Unconventional Legend Chapter 1248

"The left boss saved me, or you won't see me now..."

Dugu Yan'er rolled his eyes Explained.

"The left boss is reliable." Yu Moyan said sincerely.

"I met heavenly secrets Star Monarch before, who is this on your side?" Dugu Yan'er asked while fighting.

With the strength of the two people’s cultivation base, one person alone is certainly not the opponent of the other, but once or two people join forces, they can easily regain the disadvantage; moreover, relying on the perennial tacit understanding and the same core method The door, little by little, formed a reverse suppression on the enemy in front of him.

While fighting and chatting, there is really no delay in anything, and even more psychological pressure on the other party.

"My opponent is Wenqu Tianquan." Yu Moyan said: "This monarch is powerful, absolutely not to be taken lightly."

"I know."

Dugu Yan'er said: "I almost suffered a lot from these people before, how can I not be careful."

The literary song Star Monarch on the opposite side was silent and elegant. The appearance of calm, even the battle, obviously has fallen to the wind, still wandering freely, gestures, full of demeanor of walking in the courtyard.

The war continued. After hundreds of battles with each other, the situation is still unclear, but with the arrival of extreme ice and cold, there is no suspense about the outcome of this fierce battle. Zuo Xiaonian is like a fairy in the sky. , Come lightly.

Wenqu Star Monarch retreated from the sword, faintly laughed: "Sure enough, my fated tribulation has arrived..."

He is still relaxed and his smile is not fake.

Wenqu Star Monarch’s face is all calm, leisurely said: "The plan was set as one piece of fuel is consumed, the flame passes on to another... Returning to the ancestors day by day, gathering glory again... I once said that this calculation cycle is too long, stretches for eternal years, and is full of risks. Even if it can come smoothly, it is inevitable that there will be insufficient strength. Once it perishes, there will be no time to return. It will also cause the other side to become weaker... The fifteen brothers, I am afraid that because of this, they will no longer have a foothold in the Heavenly Court."

"At that time, the big brother wanted to be unsuccessful and insisted on doing something wrong. To arrange it like this...Today, it seems to have complied with what I said before, and it became a truth."

"This is not an opportunity for the North and the South, but the disaster of Southern Dipper, the disaster of Northern Dipper. "

Zuo Xiaonian long sword one leader: "Wenqu Star Monarch, Zuo Xiaonian is here to learn."

Wenqu Star Monarch hehe smiled and said: "You three join hands, I have no luck, I will die. I don’t have to say anything to understand, and put gold on my face."

Zuo Xiaonian frowned slightly: "What do you want Star Monarch?"

"Since certain death situation, how can Wenquxing die like a mortal, bloody and bloody, isn't it wrong with the word Wenqu?"

He laughed heartily: "Forget the world from now on , Turned into a floating cloud and a star; don’t hold the sword for Heavenly Court, but look at Wen Xin’s sincerity!"

Before the words fell, Wenqu Star Monarch suddenly sat cross-legged on the ground, and then all over his body. The starlight exploded and a phantom appeared. However, the phantom disappeared without a trace at the next moment. The breath of Wenqu Star Monarch completely dissipated between Heaven and Earth.

Only one pen was left in the air, a very small pen, the size of an embroidery needle, slowly falling to the ground.

Zuo Xiaonian waved his hand, this pen fell into his hand and put it in the space ring, said solemnly: "Yu Moyan, after taking the Qi Luck Dragon, we will continue to help other places!"



The possessed person fell to the ground and unconscious, Zuo Xiaonian ignored it.

It is said that the literary song Star Monarch is detached on its own. The person who leaned over can be said to be very lucky. If he can wake up safely, not only his mind can return to normal, but also the literary song Star Monarch will be settled. The remaining memory fragments, although the slight memories of Floating Light Sweeping Shadow, are still of great benefit.

But Yu Moyan didn't let him go. After collecting the Qi Luck Dragon, he chopped it into two sections with a single sword.

Yu Moyan hates traitors the most in his life.

And this person is clearly a student of Ancestral Dragon High Martial, and a child of Clan, but he is possessed by a demon star. If there is no idea in his heart, how can it be?

So Yu Moyan didn't tolerate it, and killed him.

"Let's go."


On the other side.

Li Changming and Wan Lixiu teamed up to play against another Star Monarch. As they gradually turned to the upper hand, Xiang Chong and Zhan Xuejun joined forces.

These four teamed up, especially Zhan Xuejun’s unprecedented battle strength. Strength of oneself is almost enough to defeat a Star Monarch. It didn’t take long for the accident to end the battle, even this Heavenly. In the Dao pattern, there are few battles in which the left brother Elder Sister Xiaonian never participated in the meeting.

Then the four were divided into three waves, and they split up to help.

The Star Monarch who was jointly killed by Li Changming Wan Lixiu and the others was the Southern Dipper Heavenly Palace Lord Silu Star Monarch.

Compared with the Star Monarch, which is the main killer, such as Army Destruction Greedy Wolf, the battle strength is naturally weaker. When he came down, he encountered Li Changming. It has several points of surprise.

The Star Soul boy on the opposite side, he has such a high cultivation base at such a young age, which is a marvelous spectacle; however, oneself can still be suppressed, and the actual combat has also verified the judgment of Si Lu Star Monarch. Although Li Changming does It has reached the peak of Flying and has compressed the true origin several times. It is still hard to beat the Dao Fusion series of Star Monarch. It is okay to try to deal with it for a while, and it will be defeated for a long time.

