Unconventional Legend Chapter 1229

Zuo Xiaoduo was silent for a long while.

"Just say...I stopped you and didn't let you go. I want to hear what Grandma Zuo said, just a few words." Wang Lingyun said.

Zuo Xiaoduo understands.

This old man still has a trace of extravagant hope in his heart, or the last trace of unwillingness.

Zuo Xiaoduo took out his cell phone expressionlessly, dialed Wu Yuting's phone, and turned on the hands-free: "Mom."

"Puppy, what's the matter?" Wu Yuting The voice came out.

"That's right, Wang Family stole the things from our house. I will get them. They won't let me go." Zuo Xiaoduo said.

"Better their courage!" Wu Yuting angrily said: "I want to forget it if I stole something from our house? What did I stole? Let them return it ten times!"

< p>Mother and son cooperate with each other tacitly.

The so-called "seeing Weizhizhi", Wu Yuting knows that his son is playing a big banner when he hears it.

But since it's the son of oneself who is doing things, it's natural to be a mother with every detail and perfection.

One side.

Wang Lingyun's tears fell, choked up: "Grandma Zuo...I'm Xiao Yuner..."

On the other side of the phone, Wu Yuting's voice stopped. "Xiao Yun'er? Are you... still alive?"

"Grandma Zuo...it's me..." Wang Lingyun cried loudly.

"Little Yun'er..." Wu Yuting sighed and said: "How many years have you not asked about the world?"

"It's been... for more than four thousand years... …It’s been four thousand eight hundred years..."

Wang Lingyun shed tears, choked up and said: "Since Ling'er passed away...I can't escape from the world... Well, before that, I I don't care about anything..."

Wu Yuting sighed faintly: "Then you don't know anything about these years?"

"I don't know."

Wu Yuting’s voice came out: "Xiaoduo."


"Pick Wang Lingyun out."

Wu Yuting sighed , Said: "Don't forget, take the Jinghong Sword!"

"This..." Zuo Xiaoduo was stunned.

At someone’s house, take away their Old Ancestor... What do you say?

Wang Han and the others, why are you willing to take away this last body protection symbol?

"If you can't take him away, I will send You Dongtian and Yun Zhonghu over. They have the ability to take people away." Wu Yuting's voice came out faintly.

Yes, they not only have the ability to take people away, they also have the ability to instantly destroy the Wang Family, and the Heavenly Kings on the left and right, both come here? !

Wang Han Wang Zhong ashen-faced who heard this message.

"From now on, Wang Lingyun and Wang Clan have nothing to do with you!"

Wu Yuting said: "Xiao Yuner, would you like it?"

Wang Lingyun choked up and said: "I'm willing to... Grandma Zuo, can I ask if this is... why?"

Wu Yuting indifferently said: "Wait, your uncle will naturally tell you how things are in the world?"

Wu Yuting indifferently said Impermanence, retribution is never unhappy!"

After speaking, I hung up the phone.

Wang Lingyun burst into tears, like an orphan who had been lost for thousands of years, and suddenly saw oneself's relatives again.

Although I only heard the sound, my heart was already surging with excitement, and the urge to cry could not be restrained.

Although Wang Lingyun is also a long-lived old man, and Fire of Life has come to an end and is about to go out.

But the admiration at this moment is so overwhelming that it is difficult to restrain.

"What did you say?" Zuo Xiaoduo asked.

"I will go with you." Wang Lingyun responded without hesitation.

"Old Ancestor!"

Everyone in the Wang Family knelt down neatly.

Wang Lingyun took a deep breath and said, "I will go and see what you have done. If...you are really unforgivable...then I will not come back...you too Stop tarnishing, the glory of the ancestors, Jinghongjian, I will take it away."

"If there is still room for recovery, I will ask Grandma Zuo to let me come back and bring the Jinghong sword back."< /p>

Wang Lingyun resolutely said: "Don't kneel... You are destined to not keep me, I... don't know you anymore..."

