Unconventional Legend Chapter 1234

There is a dilemma between life and death. How to choose is wrong, so how to choose?

Wang Han stares at Wang Zhong, and Wang Zhong stares back at oneself's big brother in the same manner.

The two gazes facing each other, they both see each other's eyes, from despair and frustration, they slowly light up.

So far, it is enough, there is no need to speak more clearly.

But they knew everything in their hearts.

Now the situation is obvious. The only chance that Wang Family wants to continue is really only the group of dragons seize the vein. As long as Wang Family, no, it’s not necessarily Wang Family. In the battle of group of dragons seize the vein, if someone or force killed Zuo Xiaoduo, then it only needs to hold on for a few days, or hide for a few days, and the situation will reverse, because the group of dragons seize the After the vein is over, a large amount of Qi Luck will be captured by Wang Family, and Wang Family's Qi will inevitably increase sharply due to this.

The rest of the fortune is attributed to the demon star, which inspires the mighty star, which is not just in name only, but also in reality!

With the emergence of such obvious lighthouse navigation, I believe Monster Clan will return soon, even if it does not return with the continent, but those Peak experts will step on this continent before the return of the continent. .

And as long as that time...It is estimated that the Heaven Patrolling Throne couple will not take care of Wang Family.

If this expectation can come true, then Wang Family will escape from death and regain vitality from that time.

To sum up, there is actually only one prerequisite, that is, Wang Family can support Monster Clan or other ethnic group experts to set foot on this continent!

Wang Han gritted his teeth and clenched the piece of paper, muttered: "Winning or losing, advancing and retreating are the same result, so why not enter? Choose the only way to survive, after I die, then Although Flood is monstrous, as long as you can live, what can't you do?"

Wang Zhong lightly sighed.

Now, Wei Shi has no way to go, life and death are in a dilemma.

All the deaths that can be done have been done, and if you can do it all, you can only entrust everything to others...

At this moment, Wang Han suddenly Feeling a scorching heat in the palm of the hand, the piece of paper... actually burned silently... But in the blink of an eye, oneself only had a handful of paper ash in his hand, and nothing else.

Wang Han looked at the paper dust in his hand, and suddenly gave birth to a sudden, said solemnly: "This is probably the master reminding us that although some things have been done, as long as there is no trace afterwards, everything is promising. It's also better to recognize the truth that is not seen!"

Wang Zhong smiled bitterly and said: "Maybe this master just doesn't want to leave any clues about him, nothing more..."

"Everything in the world is unpredictable, every step is chess, it depends on how you understand it, start with your heart, everything is like this."

Wang Han patted Wang Zhong's shoulder: "Second Brother, I Knowing that you have made some arrangements, but now you have reached a dead end, it is good to have one more choice. I intend to give it a go."

Wang Zhong sighed then said, " If nothing happens, no matter whether you succeed or fail, you and I will definitely die."

Wang Han lowered his head and said: "I don't know what you are talking about, but even if you stop now. , Can you and I not die? There is no doubt that you will die!"

The brothers looked at each other's eyes, and both saw the blazing flames in the eyes of each other.

Almost unanimously said: "Then give it a try, after I die, no matter what Flood is monstrous, as long as I can live, there is nothing to do!"


Wang Zhong walked out of the study. He didn't feel the blood boiling for a long time, but at this moment, his whole body was surging.

Then blog!

Beat it! Life is alive, which one doesn't fight? Is there a way to survive without fighting?

Suddenly, the cold wind hu hu blows.

His hot brain slowly cooled down.

When he returned to oneself's study, he suddenly froze.

Stop dumbfounded.

He was thinking about this, the whole thing, the whole process.

For a time, he was born with a lot of incomprehension and confusion.

Why is this happening?


What to fight for?

Not to mention how to fight?

What if the stroke is successful?

Even if you are successful, will you still be stinking for thousands of years?

In this...something seems to be wrong!

Because before today, oneself clearly gave birth to a retreat, even if it is now turned back to plead guilty and immediately be Dismemberment by Five Horses, but after all, it is still looking back!

repent and be saved!

Since it is the last moment, you must die anyway, as long as you look back, it may not be the strength of oneself to maintain the prestige of Old Ancestor War God!

If you know your mistakes and make corrections, you will be great, and you will die calmly. It is finally worthwhile to surnamed Wang in this life, who was once immersed in the glory of War God.

But why did you make up your mind so decisively just now?


He turned his head back and wanted to go back to find Wang Han. This decision didn't seem very right.

But when I went out, my head suddenly became dizzy.

"Perhaps... it's not a bad thing to give it a try. Anyway, there will be nothing worse than now..."

Wang Zhong was in a trance for a moment, Said somewhat blankly.


Two days later.

Ancestral Dragon High Martial and Martial Education Department jointly released the list of people who entered the group of dragons seize the vein this time.

Hidden Dragon High Martial: Zuo Xiaoduo, Li Chenglong, Xiang Chong, Xiang Bing, Gao Qiao'er, Zhen Piaopiao, Pi Yibao, Yu Yan'er.

Dragon Soul High Martial: Li Changming.

Jade Sun High Martial: Yu Moyan, Dugu Yan'er.

High Martial in the Cloud: Long Yusheng, Wan Lixiu, Zhou Yunqing.

Nine Heavens Pavilion: Zuo Xiaonian.

