Unconventional Legend Chapter 1236

Fifty people, each of them took out oneself token, which is a voucher through the entrance of the hole, one for each person, there is no compensation for loss.

The students of Ancestral Dragon High Martial, who were at the top of the line, were about to step into the entrance. They suddenly gathered in the sky Winds and Clouds Exchange. Countless dark clouds surging from all sides of the sky filled the sky, instantly covering the sky. Be strict!

So, the entire Heaven and Earth instantly rises from blue sky to white sun, morning sun rises, and becomes murky heavens dark earth. It is rare to look far away.

After a few more breaths, the big stars in the sky seemed to fall from the sky, flashing with an unprecedented extreme light.

Northern Dipper nine stars!

Southern Dipper six stars!

monster qi suddenly filled, the magic mist suddenly rose, as if in the boundless dark clouds, there seemed to be a group of demons dancing and demonizing all beings...

Group of dragons seize the The vein entrance emits more dazzling rays of light.

Without warning, it shines directly on the Dragon Vein tokens in the hands of fifty people.

"Come in!"

Department Head Ding immediately stopped drinking.

Lan Bingrui, who was at the forefront, took off and jump without hesitation, dressed in white clothed, just like Lingbo Fairy, first entered the entrance of the cave, and disappeared.

Almost no difference, everyone entered one by one, vying for the first!

When it was Zuo Xiaoduo’s turn, the Department Head Ding sound transmission came: "Safety is the most important thing! Go."

Zuo Xiaoduo nodded, jumping side by side with Zuo Xiaonian, one black one white, at this moment, in the sky suddenly there is a flameboyant in the dark clouds, the dark clouds are rolling, super heavenly and peerless.

The silhouettes of the two disappeared in the shining hole of the starlight.

"Let's go!" Li Chenglong shouted. The twelve of them were divided into four rows, three three three three, in a neat line, and flew into the hole.

A crowd of people waited for their movements to be neat and uniform, without the slightest difference in speed.

People who know the group of dragons seize the vein, such as Department Head Ding and Ancestral Dragon High Martial Principal, all have both eyes bright, and they have feelings in their hearts.

"The group of dragons seize the vein" has always been the starting point of their own battles, and they are also the outposts of this campaign, but if there is a common entry...it must be a plurality of people with the same mind... Is this a team?"

Department Head Ding was shocked.

If such a huge team of talents is really a team, then in the future...

The rest will also enter in file.

When Zhou Yunqing entered, his whole body was covered with sword light, and the whole person was like a No Return Sword, shooting forward with no return.

But in a moment, all the fifty people attending the battle had entered, and at the moment when the last one entered, the entrance of the cave suddenly turned into a little starlight, dissipating in the thick black mist. Seeing nothing.

"Wait. See who it is, the first one to come out."

Department Head Ding stood upright, his eyes cautious, his face cautious. There was a chair behind him, but he did not sit down.

The others did not sit down either.

At this time, everyone is under great psychological pressure.

Among the people who entered, Throne's son was included.

This is very important, or even more important than ever!

As everyone knows, the first one to come out must be the one who gets the most qi vein and benefits the most.

All the leaders are thinking, if the first person who comes out is not Zuo Xiaoduo, what should I do?

I have to say that this issue is really worth considering and worth pondering.


As soon as Zuo Xiaoduo entered the passage, he immediately felt that the passage was filled with a certain mysterious power, and tried to absorb it, but to no avail.

Flying forward with Zuo Xiaonian, holding hands with Zuo Xiaonian next to him.

Although they are leaping through the passage, the two holding hands feel very sweet in their hearts. They can't help but have an impulse. Shall we kiss the mouth in this passage?

Zuo Xiaoduo turned his head, Zuo Xiaonian also turned his head.

The eyes of the two are full of tenderness and honey. They are about to put into action, but they feel bright in front of them...

This is... coming out! ?

Many people who have entered inside watched them fly in sweetly holding hands, all of them feel unfathomable mystery, their stomachs are very swelling, in such a serious atmosphere, they were caught off guard. I fed a full stomach of dog food!

This... is simply impossible!

Three of them have extremely complicated expressions in their eyes.

Lan Bingrui, Chen Xiaotian, Cheng Qingning.

However, as more and more people come in, more people have such complicated eyes.

Just like Prince Dragon, Prince Yun, Jun Haoran, Jun Changtai, Jun Anmin, Wanshui Mountain...and the others, few people are spared.

After Li Chenglong and the others came in, they surrounded Zuo Xiaoduo naturally, and even Zhou Yunqing naturally joined the camp.

It is an obvious and distinctive large group of fifteen people.

It is in sharp contrast to the situation where most of the others are not in small groups or alone.

Seeing that everyone has arrived, Zuo Xiaoduo eyes flashed and immediately threw away thirty-six approval orders for heavenly secrets.

As soon as I moved, I just finished it...I haven't had time to check it out...The change has come!

"Look at your feet!"

