Unconventional Legend Chapter 1240

The giant gate Star Monarch's body was smashed and smashed, and even the air is still being burned by the four fires such as Zhurong True Fire...

The last moment ......

The last hammer fell, a group of brilliant starlight, and the explosion spread out like a starlight, everywhere in the entire space was a little bit of starlight, scattered all over the sky, like a large group Fire Insect, flying in the night sky.

In a moment, an illusory silhouette gradually took shape in the starlight, with a complex complexion. He glanced at Zuo Xiaoduo, and then at Three Legged Golden Crow Xiaoxiao, who was flying happily in the air. It shows the bitterness of hard to describe.

It seems that I wanted to say something...but I didn't say it. The starlight has disappeared, and the silhouette has completely disappeared, as if there is no trace.

Starlight is completely dissipated!

The giant gate Star Monarch, fell!

Above the clouds, on the far side of the starry sky, the giant star flickering crazily, after a moment of release of extreme brilliance, suddenly dimmed, and the luster suddenly disappeared by more than 90%. Even if it is completely hidden in the night sky, it seems as if it does not exist!

And the Monster Clan continent floating in the distant starry sky.

In the Northern Dipper Star Monarch great hall.

The giant gate Star Monarch who was sitting cross-legged meditation suddenly yelled, squirting a mouthful of blood, and the whole body's breath, like a mummy whose water has been pumped away, shrivelled...

The realm cultivation base continues to slide down...


In the slums of Capital City...the hidden courtyard.

Heavenly Jade’s Sect Master suddenly uttered a scream, vomiting blood continuously, all over his body, and quickly slipped down. He trembled and his eyes opened wide......

There was a sudden scream, and his eyes were filled with disbelief: "How come...Star Monarch divided spirit...fallen..."

Before the voice fell, my head crooked, and the whole person was there. Fainted feebly.

Although he fainted, his body was still trembling, continuously spits out blood, a little bit of blood flowed out of the seven orifices, which described it as terrifying.

And the other Greedy Wolf Grandmother and the others are full of tragic and sad faces, but no one moves.

The star array is still going on.

They can’t move yet!

But a look of despair has risen in each of his eyes, and an unbelievable look: Star Monarch...... will it fall?

Faced with these trivial ant characters, did Star Monarch fall?

How is this possible?


Zhurong True Fire is still burning blazingly, transforming all the remaining power of the giant gate Star Monarch into true fire power; then conveying origin fire, origin fire Conveying Burning Sun True Scripture, Burning Sun True Scripture detours for nine or nine weeks, backfeeding origin fire, origin fire backfeeding Zhurong True Fire......

The three fires are becoming more and more harmonious, and gradually fuse together.

After all the power is transformed into Zhurong True Fire, it will become more powerful several times.

Little White and Xiaojiu swallowed the soul of the giant gate Star Monarch and the soul fragments of Wanshuishan without wasting anything!

With this benefit, the two small bodies solidify more than twice at once, and the body of the bottle gourd actually doesn’t look so tender...

Then, two drops Destiny Points fell from the sky and fell into Zuo Xiaoduo's eyebrows, and the whole body was suddenly refreshed, and the origin qi also boiled up a lot out of thin air.

And this is the Destiny Points brought by Wanshuishan’s approval of heavenly secrets.

Just when Zuo Xiaoduo was so happy and realized that there is nothing more fun in life than this, suddenly, a large number of Destiny Points crash-bangs have to fall.

"This is... seven hundred drops!"

Zuo Xiaoduo exclaimed in disbelief, a pair of eyeballs almost protruding from the sockets!

This is the Destiny Points returned after the approval of the heavenly secrets of the giant Star Monarch was fulfilled, but Zuo Xiaoduo never expected that there would be so many Destiny Points in return!

But think about it, it seems that it should be, after all, this is the Heavenly Jade star, the giant gate Star Monarch, a generation of legend, a super expert!

The soul flew away and scattered directly by oneself, seven hundred Destiny Points... also makes sense.

Such a huge amount of Destiny Points power, powerfully nourishes Zuo Xiaoduo’s soul, spiritual consciousness, spiritual thought, cultivation base, dantian, body, meridian, bloodline...

Already The meridian flexibility, far exceeding that of ordinary cultivators, suddenly got another huge improvement!

The width of the meridian has also created a new peak on the original basis. Heaven's destiny line seems to connect the fast lane and is unimaginable!

as the saying goes, there are sores on the top of the head and pus on the soles of the feet. Although Zuo Xiaoduo does not have sores and pus, but now it is literally all over the body...

Of course To be bad, it’s barely enough for this sentence...

Zuo Xiaoduo’s own cultivation base, so it surged to the point where Flying Peak suppressed nine times in one breath. Since time, in the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower, the cultivation has been continuously improved. Zuo Xiaoduo's own cultivation base has already reached Flying Peak and has begun to suppress the true origin.

However, the amount of spirit qi required by Flying Boundary practitioners to go further is too large; Zuo Xiaoduo and the others in the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower for more than ten days is equivalent to more than five years of cultivation, each They all reached the point of suppressing the true origin; but they did not break through to the limit of suppression to the limit as expected by Zuo Xiaoduo.

