Unconventional Legend Chapter 1232

After a thunder reprimand, Wang Lingyun finally calmed down with a shame on his face, and completely calmed down.

As the phone hung up, Wang Lingyun also began to take the initiative to find medicine, stabilize his mind, calm his state, and nourish his luck. He no longer wants to die. On the contrary, he desperately wants to live, at least To live to see Zuo grandfather again.

Zuo Xiaoduo said that he is confident that he can live. It is not a lie. Wang Lingyun’s life essence is exhausted, his lifespan is even worse, and his body is crippled. It is not any spirit pill that can be restored, but this For Zuo Xiaoduo, the festival is not difficult.

Zuo Xiaoduo has the immeasurable vitality gifted by Elderly Wan, a huge amount of life origin qi, as long as he does not want someone to die, as long as he provides a sufficient amount of life origin to the target person, the other party will even want to You can't die.

As for physical disability... it’s simpler, isn’t there still a mending heaven stone? But even the Heavenly King powerhouse was severely injured and could instantly heal the body sacred relic and heal a dying year. People, a small test of the sledgehammer!

Zuo Xiaoduo first posted a mending heaven stone to Wang Lingyun, so that his fleshy body could carry the residence of life origin, and then used the vitality in the spiritual consciousness space to stabilize him. Life force, and used one third Laurel honey to strengthen his spiritual soul.

It's not that Zuo Xiaoduo doesn't want to give more.

But Wang Lingyun can only bear so much.

Wang Lingyun's life essence is about to end, which is the biggest problem. Once life essence is completely exhausted, human life will naturally end, and that is the true meaning of medicine and stone inefficiency.

Zuo Xiaoduo sighed then said: "This is... when you were young, you used to overdraw your life potential and improve your cultivation base? And more than once?"

Wang Lingyun was suddenly surprised : "My uncle is really Divine Eyes like a torch!"

Zuo Xiaoduo sighed then said: "After that, you find that the years are about to end, and you use the cultivation base to feed back the life force and force it to continue. Longevity?"

Wang Lingyun was completely stunned this time.

If it is said that the life potential is overdrawn, they knew it, and it was after being scolded a lot that oneself didn't dare to do that.

Because oneself’s initial dream was to recklessly hit a higher cultivation boundary at any cost, inheriting grandfather’s legacy and then going to the battlefield with the shocking sword, hoping that the prestige of War God will not fall.

But the truth is extremely cruel. Even though oneself is determined as a rock, it does not have the innate talent aptitude that can be created by itself. It is not reconciled to be like Wang Lingyun. It has been overdrawn many times in private and has been promoted all the way. , Not inferior to any elite at the time.

But later, Throne discovered the true details of oneself. After fiercely reprimanded him, he ordered him to go home and not to set foot on the battlefield.

That's why Wang Clan was born.

But no one knew about oneself’s last time to disperse the yuan, condense the life soul, and strengthen the lifespan. How did Zuo Xiaoduo know?

"You have done this twice... the former consumes your own heritage, while the latter makes the already ruined fleshy body even more unbearable, although it can be struggling on whilst at death's door However, the original power is lost, and the cultivation boundary does not exist, which makes the body weak and unable to make up. Even if you get the god-defying holy medicine, you will not be blessed with the spirit pill."

Zuo Xiaoduo expressed his sincerity. Sigh.

Even if he tried his best to treat Wang Lingyun, but in his current situation, he would last for one year at most. After that, there would be no other way. And this life expectancy is positive. It is Wang Lingyun's counter-dispersing power, which strengthens the upper limit of life span.

Wang Lingyun smiled instead: "It's okay, I know my physical condition oneself. With your help from my uncle, I have enough time left for me, and I will definitely be able to see grandmother grandfather."

He sighed softly and said: "At the beginning, my wife was still healthy, but I was already at the age of day. In desperate situation, I had no choice but to disperse the Yuan Gong and disperse 90% of my life Yuan Gong. Replenishing the life soul is enough to reach the life essence of Spirit Controlling, which is more than five thousand years of life essence."

"I wanted to spend the rest of my life with my wife, but I didn't expect... it was just past several. After decades, his beloved wife died suddenly. Since then, yin and yang are separated...hey..."

He stared at the front blankly, startled in a daze.

Why did Wang Lingyun's wife die? He didn't say anything.

But Zuo Xiaoduo understands that there must be a rather long story...

"Uncle, grandfather said let me look at you...but I... …I hope you don’t get angry, don’t think I’m nagging..."

Wang Lingyun has several points of and said carefully: "In addition, what Wang Family has done over the years...I have to take care of it too. Take a look and confirm the situation."

Speaking of clan, I finally sighed: "It's really...extraordinary shame and humiliation...little nephew, I really asked and unable to show one's face..."< /p>

Zuo Xiaoduo has a nephew who is more than 10,000 years old, which is not good from top to bottom.