Wang Han walked a few steps on his knees and leaned back. With tears on his head, he said: "Old Ancestor..."

"You didn't hear what Grandma Zuo said?..." Wang Lingyun said grimly: "Don't you...you want the two Heavenly Kings on the left and right to come and bring me? Go?"

Wang Han dropped his head and lay on the ground, crying loudly, crying like his father is dead.

No, even if he is dead, he seems to have become a fine old fox like this, he will probably not be so miserable, miserable!

As soon as Zuo Xiaoduo entire group pushed Wang Lingyun away from Wang Family in a wheelchair, there was only a cry full of tears behind him.

Wang Family, the upper and lower people waited for the black pressure to kneel all over the ground, one by one was covered in gray and despair.

They are very clear.

Wang Lingyun left today, and even left with the Shocking Sword. Wang Family has lost the last straw!

The dying Wang Lingyun is not the life-saving straw of Wang Family, the real life-saving straw is the shocking sword in his hand!

War God with sword!

That is the last hole card that can save Wang Family, and it is also the last mark left by continental War God Wang Feihong in this world!

This one person and one sword left Wang Family at the same time, and even the last hole card was lost!

However, no one dared to say anything at this moment, and dare not say a word or a word.

Mrs. Throne said very clearly, if Zuo Xiaoduo can't do it, he will immediately send Left and Right Heavenly Kings over!

Only an order is needed, Left and Right Heavenly Kings can be here in at least half an hour, not to mention that it is the Wang Family whose wind and rain are shaking now, even when the Wang Family is at its peak, the Wang Family is also The inability to contend with the cohesion of the two Heavenly Kings is unstoppable anyway!

People, will definitely leave!

Looking at the silhouette, who was as old as a candle in the wind, slowly went to the door and was about to leave the old Wang Family mansion, Wang Han couldn't help but hate his chest, and couldn't bear it anymore.

loudly said: "Old Ancestor, I have something to say!"

Wang Lingyun's haggard face moved a bit, Patted Long Yusheng pushed the wheelchair's hand, turned his head and said:" You say."

Wang Han stood up suddenly, straightened his waist and looked at Wang Lingyun, loudly said: "Wang Han is not a talent, as the contemporary Family Head of Wang Family, now, Old Ancestor is decisively leaving At that time, I just wanted to ask Old Ancestor on behalf of Wang Family's descendants!"

The withered look in Wang Lingyun's eyes was completely motionless, like a stagnant pool, indifferently said: "You ask."

"Dare to ask Old Ancestor, did Old Ancestor break out today, intending to completely sever relationship with Wang Family? It also took away Wang Family’s descendants of life and the supreme glory sword, which was once a descendant of Wang Family Everyone, descendants and grandchildren, has thought about it, even if it's a little moving?"

Wang Han questioned loudly with a look of grief and anger.

Zuo Xiaoduo rushed into anger, and he was about to refute.

Wang Lingyun slowly raised his skinny hand, stopped Zuo Xiaoduo’s hand, and said calmly: "Uncle, Wang Family’s matter, it’s up to me to solve it. Oneself’s sins will eventually be oneself. Also, just as Grandma Zuo said, how things are impermanent and retribution never feels good."

He turned to a calm look on Wang Han’s face, indifferently said: "You said this. I understand the meaning of. Do you think that after Jinghongjian leaves Wang Family, Wang Family loses the most powerful body protection symbol?"

Although it is embarrassing, Wang Han has no choice. He raised his head and said: "Yes! Jinghong Sword is gone, this Wang Family...I am afraid it will be over. Please also Old Ancestor to show grace and give future generations a glimmer of survival, a way to survive!"

Wang Lingyun did not have a long time. speak.

After a long time, he coughed: "So you really did everything!"

Wang Han lowered his head and did not speak.

"It turns out that I really made a big mistake. It was to the point where I needed the shadow of my ancestors to save my life. That's why I told me today that the descendants of Throne came to make trouble and provoke me. Karma, retribution is not impermanence..."

