Unconventional Legend Chapter 1233

The woman recounted the incident in detail.

Men can hear gnashing teeth and seven emotions.

"This shit-chucking stick...this kind of thing, he can do it? It's...love, so he can only do it if he is unscrupulous!"

< p>The woman frowned and sighed: "The key issue now is not the issue of ethics... The biggest problem is... Zuo Xiaoduo's identity has been exposed after such a trouble, and it has been thoroughly exposed to the eyes of the senior management. "

The man said: "Is it related to Heaven Patrolling Throne? Is it the clansman of Throne? Or is it the offspring of blood?"

The woman smiled bitterly and shook her head: "None, Zuo Xiaoduo … It turned out to be Heaven Patrolling Throne’s… biological son, the only son!"

"What?! What did you say?"

The man could no longer maintain his composure, suddenly Standing up, he almost knocked over the coffee table in front of him.

The woman had been prepared for his reaction, and a jade hand stretched out and firmly supported the coffee table.

"Birth son?! Are you serious?" The man's face was covered with white hair for an instant, and his pupils were full of panic.

"Yes, that's it." The woman said affirmatively.

Looking at the man's reaction, the woman didn't mean to make fun of it at all, because when she first got the news, the reaction was almost a copy of the man, and even, not as good as this man, almost scared to pee on the spot!

That remote town... actually hides Heaven Patrolling Throne!

This is simply superb news that shocked people's attention!

Seeing for a long time, the man was still trembling and couldn’t help saying: "I know this news is unexpected, but you won’t be shocked for so long..."

She Although I was almost scared to pee at the time, it didn't shock me for that long!

The man gave a wry smile: "You...you don't know..."

He sat back down on the chair in despair, with lingering fears, and said: "So...Zuo Xiaoduo's Father is the middle age person Zuo Changlu from Phoenix City? That is to say, Zuo Changlu... is Heaven Patrolling Throne?"

"Yes!" the woman said affirmatively.

The man shook his whole body again, trembling, and sweating out layer by layer.

"What's wrong with you?" The woman found something was wrong.

This reaction is obviously too much.

"I...I was in Phoenix City, and I met him...I remember..." The man's eyes were straight: "I...I wanted to kill him. It's him..."

In this way, a layer of white hair appeared on the body of the woman opposite.

The pretty eyes were all rounded: "You...you wanted to...kill him?"

The voice was dry and full of disbelief.

Women even feel a little admiration in this understanding.

All dreams didn’t expect, the courage of this product can be so fat, and I want to do it on Heaven Patrolling Throne!

If people blow your breath, you have to skeleton doesn't exist, don’t you know?

"What happened later?"

"I didn't know why, I didn't do it... Afterwards, I was upset for a long time, and felt that oneself was wasting an excellent opportunity. Now it seems ......"

The man’s sweat hung on the tip of his nose, shining brightly.

Too scary!

It's terrifying!

Have I ever imagined such an awesome action?

The woman on the opposite side thought about the scene for a while. After being frightened, she couldn't help feeling ridiculous. Finally she laughed and said: "Since I left Phoenix City, I have never I haven't really admired you, but today I decided that you will be my idol in the future!"

"Qingcheng...you...don't ridicule me."

The man smiled bitterly while wiping sweat.

The man is the long-lost Meng Chentian, while the woman is Ning Qingcheng, who also it's been a long time since we last met!

The two people are old acquaintances, and today they are even more old friends of the same sickness.

Phoenix Vein, Ning Family and Meng Family are both consigned to eternal damnation; Meng Family died cleanly, Ning Family also died a whole account book.

Only Meng Chentian and Ning Qingcheng, these two people are not Meng Family and Ning Family bloodline in the true sense, they escaped by luck.

Ning Qingcheng tried to find oneself's biological father, but she never found it, but in the process of her search, she met Meng Chentian in Shangjing.

Although the two were not very familiar with each other when they were in Phoenix City, and even Ning Qingcheng had a bad impression of Meng Chentian, but they met old friends in their hometown, especially both of Zuo Xiaoduo and Elder Sister Xiaonian. Suspicions, naturally, came together logically.

Then, as the two gathered all the clues, they confirmed each other little by little, and after the Phoenix Vein was rushed to the soul, there are a lot of news that can’t be kept from others...

The two finally locked the big enemy who caused oneself's family to ruin.

That is Zuo Xiaoduo!

Now, as long as the name is mentioned, the two of them hate the roots of their teeth.

In this way, the following things became more and more logical, and Meng Chentian successfully developed Ning Qingcheng into oneself's offline.

Ning Qingcheng wants nothing but one point: Revenge for Ning Family!

Kill Zuo Xiaoduo!

Although her cultivation base is not very high, she did not have the guidance of a famous teacher after leaving Phoenix City; but Ning Qingcheng's stunning face of Qingcheng has become her greatest weapon!

The destructive power that a beauty with a face of 97 points or more can create is unimaginable and tyrannical.

