Unconventional Legend Chapter 1237

So many corpses, stacked one by one, piled up Old Gao, there are thousands of them, each of which is an elite disciple of Sect to which Star Sect belongs.

No one can be an exception now, all of them are dead here.

Their lives and souls have been sacrificed to Star Monarch.

If this is not the case, how can you move the space of Heavenly Dao's game, and how can you have a chance to gamble?

If this time group of dragons seize the vein Star Alliance plan is successful, everyone can become a Buddha right away, instantly become a true Dao Fusion level practitioner, and even go further.

Because the power of these sacrifices will be fed back, mixed with the huge force of air transport, and fed back together.

But if you can’t succeed...Fifteen people have to hurry and drag the body that is not as good as the average Core Essence Martial Practitioner, and run away!

And for a lifetime, their cultivation boundary can no longer be restored.

The Star Sect this time project can be called cutting off one's means of retreat. If it fails, you will become benevolent.

However, planning this plan is the ultimate mission and ultimate goal of all major Star Sects!

At the beginning, Monster Clan left with continent, exhausted all the means, so that Star Sect stayed, and even changed his face. He became a member of Shaman Alliance and accepted the command of Shaman Alliance...

And Shaman Clan suffered heavy casualties at that time, much worse than Monster Clan's casualties. At the most critical moment, the numerous experts of the 15 Star Sect and the self-detonation offensive that followed by one after another can be said to have set up a monstrous for Shaman Clan. Great work, but also to build the cornerstone of Shaman Clan always ahead of the two continents of the Dao League Star Soul...

That’s not the case, how can Shaman Clan recognize the existence of the fifteen Star Sects, even knowing their actions? At the moment, I still can't take action against them, and also prevent the Star Soul powerhouse from targeting them, because of the original kindness and great achievements, before there is no real evidence, there is no kill to the last one.

Of course, Shaman Clan allowed them to inherit, and at the same time did not let them sit back and watch them sit up, otherwise Star Sect would be more than today's strength, and could only use the tricky Ghost Domain tricks to take the opportunity.

Now, I finally waited for this day to fight against the heavens, fight against the three continents, and fight for the outstanding talent of this world!

And the most fortunate thing, the fifteenth Star Sect game, is finally completed.

Fifteen Sect Masters felt oneself's fragile body. When they opened their eyes, they saw the corpses of countless dísciples nearby. The pain in everyone's heart was unspeakable. They didn't dare to open their eyes again, and couldn't bear it. Look at this scene of hell on earth.

Although...have been prepared for a long time, although we all know that there will be this day, I feel that oneself has long been heartbroken; but at this time, this point...that heartbroken, but still It is difficult to restrain, and there is no way to restrain it.

But they still sit securely on the star position belonging to oneself, and use oneself's soul to stabilize the star array!

"Definitely! Must succeed..."

The fifteen people all shouted desperately in their hearts and prayed wholeheartedly.

The sacrifice is too great!

The power of Star Dou, the power of Star Monarch, has been injected into the group of dragons seize the vein great array. In it, there will be fifteen Dao Fusion series powerhouses to deal with Zuo Xiaoduo and the others !

Fifteen Dao Fusion Peak!

This cultivation base series has surpassed the upper limit of the group of dragons seize the vein rule.

Because the group of dragons seize the vein, participants must be under Dao Fusion.

But the Star Fighting Bureau, with a huge star power, forcibly opened the gap and injected Peiran’s origin force: when they entered, the fifteen people who were not Dao Fusion were born under the combination of Star Monarch. Upgrade to Dao Fusion level!

Among these fifteen people, some of them were not even Flying when they entered.

It is to deal with the people within the rules with the power beyond the rules, otherwise, how can we talk about planning and setting up a situation?

So relying on the strong to bully the weak and overwhelming the small game, how can you not win? Is there any reason?

So this round is very stable!


Out of Capital City.

In the white cloud grass reed.

Mr. Bai is packing up oneself's things in the calm, saying that it is packing, but in fact, all the things of the overwhelming majority have not moved, and the room furnishings are as usual.

He wore white clothed and walked out of the grass.

Several boys salute respectfully: "Sir."

"Well, you guys take good care of your home. I will go to the mountains for a wandering trip, or return in three or five days, or return in five or seven days. "

"Yes, sir."

It has long been a custom for Bai Yunting to go out and go out for a long time. Basically, he goes out once every period of time.

But every time I go out, I have to explain to a few boys like this. The same accustomed to form a routine.

"If someone comes to find me..." Bai Yunting asked with a smile.

"Well, sir, you will be out on a wandering trip, or come back in three or five days, or return in five or seven days. If you want something, you may leave a set of tips. If you have free time, you can wait here for a few days. , If it is five or seven days later, you can come again."

Several boys replied cleverly.

"Good! Not bad."

Bai Yunting laughed heartily, very chic. Then I brought out some delicious, fun and some materials for cultivation, as well as a few bottles of medicine pill, Yin Yin said: "You should not be naughty at home, remember to cultivation. You know? In the future, you must make a useful thing for the continent. People."

"Thank you sir, we remembered." The boys were grateful.

"The medicine pill among them is used to strengthen the body. Give Uncle Li and the others also share it. Don't swallow it alone." Bai Yunting smiled very kindly, and the spring breeze on his face was not enough to describe.

