Unconventional Legend Chapter 1246

Greedy Wolf Star Monarch looks like a calm battle on the surface, but in fact it has already been cursed in my heart. The eighteenth generation of Zuo Family's ancestors have all been taken care of more than once.

I came here happily, I just received a lucky dragon, and then I met such a disgusting guy!

I lost the Qi Luck Dragon that I had already gotten again!

People are disgusting, personality is disgusting, weapons are disgusting, fighting styles are disgusting, skills are disgusting, and there is one that is the most disgusting when dealing with people!

How come home is not disgusting!

"Who can give birth to this thing...It's this kind of stuff that was trained by who, is it that the character of Star Soul Continent is so good..." Greedy Wolf Star Monarch hit, I scolded in my heart.

"Just like this bird, father and mother and Master, it's probably not a good thing..."

As the battle continued, another thing made Greedy Wolf Star Monarch is particularly embarrassed by the emergence of cognition: oneself is now fighting with it, and there is a subtle feeling of training for the other party!

If it feels true, it will not only be disgusting, but also depressed and aggrieved!

He originally expected this kid to use this heavy weapon for a long time. It will not last long, and it will not last forever. Especially when fighting against an expert like oneself, I am afraid that it will take a while to exhaust his energy and then let it go. Oneself fish is right.

But how can I think that this kid has clearly smashed thousands of hammers, and he still looks like'I am not tired at all, I can smash another 100,000 hammers'!

"This special lady is really hell today!"

Boom~ boom~, Zuo Xiaoduo the more fights the more brave is, the two hammers fly up and down, those two handles A sledgehammer totaling more than 20,000 catties was held in his hand, as if he had no weight at all, pointing to the west, and the guide to the north, without any effort.

After a while, the surroundings are getting hotter and hotter, and the air has begun to be distorted by the hot energy that Zuo Xiaoduo dissipates!

Zuo Xiaoduo looked at Greedy Wolf Star Monarch and looked a little...impatient?

Between thoughts are revolving, a timely loudly roared: "Look at my trick!"

Before the voice is over, Origin Fire Art has been added to Burning Sun Divine Art , The temperature rose instantly for the second time, it was hotter than before, and the attack was fiercer!

But Greedy Wolf Star Monarch was relieved in the face of the skyrocketing offensive. What he has been waiting for is Zuo Xiaoduo's hole card.

At the beginning of the Shaman and Monster battle, everyone was playing leisurely. When it comes to fighting for life, even if it is a guy who is not very eye-catching, the burst of desperate battle strength is absolutely not to be underestimated. .

Over time, I have developed a habit: You must never use a trick.

You must keep the hole cards to deal with the enemy, otherwise, if someone hides in a good condition, it will be oneself extremely unlucky!

The longer someone keeps his hole cards, the longer he lives!

Being known early on, it will inevitably become the target of public criticism. No matter how high the cultivation base is, it will be difficult to escape the danger of extinction!

"This kid really stayed a hand, he is shrewd."

In the eyes of Greedy Wolf Star Monarch, with Zuo Xiaoduo’s current cultivation base, he can fight against powerhouses like oneself. Leaving such a hand of trump cards is only displayed at this time. It can be regarded as something that countless outstanding talents of young heroes can't do since ancient times!

Sure enough, it is a four-character!

However, it is still nothing more!

Greedy Wolf Star Monarch thoughts move, Demon Subduing Pestle rolled up with a buzzing sound, and the momentum skyrocketed. The starlight was dazzling, one turned into two, two turned into four, and the body swayed and transformed. I made the appearance of Three Heads Six Arms, waving six Demon Subduing Pestle, fiercely culled!

While Zuo Xiaoduo played his hole cards, Greedy Wolf Star Monarch also showed his hole cards, and he was able to defeat Zuo Xiaoduo's ultimate hole cards by himself!

In the face of Greedy Wolf Star Monarch who detonated the ultimate hole card, Zuo Xiaoduo was really taken aback.

He had already tried his best to overestimate the strength of the person in front of him, but he didn't expect this old fellow to be so dark, secretly holding such a sharp hole card for so long.

If oneself really ignored the full firepower just now, it may be able to suppress the opponent for a short time, but as long as the opponent relaxes and then launches Three Heads Six Arms to counterattack, oneself will not be defeated. , It is inevitable to suffer a big loss!

It's still in a spurt of energy, and then it's decayed, and the truth is exhausted. At that time, oneself has no gap at all to switch tricks: the whole body's spirit strength is used to attack, even if there is a hole card in hand , Too late to play!

Fortunately, oneself has already reserved a lot of energy!

With a loud roar, Little White and Xiaojiu are summoned to enter the Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer.

The 3rd blazing flame, Zhurong True Fire also surged out, mingling with two of the opponent's four arms.

A mournful scream screamed, and a scent of roasted meat was instantly diffused.

Greedy Wolf Star Monarch retreated in an instant. Like his brothers, he was also caught off guard. He suffered from the sullen loss of Zhurong True Fire. The flames rose from top to bottom, and he screamed: " Heir to Ancestral Shaman! Fire God Zhurong?"

And Zuo Xiaoduo is waiting for this moment, which is the weak spot where the opponent's mind suddenly missed!

The opponent's strongest blow, but the moment he returns without success, his side attacked vigorously, hitting head-on, and chasing after victory.

Zhurong True Fire expands suddenly, but this time the sledgehammer has directly added Little White and Xiaojiu's yin and yang Samsara Power. With unprecedented momentum, they will go out one after another.

