Unconventional Legend Chapter 1239

"hu hu ……weng!"

Zuo Xiaoduo 1st Step just broke the hu hu sound of the strong wind, took three steps, the already shocking space buzzed Buzzing.

When Zuo Xiaoduo rushed to the fifth step, there was already a black hole behind him, and kacha screamed that the space broke, and in a short distance, he had reached the breakthrough space and burned the space!

The flame on his body also rose again, Origin Fire Art surged!

In the next instant, the flames surging around Zuo Xiaoduo around the body suddenly turned into purple, with nothing burning, burning everything!

Zhurong True Fire!

Eight steps!

Zuo Xiaoduo throws a punch, mixed with stern ghosts, all around Heaven and Earth, seems to squeeze over!

Two groups of rays of light, one white and one black, rushed into his fist before he could let it happen, and there was a flame of fire flowing out from behind his fist!

Great Sun True Fire!

On the fist, there is still a shimmering light. It is the three star sky Inextinguishable Stone Six Tipped Star quietly appearing on the fist!


With a blatant punch, he smashed the Wanshui Mountain, which was possessed by the giant Star Monarch, sturdily and without falsification.

This fist, Zuo Xiaoduo did not have any spare time to use all his strength!

The opponent is the soul of Star Monarch coming, and it is not good to be a tall and ruthless character who can face oneself daddy Zuo Changlu head-on!

How dare Zuo Xiaoduo underestimate the enemy?

It is just right for the other party to underestimate oneself. It is better to give the three tricks a better chance, and to take the trick without evasiveness, it's the best!

The whole body of mystery, all condensed on the fist, Burning Sun True Scripture, limit burning, Origin Fire Art, full operation, Zhurong True Fire, spare no effort!

There is also Little White and Xiaojiu, got into the fist, Inextinguishable Stone Six Tipped Star, clinging to the fist!

There is also Xiaoxiao, who is surging with the Great Sun True Fire, helping the soldiers behind their fists!

This blow has already used Zuo Xiaoduo's own limit might, overwhelming majority hole cards, converge one blow, and do it all!

The other party was actually willing to stand still and let oneself fight. Zuo Xiaoduo felt that if oneself didn't take advantage of this advantage, it would simply be bad for the ancestors and ancestors of the heaven and earth!

Three tricks? Too much!

One trick is enough!

One move is enough!

Seeing Zuo Xiaoduo smashing in with the world-shaking formidable power, the giant gate Star Monarch has always maintained a relaxed posture, watching the changes, not disagreeing, but...go to the Eighth Step , When Zuo Xiaoduo punched frantically...

He suddenly felt something was wrong!

That was an extreme sense of danger, suddenly rising from the bottom of my heart!

It seems that there is something on the opponent’s fist that makes oneself feel scared...

However, it seems that I feel a bit late, and the fist hits like a sledgehammer. The moment on oneself's chest...

The giant gate Star Monarch finally remembered what it was...

That was Zhurong True Fire!

Ancestral Shaman true fire!

Back then, Ancestral Shaman Zhurong's true fire was once knocked oneself three hundred miles away with a single punch, and then destroyed oneself directly!

It turned out to be Zhurong True Fire, oneself does not evade, and the one who resists directly is... Zhurong True Fire!

But he remembered it too late. Another meaning of being late is... it's over!


Zuo Xiaoduo's fist with many hole cards and the chest of the giant Star Monarch have launched an unprecedented closeness...crazy collision!

Zhurong True Fire converges origin fire and Yanyang true fire, the three fires converge into one, and they merge into the chest of the giant gate Star Monarch!

In the tragic screams mixed with endless regret...

Like a hot knife through butter, broke through the giant gate Star Monarch's defense without any hindrance!

And this gap is enough to make Little White ah Xiaojiu squeeze in instantly. It is also this gap. Those three Inextinguishable Stone Six Tipped Stars, with the help of Zuo Xiaoduo's powerful punch, Flower falsely smashed into the chest cavity!

Starry Sky Inextinguishable Stone Six Tipped Star is a special hidden weapon that is very different from the overwhelming majority hidden weapon. The hidden weapon of the overwhelming majority needs distance and space to function. It needs to be fast and fast, which is beyond imagination. Good, and once the hidden weapon is cast, once the distance is lost, it will often become a useless dead weapon.

After all, expert duel, it is inevitable to be close to each other, almost reaching out to reach the opponent, under such a distance, no matter how superb hidden weapon is difficult to play.

But the most unique thing about Inextinguishable Stone Six Tipped Star lies in its sturdiness and indestructibility, and it is also in such a special atmosphere, directly embedded in the target without any distance. On the contrary, his body can further exert its unique efficacy!

Then, there is also the fourth fire brought by Xiaoxiao, the violent Great Sun True Fire, follow closely from behind, and through this gap do my part to get into the chest of the giant gate Star Monarch!

In an instant, an extremely strange force field atmosphere suddenly exploded centered on the two bodies.

Jumen Star Monarch's complexion changed drastically, and Zuo Xiaoduo's body flew out like a cannonball.

The chest burst into flames, four-color flames, four different but more elegant flames!

The whole person has become a huge candle burning up into the sky.

The heart is directly beaten by the Inextinguishable Stone Six Tipped Star!

