Unconventional Legend Chapter 1244

puff puff puff ……

Three-four hundred blows in succession!

Starlight bursts apart...

Little White, the little wine rushes out...Hurry up, or you will be eaten by that gun...

Zhurong True Fire also rushed out, as before...

Destiny Points, like rain falling.

Falling in the head of Zuo Xiaoduo who is already dumbstruck, he didn’t come back to his senses for a long while, for no reason wasted that sharpness...

Zuo Xiaoduo is stupid now ……Zhan Xuejun ……How can it be so strong?


Seeing that the battle was over, Xiang Chong rushed over in ecstasy.

I haven't even forgotten to use the mending heaven stone to recover from the injury and make oneself look more energetic.

"A Chong." Zhan Xuejun's eyes are full of deep love, but his complexion takes a step back: "You... don't come here yet, listen to me..."


"Xuejun, what's wrong with you...?" Xiang Chong's eyes were full of joy.

"I...I have a devilish energy...I can't control...murderous aura...I..."

Zhan Xuejun's eyes are full of painful muttered, and his body The tyrannical power does not stop for a while because the war has ended, but has a tendency to rise gradually.

"You...what's wrong with you?" Xiang Chong's heart tightened.

"I was taken by the evil spirits, and I am destined to no longer be your good match..." Zhan Xuejun's expression was very painful.

"Huh? What?" Xiang Chong was dumbfounded.

While I was about to talk, I heard Zuo Xiaoduo put away his mobile phone and said impatiently: "Now that the situation is so urgent, where can I have time to watch the two of you play a bitter drama? Hurry up and split up to rescue the others!"

The two were interrupted by ruthless words at the moment they were full of pain. They couldn't help being stunned on the spot, not knowing what to do.

"It's just a little bit of devilish energy, how come the devil has gotten into it... It looks like she was pregnant with a green hat... Why are you crying? What is there to cry?"


Zuo Xiaoduo pointed his hand and said angrily: "Zhan Xuejun, your man is disappointing now, you can go to work for me and see what the other people are doing... Well, you two should act together. Well, look at Xiang Chong’s current virtues. If you run into a strong enemy, you have to get him oneself in!"

"You two are not focusing on the point now, there is really something that can’t be solved. Don’t you still have me? Get out of here, don’t just talk about love, you two want to feed me dog food? Your trick is to play big swords in front of Guan Gong, Zhao Zilong play tricks in front of you! I can tell you where the two of you were playing in the air just now. I have already videotaped it. I don't want to be executed in public, so I can get to work quickly!"

Xiang Chong and Zhan Xuejun flushed.

The joy of reunion after a long absence, the unspeakable pain, and the sadness all flew beyond the topmost clouds in an instant.

They both looked at Zuo Xiaoduo bitterly.

Why is this bitch talking so ugly!

What does it mean to wear a green hat? Can you speak?

Also, what we both said just now was from the bottom of our hearts, so why did we play tricks?

Can this flower tone and that flower gun be the same thing?

But when Zuo Xiaoduo said that, Zhan Xuejun immediately let go of his heart, that is, if there are any things that can't be solved, there is a left boss!

Even the left boss can’t solve it. Isn’t there a left boss father mother? At first, Lord Throne seemed to talk about the oneself situation and said that it would take a certain transition time...

Thinking about it this way, I immediately refreshed, and even the situation of the devil's disturbance to the gods suddenly improved a lot.

Actually, Zhan Xuejun recalled that oneself was tortured by Demon Clan as a tool man. When there was no hope at all, and he should give up saving oneself, Zuo Xiaoduo still stood up. And out, in the absolutely impossible situation, Shengsheng saved oneself!

That is already impossible. Hasn't he done it yet?

There is nothing difficult in the world. I am afraid that there are people who have a heart. As long as there is a heart, as long as you don’t give up, there is nothing in the world that can’t be solved!

Xiang Chong also thought of Zuo Xiaoduo’s divine ability. Since the left boss has said so, it must be determined and it must be all right. Oneself is oneself and scares oneself, which is unreasonable. .

this though arises, immediately feel relieved.

I was relieved, and immediately looked towards Zuo Xiaoduo with a middle finger, in order to avenge the hatred of this guy who said oneself green hat or something, and then took Zhan Xuejun and flew away all the way.

Although the action is fast, but it seems a little sweet and sweet...

It is obvious that the two people relaxed too early, and ignored what Zuo Xiaoduo said. Another important point, in addition to the catastrophe of nine heavens that day, Zuo Changlu Wu Yuting unscrupulous couple headed, Zuo Xiaonian as an accomplice, opened another mode of operation for unscrupulous people-video!

The video Zuo Xiaoduo said just now is not just nothing serious, it is a real video. If such high-quality material is not remembered, it will not be used as a means of threatening or public execution in the future!

Well, if in a certain sense, or from a long-term perspective, this material, this video, is the future scourge of Xiang Chong and his wife. The degree of terrifying is comparable to that of trifling. difference of heaven and earth, incomparable!

It's just this clear comprehension, Xiang Chong and his wife are far from realizing it. By the time I realize it, it will be too late!

Seeing the two people walking away together relaxedly, Zuo Xiaoduo let out a long sigh of relief, and quickly turned around and walked away in the other direction.

Zhan Xuejun’s problem is of course very big, but when the boat gets to the pier-head, it will go straight with the current, this girl got heavenly ascension with bad weather and reap without sowing Cultivation base, how can it be possible without paying a considerable price?

