Unconventional Legend Chapter 1245


Zuo Xiaoduo spit out, contemptuously: "Could you not be such a hypocritical virtue? Fight if you want, what nonsense? Back then? Why did you Monster Clan Heavenly Court be scrapped? It is probably the reason why each of your mouths are so broken and procrastinated."

Greedy Wolf Star Monarch's face suddenly turned black.

This kid's mouth is really not ordinary poison.

"I won, don't forget to hand over the Qi Luck Dragon!" Greedy Wolf Star Monarch looked at Zuo Xiaoduo, his eyes flickering, full of salivation.

"I won, you have to hand over your luck!" How could Zuo Xiaoduo suffer? The imposing manner cannot be weaker!

In this space of Qi Luck, once the Qi Luck Dragon enters the human body, if you do not get your consent, you can’t get it out. In fact, this is reasonable and has already turned into itself. How to get luck?

But the group of dragons seize the vein has just started not long ago. Zuo Xiaoduo and Greedy Wolf Star Monarch have their own gains. Although Qiyun Dragon has already acquired itself, it should not be fully integrated with its own Qiyun. It can still be forced out.

Not only Greedy Wolf Star Monarch knows this point, but Zuo Xiaoduo also knows it.


Greedy Wolf Star Monarch thoughts move, a dragon of luck slowly emerged from him.

Immediately, the Qiyunlong was placed on the ground by him; it became a ball.

Qiyunlong felt ignorantly, and instinctively rushed towards Zuo Xiaoduo... This human being at this position, Qiyun is much better than the one on the upper body of oneself, a talented person chooses a patron of integrity ……

Greedy Wolf Star Monarch can hold it down and shouted in a deep voice: "Zuo Xiaoduo, where's yours?"

Zuo Xiaoduo was unhappy: "I Iron Fist Young Master Zuo Xiaoduo has always been straightforward and upright one word worth nine sacred tripods. How can I break my promise and get fat on these things?"

Speaking of thoughts move, Emptiness Extinguishing The Tower door should open. Little Dragon turned into an illusory mist, curling up.

At least it looks exactly like the dragon of luck.

both eyes spiritless, they just have shape and basic instincts, they don’t have spirit consciousness.

Two dragons, looking at each other, forming a group, all sitting there obediently...

"Okay, the gambling agreement has been established, the outcome is clear!"< /p>

"If a gentleman says a word, it's hard to chase a horse!"

"Good! Winners get all, loses all lose!"

"It should be so, fair Justice. The winner, the prince and the loser, take care of this."

Greedy Wolf Star Monarch laughed with satisfaction, and his murderous intention surged in his eyes: "Zuo Xiaoduo, die!"

Before the voice fell, it was already standing up, suddenly the starlight dotted, and the hood fell down.

Zuo Xiaoduo loudly roared, facing up to the difficulties with his bare hands, from top to bottom overflowing the Burning Sun True Scripture might on the 3rd floor, boldly shot.

Demon Subduing Pestle, mixed with the howling wind, is approaching.

Seeing Zuo Xiaoduo actually fighting with his fists, Greedy Wolf True Monarch burst into laughter.

Is this kid a fool?

Fight against oneself's starlight Demon Subduing Pestle with bare hands. Don't say that this kid's own cultivation base is not as good as oneself. Even if it is not inferior to oneself, he will suffer a lot. There is absolutely no chance of winning!

But just when he thought so, Zuo Xiaoduo in front of him suddenly disappeared. Instead, there were two huge hammerheads that completely covered Zuo Xiaoduo's whole person.

Two giant hammers, mixed with the mighty might of thunder, hit the Demon Subduing Pestle heavily!

There was a loud bang. Greedy Wolf True Monarch took the Demon Subduing Pestle and was blasted out more than ten feet away. Zuo Xiaoduo succeeded in one blow, without negligence. The double hammer in his hand turned into a torrential rain and wind, and a series of madness smashed past. .

Every hammer is doing its best!

No matter how you parry, I am the hammer of spare no effort!

A similar situation has been repeated several times, such as copying the bowl, just drawing the bottle gourd in the same way!

Greedy Wolf True Monarch was shocked in his heart, and tried his best to fight against it, but Zuo Xiaoduo was forced to retreat again and again and quit more than a hundred meters in one breath!

Although it seems to have fallen to the wind, Greedy Wolf True Monarch is completely puzzled. You fight with all your strength and fight fiercely. At best, it will force me back. What's the use? Don’t be long, be soft and don’t keep it, as long as you get past your in a spurt of energy and go to the point where it fades and exhausts itself, the number of wins and losses will be reversed...

At this moment of imagination, I suddenly saw something, and I suddenly felt like tears, and said furiously: "Shut up! Despicable!!"

He fought back with extreme madness.

Because he saw...

The two Qiyun dragons that were sitting on the ground obediently there, the one belonging to Zuo Xiaoduo fought wildly at Zuo Xiaoduo. At that moment, there was a movement, and he jumped up, then opened his big mouth, and swallowed the oneself's luck dragon in one mouthful!

When oneself saw it, the dragon of luck that belonged to oneself had already been swallowed more than half.

Zuo Xiaoduo's Qi Luck Dragon has a very pleasant expression at this time, even his eyes are still squinting at oneself.

The strange look at oneself is like a normal person looking at a fool...

This feeling makes Greedy Wolf Star Monarch think that oneself is One two...

oneself was cheated!

