Unconventional Legend Chapter 1247

Zuo Xiaoduo laughed heartily, dragging the sledgehammer back.

There are still two drops of Destiny Points that have not arrived, Meng Chentian.

This product is not dead yet, this Life Fruit is very tenacious!

Coming in front of Meng Chentian, Meng Chentian will already be dying, and may breathe one's last at any time.

The only remaining eye is intact, staring at Zuo Xiaoduo who is getting closer.

"Do you have something to say? Don't say it, you are not willing to die?"

Zuo Xiaoduo looked at Meng Chentian and asked indifferently.

Meng Chentian can also be regarded as a master of a generation. He was hit hard at this time. His internal organs have already been beaten to the ground. Dantian Purple Mansion has also become a mass of paste. The cultivation base should have died a long time ago. At this moment, I have not died, but I still have some doubts. Obsession is puzzled at this point, and I really can’t ignore it.

"I do have some puzzles." Meng Chentian said with difficulty: "I also hope...I hope you can enlighten me."

"Say it."

Zuo Xiaoduo Road.

"I'm very strange...why..." Meng Chentian intermittently asked: "...why...all my plans are not hidden from you?"

Called in Zuo Xiaoduo The moment oneself came out, Meng Chentian almost instinctively knew that this plan was going to fail again.

Because Zuo Xiaoduo should never know the existence of oneself!

And Zuo Xiaoduo is not surprised that oneself also appeared in the Heavenly Dao pattern of this group of dragons seize the vein!

No matter what Meng Chentian thinks, he feels that this should never be the case.

In order to conceal oneself's identity, after coming to Beijing, oneself has been acting in a low-key manner.

Then why does Zuo Xiaoduo know the identity of oneself?

He is even quite sure that before this group of dragons seize the vein, not only is the identity of oneself, Zuo Xiaoduo is not aware of the changes in this place!

If Zuo Xiaoduo knows, he will not even allow oneself to appear here.

But why, but the scene of the gathering, he will know?

Even clearly understood the plan of Star Monarch possessing possession, and adopted a targeted strategy to counter-kill Greedy Wolf Star Monarch!

What’s more, judging from Zuo Xiaoduo’s performance, he was afraid that he hadn’t just killed Greedy Wolf Star Monarch alone. Then, there was already more than one Star Monarch who died in it. Have you got it? !

This...this result is simply ridiculous!

Star Sect has been planning for many years, spending countless manpower, material and energy, repeatedly confirming the foolproof plan, Zuo Xiaoduo knows nothing but can get rid of it!

If it is said that it is the power of luck to protect you, and every bad thing turns into a good fortune, Meng Chentian will not believe that he will die!

"I know your existence, and then break your plan, there is naturally a reason." Zuo Xiaoduo said.

"It shouldn't be, it shouldn't be..."

Meng Chentian's voice became weaker and weaker: "In Phoenix City back then... it was clear that everything was under control. At that time, you , It’s just a little child, but the cultivation base is not so good, but it can turn against the wind and overturn the whole pattern..."

"All are clearly arranged, but you, an outsider, actually broke the fengshui array and laid it down. I’ve been thinking about this matter..."

"I have been thinking hard about this matter for the past few years...I still can’t figure it out..."

"Why? Why?"< /p>

Zuo Xiaoduo said with a sneer: "I know the qi-viewing technique, don't you know?"

Meng Chentian struggled and wanted to shake his head, but he had no strength, said:" No, it’s not Qi Viewing Technique, it’s Dongfang Zhengyang’s presence, and it’s impossible to overturn and reverse so easily."

His breath weakened, and he almost pleaded: "I'm... mediocre. But when it comes to the layout of his life, I have always complained about it. I have never lost such an unfathomable mystery. There is no reason at all..."

"I'm going to die...Zuo Xiaoduo, can you Do you understand me?"

Meng Chentian said.

This is indeed the case. Since Meng Chentian started to execute the mission, not to mention that every calculation must be the same. I always thought I was content, only to lose twice under Zuo Xiaoduo's hands, and every time for each of these two times. All can be said to be unfathomable mystery!

Obviously, everything is done, all the preparations are ready, and all the relationships are opened up.

Everything that can be used has been used!

Even Heavenly Dao is in the plot against and is cooperating; the ancient star array that unites all fifteen Star Sects, the legend of the mission hundreds of thousands of years ago...every item All have been excavated.

With so many advantages and blessings, how can you not be confused if you have to lose so simply?

If you don't know the bottom line, Meng Chentian is really dead and hates him, he will not look down!

"Sorry, I can't tell you."

Zuo Xiaoduo is very determined.

Who knows that you are really dead?

Who knows if there is any way to send messages after you die?

The hand of Greedy Wolf Star Monarch just now is enough to give this young master a headache, is it?

Tell you, don’t you want to be in a panic and panic all day long!

Meng Chentian flashed a wry smile in his single eye. He could understand Zuo Xiaoduo's caution. If it were him, he would probably make the same choice. He fell silent for a moment and suddenly asked: " Chenyu...before he died...what did he say?"

He struggled to ask: "She...she...does she... hate me?"

Meng Chenyu?

