Unconventional Legend Chapter 1238

In Wanshuishan's view...

Since father is Heaven Patrolling Throne...

Zuo Xiaoduo has this achievement and Is there anything weird about it?

It's just a deformed product that's all piled up with countless high-quality resources!

These Second Generation Officials, the rich second generation, don’t know how much resources have been robbed of us...

Probably because of this, this kind of character, and the envy of Zuo Xiaoduo deep in my heart Jealousy and hatred caused this Ancestral Dragon to be proud of the genius student, in the bottom of his heart, he developed a hatred of Zuo Xiaoduo.

So when Star Monarch fell, when the number of Star Sect itself was not enough, he naturally chose him.

And for Wan Shuishan, this chance is nothing short of a fortune!

His cultivation base was originally only the Profundity Return initial stage, how can he dare to match Zuo Xiaoduo?

But now that Star Monarch is possessed, he has the might of Dao Fusion series!

What is this concept?

This is clearly Heaven's helping me defeat Zuo Xiaoduo, showing that I am Heaven's Chosen Child, and this is the real gift of Heaven's Grace!

In today’s society, all kinds of novels are emerging in endlessly, such as portable Great Grandpa, portable treasures, etc. Everyone has nothing. They have already seen a lot, not to mention bad streets. Up.

For Wan Shuishan at this moment, this is oneself's plug-in to the account, and it is crowned the Child of Destiny throne in one fell swoop, from then on gods block then kill gods, and from then on, oneself is the protagonist!

The beauties in this world, the treasures in this world, are all forehead!

It's all! !

Where is there anything else!

Unexpectedly, unexpectedly, Star Monarch might be so powerful, with that many spells, and the profound divine ability...

"Please possess and cut Star Monarch Kill Zuo Xiaoduo!"

Wan Shuishan respectfully saluted the sky.

Before the voice fell, there was already a burst of starlight flashing, and Wan Shuishan's entire imposing manner changed instantly.

Heavy and magnificent, it seems to be with the sky, unlike before.

"Zuo Xiaoduo, you can judge yourself. This seat, leave you a whole corpse."

Zuo Xiaoduo coughed and said: "I haven't consulted yet, you are all heavens Star Monarch Which one of them?"

Wan Shui Shandao: "This seat is the giant gate Star Monarch."

Zuo Xiaoduo indifferently said: "The giant gate Star Monarch ... ancient name Heavenly Jade, the second star of Northern Dipper, the dark star, is the master of right and wrong. Sure enough, as soon as the giant gate Star Monarch appeared, there was life and death right and wrong. The ancients sincerely did not deceive me, and the most reasonable saying."

Star Monarch said solemnly: "That's right, you little baby has some knowledge. Since you know the star Monarch's fame, and you don't want to kill yourself quickly, do you want this Star Monarch to do it yourself? At that time, even the whole body could not be left. Blame the original Star Monarch very ruthless!"

Zuo Xiaoduo's face is full of helplessness, faintly said: "I am a person, I have always seen your coffin, oneself do it Hurting oneself is inevitably more painful than a normal fight, or bothering Star Monarch to do it yourself, don’t worry, I’m very eager, and I will never complain when I die!"

"In this case, I will give you and This Star Monarch is the honor of fighting against each other, and it depends on you if you are dead, you will not complain!"

The giant Star Monarch drew out the long sword of Wanshuishan as he spoke.

Zuo Xiaoduo squeezed his fists and put on an authentic posture that only a generation of masters would pose. His feet sink abnormally. From top to bottom, the whole person is like a lofty mountain, calm as water and lofty as A mountain, he said in a stern face: "Star Monarch may not know something, this Young Master is known as the Iron Fist Young Master. Today, with this pair of fists, I can learn and teach the powerful characters of ancient legends!"

"Fight against me , You want to use your bare hands? I really don't know who gave you the courage!" The giant gate Star Monarch was full of laughter and laughter.

I haven't walked in the world for so many years, is this young and arrogant now?

You are nothing but Flying’s shallow cultivation base. You are brave to challenge this seat with bare hands!

"Well, well, I will come to teach and teach the Iron Fist of the Iron Fist Young Master!"

The giant gate Star Monarch holds a sword in one hand, and the other is behind him. The clouds are light and breezy. Casually said: "I think you are a junior, this seat simply allows you to make the first move, even if it is a life and death battle, it will also fill you with three moves."

It is a great show of expert demeanor. , It is clear to give way, and one handicap is three moves!

This is probably the real Peak expert style.

At least in the feeling of the giant gate Star Monarch, although oneself has not yet recovered to the Great Encompassing level of the peak period, the cultivation base it can exert is not Dao Fusion, but... This kid has a superficial strength, even if oneself stands here motionless and lets him fight, he can't move oneself even a bit.

In this case, this senior demeanor is naturally necessary, so what is the three trick? !

"Let me three strokes? You said you want me three strokes?"

Zuo Xiaoduo shook his head: "That's not good, then how can you do it! Everyone is hostile, a fair fight, Why don't you say let it?"

But the giant Star Monarch has already said let it clearly, how can he break his promise and become fat? Do you want this senior demeanor?

"I told you three tricks, so you have three tricks!"

Star Monarch, the giant gate, was unhappy: "Is this a man who eats his promises and becomes fat?"


Zuo Xiaoduo said: "Does your Excellency really stand still and be attacked by me three tricks, so that I take you too much? There is such a reason in the world, even if you are a senior expert, you can't Contempt at this point, right?"