"Don’t worry, sir, I won’t."

"Well, after I leave, I have put the incense sticks in my room. I ordered the first furnace on the first day. , 2nd day, order the second furnace, 3rd day?"

Bai Yunting asked with a smile.

"Order the third furnace!" Several boys replied excitedly.

"Well, right! When is it?"

"At noon!"

"Hahaha, good, good, cute."

Bai Yunting laughed heartily, his body floated up like a white cloud, and went far away. When it was far away, I looked back at a few boys who were still staring, and then smiled and waved, and then his body was like a white cloud, quietly hiding into the cloud , Never seen again.

"Mr. It's true too. Every time I leave for a few days, he wants to joke with us like this. Who can't remember this matter..."

A boy With a smile.

"Mr. Rare is so kind to us. He is still not satisfied and talks about it."

"I know, but we are not little children anymore."

"Che, you are not a child yet, take off your pants and let me see if you have any hairs?"

"You...Don't come here..."

When they lean slightly, the boys are already in a group, happy laughter and cheerful voices, a peaceful atmosphere.

The first day Bai Yunting left. At noon, the first incense was lit by the boy.

The second day when Bai Yunting left, at noon, the second incense was lit by the boy.

On the 3rd day when Bai Yunting left, at noon, the third incense was lit by the boy.

After one hour, suddenly there was a burst of smoke.

The boys are amazed. I don’t know what happened, but suddenly there is a mountains burst and ground split, and there is a light of fire straight up into the sky, it turned out to be a volcano that erupted without warning!

It burst into the sky directly from Bai Yunting's room.

As soon as it broke out, it was a horrible sign of extinction.

On the mountain where the Baiyun Caolu is located, no humans, birds or animals, survive. Several boys bear the brunt, and they have already turned into coke.

The fiery lava, mixed with the extreme eruptive force, rushed to the sky for a full two thousand meters, and penetrated the clouds formed by the power of nine Heavenly Dao.

Since the continuously eruption, the continuously rushing up...

The thick dark clouds in the sky created a breakthrough, and it closed again after the volcano erupted for an hour and stopped. But after this change, another inexplicable force followed...

Heavenly Secrets were disrupted again!

The original established track of heavenly secrets is in chaos and cannot be tested anymore.

The far end location is impressively inland of the Shaman Alliance.

Bai Yunting, dressed in white clothed and as dashing as the person in Divine Immortal, stood on the top of the mountain, sighing softly.

"I'm so sorry. You are all my good children, but it's a pity...I'm not lucky..."

Without a word, he is already floating down the mountain. , Heading inland, to the Flood Palace location...


After a long period of spinning around, Zuo Xiaoduo, who quickly returned to the cage, opened his eyes immediately.

But found that oneself was already standing on the top of a mountain, and opposite him, there was a young man standing.

The young man opposite is tall and tall, dressed in white cloth, with the school badge of Ancestral Dragon High Martial pinned on it.

At this moment, the starlight in both eyes is dazzling, with hands down, with grace and grace, looking at Zuo Xiaoduo with a faint smile.

In the middle of the two of them, the qi vein ascends and flows, one end has faintly formed a shape, and the colored golden qiyun dragon is surging from the ground.

Golden Dragon turned his head and saw Zuo Xiaoduo at first glance, then shake the head and wag the tail, intending to come to Zuo Xiaoduo. Obviously, this Qiyun dragon There is no spiritual consciousness and wisdom, but instinctively choose the strongest one to attach to.

However, when the Qi Luck Dragon was about to move, the white clothed youth on the opposite mountain suddenly raised his hand, and a ray of starlight rushed out, actually suppressing the Qi Luck Dragon so that it was impossible to move. even a little bit.

The figure of the young man floated slowly in the air, his voice indifferent: "Zuo Xiaoduo, the son of Throne, he is truly extraordinary and very lucky. I didn’t know if I met him, I don’t know you, First Young Master. Do you know who I am?"

Zuo Xiaoduo condensed his eyebrows: "Wanshuishan?"

"hehe...no, I am Wanshuishan, but I have not been Wanshuishan."

The young man looked arrogant after his hands were held down: "Starlight enters, Star Monarch enters the body, I am already heaven's chosen person!"

"Although beheaded Son of Throne, it will cause no end of trouble, but...it will be a chance to kill you here after all. After all...everyone wants to go to the end and step onto Grand Dao. Since Star Monarch has chosen me, I am naturally the son of heaven's destiny who is favored by the heavens. Zuo Xiaoduo, Zuo Xiaoduo, your luck is not so good!"

Wan Shuishan smiled, but he said that Zuo Xiaoduo was sentenced. Declaration of imminent death.

Zuo Xiaoduo ignored the other party's provocative and outspoken words, flipping through the heavenly secrets order, and instantly understood.

Wan Shuishan, Ancestral Dragon High Martial genius student, Star Soul Continent person, talented and unruly, in Ancestral Dragon High Martial, has always regarded himself as the continent's first young genius, eyes high above the top , Nothing more.

But it is precisely because of this that he despises Zuo Xiaoduo, thinking that Zuo Xiaoduo is just dipped in the light of father and has a second-generation identity, so he can be treated like this.

What about rapid cultivation?

Don’t you just have a good father?

If my father is Heaven Patrolling Throne, I am faster than him!


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