Unconventional Legend Chapter 1230

“clang! clang! clang! ”

Jing Hong Jian issued three sad sword cry, the halo of the sword body slowly converged, meaning infinite loss , A complete silence.

Like an abandoned puppy, curled up in a corner.

Wang Lingyun looked at Jinghongjian and said: "Wang Han, can you ask Jinghongjian, is it willing to act as an umbrella for your mistakes?"

Wang Han looked at the still Jinghong Sword, took a step forward slowly, just as soon as he was about to speak...


Sword is loud and clear.


cry suddenly sounded, starting from the Jinghong Sword.

Anyone present could hear the anger in this sword cry hard to suppress!

That's a kind of...extraordinary shame and humiliation that can't be more intense emotions!

All the people present felt the same, shaking inexplicably.

The rays of light flickered, and the scary sword that was clearly unused, spontaneously pulled up from the ground and rotated in the air. The sword glow shot in all directions and stopped steadily and flatly in the air.

The point of the sword pointed towards Wang Han's eyebrows.

A huge sword intent full of humiliation, anger, and irritability suddenly spread out!

Long sword can't speak, but at this moment anyone can feel its meaning!

I understand!

"Don't use this kind of thing to humiliate me!"

This is what Jing Hongjian wants to say, no doubt!

Wang Han stood there blankly, staring at the Jinghong Sword, stiff, unable to speak.

Wang Lingyun sighed deeply, and the scabbard in his hand moved.

In midair, Jinghongjian let out a sword cry, it seems that the anger has not disappeared.

A spinning, brushing a light sound, automatically returns to its sheath, and then returns to silence.

And that zijian test the world's edge, and then quietly converged, turning into a loneliness.

Wang Lingyun burst into tears, stroked the Jinghong Sword, choked up and said: "This time the Jinghong Sword has been out of the sheath, and the ancestors have not been found...this disappointment and cold heart, I am afraid... The sheath has appeared..."

Zuo Xiaoduo and the others both sighed softly, looking at the horrifying sword haunted by the deadly atmosphere, they only felt complicated, but they didn’t know what it was. Kind of taste.

Although they are young geniuses and have an outstanding cultivation base, their life experience is still shallow, and they have not yet been able to appreciate the loneliness that has spanned thousands of years.

Once the swords of the people were in harmony, Zeng Nuo never left each other, but now the swords are still there, but the people have not seen the sorrow!

Wang Lingyun turned the wheelchair on his own. He really didn't see these shameless children and grandchildren.

"Old Ancestor!"

The Wang Family behind him shouted in unison.

Wang Lingyun never looked back.

"Wang Family is not mine for a long time, Wang Family is yours."

"Before grandfather died in battle, I asked several life friends to take care of Clan's heirs. At that time grandfather said: This battle requires sacrifice, not blood sacrifice, how can peace be made in heaven. You two are the Star Soul heaven-supporting pillar, and there is no room for loss. If this battle requires people with enough weight to die, then I have the number one pick to do it. If I have a case for this battle, the Wang Family behind me will depend on the brothers to take care of it."

Wang Lingyun said differently: "Are you guys?" Only remember these? No, or should you say, do you only remember these?"

This passage is very popular throughout the continent.

Who knows the heroic deeds of Heavenly King Wang back then?

Not to mention the dissemination of Wang Family and other people intentionally or unintentionally, which can be said to be spread all over the world and well-known to every family.

"At the beginning, Throne and the emperor sent the ancestors back... deliberately spread this passage to the world, but they concealed the last part of the ancestor's last words."

"Throne and the emperor It’s for the sake of our Wang Family, so I didn’t say it. But the ancestor’s legacy is engraved in the ancestral hall, don’t you remember? You just don’t want to remember, or you don’t want others to remember or know about it!"

Wang Lingyun said solemnly: "Do you remember, it has nothing to do with the ambition, because I still remember, I will read it to you!"

"The remaining part is: if the children and grandchildren are fighting, brothers will help me to help one. If it’s disappointing, with my meager feats as a disaster continent, please get rid of it as soon as possible. I, Wang Feihong, a hero and self-confident, don’t let future generations of unscrupulous descendants tarnish my reputation! I want to fight this world, But it’s not to act as a protective umbrella for the little bastard!"

"If future generations inevitably decay, you must not wait until they are rotten. You must remember that Wang Feihong cannot afford to lose that person. !"

"Jinghong sword, it is enough to protect grandson I!"

Wang Lingyun caressed the Jinghong sword in his hand, tears rolled down in his eyes, and said: "Wang Han, Everyone Wang Family, don’t tarnish my grandfather...the first name!"

"Let’s go!"

He pushed the wheelchair out, and Long Yusheng hurriedly stepped forward. Taking over, pushing the wheelchair to the gate.

Until I walked far away, there was no sound behind me.

There are countless Wang Family people behind them, staring blankly...They clearly know that the last barrier, the last body protection symbol, has disappeared.

Wang Lingyun was sitting in a wheelchair, both eyes spiritless looking at all the scenery on both sides of the street. He wanted to see this piece of the world. Recalling the time when he walked hand in hand with his beloved wife, The place visited...