Wang Lingyun sighed.

"Also please Old Ancestor, please."

Wang Family shouted in unison at the same time, in order to survive, they couldn't take care of any face!

Wang Lingyun's haggard face showed a mocking look.

both of his hands holding the hilt of the Jinghong Sword, indifferently said: "You should all know that the words divine sword have spirit?!"

"Back then The ancestors white clothed sword, one person and one sword, killed thousands of mountains and rivers, and defeated the heroes of the world; never bent down, never retreated, it would rather break but cannot be bend, it would rather break but cannot be bend, it would be for the ancestors A majestic name!"

Wang Lingyun's eyes were far away, as if he had seen the grandfather Wang Feihong who was white clothed like a sword at the beginning. In all the memories, I have never seen grandfather covered in white clothed dust, and never seen grandfather's waist bend for a second!

Always be so aloof and upright, proud of the world!

A white clothed in the cold world!

One sword light on three cold continents!

Jinghong Heavenly King!

Wang Lingyun said in a manly voice: "The whole body is cold, white clothed and lightly dyed, on the top of the ice peak, the proud sword is shocking!"

The audience was silent.

Although I don’t have the slightest impression of the current Wang Family, Zuo Xiaoduo and the others could still feel the blood boiling when they heard the story of the Heavenly King that shocked the Heavenly King, as if they saw the white clothed The lonely and proud swordsman who was lightly dyed has a shocking posture.

When there is no one to fight, I am alone, one person and one sword, facing the Shaman Alliance countless Heavenly King experts, proudly challenge!

"If you win against my Wang Feihong, you will win!"

That upright arrogant body, he didn't bend until he died. He would rather be a shining star, but also Unwilling to accept the failure of continent's fate!

The self-detonation of Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering cry, to this day, still echoes in the hearts of the ancestors of Star Soul Continent from generation to generation!

"The ancestors fought against the Heavenly King alone...with this shocking sword!"

Wang Lingyun looked at the sword in his hand: "How proud the ancestors are, this The sword is so proud!"

"You want it to protect you, not to mention whether you are worthy, you oneself dare to ask it, is it willing!?"

Wang Lingyun's voice was as flat as water, but his face slowly turned red with anger. Obviously, his heart was extremely restless and extremely angry.

He drew his sword hard, the rays of light flashed suddenly, it seemed that the sky was frosty and cold, and all came to the world in this brief moment.

This is the mighty manifestation of the sword itself.

Wang Lingyun drew the sword out of its sheath, then threw the sword out. The long sword turned a few somersaults in the air, and the rays of light hit the ground with a loud sound.

The sword tip was inserted into the hard ground of the Wang Family old house, and the long sword glow flickered and swayed slightly.

Although it is just a sword, although there is no owner.

But this sword is still so lofty and arrogant, as it used to be.

Stuck on the ground, still on the top of the ice peak, overlooking the world, shocking this world!

Cold and arrogant, no one is worthy of it.

The sword body is swaying, the frost and cold are still there, and a sense of expectation is faintly expressed.

It seems to be expecting that the master of the year will come back to hold the hilt of the sword with his big hands.

Come and hold me, I will accompany you, and fight the heroes of the world!

You are coming soon!

For a long time, the sword body finally stopped swaying, but the meaning of expectation has gradually disappeared, turning into a meaning of loneliness and sadness, full of feelings of loss and sadness, since the sword The body diffused out.

Where have you been?

Why not come?

I lost my partner in the past, and Jinghongjian is lonely so far!

Now that she leaves her sheath and comes out again, the sharpness is still the same, the frost and cold are still the same, the rays of light are still the same, and the fighting intent is still the same.

It intends to fight the world again, but there is no longer the person of the year, accompany it to cross the rivers and lakes together!

"clang! clang! clang!"

Jinghongjian issued three sad sword cry.


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