Li Chenglong reminded.

Swelly, known as the "generation of military advisor," his talents are by no means limited to his own endowment, he is knowledgeable, meticulous, and he is also cautious and observant in daily life.

Everyone instinctively followed the sound and looked down.

I saw the range of fifty people, which was within a big yellow circle, and stood at exactly fifty positions. A shining circle of perfect circles stood on the ground.

And under the feet of each of the fifty people, there is another small circle, each with a yellow light connected to the outermost circle.

At first glance, it seems tangled and complicated, but it's not messy at all, obviously at a glance.

And when everyone discovered the circle, the circle suddenly rotated.

Immediately, it gradually rises from the ground, like a huge light bucket, wrapping all fifty people in it, and as the light bucket is formed, the small circle under each person’s feet also rotates. When it got up, it was in the opposite direction of the rotation of the light barrel, and the force was so great that it brought everyone's body shape and turned at high speed like a top.

At the same time, an idea suddenly came, and everyone heard this idea.

In other words, I felt it in my heart.

"group of dragons seize the vein, powerhouse wins; heavenly secrets luck, the weak are not worthy of possession; only life and death can determine survival, only powerhouse can have the future..."

"Supreme Grand Dao, only contention."


Every word, every word, is explaining the rules, you can fight, you can Looting, you can kill, even you must kill; you must kill the competitor to get the most qi vein and the most luck.

"This statement... is completely different from the known statement of group of dragons seize the vein... elders from the teachers... and even the rules stated by Department Head Ding are totally different, not that Is battle not allowed between Star Soul Human Race? Is competition not allowed? How..."

"How come we are told to divide life and death? Life and death battle? What is this? "

"Could it be that the rules of group of dragons seize the vein were changed?"

Not only Zuo Xiaoduo, but everyone else is equally puzzled...< /p>

Maybe among them, there are people who are not confused, but now everyone is in the violent telling rotation, even close at hand, still no one can see the other people's faces...

Unexpectedly, a tyrannical aura gradually enveloped the entire venue.

Next moment, there was a roar, and the huge barrel's aperture suddenly sank.

At the next moment, everyone was thrown out like a meteor. I don’t know where they went and how far they went.

Zuo Xiaoduo only felt that the hand held by oneself and Zuo Xiaonian was forcibly separated, and the whole person turned around and fell into the fog of five miles.

After a while, in the sky one after another rays of light falls, the raw land covers this area.

Immediately afterwards, an unprecedented ominous fiend qi rushed into the big circle.

At the fingertips, tyrannical aura burst out suddenly. The fifteen starlights hidden in this ominous fiend qi, disappeared in a flash without a trace.

Heavenly Dao is finished!

The Star Fighting Bureau, it is also done!

Outside, the dark clouds covering the big sun are spinning like a call, as if they are a whole body, covering the starlight in all directions.

The power of the nine Heavenly Dao restrains each other. From now on, no one can have any activity; and the power of the Southern Northern Dipper 15 stars can no longer fall through the clouds to affect the group of dragons seize The vein of the vein!

Well, or it should be said that... the power of the Southern Northern Dipper has been suppressed by the nine Heavenly Dao, completely deprived of the qualifications to enter the game or interfere with the situation.

They can take advantage of the Heavenly Dao game, take advantage of the Human Race’s loopholes, create opportunities for intervention, and even seize the only loopholes to sneak in. But that’s what they planned and paid a lot for. A fluke to come.

And this kind of circumvention force cannot be repeated. Heavenly Dao is absolutely impossible to allow them to have more moves.

However, the intervention of Star Sect has become a fact, Heavenly Dao does not approve and must approve it, and as long as they inject the starlight power personnel, they will eventually win and become the biggest winner of the group of dragons seize the vein. So even if Heavenly Dao is reluctant, he still has to feed back against the sky. At that time, the starlight receded, met up and down, completely blocked the breakthrough, and became the new hero of Heaven and Earth's luck.

But if it can’t, then... Southern Dipper Northern Dipper will never recover from this, and there will be no chance to start again!

Even if Monster Clan returns and competes for World Protagonist, the fifteen Star Monarchs will still be in a half-waste state after countless years!

Because most of their power has been connected to the star array and projected here, not only the cultivation base, but also the spiritual consciousness and spiritual thought power of the soul, all bets!

If it is unsuccessful, the Great Encompassing expert who once named shakes the whole world will be the battle strength of Flying at most in the future. This is a huge loss!

It can be said that this is a great generosity gamble!

If it's not a big bet, how dare you make a bet with Heavenly Dao? If it's not a great generosity, how do you deserve to bet with Heavenly Dao?

Another hidden place.

Fifteen Star Sect Sect Masters, all sitting quietly here, each occupying its place, forming a star array with fifteen stars.

It's just that everyone's appearance looks very weak, and it seems that all the essence, qi, and spirit have been removed.

In their nearby, there are many Star Sect dísciple corpses, and everyone died peacefully.

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