Unconventional Legend Chapter 1243

"Kunpeng, you have an opponent."

Army Destruction Star laughed, the whole body is still in Zuo Xiaoduo, as if howling wind and Under the usual successive blows of torrential rain, it turned into a fan!

seeing others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try again It also burned surgingly...

For the third time, I felt the huge amount of Destiny Points falling from the sky. Zuo Xiaoduo was refreshed, but he couldn't help feeling sighed.

After the fight, he put away the Inextinguishable Stone Six Tipped Star.

This battle was so exciting that Zuo Xiaoduo didn't want to use hidden weapon to deal with such an opponent, and even didn't want to end this battle so early.

But with the break of Army Destruction Star’s long spear, Zuo Xiaoduo had to kill the killer and end the battle as soon as possible. It is not the dignity of the martial artist, but the current atmosphere. Extremely, it's not just oneself alone. Many partners may be at a critical juncture. Oneself abandons the starry sky and does not use the Six Tipped Star. It is already the biggest concession. It is absolutely impossible to give up and give up again to the oneself person. It's cruel!

In this battle, Zuo Xiaoduo feels that he has benefited a lot; I feel that oneself’s use of the sledgehammer has gone a step further, in Lifting The Heavy As Though It Was Light, lifting the light as if it In terms of the use method of were heavy, the Army Destruction Star can be said to have used the Major Perfection, which is what Zuo Xiaoduo can't match.

Relying on a long spear that didn't take advantage of it, the Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer was stubbornly on the front, and he actually played indiscriminately with oneself!

Looking back at the Army Destruction Star’s various methods of fortune and power, Zuo Xiaoduo thought for a while.

Wan Lixiu has quickly put away the Qi Luck Dragon.

"Left boss, separate action?"


The two quickly separated and each rushed to help.


In the thick fog.

Xiang Bing gritted his teeth and stood side by side with Zhou Yunqing against the Southern Dipper fifth star Dubhe Palace Lord and Star Monarch!

Xiang Bing is now also Flying Peak, and Zhou Yunqing, after experiencing Sword Tomb inheritance fortuitous encounter, was empowered by the sword demon of the past as the cultivation base. Now it is also the Flying cultivation base, only the Flying middle rank!

The two of them joined forces to contend head-on with Doer Star Monarch. The overall strength is still a bit weaker, but the overall gap is not much different. At least Doer Star Monarch wants to take it in a short time. The next two people are definitely hopeless.

Even this is because the two did not know each other before, and there is not much tacit understanding of joining hands with the enemy, otherwise there may not be a chance to kill Doer Star Monarch.

Just when the two sides check and balance each other, a piece of ice suddenly comes, a sword, like an autonomous attack, mixed with the extreme frost and cold of World of Ice and Snow, will save you. The whole person of Star Monarch is shrouded in it.

Immediately, a snow-white and noble Phoenix rushed out with a phoenix, and slammed into the face of Duer Star Monarch!

Du'er Star Monarch turn pale with fright, losing his voice——

"Ancient Phoenix Clan? How come?"

Zuo Xiaonian is just like Moon Palace Fairy Then came, and as soon as he took a shot, Duer Star Monarch was pushed down.

Xiang Bing and Zhou Yunqing saw Zuo Xiaonian's arrival, they were overjoyed, they immediately turned from defense to offense, and counterattacked.

The three men joined forces to besiege, how can Star Monarch do it? The opponent, Zuo Xiaonian alone, has already dealt with the difficulties and is not strong enough. At this moment, he is under the siege of the three parties and the big move of the three sides at the same time. How can he respond?

Can't help but sigh: "Hundreds of thousands of years of planning, is it...you just dug a big hole for oneself? How ridiculous, hahaha..."

Sad In the loud laughter, the body was shattered by the attack of the three.

Xiang Bing stepped forward to collect the Qi Luck Dragon, and the three of them said hello, and went away in three directions.

At the moment, the soldiers are in danger, and there is no time to talk about it. It is serious to rush to help other places as soon as possible.

Maybe a few more words here, it may cause oneself's brother to be killed in other places!

On the other side, Li Chenglong rushed into a thick fog, seeing Yu Yan'er in a dire situation, struggling to support, and fighting fiercely with him, he was a child of the Imperial Family, a child of the Imperial Family. The Imperial Family dísciple, who was ordered by the Southern Dipper Southern Dipper Palace Lord, the Star Monarch, to possess...

Yu Yan'er The situation at this meeting is already very bad. He is bloodied and may vanished fragrance and crumbled jade at any time. , Breathe one's last.

Li Chenglong loudly roared: "Support, I am coming!"

Before the voice was over, he had already rushed into the circle of war.

Yu Yan'er sighed in relief, the lovable body shook and fell dangerously, reminding: "Be careful... the opposite is the Southern Dipper number one star, Tianfu Palace Lord, and Star Monarch. !"

"You hurry up!"

Li Chenglong, who has already been fighting with the Star Monarch, has only had time to say a word, and never dare to be distracted.< /p>

Li Chenglong felt the pressure as soon as he started.

The opponent is worthy of being the number one star in Southern Dipper. Oneself is conscious of the second only to Zuo Xiaoduo Zuo Xiaonian’s tyrannical strength in the group, but can’t suppress the opponent... It seems that it must be dragged to the left boss or someone else. It is possible to win the opponent by siege!

The best condition for procrastination is that Yu Yan'er must recover quickly and come up together to attack, otherwise oneself may not be able to persist...

