Unconventional Legend Chapter 1235


Sun and moon are like shuttles, the days of group of dragons seize the vein are getting closer and closer.

All parties are making vigorous preparations, with unprecedented enthusiasm.

At this time, at the position where the earth vein rushed up, suddenly there was a foggy sky, the starlight flashed inside, the monster qi filled the sky, and the magic flames were overwhelming...

With Apart from the fog and mist, this area, non-related people, can no longer enter.

The so-called related person is the winner of the fifty Dragon Vein tokens. The rest of the people are unable to enter anymore. Those who try to move rashly are contrary to Heavenly Dao!

So no one knows what happened inside.

The people of Ancestral Dragon High Martial have experienced group of dragons seize the vein many times before, but they are limited to knowing that in the fog is the mysterious space of group of dragons seize the vein, but they It is also the first time to see such strange phenomena at present.

Because before, there was no starlight, no magical energy, no monster qi, and no such surging life force surge...


It's the right time for group of dragons seize the vein!

"Are you ready?"


"Are you all ready to bring?"

"Bring it."

"Check it again!"

Everywhere where the students who participated in the group of dragons seize the vein are, they are full of voices like this .

The atmosphere seems to be the same as the eve of the college entrance examination before the Heaven and Earth catastrophe.

"After entering, it’s just a fight for luck... there will be no mortal danger. If you cannot do anything, don’t force it. Although luck is good, after all, it makes sense to have life to enjoy."< /p>


In Zuo Xiaonian's small courtyard, Zuo Xiaoduo and the others are also receiving instructions.

It's just that the person who exhorts is different, or maybe...a bit different.

Many clan sent me a note, stating all the precautions, and some clan children participated in the group of dragons seize the vein. They also learned from oneself's perception and the environment after entering. , Wrote it down in detail and handed it over.

Martial Education Department Department Head Ding came in person, together with Ancestral Dragon High Martial's Principal and Ding Ruolan teacher, they all came to explain in detail the precautions and many past accidents.

"This time, there is a great danger inside. Unlike the past, you must pay attention to your own safety!"

"Especially the Wang Family...that group of dog days, most of this time It’s going to jump over the wall."

Department Head Ding lowered his voice and said.

Wang Lingyun sat aside, rolled his eyelids, and then picked up a book casually.

I was muttering in my heart: This child is mostly a descendant of Ding Puppy...It looks like a puppy...

Although Wang Lingyun has been with Wang Family broke off the relationship, but this old man has a particularly sensitive problem: as long as someone scolds Wang Family, he instinctively feels that he is scolding oneself Wang Lingyun.

Subconsciously, replace the two words oneself with'Wang Family' with'Wang Lingyun', and that face can still be burnt...

There are so many people who go back and forth. Many, Zuo Xiaoduo has long been bored.

I simply instructed Wang Lingyun: "Let's take care of the house, and we will go for cultivation."

"Then you must come back by six o'clock tomorrow morning!" Wang Lingyun said.

"Understand, understand."

"Don't forget, eight points to Ancestral Dragon High Martial! This is group of dragons seize the vein! Time key point, no and the others!"

"Understood! Understood!"

"Uncle, don't forget...and you, remind each other, must pay attention to the time!... ...This is a lifetime thing..." Wang Lingyun nagged.


Everyone hurriedly oiled the soles of their feet and flew away quickly. The feeling of ears becoming callous... so terrifying!

The second day, the day when group of dragons seize the vein has finally arrived.

Ancestral Dragon High Martial vast crowd, red flags are fluttering, colorful flags fluttering, the roar of salutes, the rumbling noise, straight into the sky!

group of dragons seize the vein.

The long-awaited May 20th has finally arrived.

The fifty people who participated in this event have already been in place early.

Well, it should be said that the Chief-In-Charge of the major High Martial, including Yiying Principal and several Vice Principals, and the class teacher who participated in the group of dragons seize the vein students, such as Wen Xingtian Wait, I was escorted here early.

And the head teacher who produced the most genius this time is the head teacher of Wenxing Astronomy.

Wen Xingtian’s face has already smiled into a splendid morning sun flower, and he can’t see the appearance of the “Slaughterer of 100,000” before, and his face is smiling stiff, still there hahaha The endless.

Well, Wen Xingtian is going to be interviewed. For such a grand event, of course, there will be media coming to join in the fun. It has always been the case in Beijing.

Zuo Xiaoduo and the others are poking their mouths on one side, and a question mark is drawn across everyone's head!

How do you look at the present text teacher? How do you think about it? Is this really our text teacher?

"It's nothing...hahaha, in fact, children are self-defeating, I am a guide...The so-called credit, but hard work, only a few, not worth mentioning, not worth mentioning, hahaha..."

"Yes, each of these children is excellent. Not only are they excellent, they also know that oneself has worked hard to achieve today’s results, hahaha..."