Be tricked!

This kid didn't want to keep the promise at all. The blunt words before, and the successive actions now are all foreshadowing!

The trick of concealing oneself!

It turns out that this dragon can eat dragons!

This is really...

"What about your martial artist? What about your straightforward and upright? One word worth nine sacred tripods?"

Greedy Wolf Star Monarch hair stands up in anger.

Fighting with Shaman Clan for a long time has made him accustomed to his opponents who are a promise worth thirty thousand catties who are really not fattened by their promises. Now, oneself has encountered such shameless...

< p>Speaking to the heart, he never thought that his opponent would not keep his promises, just and honorable just and honorable, undisguised black eating black, and eating so happy and happy...

Too asshole!

Zuo Xiaoduo's twin hammers are running like wind, but the situation has turned to be steady and steady, calmly; hearing this disdainfully said: "Of course I keep my promise, do you think I rob you of your dragon? How far is it, how do you grab it? Besides, we have a gentleman’s agreement. If you say a word, it’s hard to chase a horse!"

"Fat your mother! Your dragon ate my dragon!" Greedy Wolf Star Monarch is about to explode.

"What does it have to do with me? I kept the promise and didn't move!" Zuo Xiaoduo said: "The gambling agreement is fair and just!..."

" What's the difference between eating your dragon and taking it oneself? You mean villain!"

"Fat you! Why are you unreasonable!" Zuo Xiaoduo angrily said: " Your dragon can eat mine too. Who does it blame itself?"

"..." Greedy Wolf Star Monarch snapped a tooth.

Shut up and stop talking.

Speaking is useless.

Because after the Qiyun dragon swallowed the oneself dragon, it actually shake the head and wag the tail and flew up, flying away and disappearing...

"base And shameless, the methods are dirty, there is no lower limit, and no character, this is the best!"

Greedy Wolf Star Monarch is disgusting as if swallowing a pile of shit.

Absolutely never thought that oneself could be so juggled one day!

Increased anger, the attack turned fierce, intent on killing Zuo Xiaoduo in one fell swoop.

Zuo Xiaoduo uses Burning Sun True Scripture use Thousand Souls Nightmare Hammer, never underestimate the enemy's impetuous advancement; dance tightly.

Origin Fire Art, Zhurong True Fire, Little White, and Xiaojiu all did not enter the game to help out.

Because Zuo Xiaoduo discovered that the Greedy Wolf Star Monarch in front of him is indeed the leader of Northern Dipper's nine stars, and his strength is much stronger than the other Star Monarchs that oneself has encountered!

Even if you try your best, I am afraid you can only defeat him, not kill him in one fell swoop!

Since it is difficult to complete his work, how can Zuo Xiaoduo expose his hole cards in this situation!

After all, all the people who have seen all Zuo Xiaoduo's hole cards are dead, no one is exception!

The Demon Subduing Pestle of Greedy Wolf Star Monarch is origin qi starlight transformed. It is not only unique in texture, but also has a peculiarity, which is damaged. As long as Greedy Wolf Star Monarch supplements it with starlight, It can stay intact for a long time, even indestructible.

And Zuo Xiaoduo's Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer is a genuine divine weapon.

These three weapons collide in series, and the power and influence are all heaven-shaking, earth-shattering, deafening.

With the continuous collision of weapons, the nearby space continued to shatter and reorganize, and the reorganization was destroyed.

The deafening sound reverberates, and it hasn’t stopped since at first.

The Demon Subduing Pestle was shattered again and again, and condensed again and again.

Both sides are desperately fighting.

But Zuo Xiaoduo clearly felt that the Greedy Wolf Star Monarch in front of him was fundamentally different from the Army Destruction Star monarch a while ago.

The Army Destruction Star you met before is a pure martial idiot. He would rather die than retreat in order to fight; but this Greedy Wolf Star Monarch has a lot of thoughts. ……

In addition to the slight damage to the Demon Subduing Pestle, it needs to be compensated with starlight, so that the weapon is always in the most intact and might most powerful state, and it also has various sneak attacks and insidious tricks, which are endless and hidden. There are so many traps in every move and every style.

Zuo Xiaoduo is struggling to deal with it with all his strength.

Zuo Xiaoduo played trembling with fear here, and he was very careful, lest he accidentally hit the opponent's plot, but he didn't know that Greedy Wolf Star Monarch also played trembling with fear.

Since ancient times No matter what kind of expert immortal and mortal are, the most annoying opponent is Zuo Xiaoduo!

Innate Divine Strength, the strength is many times stronger than ordinary cultivators!

No matter what your tricks, people just hit it with a violent hammer. You have a thousand clever tricks, I only have a certain rule.

This approach is really disgusting.

Because you don’t care how many skills you have, he ignores them all!

And Zuo Xiaoduo, among those who are already disgusting, will add another word "more"!

Because besides ignoring your skills, he oneself has countless skills besides his certain rules.

He ignores your skills, you can do nothing, but if you ignore his skills, you may face the bleak ending of being smashed into meatloaf at any time!

And Zuo Xiaoduo's hammer is too big!

No matter what your tricks, if he pushes the hammer forward, you can only hit the hammer. Because this hammer completely blocked him, it was airtight...

Such a fighting atmosphere made Greedy Wolf Star Monarch feel... It was disgusting and fucking open the door to disgusting, disgusting home!


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