But he hasn't left this Wang Family mansion for a long time, and the vicissitudes of life outside have already changed.

as far as the eye can see, it was unexpectedly strange, and it was a matter of misconduct, and it was impossible to even touch the eye.

White-haired Xiaoxiao flutters, his face is dull, and his eyes are dull.

A sense of desolation rose up, Ling'er, this is no longer the world you and I are familiar with...

From start to finish, he never looked back.

After pushing him like this for more than ten minutes, Wang Lingyun said softly: "Uncle, let's do it as soon as possible."


Zuo Xiaoduo picked up the wheelchair, and everyone rose up simultaneously. The fast as lightning returned to Zuo Xiaonian's small courtyard.

Before leaving, Zuo Xiaoduo only thought about taking advantage of one's position to bully people. Fiercely humiliated the other party, but absolutely did not expect to invite the Old Ancestor of Wang Family back, and Or oneself mother asked oneself to come back.

Watching Wang Lingyun sitting in the villa, Zuo Xiaoduo couldn't help but feel headaches.

He doesn’t know what Mother thinks. In short, he feels that everything is so weird, unspeakable, indescribable...

Lü Yingfeng said his words: "Xiaoduo , I'm going back."

"Then you go slowly, take Grandma Lu, I will go to you in a few days."

Lu Yingfeng walked to the gate, Turning his head and said: "Xiaoduo, the space ring of those things, I have put them in the gap of the sofa, you guys make good use of it, and make progress soon." Zuo Xiaoduo stunned: "What are you doing? That was originally for you......"

Lu Yingfeng shook his head and waved his hand: "We Lu Family can't use that many resources. You are all Qianqian... You are all good children that you Old Principal are optimistic about... …As long as you can see you diligently and achieve higher achievements...I’m satisfied."

He looked at Zuo Xiaoduo and the others kindly, and said with satisfaction: "Today you can think of inviting me If we go together, I’ve got a great light...Xiaoduo, although our Lu Family may not have this ability, but...old man still wants to...for oneself’s daughter, continue to cultivate her fancy genius and cultivate her lifelong life It’s the result of your hard work!"

"You remember to work hard."

Lu Yingfeng laughed, turned around and went out chicly.

Zuo Xiaoduo and the others are all overwhelmed.

Getting Lv Yingfeng’s heartfelt praise from the bottom of his heart is no different from getting the Old Principal praise. For Zuo Xiaoduo Li Chenglong, it is more joyful than any praise!

Wang Lingyun looked at Lu Yingfeng’s back, with appreciation in his eyes, and exclaimed: "Who is this person? Open-minded, first-rate in the world."

Zuo Xiaoduo and the others They have the same idea, but they miss He Yuanyue even more while they are rejoicing.

Let Li Chenglong and the others speak with Wang Lingyun, but Wang Lingyun was unwilling.

"I am eager to know what Wang Family has done." Wang Lingyun looked at Zuo Xiaoduo with eyes deep in his sockets, and begged: "Uncle, show me ."


Zuo Xiaoduo sighed then said, motioning Li Chenglong to give him the information.

Li Chenglong thought for a while, started sorting it out, and divided all the information into three parts, step by step let Wang Lingyun understand one by one...

Wang Lingyun almost couldn’t wait Trembling hands, picking up the first book...

Zuo Xiaoduo winked at Li Chenglong. Li Chenglong said that he understood that he had already buckled a few bottles of Huitianshui in his palm, in case Wang Lingyun was emotionally excited and appeared. In case of the situation, we must give it to him immediately and keep it forever.


Then Zuo Xiaoduo showed Wang Lingyun a face, and his heart sank, then he slipped out and called Wu Yuting.


"Well, did you pick it up?"


"Okay. But because of this It seems that your identity is almost exposed. You basically know what you should know. What are your thoughts? Lil Puppy? Ready to be the second generation? This seems to be the greatest expectation of your life!" Wu Yuting joked with his son .


Zuo Xiaoduo said with a bitter face: "I'm carrying my head every day and killing my life, there is no such thing as the pleasure of being a second generation... "

Wu Yuting laughed up: "Silly boy, let me tell you, this is the second generation in the true sense!"

"Do you think the second generation is just eating and waiting to die?" Could it be that our generation can only cultivate hedonistic sons of rich parents? I told, since ancient times, all the second generations, except for a few mediocre talents, have to be able to achieve success, the other basically have each one, all of them are tired He’s dying, he’s forced by oneself father and mother to have nowhere to go, just waiting for nosy!"

"This is the real, high-level second-generation, real life!"


"Because of corruption, such things as dudes, since ancient times, those real big clans, the descendants of real heroes, or the heirs of dynasties...none of them started in the second generation!"

"Because of the first generation of wise martial arts, how could oneself's sons and daughters be dull and rotten? Just Puppy, you still want to be a salted fish, you want to be crazy!"

Wu Yuting has a heavy accent.

Zuo Xiaoduo smiles wryly.

Why didn't he understand this section, but the second generation he hoped was never the second generation in this sense?

At least the second generation that he hopes is totally different!

Well, is it because I am oneself too good, too genius? So...or is it mine?

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