If Ning Qingcheng is just an ordinary person, that's all.

Because the ordinary person simply cannot bear the conquest of the cultivator.

But Ning Qingcheng's own endowment is a genuine genius, but it lacks further opportunities!

Since her reunion with Meng Chentian, she has made rapid progress in her practice and cultivation base. Until now, it is already the Cloud Transformation series cultivation base!

This is already a very fast and amazing improvement of the cultivation base. You know, not who can compare with Zuo Xiaoduo's team...

In fact, it is strictly speaking of which, Ning Qingcheng is the soul of nine seven stars, pure yin physique, in terms of talents alone, it is even above the women of Wan Lixiu, Gao Xiu'er, Dugu Yan'er and Zhen Piaopiao.

In addition, Ning Qingcheng was born in clan, with an elegant and poised temperament. It is not too easy to deal with some martial artist men.

As long as there is an attempt, Ning Qingcheng will never fail.

Wandering between these men, getting the information she wants to get, getting what she wants, but in the end she can be clean and self-conscious, not letting people take advantage of it, especially let everyone Men feel that this girl is in love with me...

This requires a very high EQ, a very high IQ, a very high appearance, a very high wrist, and a complete fuse together. of.

Throughout the Zuo Xiaoduo team, Gao Qiao'er, who is also known for his emotional intelligence, may not be able to do it. Because Gao Qiao'er disdains to deal with men.

But for Ning Qingcheng, it's not a problem at all, it's handy, like a fish back in water.

As for Zuo Xiaoduo and the creation of Heavenly Dao Bureau this time, Ning Qingcheng has devoted himself wholeheartedly, in order to cut off this big enemy who ruined oneself's first half of his life!

"The biggest problem now is that Wang Family has already regretted...After knowing Zuo Xiaoduo's true identity, I will give them a hundred courage and dare not do anything to Zuo Xiaoduo."< /p>

Ning Qingcheng said: "And now, the other Wang Family's alliance clan is also anxious, let alone strangling Zuo Xiaoduo, and even want to go to Zuo Xiaoduo's door and kneel."< /p>

"This is extremely unfavorable to our plan."

Ning Qingcheng is worried.

"Now, are they able to stop if they want to stop?" Meng Chentian sneered: "I can't help them anymore."

"How to say?"


"The group of dragons seize the vein is close at hand, the earth vein does not matter whether you regret it or not; when it comes time to spew, it will definitely spurt out. And the heaven vein will not care about their regret..."

"Heavenly Dao game, let alone regret them."

"Since the game is completed, they will come in this game anyway."

Meng Chentian indifferently said: "I can't help them."

"Wang Family Family Head wants to see the master again." Ning Qingcheng said.

"Refused. Just say..."

Meng Chentian stopped halfway and said: "I'll ask master uncle. Let's see how to use..."




That night.

Wang Han received a letter.

Master’s letter.

There is no signature, just a few words.

"The warrior is born after death, Phoenix is ​​glorious due to Nirvana, and the Aristocratic Family has risen from crisis. Heroes can only stand out in troubled times. Today is a big change, and the six continents are about to return, and the sun is shining. Wherever possible, the cards will be shuffled again."

"billowing waves washing the sand, at this time! The path of retreat is no longer there, there is only one line of life."

"heavenly secrets Unpredictable, unpredictable Tianxin, Grand Dao fifty, Tianyan 49; whether you can highlight a future, you can do it in one fell swoop. Of course, retiring is consigned to eternal damnation, and entering is nine deaths and still alive. You can choose."< /p>

"each person against each other, heavenly secrets are not measurable, today this book is published, the fate is over; only the two words are treasured. Maybe there will be Nine Heavens on the cloud, and the people who follow the king will drink the wine Talk about this time today."

Just a few words.

A thin page of paper.

Wang Han and Wang Zhong stared at the writing on it, only feeling that their fingers were getting tighter and tighter.

Both of them are short of breath and their faces are gloomy.

"Wang Zhong, if you retire at this time, what will Wang Family end up?" Wang Han seems to be asking Wang Zhong, and he seems to be asking oneself.

"Wang Family will no longer exist, perhaps, it can retain a little bloodline of infants and young children. However, regardless of male and female, all over one meter are consigned to eternal damnation." Wang Zhong answered quickly.

This is obvious.

It is already the face of War God to keep a few infants and children to continue the bloodline. Otherwise, even babies and toddlers will be eradicated together!

"What if you go further?" Wang Han's eyes burned with madness.

"If we lost consigned to eternal damnation, maybe we can keep a few babies...It was the Good Fortune of Old Ancestor back then; but for others, body dies and dao disappears are also predictable."

Wang Zhong Road.

"What if you win?" Wang Han said.

"If you win, you have to support it until the return of the six continents...At that time, the world is chaotic, and countless experts are swarming... Throne may not be able to withstand it."

< p>Wang Zhong indifferently said: "Even...the expert who is now in the midst of the storm, by then...will suffer heavy casualties in the first wave."


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