A mouthful of blood mixed with crazy burning flames was spit out suddenly by the giant Star Monarch. His both eyes were bulging, and he cursed angrily: "...Despicable!"

< p>At the same time, there is extreme regret.

From the perspective of the opponent's current battle strength, the current cultivation base of oneself is even worse.

The other party actually shamelessly made oneself stand up straight and be beaten...Sit down and let three moves!

How shameless!

"This seat was deceived..." The giant gate Star Monarch roared with tears.

But the counter-attack force caused by the giant gate Star Monarch will still make Zuo Xiaoduo, who had no intention of calculating, counter-shocked 17 meters, but the result of this counter-shock is within Zuo Xiaoduo’s budget. , I saw that he had already turned over in midair, and he had already picked up two huge Nine By Nine Catcat Hammers.

Two sledgehammers are released, and the space is shaken!


One hammer to the sky, one hammer to the ground!

The gesture style drives the yin and yang sun and moon mountains, rivers, and universe. After a turn, it seems to be teleporting and arrives in front of the giant gate, Star Monarch, which is still flying back!

"Hey! Don't hide!"

With a twisted waist, a huge hammer with mighty powers of sun and moon, mountains, rivers, yin and yang, stars, smashed down!

Splitting the head and covering the top, I still did not forget to yell: "This is the 2nd move you made!"

"Don't talk about credit!"

The giant gate Star Monarch has suffered a big loss under his First Fist. The fleshy body was basically broken, and a big hole in the chest showed that the internal organs were all broken and still Continued to burn by the four-color flame.

A fire bird Three Legged Golden Crow flies back and forth in his chest, and a white and a black two light ball is devouring it.

Three Inextinguishable Stones in the starry sky rushed at an extremely fast speed, and the Soul Power was stuck strongly, so that the astral power of the giant gate Star Monarch could not escape from the body.

The giant gate Star Monarch never imagined that this kid would be so dark. His so-called First Fist is at least equal to the five moves made by others!

Five tricks, tricks!

And what he didn't expect even more is, how could this kid be so strong!

In the memory and impression of boarding Fleshy body, shouldn't the person in front of you be a "deformed seed" piled up by countless treasures because of an excellent background? How can it be so strong! ?

A Second Generation Officials...a person who plunders other ordinary student resources based on his identity background...junk goods?

Is this so...how could it be like this?

What's more, this child is still oneself's most feared opponent, and can perfectly restrain oneself's Zhurong True Fire!

There is even more than Zhurong True Fire, there are other three, the same violent flames, against oneself outside the home!

The soul that belongs to Wanshuishan...The soul of the "destiny protagonist who has just been linked to the account" has already been immediately the soul flew away and scattered, and even a few fragments have not been left. ……

dang dang dang ……

The giant gate Star Monarch, the whole person, turned into a torch burning to the sky, brandishing long sword desperately, and Zuo Xiaoduo’s Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer launched a fierce collision confrontation!

"Despicable! Despicable! Despicable!"

The giant gate Star Monarch would be really mad with anger.

He scolded Zuo Xiaoduo's despicableness while on the other side he scolded Wan Shuishan's despicableness!

These little fellows are all classmates, but how can this Wan Shuishan have such a wrong perception?

On this First Fist, oneself's death can already be announced impressively!

It was a terrible defeat, and there was no room for change!

Who would have thought that this kid would have the tyrannical strength to fight oneself head-on!

This is the powerhouse, but he still has to sell small things to make oneself stand still and let him three tricks......

If it's just that's all, he Also tried every means to get the yin hand!

Originally, even if oneself fails, at least 30% of Soul Power can return... However, this kid actually locked oneself's soul with the starry sky Inextinguishable Stone!

Isn't this star sky Inextinguishable Stone unique to Heavenly Court Imperial Clan?

How could it land in the hands of a trifling Human Race...

If it hadn’t been confirmed that this game was set by its own, and it would still be a way of leveraging the pattern of Heavenly Dao, it would be purely beneficial to its own In one round, the giant gate Star Monarch wanted to suspect that it is Human Race that is currently set up to lure oneself and the others into the game. When oneself is incomplete, start a sniper!

In the current situation, it is clear that oneself was killed by a sniper!

At the next moment, the giant gate Star Monarch bowed his head, and realized that the charge to the left and dash to the right in oneself's body was clearly Three Legged Golden Crow!


The giant gate Star Monarch's eyes rounded, and he screamed in disbelief!

Dangdang twice!

When the two hammers go down, the long sword in the hands of the giant gate Star Monarch breaks at once, and the pieces are shattered!

Thousand Souls Nightmare Hammer has been urged to Peak by Zuo Xiaoduo at this time, leaving no hands at all, it fell like a storm...


This is Star Monarch!

Who knows how many means there will be?

Must take advantage of his illness to kill him, and in the shortest possible time, completely end this battle!

Zuo Xiaoduo did not dare to be negligent at all. With the power of in a spurt of energy, he smashed out 1,300 hammers in one breath!

He completely smelted the giant gate Star Monarch as steel...

In the last dozens of hammers, it was simply smashed into the air.

The body of Wanshuishan possessed by the giant gate Star Monarch has long been smashed into the air, and there is no powder left!


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