throne is still alive, first under the heavens, then who does Zuo Xiaoduo need to blackmail? You don't even need to open your mouth to ask, just sit at home and wait, and you will be softened by receiving gifts!

As long as he is willing to accept it!

So, how can it be blackmail to come to Wang Family this time?

Wang Lingyun was silent for a long time, and said coldly: "What did Wang Family do? What's wrong? Was someone stepping into the house like this?"

This is not asking Zuo. Xiaoduo instead asked Wang Han.

Wang Han complexion greatly changed, peng peng knocked his head, but did not speak.

Wang Lingyun's expression became complicated, and he became more and more unable to stand. He slowly slumped on the chair, holding the Jinghong sword in his arms, and sighed in dismay.

For a long time: "Throne is still alive, Megatron is the world...Wang Han, what is special about our Wang Family, it is worth letting the descendants of Lord Throne come to Wang Family for extortion "

"With Wang Family, what kind of treasure is there that even the descendants of Throne-sama are jealous? In such broad daylight, come to blackmail?"

Wang Ling Yunqi Ruosi said generally: "Others are still here. Obviously, they are still in the mood. They have not gotten anything they want. You... take it out and let me see."

Wang Han didn't dare to speak. Still speechless for a while.

Wang Lingyun muttered: "that's all, you can tell me directly, the old man is really curious, we actually have something in the Wang Family, which can be in the eyes of the descendants of Throne, for whom it covets ...This is really a great honor."

Wang Han and the others still did not answer.

Wang Lingyun suddenly loudly shouted: "Take it out! The old man wants to see!!"

He opened his both eyes, although he was so old that he didn’t look like it, he made a loud voice, and he had a sense of self. The power of the stock is soaring into the sky

In both eyes, they are so brilliant that people don't dare to look at them!

The tiger is old, the glory is still there!

Wang Han trembled all over, and he still didn't speak, but he couldn't explain it or dared to explain it.

At this time, a Wang Family descendant next to him couldn’t help but interject: "Zuo Xiaoduo took away our Other Shore Flower, all the peak grade Star Soul Jade, countless treasures of heaven, material and earth. , Star Heart...Even the iron shelf of the warehouse has been moved away..."

Wang Lingyun was silent, as if he didn't hear it.

I just looked at Wang Han and said separately; "Wang Family’s house rules are now like this? The person I asked hasn’t answered yet, but someone next to him talks so fast?"

Waved tiredly, indifferently said: "Hold this talker, drag it down, and take care of the family law! After the execution, drag me back to see!"

The person next to him didn't move.

Wang Han quickly yelled: "You didn't hear Old Ancestor? Drag him down! Hit!"

Suddenly two people dragged the speaker down. Then there was the sound of hitting the board.

Wang Lingyun's eyes are still focused on Wang Han's body, but there is already a dark cloud in his eyes.

"Say!" Wang Lingyun said.

Wang Han lowered his head and said: "That's it, Old Ancestor."

"he he he......"

Wang Lingyun suddenly mocked his face. He laughed, and then looked towards Zuo Xiaoduo with a gray expression, looked towards Zuo Xiaoduo, and said solemnly after a long while: "Zuo Xiaoduo, I don’t know how I should call you?" Zuo Xiaoduo was silent for a while, and said: "If you follow For generations, you should call me uncle!"

You should call me uncle!

This sentence is a thunderbolt from the blue sky, suddenly sounded!

The faces of all Wang Family people, in this brief moment, their faces are dead and silent, and there is no half of their brilliance!

The meaning of this sentence is endless, or rather, it is too clear!

Wang Lingyun suddenly burst into light in his eyes, and suddenly struggling to stand up, he was about to kneel down.

Zuo Xiaoduo hurriedly took hold.

"Let me bow down for a while." Wang Lingyun asked: "In the world, no one dares to fake this identity. Since the identity is true, then etiquette is indispensable. This is human relationship, this is friendship. "

"No. I don't want to have any friendship with your Wang Family anymore."

Zuo Xiaoduo indifferently said.

Wang Lingyun smiled miserably: "I understand."

He looked at Zuo Xiaoduo, his eyes full of pleading: "Can I talk to Zuo grandfather or Zuo grandma? What?"


"I just want to listen to Senior's voice again..." Wang Lingyun trembled, begging: "I'm going to die... Grandma Zuo ...... I hugged me when I was a child......"


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