Fortunately, not long after, Wan Lixiu rushed in, and the two geniuses in the eyes of Silu Star Monarch joined forces and immediately fought him a match.

Then Li Changming didn’t know why he actually started to doze off. The more he fought, the more lethargic he went, and finally he just lay down on the ground and fell asleep...

Wan Lixiu was there. He didn't think he was disgusted at all, he didn't even yell at him, he just tried his best to take over all the offensive of Si Lu Star Monarch, as if he was afraid that Si Lu Star Monarch would disturb Li Chengming's sleep.

Silu Star Monarch is also a veteran Great Cultivator, so I don’t know that there must be something else in it. Following him, he feels that oneself has signs of sleepiness, and his sleepiness is getting worse, and his eyes are not open. When I opened it, I wanted to sleep very much; I was so sleepy with eyes closed, I was so sleepy, brandishing a sword, and being hit by Wan Lixiu directly...

If Si Lu Star Monarch still understands that oneself has been tricked; But I was very clear in my heart, but I just couldn't wake up.

It’s not that he has never tried to stabbing oneself in the leg or something, but even so, he is still sleepy, and even the corners of his eyes start to secrete eye feces...

"Wipe, this is What kind of effort, is it actually a Dream Dao cultivation technique......"

Silu Star Monarch felt oneself suffocated to death and horrified.

Wan Lixiu knows Li Changming’s methods very well. In the past, she has been rectified by this hand. At this time, she has not been affected at all. Lively dragon and animated tiger pressed Silu Star Monarch, Punch like a sandbag.

At the time when they were playing well and happily, Xiang Chong and Zhan Xuejun came over, and then Zhan Xuejun shot Si Lu Star Monarch through the lamb skewers.

I have to say that Zhan Xuejun’s slaughtering qi and the heart of killing are now a thousand times stronger than before.

The trick is to kill!


Zuo Xiaoduo travels through the thick fog at high speed. When he sees people again, it is Li Chenglong and Yu Yan'er sweating like rain and pressing down on the opposite person to beat and brush Obtained a heavenly secrets order to fly over, Zuo Xiaoduo relaxed.

Fortunately, fortunately, I haven't been killed yet.

Zuo Xiaoduo is not worried about Li Chenglong and the others, but the Southern Dipper first star Palace Lord, the commanding Star Monarch.

Oneself just received two drops of Destiny Points, which confirms this fact.

Zuo Xiaoduo knew in his heart that it must be enough for a certain Star Monarch to be killed...This also caused oneself to receive only the two basic Destiny Points of the person who was originally possessed.

If you died in the hands of others, naturally there was no Star Monarch who received the order from heavenly secrets, but the seven hundred Destiny Points that should have been there was flying away forever...

Zuo Xiaoduo expressed his heartfelt heartache about this.

As stingy as him, he moves faster and faster.

Because there are a lot of people who have been liberated now, this group of guys won’t show mercy, but what they can solve by oneself will never wait for oneself to solve it, but as long as any two of them Together, they have the battle strength to at least draw and even kill Star Monarch.

Seeing the Star Monarch battle again at this time, Zuo Xiaoduo who rushed out without a word, danced a sledgehammer and threw it over, Thousand Souls Nightmare Hammer killing move turned on, and smashed it out madly and madly.

"Go help others..." Li Chenglong shouted: "We can solve this, trust us!"

Zuo Xiaoduo rushed forward deafly and entered the war strongly. After getting started, three thousand six hundred hammers were continuously smashed out!

May I know if you can solve it?

I am not blind!

The problem is that if I don’t take action anymore, the seven hundred points in front of me will fly again. This is really not about trust or not, but it is a large number of Destiny Points...

One pass of three thousand six hundred hammers blasted the star Monarch to fly ashes...

Seven hundred Destiny Points, arrived as scheduled...

Li Chenglong was smashed out by Zuo Xiaoduo's hammer without paying attention, holding the sword with a depressed look: "I said that we have the chance to win, and I want you to take care of things, why don't you go to help others immediately!"

"What nonsense, do it quickly, there are others!"

Zuo Xiaoduo didn't explain, but turned up and said: "Don't fight hard when you encounter difficulties, fight steadily, wait I'll talk about it in the past."

Li Chenglong had to watch Yu Yan'er take the Qi Luck Dragon in a gloomy mood, and then parted ways and headed away.

Who can solve it will be waiting for you!

How do you look like you are trying to grab credit?

But, what credit can this be...

As for the screaming...


On the other side Gao Qiao'er met Cheng Qingning when he came up; Gao Qiao'er was nothing but Cheng Qingning seemed a little disappointed.

The thing she wants to meet most is Zuo Xiaoduo.

Being able to kill Zuo Xiaoduo is her lifelong pursuit and greatest wish.

But after the fight, let alone Zuo Xiaoduo, she was not even Gao Qiao'er's opponent, she was almost killed in one move, and the reason was almost because the possessed Star Monarch was anxious. The quick shot made him escape the catastrophe...

Then the possessed martial arts Star Monarch was in charge of the body, and immediately turned Gao Qiao'er down.


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