Unconventional Legend Chapter 1231

Zuo Xiaoduo sighed then said.

I knew that it was not so longing back then to enter the dao cultivation by any means. Then, would it be possible to be the second generation of hope?

It’s still not right. In that case, Niannian Cat will not have a relationship with oneself. Even if oneself is willing, Niannian Cat will also. Father Mother will not agree...

Hey, life Ah, it's always a rare complete completion! ?

At the moment of Zuo Xiaoduo's cranky thoughts, Mother's politics class didn't stop, and there was more than enough, and it took a long time to talk about it.

"I know mom."

"You are calling to ask Lingyun Wang, right?"


"This is what your father and I meant...Wang Feihong had only one son, but he died early in the battle; the husband and wife both died of Sun and Moon Pass...At that time, Wang Lingyun was only seven years old. How many. The younger brother younger sister is still ignorant."

Wu Yuting sighed then said: "Wang Feihong loves this grandson the most. Even afterwards, Wang Lingyun has grown up and even has children and daughters. When Wang Feihong went back to the battlefield, he would bring gifts to Wang Lingyun..."

"Moreover, the last words of the year were also very clear. The sword will protect his grandson for his whole life, which is enough."

"That is to say...Wang Feihong, the one who can't let go is his grandson, and only his grandson."

Wu Yuting said: "In all fairness, Wang Lingyun is honest. He did not live up to Wang Feihong’s expectations. He was simple, conscientious, and honest in his life. He established Wang Clan with one hand and maintained the Wang Family family style for three thousand years!"

"At that time, the Wang Family was called Star Soul The first one, acting straightforward and upright, with a stable family style, and not falling into the prestige of Star Soul War God at all!"

"Afterwards, because of the death of his beloved wife, he was overwhelmed with grief and remained hidden... For so many years, I thought he had already passed away, but I did not expect that he was still alive."

Wu Yuting sighed then said, "So you have to understand that Wang Family can not survive the entire clan."

Wu Yuting sighed then said , Only this Wang Lingyun...I and your father can’t leave it alone, we have to keep it safe."

"I understand this section, mom, don’t worry."

"Little How is Yun'er now?" Wu Yuting asked with concern.

"Very bad, the whole body is thin and dry, almost only a handful of bones are left..."

Zuo Xiaoduo sighed then said, "Originally life essence is just There is not much left. After today, the number of lifespans will inevitably be discounted. Although we have picked up the person, it is difficult to save the candle from the wind. I know that Wang Lingyun will be within half a month. , Dying forever, no manpower can save it, no matter how magical spirit pill is, it is difficult to extend its life."

"Half a month..."

Wu Yuting on the phone There was a moment of silence.

Immediately, Zuo Changlu took the call. Obviously, he had been listening to the side...

Zuo Changlu's voice came calmly: "Xiaoduo!"

"I am here."

"Do you have a way to continue your life for Wang Lingyun? I want to listen to the truth!"

"Yes! Mending heaven is possible."

Zuo Xiaoduo immediately gave an affirmative answer, and then said in distress: "But now the biggest problem is Wang Lingyun oneself... From him, there is no vitality... just now he strongly requested Looking at the evidence of Wang Family's information...I am worried that after he reads it, he will encounter few life essences and will be destroyed again..."

Zuo Changlu sighed, "You tell Wang Lingyun, Just say, I still want to see him and let him hold on."


Perhaps this is the only way to give Wang Lingyun more time in the world. There are so few things that can impress him in this life...

Zuo Xiaoduo sighed then said.

Zuo Changlu and Wu Yuting on the phone are also sighed.

At this moment...

There was a cry of blood and tears from the villa: "I am so angry!"

Spread out.

Zuo Xiaoduo said in a hurry and was about to go back immediately.

"Don't hang up!"

Zuo Changlu hurriedly said: "Go in with the handsfree!"

In the room.

Wang Lingyun's eyes widened, staring at the file in front of him in disbelief, trembling, his eyes almost protruding from the sockets, his face flushed, hissing low voice: "These... these are really …Really what our Wang Family …Wang Family did?!!!"

At this moment, the guilt and shame in the old man’s heart have reached the extreme, almost bursting out!

Although he has a hunch, he knows that the Wang Family, who has been ignored for a long time, is afraid that it has become rotten, bullying men and women, bullying the market, or murdering people, or even interfering with the court. After all, he had personally controlled the Wang Family for three thousand years. He has long been accustomed to seeing the sordidness of the world, but he has always kept his original intentions.

But he watched and watched, and the more he watched, the more he felt shocked and chilled. The content recorded on this, all kinds of unscrupulous, no bottom line, all kinds of conscience, all kinds of unimaginable, all kinds of human extinction , All sorts of things that hurt the world...

It turned out to be the work of the War God's clan that I founded! ?

The old man only feels oneself a heart, a little bit becomes shattered, cold, from top to bottom filled with feelings of cold and heat, his head is endlessly blank, but it seems that there are thousands of things at the same time Coming one after another.

