Unconventional Legend Chapter 1242

Heavenly secrets Star Monarch screamed, I was downwind, and I was attacked by the starry sky Inextinguishable Stone sneak, and I could no longer avoid the hidden weapon, which is as dense as rain at this moment. .

The first pair of eyes has entered a dozen or so needles!

Heavenly secrets Star Monarch yelled violently and desperately swung his sword, but he couldn't change the reality he could never see anymore.

Zuo Xiaoduo Zhurong True Fire suddenly vigorous, surging strongly, pounced on the body of the heavenly secrets Star Monarch, and Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer played Qian Soul Destruction, with lightning that could not cover the ears. , Smashed more than nine hundred hammers crazily!

Countless muted noises collided, and the scattered ashes and dispersed smoke possessed by the heavenly secrets Star Monarch did not exist in the world.

As a starlight projection appeared in the field, Zuo Xiaoduo’s sledgehammer continued to output frantically, and did not give the opponent any chance to comeback...

Finally, with a sigh, the starlight drifted away , Heavenly secrets Star Monarch also followed in the footsteps of the giant gate Star Monarch.

Zhurong True Fire turned to devour and burn, and Little White and Xiaojiu became more familiar with the road and began to devour the soul of Star Monarch...

First, two Destiny Points fell, and then It was another seven hundred drops of Destiny Points that arrived, making Zuo Xiaoduo trembling all over, screaming.

The Qiyun dragon rushing up on the ground shake the head and wag the tail, rushing towards Zuo Xiaoduo.

Zuo Xiaoduo waved his hand and slapped the dragon on Dugu Yan'er.

Zuo Xiaoduo will naturally grab the luck of others and will not miss it, but the oneself team is still oneself brother’s daughter-in-law... how can you be embarrassed to grab it...

With luck, Dugu Yan'er's face suddenly recovered a lot.

Zuo Xiaoduo rushed, his face was ugly: "Why don't you use the mending heaven stone to recover?"

Dugu Yan'er bowed his head ashamed: "...I...I'm not willing to... "


Zuo Xiaoduo was speechless for a while.

"How is it?"

"It’s okay."

"Okay, immediately separate action, you go here, I go here, if you encounter If you encounter an enemy similar to this person alone, you should not act rashly, and we will act together with oneself."

Arranged by Zuo Xiaoduo.

"I see."

The two moved separately, each submerged in thick fog.

A unity of soldiers can only help one. Disperse the action, but can help two. This point can be clearly distinguished between the two.

Dugu Yan'er strength of oneself is not enough to fight against a Star Monarch, but if you rush to help another oneself person who encounters a Star Monarch, and the two fight against one, you can still deal with it.

Wan Lixiu initially felt that oneself had very good luck. She was against Jun Anmin, the younger generation of the Imperial Family.

The strength gap between the two sides is obvious. Wan Lixiu is sure to win, but the fact is so impermanent. A starlight passed. This Imperial Family kid was suddenly possessed by the legendary Army Destruction Star!

Seeing the sudden change, Wan Lixiu was on guard and behaved more cautiously, especially after knowing the opponent's name, he simply adopted a steady and steady fighting technique.

Occasionally directly use the momentum of Flying to suppress the opponent, use small physical methods to dodge and evade, and rarely meet force with force.

For more than ten minutes of stalemate, although it is unavoidable, the overall situation is in a state of ease.

And this result made the Army Destruction Star on the opposite side almost annoyed!

Oneself clearly possesses a world-shaking power, surpassing the imposing manner of Heaven and Earth Might, but here it is actually impossible to show it at all. After being delayed for so long by this little woman in front of her, she was completely incapable of defeating the enemy!

The reason why Army Destruction Star is so rare that he can fully exert his battle strength is because of the person he possesses, which is the Star Soul Human Race Human Sovereign bloodline.

It's probably that Monster Clan continent separated from the Star Soul Continent body for too long. At that time, the Human Race was still in a small form. At this time, I personally came into contact with the Human Sovereign bloodline without distance, and then I knew that Human Sovereign bloodline was oneself. Such demon stars actually possess a natural suppression effect.

This is simply a coincidence of fucked a dog!

The Flying Ant on the opposite side is even more depressing.

Two people are chasing around in this space like flying...

The Azure Dragon that has rushed out of the ground is coiled like a big snake on the ground...< /p>

After this Azure Dragon came out, I wanted to drill on Wan Lixiu. After all, Wan Lixiu's luck is also quite large. The instinct of the Qiyun dragon is dependent on the powerful one...

< p>But it was suppressed by the army Destruction Star with great force.

But Army Destruction Star can’t collect this: the luck of killing Wan Lixiu is far more powerful than the oneself possessed by Jun Anmin, so he can’t collect the luck dragon.

This is the rule!

Heavenly Dao rules!

Since the start of the war, the two have turned thousands of circles.

The Army Destruction Star is so angry that he yells.

"You must have a face! It’s a little bit of ethics!"

Wan Lixiu ran faster: "I retreat when the enemy is strong, I will retreat according to local conditions, this miss How shameless...You can’t catch up with this miss, so let’s talk about it, so sorry? Who is shameless!”

The Army Destruction Star became more and more violent.

Wan Lixiu perfectly clear knows that as long as oneself holds it up, the deadlock will continue, and after the left boss and the others have solved their oneself opponents, they will naturally come to help.