And this result, this status quo also makes everyone feel dissatisfied.

It is conceivable that if this kind of dissatisfaction is known by Zuo Changlu and the others, you will definitely have to beat up these guys for dozens of times: even the most talented guy, in the Flying Boundary world, from the initial stage to Peak, which one does not require the least accumulation of several decades?

Even with the difference of aptitude, many people need hundreds or even thousands of years of accumulation is just normal operation!

You only cultivated the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower for a few years, and the outside world hasn’t been a few days, so you still feel slow?

What about your faces?

In a few days, I went from Flying initial rank to Peak, and even started to suppress it, and everyone suppressed it several times. What else do you want?

What else do you want? !

The satisfied Zuo Xiaoduo was so happy that he couldn't open his eyes.

This benefit is great!

This is too cool, right?

No, where is enough once?

Must keep up, and then go to another city, and then go to a few more cities!

Men, just want to last, just want to persevere, and make persistent efforts!

Zuo Xiaoduo was so excited that he couldn't help himself... If oneself guessed correctly this time, then fifteen Star Monarchs descended, right?

If these Star Monarch...oneself are killed one after another like this...doesn’t it mean that oneself will be posted all at once?

Fifteen, let me count...One seven is seven, seven seven is 49, fifteen times seven...

"More than ten thousand!"

Zuo Xiaoduo gave a strange cry.

My goodness...

Hurry up!

The battle of Zuo Xiaoduo against the giant gate Star Monarch is tedious, but in fact the battle lasted for a while, from Wan Shui Shan's suppression of the golden Qi Luck dragon to the confrontation between the two sides, and then to Zuo. Xiaoduo punched his body with a violent punch, and then the double hammers were connected, which completely wiped out the giant gate Star Monarch. It was only a few ten breaths of time to deal with it.

The golden-yellow qiyun dragon that emerged from the ground, not being suppressed by the starlight, rose again, and rushed towards Zuo Xiaoduo, quite prone to incense.

Where does Little Dragon hold the golden luck?

Does this coquettish bitch still want to compete for favor? !

So he appeared strongly in the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower, caught the golden-yellow dragon, opened his big mouth, and swallowed the whole dragon!

I ate you!

Also in this brief moment, Zuo Xiaoduo inexplicably feels that oneself seems to have something more...that is the foundation, the foundation of the feet!

"Good stuff!"

Zuo Xiaoduo laughed and played ten Destiny Points to Little Dragon: "Eat, now the big brother Didi has it!"

Zuo Xiaoduo, who has just made a fortune, will naturally not be stingy with the reward for Little Dragon. Besides, this time it is to snatch luck, and Duoduo must rely on Little Dragon. Of course, the younger brother must be fed first. Only with strength can there be a stronger willingness to work!

Hey from heaven!

Little Dragon was so excited that he couldn't find the north in an instant, ten drops!

There are actually ten didi!

Ten di di di in one breath, don’t people dream? !


Boss is great!

"Boss boss, I love you!" Little Dragon cheered.

What a good day today is, is it my lucky day, not only just swallowed a complete luck dragon, but also got so many rewards from the boss!

Seeing the harvest, Zuo Xiaoduo didn't stay anymore, and he rushed out. He was going to find oneself's brother!

The power of this giant Star Monarch is extremely powerful. If it weren’t for Zuo Xiaoduo’s mental arithmetic and unintentional way to pit the opponent, Zuo Xiaoduo estimated that even if oneself could win, at least it would have to deal with it. Hundreds of tricks or even thousands of tricks!

Non-extreme fierce battle is difficult to kill the opponent!

Know that oneself hits it with a punch, but it is still shocked by the other's body guard, true origin!

This kind of strength is terrifying.

Now that the giant gate Star Monarch is coming suddenly, it is estimated that the other Star Monarch of Star Sect will probably also come!

Everyone on our side, except Niannian Cat, everyone else, including Li Chenglong, may not be the opponent of this giant Star Monarch!

If the opponent’s many Star Monarchs are similar to the real strength of this place, then the Star Soul students who enter the group of dragons seize the vein pattern will have a great crisis, and they will suffer heavy casualties at every turn. !

Oneself must speed up, find its tracks as quickly as possible, and destroy them one by one!

Yes, one by one, according to Zuo Xiaoduo's estimate, if two Star Monarchs meet, oneself will have to turn around and run, and there is no ability to fight for the front. If the three meet, oneself is afraid that it will be able to run. Very difficult!

Zuo Xiaoduo's body disappeared in a flash, rushing to help other places.


A land full of ice and snow.

Zuo Xiaonian’s Spirit Seizing Sword has turned into a sword shadow that obscures the sky. Ice Whitesoul, which is about to reach the peak period, is driving the long sword and fighting the Prince cloud in the sky!

The Prince cloud from the bloodline of this Wang Family's direct line, although it did not get the Star Monarch power bonus, it took a forbidden drug!

A banned drug called Reverse Heavenly Pill!

It is the super medicine pill obtained from the'partner'!

And the name of this medicine is called'Fortune Against the Heavens! '

This is the key to all the conspiracies of the Wang Family!

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