However, as the cultivation base grows, these are all within the manageable range.

After all, it's not really a major event.

Furthermore, I just waited for Xiang Chong to collect the Qi Luck Dragon, let them go out to see if there is a suitable one and grab another one for Zhan Xuejun, combining their luck with both of them, what can’t be done... …

The thick fog is rolling.

Chen Xiaotian has already killed the Ancestral Dragon High Martial students in front of him, and collected the Qi Luck Dragon. He was about to turn around and leave, but saw a thick fog rolling, and a black clothed youth came hurriedly.

Zuo Xiaoduo as far as the eye can see, suddenly saw the corpse on the ground, laughed playfully: "It's actually finished?"

Chen Xiaotian said lightly: "Zuo Xiaoduo You are a step late."

Zuo Xiaoduo looked at the heavenly secrets order in his hand, and the expression on his face became more interesting: "Chen Xiaotian?"

Chen Xiaotian smiled: "Fortunately Yes."

Zuo Xiaoduo squinted his eyes and said: "Northern Dipper, the first star, the sun star, the lieutenant of the sky, Greedy Wolf is too Star Monarch; the ancient Dubhe is the first-class one in Monster Court "The great character of, meeting is fate, how can I not come out to see?"

Chen Xiaotian pupil shrink, in his eyes, starlight little bit, looking at Zuo Xiaoduo, indifferently said: "The so-called son of Heaven Patrolling Throne, Sure enough, it's extraordinary, and I've seen it so well."

When I heard this, Zuo Xiaoduo didn't know that the core of the person in front of him had changed.

Said with a smile: "I don’t know if I should call you Greedy Wolf Star Monarch? Or Yangming Star Monarch? Or Dubhe Star Monarch?"

Chen Xiao Heavenly Dao: "This is Dubhe! However, the name Greedy Wolf is well-deserved. You can call it whatever you want."

"Well, Greedy Wolf Star Monarch Hello." Zuo Xiaoduo He squinted: "Master Star Monarch is attached to my old acquaintance at this time, I almost can't recognize it..."

Greedy Wolf Star Monarch narrowed his eyes: "Old acquaintance?"


Zuo Xiaoduo laughed: "Meng Chentian, when are you going to pretend?"

Then Chen Xiaotian's eyes were cold, and he immediately became the voice of Chen Xiaotian's deity: "Zuo Xiaoduo really is gaze as if a torch, but I still don’t understand, how did you recognize me? Before you break it, can you solve my doubts?"

Zuo Xiaoduo indifferently said: "With this little cultivation of yours, do you really think what a confidential thing you can get out? All your plans and plans are just jokes in my eyes."

Zuo Xiaoduo at this moment is not a false threat, he has indeed discovered Meng Chentian a long time ago.

At the time when the people gathered at the beginning, Zuo Xiaoduo threw away early to thirty-six heavenly secrets approval orders, and through the feedback of the heavenly secrets approval orders, unexpectedly discovered that Meng Chentian was among them. , Immediately let Zuo Xiaoduo startled.

He really didn't expect, Meng Chentian can actually get into the team of Ancestral Dragon High Martial!

And Zuo Xiaoduo is more surprised than Meng Chentian, there is another acquaintance who only hears his name but has not really seen the acquaintance-Ning Qingcheng!

Zuo Xiaoduo saw these two names at first glance, and immediately felt that something was not right. Is this Ancestral Dragon High Martial already reduced to a sieve?

How could it be infiltrated like this?

Since he came in, he has been trying his best to find Meng Chentian, but he knows how overcast this guy is!

Oneself hit the entire Meng Family account book in one game that day, only this Meng Chentian was okay, the escape was too much, and he could sneak into Ancestral Dragon High Martial and attend the current group of dragons seize the vein!

Zuo Xiaoduo certainly knew that this product was definitely not Meng Family bloodline; and Ning Qingcheng also escaped his life, so Ning Qingcheng is not a Ning Family person either!

Think about it carefully, these two guys are not only fateful, and their luck is far better than ordinary people. They ran out of the previous Heavenly Dao round and went round and round, and actually entered the second Heavenly Dao round, and It still looks like the main force now!

If it weren’t for oneself’s divine ability to go further, I’m afraid that the true identity of these two people would not be broken, and the outcome would be difficult to conclude!

Meng Chentian’s voice came out leisurely: "Meng Family...how many people are still alive?"

Zuo Xiaoduo snorted: "Even you are about to die! Now! For the entire Meng Clan, you only have the only remaining species of Meng Chentian, and the account has not been cancelled."

Meng Chentian stopped talking and instead became the voice of Greedy Wolf Star Monarch: "Zuo Xiaoduo , Are you killing people now, do you have the fame and annihilation of the whole family?"

Zuo Xiaoduo laughed heartily, and said with a mockery: "Master Greedy Wolf Star Monarch, what you said makes me Surprisingly inexplicable, according to classical records, when you were on the Monster Clan Sovereign continent, you weren't the ones who would eat an entire city at every turn. What? Now that you just want to kill the people, you can’t get used to it? What kind of big flaps? Garlic?"

Greedy Wolf Star Monarch hehe smiled, the starlight was dazzling, and a Demon Subduing Pestle appeared in his hand, indifferently said: "In that case, this Star Monarch will hunt on behalf of the sky, enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven."

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