So as long as oneself stick to it as much as possible!

Don’t venture into it.

If by any chance, when the left boss arrives, oneself has become a corpse... that's not good.

One chasing and one running, and when it’s really impossible to fight, take a few fights, and then run...

Wan Lixiu’s true battle strength is more than inferior, but it is Human Sovereign The Army Destruction Star, who was disturbed by bloodline, couldn't easily win Wan Lixiu, so he could only stay in a stalemate like this.

At this moment...

The thick fog turned over.

A dark figure appeared in the field, who is not Zuo Xiaoduo.

"Xiu'er get out of the way! Watch me hammer him to death!" Zuo Xiaoduo exclaimed, and a heavenly secrets order flew over and disappeared...

"Boss, be careful, the opponent is Northern Dipper's seventh Heavenly Pass Army Destruction guard Star Monarch!" Wan Lixiu hurriedly jumped out of the circle to remind him.

"Northern Dipper seventh, Heavenly Pass Army Destruction, ancient name Alkaid!" Zuo Xiaoduo laughed heartily and rushed up

"Looking up to the name for a long time, eat my hammer!"

As soon as he let go, the black starry sky Inextinguishable Stone Six Tipped Star rushed directly.

Army Destruction Star Jun long spear like a dragon, without saying a word, pa pa pa...... Break up the starry Inextinguishable Stone as much as possible, and fight frantically with Zuo Xiaoduo.

Army Destruction Star is originally the War General. Among the stars, the most brave battle strength is the battle strength, facing the enemy, it is the greatly showing divine might!

Zuo Xiaoduo unfolded Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer, and unrelentingly challenged him, and suddenly The earth shook and the mountain quivered in the field!

It is those Inextinguishable Stone Six Tipped Stars that caused the Army Destruction Star to be extra trouble. The direction came again.

The hidden weapon technique of the young man in front of him has reached the superb level of unimaginable and unimaginable.

However, the Army Destruction Star has the most experience in approaching the enemy. A long spear dances into a circle. In his hands, the long spear actually shows the characteristics of eighteen weapons.

Such as a knife, such as a sword, such as an axe, such as a stick, such as a halberd, such as a thorn... even, it can have the effect of a long whip.

The stick is afraid of nodded, the gun is afraid of roundness!

This long spear is in the hands of Mr. Army Destruction Star, just like a Flood Dragon overwhelming.

Major Perfection can be achieved by converging light and heavy strength.

We played Heaven and Earth turning upside down with Zuo Xiaoduo for a while!

Wan Lixiu, who was watching the game, felt that oneself’s ears were going to be deafened!

The fighting time of these two people didn't last long, but when they couldn't stand it, it was the life of meet force with force. Zuo Xiaoduo half step didn't retreat, and Army Destruction Star didn't give up!

That's not directly into a ball, the end is a pin against an awl, giving tit for tat!

The sound of boom~ boom~ has never stopped since at first, and gradually became one piece, and it continued all the way!

Mr. Army Destruction Star laughed as he fought, "Have fun! Have a great time! Have a great time!"

Compared with the cat and mouse just now, there were no head-on confrontations. Wei is really the difference between Tianyuan!

On the other side, Zuo Xiaoduo's face also has a rare hearty look!

This kind of meet force with force opponent is too hard to find, too rare!

This kind of extreme collision without any concessions, no fakes, passionate, made Zuo Xiaoduo feel fascinated!

It turned out that I met an evenly matched opponent, and it was so cool to work like this!


While shocking the collision of Heaven and Earth again... Finally, this rare war has changed.

The long spear in Mr. Army Destruction Star's hand was overwhelmed and broke. The moment the long spear broke, the first half of it turned into debris and flew out!

Since the fierce battle, Army Destruction Star has been protecting the long spear with his tyrannical cultivation base, which is better than Zuo Xiaoduo. The long spear in his hand is not common, but it still has its limits. The opponent is getting more and more tyrannical, and under the power that no stronghold one cannot overcome, he finally reached this step.

And this also reflects from the side, oneself's current real strength is not the opponent of the little fellow in front of him!

But so what?

Army Destruction Star was full of madness, and he used his double fists without any scruples to meet Zuo Xiaoduo's sledgehammer!

The resounding resounds again, but it is not endless...

There is no weapon in hand, only a pair of Iron Fist’s Army Destruction Star faces the heavy hammer. Pressure, coping with difficulties, staggered and flew out.

But he immediately flew back and continued to fight with force meet force with force.

"Kid, remember me!"

Army Destruction Star laughed wildly: "I am Northern Dipper Alkaid! I am Heavenly Pass Army Destruction!"

< p>He laughed wildly: "I really want to wait a few years for you to fight with you. It's a pity that I waited for you, but you can't wait for me!"

Army Destruction Star, at this moment, my heart is true. Regrets are infinite.

If the soul of oneself can go back, and it can return to oneself's body, the strength is not damaged...how good?

According to the progress of this kid, in another three to five years, he will be able to really enjoy the battle...

Unfortunately, I can't go back!

This wish will eventually come to nothing!

boom~ boom~

In the sound of the collision, the bones of Army Destruction Star started with both arms began to break one after another, but he laughed wildly, and still didn’t let it go. He fisted back until... the mountain-like hammer head hit his head heavily.

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