Li Chenglong opened a bottle of Huitianshui, stepped forward, and was about to feed the medicine, but Wang Lingyun pulled him aside.

Wang Lingyun trembling, she stood up suddenly and hissed with red eyes, "This is my Wang Family? This is my Wang Family? This is War God's clan Wang Family!?"

His finger trembling file crash-bang sounded, and his face suddenly flushed with blood: "I...what face do I have to meet grandfather under Jiuquan! I...what face do I have? ...I..."

Suddenly choked with a sigh of relief, the throat gurgled, and both eyes bulged with anger...

Li Chenglong gave an exclamation and hurriedly supported the old man. , It is mandatory to pour a bottle of Huitianshui down.

Wang Lingyun struggled fiercely and refused to take it. Obviously, a desire to die was born, but Li Chenglong didn't care about him at all, so he forced it down.

"Oh my god...what face do I have to live on..."

Wang Lingyun wailed: "The Wang Family I founded with my own hands... Consciously inherited grandfather's lofty prestige, The splendor of War God, after I ignored the matter, made clan degenerate like this one step at a time...I...I'm full of guilt, it's so overwhelming!"

"I was born for this continent. A huge malignant tumor came out! It hurts the people, and the poison is endless..."

He hissed and screamed, tears streaming down continuously, with both hands, he slapped oneself's head desperately, and peng peng made a sound.

He couldn't think of it anyway.

There are countless things on the dossier, and every one of them is angry and grieving. They are chopped up ten-thousand times by a thousand blades.

Wang Family actually made a thick whole book, and the book is endless, and it is endlessly poisonous.

"Are there any more? Are there any more?" Wang Lingyun clutched the dossier: "This is only nearly 20 years ago... What about before? How was it before? Is the Family Head of this generation faint? Let Wang Family family style has been decayed so far?"

His eyes flashed with extreme desire, and he hoped that oneself could get an affirmative answer.

Li Chenglong lightly saying: "This is really just the Wang Family's misdemeanor file over the past 20 years; and in my hand, I also have evidence of the guilt of the Wang Family over the past three thousand years. Every 20 years of sin , Will not be less than this one."

"It's just that the previous dossier, even the ancestors of the bitter ancestors have died for generations...It is useless to show you, it is meaningless."

Wang Lingyun patted the table with peng peng, shouted angrily: "I want to see, I want to see every copy, and show me."

His eyes are full of dead silence, a piece of ashes!

That is the appearance of live without hope.

Obviously, if Wang Lingyun, who just came here just now, still has a glimmer of hope and a glimmer of life, now, he is completely desperate, and completely does not want to live!

He muttered: "After I die, I am going to petition grandfather, these mistakes...I have to tell them, one after another report...I...I'm a sinner..."

"Let me see!"

"Let me see!"

Looking at Wang Lingyun's Old Master, Li Chenglong has reached a state of insanity, and he is extremely worried about him. Unpredictable will happen in one second. Even if there is Huitianshui in hand, there is no way to return to the sky, but Li Chenglong is a who, and his mind turns fast, which is rare in the world.

I had to think about it, and the fight poison with poison had been born, the decision that was put to death and reborn, now cold snorted and said: "What are you calling? Isn't this all your offspring do? This Isn’t all the good things done by your children and grandchildren? How can you yell at me so arrogantly? Order me?"

"If you take out all the evidence from the file, This villa can’t be put down! Can you see it alone? For a month, a year, or for the rest of your life?"

Li Chenglong said with a sneer.

This was very ugly, but it made Wang Lingyun calm down and calmed down. His face was ashamed and ashamed.

His old body was trembling, and suddenly he curled up and curled up on the sofa, covering his face with his hands, crying silently, a drop of tears leaked from his fingers and dripped On the Jinghong Sword.

Jinghongjian still has no response, and it seems that there is already a dead silence!

At this moment, a voice came out: "Wang Lingyun! What do you want?!"

This familiar voice made Wang Lingyun tremble suddenly, instinctively. He stood up suddenly, followed by another standing at attention: "Left grandfather..."

Zuo Changlu's voice came from the phone: "Look at your grandfather's surprise sword! Even if you want to die , Also look at the evil clan you created after being eradicated!"

"This cancer still exists in Human World, you want to die like this? Death ends all one's troubles?"

< p>"Look at the sword in your hand, and think about how to restore the reputation of War God?!"

Zuo Changlu shouted: "The Wang Family you created was never War God's clan. Don’t you understand this level of causality?! You are the only one you grandfather wants to protect your whole life! Did you know? You are no longer that Wang Family now! You are just the grandson of your grandfather! You know Is it?"

"A lot of people are crying and crying, you are not ashamed, I still look an eye-catching!"

Zuo Changlu angrily said: "Now I and you Grandma Zuo can't go back, you watch your uncle in Shangjing, don't let us both worry about it more, can we do it!?"

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