Ancestral Dragon High Martial: Lan Bingrui, Chen Xiaotian, Cheng Qingning; Meng Yuanhang, Kong Yunshang, Prince Dragon, Prince Yun, Jun Haoran, Jun Changtai, Jun Anmin, Wan Shui Shan...

Plus other miscellaneous places, a total of fifty people!

And this list is quite different from the previously announced list of 30 people.

However, none of the clans dared to hide, and they all gave up the unwritten rules competition for this time place.

Everything speaks with the true strength of the students themselves.

So in terms of transparency, this group of dragons seize the vein can be called the fairest group of dragons seize the vein in nearly three thousand years!

From the standpoint of student strength, it is also a class of dazzling stars and heaven's chosen!

In the past, the group of dragons seize the vein and the student’s cultivation base basically reached the top of the Profundity Return, and it was mostly the Profundity Return initial stage, but this time, the flying students not only had it, but also Still the 21st of horror!

The number of such heaven's chosen bursts is unique past and present!

Among them, Hidden Dragon High Martial is the most glamorous and eye-catching.

Wen Xingtian and Ye Changqing and the others, when they saw this list, they almost cried with joy.

With their best prediction, Hidden Dragon High Martial can be one person or two into the group of dragons seize the vein is already at the limit, didn't expect so many people will be selected.

Looking at the names above, in addition to the four words Hidden Dragon High Martial, they also marked Flying Boundary, Qingyishui’s Flying Boundary. Excited, Ye Changqing was even more tearful.

Hidden Dragon High Martial, with this brilliance, it is true that Hidden Dragon can be launched into the sky, soaring into the sky, and proud of the world!

As the Principal and head teacher of this session, Ye Changqing and Wen Xing Tianxia could no longer contain them.

But the two of them still pretended to be indifferent and solemn to accept everyone's congratulations. They didn't seem to feel so happy just by looking at their expressions. They behaved very calmly, very dignified, and very humiliated.

Everyone praised it, and it is worthy of being the teacher and Principal of that many talented students.

Then the two walked calmly and left the school, came to Ye Changqing's villa, and speeded up their pace and entered the secret room of the villa.

Wen Xingtian roared, and jumped into the field with a loudly roared voice, loudly roared: "Ye Changqing, come to fight!"

Ye Changqing can't wait to rush up: "Lao Tzu Happy today, I want to kill you!"

"I want to kill you!"

The two of them fought together in excitement and madness, without evading at all. Meat, such a boom~ boom~ battle lasted all afternoon...

If such a happy thing can't be vented to the full, it is really uncomfortable, and it is hard to say... In the end, Ye Changqing rides On Wen Xingtian, he squeezed the muddy Wen Xingtian, punched him wildly, punched him and asked: "Is Gao unhappy? Is Gao unhappy? Unhappy? Unhappy!?"

Wen Xingtian was beaten, bloody nose and swollen face, and yelled excitedly: "Happy! Good! Go on, work hard!"

Vice Principal Liu and Madman came after hearing the news. Xiang and the two stood at the door, listening to such a strange conversation, their faces were cold...

I didn’t look at it, really didn’t look at it...


Also happily high-spirited and vigorous are Jade Sun High Martial and Dragon Soul High Martial. This time is the first time since their establishment that students have entered the group of dragons seize the vein competition.

The joy of these two schools is the same madness.

This is the moment that made history!

And the alma mater of Zuo Xiaoduo and the others, such as Garrison Store No. 1, such as Water City No. 1, such as Phoenix City Second High......

All the colorful flags are on display and firecrackers blast.

Hu Ruoyun burst into tears with excitement. When he got the news immediately, he took sacrifices and Li Changjiang to He Yuanyue's grave.

At this time, Sun Fenghou and Jiang Changbin were one step earlier than the two of them.

"Old Principal, your wish has been fulfilled... and it is over-fulfilled!"

In the newspapers and in the pictures taken from the screenshots, everyone else is their own High Martial Education Institution’s regular school uniforms.

Only Zuo Xiaoduo and others from Phoenix City Second High are wearing the snow-white Hidden Dragon High Martial Martial Dao clothes, but under the school badge of Hidden Dragon High Martial, it’s not just Hidden Dragon. High Martial's red embroidered words, and a few people wrote them up on their own, five correct words: Phoenix City Second High!

The font is as big as Hidden Dragon High Martial.

Hu Ruoyun stroked the five words on the photo, with mixed feelings in his heart, tears raining down.


Principal Gu Qianfan of Water City No. 1 Middle School, this will be celebrating with a big banquet.

While celebrating, I watched the news, read the newspaper, and smiled.

But when he saw the eye-catching writing on the school uniforms of Zuo Xiaoduo and the others, he fell silent suddenly, but his face turned red in an instant.

Said shamefully: "Retreat."

Everyone looked dumbfounded.

This is a good time, when we should get drunk and get rid of it, then we will disperse, how can we...

When Zhou Yunqing sees the slightest knowledge, his face is full of ashamed immediately, and he bows to his guilt. "Old Principal, I'm sorry...I really forgot...At that time, I was just excited..."

Gu Qianfan sighed: "It's not you, it's me, and I envy He Yuanyue. My Gu Qianfan or cultivation base martial arts network is much stronger than He Yuanyue, but when it comes to cultivating talents and cultivating the soul... Compared to Principal He, it is really different!"

" I might as well!"

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