At the same time, the previously hidden starry Inextinguishable Stone Six Tipped Star has also passed through Zhurong True Fire!

The light flashes, head straight to Greedy Wolf!

The real firepower is on!

Greedy Wolf Star Monarch was caught off guard in the face of the elbow and axillary transformation. Zhurong True Fire rushed to his body. Although he strained quickly and retreated, he still inevitably lost a head and two arms. Not only is it painful and unwilling to live, but it also has a sharp decrease in battle strength.

It is important to know that his current power is limited to the starlight origin force, not the life source demon power, and it cannot restore him instantaneously.

This sharp reduction almost immediately lost the power of one third, and the pain of the spiritual consciousness being burned was so unbearable that he couldn't bear it.

While staggering back, the opponent's sledgehammer could not allow gasps to chase him, and when he contacted again, he was shocked to realize that the opponent's strength was more than doubled on the original basis!

It's not just that oneself has become weaker, but the other party has become stronger?

This has been declining, and now the strengths and weaknesses are becoming more and more disparity, Greedy Wolf Star Monarch was already unsteady as soon as he touched it, and staggered away.

But Zuo Xiaoduo shook his hand, and the two sledgehammers, following the retreat of Greedy Wolf Star Monarch, broke out of their hands and chased them straight ahead.

This variation is even more unexpected by Greedy Wolf Star Monarch!

No matter how he could think that the other party would use such a heavy and large sledgehammer as a Meteor Hammer? !

Don't let him think about it. Having been hit fiercely on the shoulder by one of the hammers, the Demon Subduing Pestle immediately took off and flew away, turning into starlight debris, no longer there.

The shoulder position of the middle hammer turned into smash without any room for resistance. Greedy Wolf Star Monarch was still desperately dodge and retreat, hoping to have a chance. He had to fly and chase the two sledgehammers, unexpectedly regenerating. There was actually a piece of silver light flashing...

The key attacked target-two eyes were immediately pierced with more than a dozen ox hair needles, and after the ox hair needles were pierced in, they exploded immediately and never gave them. Greedy Wolf Star Monarch, any room for transfer......


Greedy Wolf Star Monarch yelled and screamed: "hidden weapon......"


Before the words fell, the three star-shaped Inextinguishable Stone Six Tipped Stars, already painted in the shape of a character, went straight into his chest, right in the center of the room!

At the moment of starlight bursting again, a silhouette composed of a starlight structure suddenly broke away from Meng Chentian's fleshy body and flew out several hundred meters in an illusory posture.

In the field, Meng Chentian's body was already bruised and dilapidated, and fell to the ground like a torn sack.

Meng Chentian's injuries were extremely serious, but he was still alive. His eyes were blinded by a sudden attack by the ox-hair needle, and the other eye was staring at Zuo Xiaoduo fiercely. Look, panting violently, seeming to want to say something...

But Zuo Xiaoduo can take care of him no matter where he rushes toward Greedy Wolf Star Monarch like flying!

Want to run?

My Destiny Points haven’t arrived yet, what are you running for?

Should you have no room for escape if you do the devil’s work!

The two sledgehammers seem to be released from Yukong, but they are actually being controlled and operated by Little White and Xiaojiu, maintaining the power of Thousand Souls Nightmare Hammer, as well as the Power from the two small ones. of Yin-Yang, the wind of reincarnation is surging!

The power of black and white naturally formed the appearance of Yin-Yang Fish, smashed down crazily, and the intention of desperation was obvious...

Greedy Wolf Star Monarch resisted the pain , Shouted loudly: "Wait!"

Zuo Xiaoduo, as if he hadn't heard of it, hit three hammers in succession, leaving no room for it.

"Wait...I can stay and use the power of soul to guide your cultivation...You should know that this is completely non-threatening..." Greedy Wolf Star Monarch said loudly.

"boom~ boom~ ……"

The answer to him is still the sledgehammer falling down like a torrential rain and wind!

For Zuo Xiaoduo, no temptation benefit can compare to Destiny Points.

Even more how Greedy Wolf Star Monarch's true meaning Zuo Xiaoduo can see clearly: When you Monster Clan returns, will you still be as easy to talk as you are now?

At that time, you can return to the body at any time. Isn't it as easy to crush me as to crush a Stinking Insect?

If I believe your nonsense...Isn’t I two better than you?

Zuo Xiaoduo thinks about these things very far-reachingly. Naturally, he will not be greedy for temporary cheapness and leave his confidant troubles!

In the starlight phantom, Greedy Wolf Star Monarch at first begged for mercy, and then saw that the begging was fruitless, and then turned to laugh wildly, suddenly all the starlights were scattered, and a faint voice sounded.

"The life soul guides, the one who kills; lives forever, this hatred is not lost!"

A faintly discernable illusory starlight rushed into Zuo Xiaoduo's eyebrows.

Zuo Xiaoduo saw an inexplicable offensive attack, and tried to block it with Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer and Zhurong True Fire, but he did not block it.

The starlight penetrated straight into the center of the eyebrows, but after that, there was no feeling anymore.

Immediately, with a bang, and the instant the starlight exploded, the starlight body of Greedy Wolf Star Monarch vanish like smoke and disperse like clouds, it does not exist in this world!

Seven hundred Destiny Points, the heavy rain arrived as scheduled.


【Today Zuo Xiaoduo is celebrating his birthday, happy birthday to Puppy. May you always be childlike in this life, always happy as a child; have a Children's Day mentality every day. 】

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