This long-lost name reminds Zuo Xiaoduo of many things.

That short hair, valiant and formidable looking...It should be heaven's beloved daughter, but was infected as a girl who became a viper and venomous woman...

Zuo Xiaoduo didn't want to answer, I wanted to After thinking about it, she said: "She died very quickly that day, and she didn't suffer any pain, so naturally she didn't have time to say anything. I don't know, she hates you or not."

Meng Chentian asked tremblingly. "I go to You Ming, do I still have a chance to see her?"

Zuo Xiaoduo indifferently said: "Her soul is expected to go to Netherworld...If there is really a Netherworld world. But. You...destined to never reunite with her ghostly again."

Meng Chentian looked relaxed and muttered: "That's good, that's good. She still has a chance...just..."


His eyes don’t know where to look, he seems to see the Little Sister that year, as cute as ice and snow, holding oneself’s hand, looking up at oneself, and naively asking: "You are mine big brother? Are you really my big brother? So I have a big brother..."

"Big brother, will you take me to play?"

That clear one Big eyes, that little jade makeup look...

Meng Chentian's eyes looked in the sky, his face slowly revealed a trace of tenderness and guilt, muttered: "Sorry, sorry, sorry... "

He continued to say sorry, his voice getting lower and lower.

As I said, there is no sound, no breathing.

The one-eyed one, still watching affectionately, he has been looking towards a certain direction.

After a while, two drops of Destiny Points fell from the sky.

This corroborates the death of Meng Chentian, really dead.

Zuo Xiaoduo watched Little White and Xiao Hei rush out, swallowing Meng Chentian's soul, and did not stop.

There was no trace of pity in his heart from beginning to end.

There is no reason for you to do evil for a lifetime, and finally say a few words of sorry I can let you go to reincarnation... That is impossible!

Well, it seems that the first kill of oneself Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer should be Meng Chenyu's body, but the Nine By Nine Catcat Hammer of that day, and the arrival of Xiaohei Little White, not yet Having the might to annihilate the origin spirit, and with the strength of oneself's cultivation base at that time, it really failed to make Meng Chenyu's soul distracted. It is not a lie to say that she is still hopeful of You Ming.

At the right time, a misty force of luck rose slowly from Meng Chentian.

"The power of luck?!"

Zuo Xiaoduo was stunned when he saw this. He had already planned to leave and rushed to help other places as soon as possible. Didn't expect to return There are other changes.

Having killed so many people before, it seems that this is the first time such a situation has occurred. Does this Meng Chentian have extra luck?

What kind of saying is this, why doesn’t anyone else have it?

Zuo Xiaoduo looked at it subconsciously, but saw that this force of luck has several points of dishonesty. There is a little bit of starlight hidden in it, and there is a tendency to spread into the air.

What's more... When it first came out, the shape was more weird, vaguely the shape of an ancient array chart...

Since this kind of good thing has appeared, Zuo Xiaoduo will never let it disappear!

Want to run?

Zuo Xiaoduo coughed, and Little Dragon rushed out like a wolf and a tiger, hungry and thirsty. The hungry tiger directly rushed to eat the evil dog and poop, and it seemed to seize the force of the air, but after a few bites, he swallowed Into the stomach.

Immediately, the consciousness got the Little Dragon sound transmission: "Boss, this thing seems to be just an introduction..."

"Introduction? What introduction?"

"It is the layout at this time. If it succeeds... it will use this force of air transport to guide all air transports, go against the situation, and turn into a monster qi to benefit Southern Dipper Northern Dipper's star array... thus forming a certain kind of star formation. ...The consequences..."

Zuo Xiaoduo nodded, said: "so that's how it is, this is the real point. It's no wonder that Greedy Wolf Star Monarch will choose people from his own camp to possess him."< /p>

As the cause and effect are clear, Zuo Xiaoduo has no hesitation, beckoned, and has already put away the starry sky on the ground. Inextinguishable Stone Six Tipped Star, floated up, flew towards the thick fog on the other side, before flying out of here When I was in the field, I waved my palm...

A tyrannical force flew out, blasting the mutilated body of Meng Chentian lying on the ground to pieces!

At the moment of passing through the thick fog, the thick fog hu hu threw on his face like a dream, and Zuo Xiaoduo suddenly felt a feeling.

A certain era, or a certain period...

Finally passed.

Perhaps from now on...oneself, never again, that Zuo Xiaoduo in Phoenix City...

Even if the original intention does not change, it is still time moves and the world changes , Things have remained the same, but people have changed!

A period of enmity and hatred that year has finally turned into dusty memories today.


Yu Moyan is trying his best to fight against the strong enemy, suddenly seeing the nearby thick fog turning over, Dugu Yan'er rushed in, without a word, he joined the battle group , Fought side by side with Yu Moyan.

"Why did you come at this time?"

Yu Moyan was overjoyed. Compared with other people, he naturally hoped that Dugu Yan'er would come to oneself. However, if Yan'er alone confronts a similar enemy, wouldn't it be dangerous?

Now that lonely Yan'er comes back to help, the heart that Yu Moyan has been hanging on can finally be put back in his stomach!


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