The giant gate Star Monarch froze for a moment, and let him do three tricks while standing still?

I said something like this?

When did I say that?

But I am the ancient Heavenly Court Star Monarch! How lofty is my reputation?

Although only the Dao Fusion cultivation base came here, the Dao Fusion Peak Level cultivation base is enough to crush all Star Soul cultivators in this space, without exception!

Look at the guy opposite...

Zuo Xiaoduo's face remained calm, trying to converge.

"Sure enough, it's not the Flying initial rank."

The giant gate Star Monarch was relieved immediately, with a graceful smile, and said: "This seat has never been in the world for countless years. You wait for the juniors, and I don’t know how good this seat is. That’s all that’s all, just let you hit three punches. It will round up your reputation as an Iron Fist Young Master. Let me see if you are good at your ability and whether there is no good under your fame."

The implication is clear.

Only punches are allowed, otherwise, don't worry about the Star Monarch's resignation.

The giant gate Star Monarch obviously has a careful eye. Although you claim to be the best at fist, how huge might it be with bare hands?

You can't hurt me if you are tired.

But if you can use weapons...what if this kid has something incredibly rare divine weapon?

This kid is the son of Heaven Patrolling Throne... Just oneself's current small body, but he may not be able to carry it.

So if you use weapons, don't blame me for turning my face and ruthless.

After listening to this, Zuo Xiaoduo regretted that he was about to hit the wall, but the fool on the other side actually agreed!

If I had known it earlier, I would simply speak frankly so good, and say that what I am best at is hammering!

If you use a hammer directly... can you still use three hammers?

A properly hammered past will make the watermelon rotten...

He doesn’t know that if he is at first, it means that it is a hammer, the giant gate Star Monarch will do. Wouldn't agree to three tricks at all.

Some people may say that the giant gate Star Monarch is stupid, but a long-term aloof and remote Great Encompassing expert encountered Zuo Xiaoduo, a cultivation base that is as shallow as paper...

The state of contempt with aloof and remote is really normal.

It's just a cat playing a mouse!

The giant gate Star Monarch calm as water and lofty as a mountain's hands behind ones back, standing on the ground, indifferently said: "Although you will die today, but, after all, it is a generation of genius...you die After that, I will find a way to keep your soul from being annihilated. When I reborn, I will be Monster Clan. Maybe there will be a day to meet at that time."

This is the giant gate. The true purpose of Star Monarch.

His current cultivation base cannot be detained forcibly, but if Zuo Xiaoduo oneself is willing, there will be no problem.

The giant gate Star Monarch can tell at a glance, this guy's body is much stronger than the kid aptitude possessed by oneself!

Moreover, the power of luck is hard to describe. As long as the true spirit is not extinguished and reincarnated, you will still be a genius of shaking the old and illuminating the new!

This kind of thing can be met but cannot be expected.

Zuo Xiaoduo did a chest expansion exercise and said: "many thanks Star Monarch kindness."

The giant door Star Monarch said: "You promised?"

< p>"This is a good thing, my generation of cultivators, the road to Grand Dao is the first, but the other is only the last, the death is approaching, there is still life, how can you not agree?!"

Zuo Xiaoduo said with a smile : "Star Monarch is famous and famous, Junior should do his best to explore the bottom line of senior!"

The giant gate Star Monarch said indifferently: "It should be so."

Zuo Xiaoduo said loudly. Roar, squeezed his fist, already quite impressive imposing manner, and went up three more points.

Amidst the mist, the giant gate Star Monarch is attached to Wanshuishan, standing with his hands holding hands, standing still, with a deep and condensed bearing, like mountains.

The clothes are fluttering and the hair is dancing. It's really a demeanor, not deliberately contrived.

On the other side, Zuo Xiaoduo is doing luck, as if trying his best to mobilize and gather all oneself's whole body cultivation base.

"I'm here!"

Zuo Xiaoduo yelled.

Before the voice fell, it suddenly jumped up.

The first thing to move is a heavenly secrets order for the giant gate Star Monarch, leaving silently——

The content of the order: the disaster of blood light, the fallen soul !

The giant gate Star Monarch smiled faintly, and his indifferent eyes swept across Zuo Xiaoduo's leaping body with disdain, like looking at an insignificant ant.


Zuo Xiaoduo thunder strikes like an electric flash, he is only ten steps away from the giant gate Star Monarch!

For Flying experts, the distance of ten steps is almost equal to nothing.

But Zuo Xiaoduo moved as fast as an electric flash, but forcibly made this ten-step space a significant sense of level.

Take a step, the spirit qi all over.

Stepping out of the Third Step, Burning Sun True Scripture runs at full capacity, and the surroundings are like a scorching sun, with arrogance boiling.

The giant gate Star Monarch smiled faintly, seeing that you brat is a fire type cultivation technique, and it was still trying to hide it before. Is it a trump card?

But...the pearl of rice also shines? !

He stands steadily under his feet and spreads his own cultivation base in a uniform manner, which can ensure that when Zuo Xiaoduo hits it with a punch, no matter where it hits, his own cultivation base will be immediately. Where to focus.

He has made up his mind to use oneself to shock the world... at least to shock the cultivation base within the Heavenly Dao pattern, and directly shock Zuo Xiaoduo into serious injuries!

Whoever says that you can't cause serious damage without fighting back, that's just your brat's shallow knowledge!

Three tricks? Too much!

One trick is enough!

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