Zuo Xiaoduo again When rushing into another thick fog, the fifteen stars in the sky were already dimmed by three.

With the dimming of Samsung, another magic mist rose up as if losing its suppression!

On the other side of the sky, there is a phantom faintly, appearing bit by bit!

Demon Ancestor projection is already close to Star Soul Continent!

Of course, it’s just that the projection is close, and Demon Ancestor himself doesn’t know how far away it is, but one thing is certain, Demon Ancestor is positioned very accurately!

This is a signal, an extremely dangerous signal!

With the approach of the Demon Ancestor projection, Demon Clan clansman in the Forest of Demon Spirit feels that Dao is full of magical energy boiling, and the excitement is difficult to suppress...

Involuntarily release One's own demonic energy corresponds to it.

Long heaven and earth, demonic energy rises...

At this moment, Zhan Xuejun, who was in the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower space, was lying quietly and tightly closed both eyes suddenly. Opened it!

In the pupils of the eyes, there is also a magic mist rising and passing by.

After that, a sharp murderous intention suddenly emerged from her!

Zhan Xuejun subconsciously jumped up, and immediately felt that oneself's body is different from the past, and his own cultivation base strength has been increased ten times a hundred times! ?

At this time, all the might of the divine spear have been left in her body. Naturally, she might be ten or even a hundred times stronger than before!

Although she didn't wake up during this period, she was not completely unconscious and unconscious!

Strictly speaking, her mind is completely sober, but she can't control her body anyway. I can only let the pure Heavenly Demon breath, transform oneself’s body a little bit, oneself’s meridian, and even oneself’s spiritual consciousness......

Slowly digest and absorb that huge force.

She knew clearly that it was Zuo Xiaoduo who saved oneself and that oneself was taken by Zuo Xiaoduo to flee...

Later, Xiang Chong came and took care of her in every possible way. Zhan Xuejun was also clear in his heart.

But she just can't open her eyes, she can't move a little...

But now, at this moment, without knowing what happened, her body suddenly regained control!

Zhan Xuejun stood up and felt the strange and powerful force in his body that had not yet been absorbed completely, and spontaneously wanted to charge ahead.

At the same time, she also felt a kind of trembling from the heart-that is oneself's favorite person, and is now trapped in the spirit sense induction of life and death crisis!

Zhan Xuejun around the body murderous aura, so anxious!

Zuo Xiaoduo rushed into the thick fog again, and in the blink of an eye, he saw Xiang Chong's whole body bruised and bruised. He was almost inhuman, so he could hardly support it!

The one who is fighting against him is another member of the Wang Family, Prince Dragon!

It's just the Prince dragon at this moment. The starlight in his eyes is shining, and he makes strange laughs. It is obvious that he has been possessed by a certain Star Monarch, and it is no longer the deity.

Xiang Chong is already exhausted, covered in blood. Although Overlord Halberd is still trying his best to swing, it is almost completely out of order. Where can he stop the opponent’s long sword’s successive attacks, and his body is constantly wounded. increase.

Zuo Xiaoduo, while rushing away, threw away an approval order for heavenly secrets, and at the same time began to respond...

However, a little clear comprehension rise in the mind, it was already about to be launched The offensive stopped...

The Fate Tribulation of Star Monarch in front of him, shouldn't he be in the hands of oneself?

Zuo Xiaoduo was surprised, and suddenly felt something. It seemed that there was something else in the Emptiness Extinguishing Tower. Zuo Xiaoduo did not dare to neglect, and hurriedly opened it, but there was a bang, an extremely abundant sound. The devilish spirit is soaring.

A tall silhouette appeared suddenly.

The tall and slender body is strong, with long hair fluttering, and a long spear with a length of five meters in his hand. The magic mist on his body, the long spear is like a dragon, full of destruction might, appearing Immediately, he rushed to Lianzhen Star Monarch like a meteor!

Already almost powerless, Xiang Chong, who was so obsessed with the ground, didn’t know the power that came out of that, jumped up suddenly, loudly roared in surprise: "Xuejun!?"

Zhan Xuejun both eyes are full of murderous aura, a shot like a Black Dragon that stabs a shatter void, in a determined imposing manner that won but never returned, with a sound, the Prince dragon who possessed Lianzhen Star Monarch immediately on the opposite side, smashed. Exit and go eight steps!

Lian Zhen Star Monarch couldn't help but look up, and his eyes were full of astonished expressions.

Who is this girl...?

How overbearing so far?

At a glance, I saw the long spear, the pervasive devil, the sharp and imposing manner that slaughtered the world!

Can’t help but startled, and blurt out: "Divine spear?!"

In a daze, Zhan Xuejun’s spear tip danced out a ball of colorful snowflakes again , As the magic mist rises, one shot goes straight into the palace!

peng~ peng~ peng~ ……

The shadow of the guns turned into dense raindrops, and the shocked star Monarch opened the sword in the hands of Lianzhen Star Monarch, who was so disturbed. Big dew!

Zhan Xuejun stood up from the cold glow with a devilish energy, with a loud roar, and a shot pierced Lian Zhen Star Monarch's chest!

With one shot, Zhan Xuejun did not neglect, and continued to rush forward with the gun, stringing the body of the Prince dragon possessed by Star Monarch on the tip of the gun, and rotating it vigorously for ten or more times. Then he fell fiercely to the ground, and then the five-meter long spear turned into a huge stick!

Howling down!


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