"Happy , Hahaha, I’m so happy..."

"Really, it’s all due to the children’s oneself. They work very hard, one by one, they work hard one by one...haha... …"

"Physical punishment? No, I pay attention to precepts and deeds. I have never beaten and scolded students. The teacher who can teach is inertia to convince people with reason. The children are very obedient and have a high level of awareness. , I understand everything, where is the level of corporal punishment, corporal punishment, that is the performance of the teacher’s incompetence...hahahaha..."

Wen Xingtian continued to blow, the sky was falling, and the ground surged into Golden Lotus. , Almost even he oneself believed it, as if he was coaching like that back then.

Zuo Xiaoduo and Li Chenglong and the others were expressionless, but they touched their ass secretly.

Wen teacher, why are you embarrassed to say this sentence, will your conscience hurt?

Which of us, including girls, has not been beaten by you?

"Zuo Xiaoduo? Haha, outstanding, this child is the best, most diligent, hardest, and most genius child since I coached. He is very sensible and never let the teachers Worry, learn by analogy, learn from one another, for him, it was just ordinary things and other nostalgia...Well, at that time he didn't know his identity,...Yes, yes, Zuo Xiaoduo was the most united classmates in school, and he was kind and helpful. Friendly and honest, kind and honest, decent, upright, and straightforward and upright, often sharing good things with friends, sharing the same taste, so I can make a lot of close friends...hahaha...well, that's it. It's a good child."

Wen Xingtian just opened his mouth, and the rainbow fart was too bad.


Li Chenglong's expression is distorted.

"What's wrong with you? Wasn't it okay just now? Do you think the teacher's evaluation of me is wrong, and that sentence is not correct?"

Zuo Xiaoduo asked with a very dangerous expression, his speech and tone were meaningful, you taste, you taste carefully.

"The meal that I ate in the morning...looks a bit awkward...The teacher's evaluation of the left boss is of course the most true." Li Chenglong said with a bitter face, obliterating his conscience.

Long Yusheng and others who also obliterated their conscience, simultaneously nodded, expressed their approval.

I really wanted to spit it out just now...

After this incident, must ask Teacher Wen Xingtian in person, what you praised Zuo Xiaoduo for, how did you think about it? What about your heart? Where is your face?

Wen teacher, ask yourself, among those words, which one of the words you said can be used for Zuo Xiaoduo?

Even if there is a bit of it?

Over there, Wen Xingtian continued to play, after he finished Zuo Xiaoduo, he started to play Li Chenglong again, what kind of military advisor, what knowledge, brimming over with talent, or wisdom. People can't wait, but it's still in the basic category. Anyway, it's much more reliable than Zuo Xiaoduo's. We will talk about Xiang Chong Xiang Bing Pi Yibao Zhen Piaopiao Yu Yan'er Gao Qiao'er and the later. Others, more and more reliable...

In a word, this group of students has a comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor, cultural martial arts outstanding, kindness, loveliness, diligence, hard work, and loyalty are generous and reliable...< /p>

According to Wen Xingtian, most of these students, even if they are now regarded as national models and national stars, all have several points of talent, then they should be directly named Heavenly King, at least It’s the Heavenly King reserve. This is the role of virtue...

The face of the reporter in charge of the interview has long been grinned, and the hand holding the microphone is also blistering with pantothenic acid. This is said to be 'Slaughterer of 100,000', the teacher who used to be a'cold killer', is still babbling with excitement,'Don't leave if I'm not finished'...

Finally...< /p>

The applause rang.

The leaders of the various ministries arrived, the Imperial Family came, and the grand ceremony began.

This reporter just like recieving an amnesty, escaped from the still-sufficient Slaughterer of 100,000...

After listening to the leaders’ enthusiastic speech... Everyone spoke very briefly, after all, there was not much time left for them.

Time came to nine o'clock in the morning, and the group of dragons seize the vein area in the center was so thick as to spray out a substantial mist.

A shining starlight channel slowly solidify from nothingness.

"The passage has been displayed!"

With a command, the audience was silent for a moment, and the needle drop was audible.

Many of the school-age students present were looking at this passage with envy and hatred. This is the road to Heaven Reaching!

Unfortunately, oneself is not qualified to step on it and stride forward.

However, a senior middle-level person who is familiar with the group of dragons seize the vein process is simultaneously complexion changed.

In the past...Where there has been such a brilliant starlight, there is only one channel that looks dark...

How this time, how such a starlight, brilliant and dazzling ?

This... is definitely something different.

"After you enter it, you must be cautious; when the dragon qi vein is surging, you must do what you can. Also, everyone is a part of the Star Soul Human Race. There must be no fighting and cannibalism."


All the students agreed in unison.

At this moment, the channel has been completely solidify, and the starlight of the star road flickers more and more dazzling.

"Ready to enter!" Department Head Ding cried out.


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