Not to mention that this is the ancestor of Wang Family...

When he heard that he was going to organize the files of Wang Family, he was relieved and said: "You are the one who is busy with you first. If you have any questions, please contact Li Chenglong directly. He is an expert in this area. Well, it’s best to collect the questions and ask again. He is a strong person, but he has a bad temper."

paused again: "Is there anything you can't let go of in Wang Family, or do you need it? And... others?"

Wang Lingyun said with a bitter smile: "No Zuo Xiaoduo frowned and said: "For example, your direct bloodline...son? Grandson?"

Wang Lingyun sighed then said: "When I was in charge, the children were all caught I rushed...to the battlefield. Even the great-great-grandson has died cleanly as early as 7000 years ago. When I was in charge, Wang Family was pretty good..."

"If my children are still alive...Wang Family, how come they have fallen to the point where they are now...how can they get this bunch of bastards in charge?"

< p>"Don't think about me."

Wang Lingyun was desperate: "I just want to do my best...not to ask for it; if I am shameless to ask for something...how do I respond? I have to live with grandfather and Zuo grandfather!"

"I have no face to ask, and second, I don't have any people who want to save."

"Let's see. What Wang Family has done in recent years is showing that the current Wang Family has already decayed to in the bones. No one is qualified to live. Including me, including me, the initiator, is sinful. , The sin is unforgivable."

Wang Lingyun said in tears.

Zuo Xiaoduo's eyes flickered, and he said: "Or, Wang Family still has some...babies..."

Wang Lingyun shook his head flatly: "No need!"

"It is said that babies are innocent, but they are not born after drinking the blood of the people and eating the flesh of heroes. How innocent!"

Wang Lingyun gritted his teeth and said: "Wang Family …Let’s do it. It’s my nephew who is confused, only immersed in the memory of the past, not asking about the world at all, otherwise… Wang Family has already been turned into ashes in my hands! But how could this bunch of bastards be allowed to ruin the reputation of the ancestors so much? !"

Zuo Xiaoduo secretly nodded.

"So, I will arrange a room for you, on the first floor, the entire living room, study, and a bedroom. You can quietly check Wang Family's information over the years... Besides, if it is If there are guests visiting, if you have the will, you can meet yourself, or you can see the old people in the past."

"Okay!" Wang Lingyun agreed.

Looking at Wang Lingyun holding the Jinghong Sword into the study room, he tried his best to support it, but he was really lonely from the back.

With so many spirit medicine going on, it is enough to greatly improve his body, even in the best state currently. However, the dying mood has not changed at all. It is already in the category of mind. It is not within reach of medicine stone.

Zuo Xiaoduo sighed then said deeply.

Just a few words of temptation, it can be said that the bottom line of each other has been explained clearly.

Wang Lingyun, really has no idea about the current Wang Family; even he himself, a walking corpse, has only the last thought of the living dead!

"clan glory..."

Zuo Xiaoduo sighed softly: "Is it really that heavy?"

Li Chenglong on the side, whispered: "Personal experiences are different, and they have their own understanding of these four characters. It is particularly heavy on Wang Lingyun, probably because... his grandfather is the Heavenly King."

"War God reputation, Paramount Supreme is not to be tarnished! In Wang Lingyun's mind, this point is not known how many times above Clan. Even his oneself, compared with the reputation of War God, is not worth mentioning."

"So After knowing the truth of reality, he will be so uncomfortable and can't bear it like this."

Li Chenglong sighed then said, "I think, if it wasn't for the phone call from Uncle Zuo, it inspired His last bit of anger, or now, Wang Lingyun is already lying in the coffin."


"How are your clues organized?"

"The clues are actually very clear. The only trouble now lies in where the fifteen stars land...or what methods they use to launch them, and their action patterns..."

Li Chenglong sighed then said.

Zuo Xiaoduo laughed: "Do you still want to solve it in advance, come to a draw? Swelly, this is Heavenly Dao game, and behind the opponent, there is a brilliant viewing qi... Speaking of this viewing qi, it is estimated that his attainments are by no means below me, and even... in terms of pure viewing qi, he is even stronger than me."

Zuo Xiaoduo's face was a bit heavy, and said: "If not So...how I should be aware of something right now, but this person is cautious to the point of not being causal or cutting off cause and effect, truly outstanding...The other party, who is it?"

It's a pity that not only Li Chenglong can't help him, but no other friends can help him.

"Practice exercises."

Zuo Xiaoduo sighed then said.


At the same time.

In a cafe in Shangjing.

A pair of men and women who look ordinary, they are meeting here.

"Wang Family has a major event." The woman said.

"What's the matter?" The man took a sip of tea.

"Zuo Xiaoduo didn't know what he was going crazy, so he went to Wang Family to make trouble, strong blackmail... He deliberately went to disgusting people, and then..."

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