Unconventional Legend Chapter 1249

However, Gao Qiao'er was extremely intelligent. After a short time of fighting, he knew that oneself was definitely not his enemy. He was even earlier than Wan Lixiu. He immediately changed his style of play and started to fight.

I am not as strong as I am, but rather than fighting, I dodge left and right, avoid the enemy's moves to the greatest extent, and avoid confrontation with the opponent.

And Gao Qiao'er inheritance's Lunar Star Monarch body style is extremely flexible and ethereal. It integrates its own cultivation base and blindly dodges the battle. The Wuqu Star Monarch is the cultivation base. She, the situation is temporarily deadlocked.

But the current space has always been extremely limited. The Martial Arts Star Monarch is the one who has the most extensive research on martial arts among everyone Star Monarch. Gao Qiao'er's intentions have been thoroughly demonstrated soon and countless. The method, pressing step by step, compresses the activity space that Gao Qiao'er can use inch by inch.

If things go on like this, no matter how slippery Gao Qiao'er is, she will definitely be the one who lost her life in the end!

But Gao Qiao'er's strenuous support lasted this time limit for an entire hour!

Under the endless means of Wuqu Star Monarch, Gao Qiao'er is about to become unsustainable...

Zuo Xiaoduo aggressively arrived!

"Left boss, be careful!"

Gao Qiao'er was overjoyed, stepped back dripping with sweat, and shouted: "The other party is Martial Arts Star Monarch, and his tricks are changing. Extremely complicated!"

Zuo Xiaoduo shook his hand an order of heavenly secrets, saying with a smile: "It’s okay, he has a thousand tricks, I’ll hit him with one blow and watch me kill him. !"

"Zuo Xiaoduo!" The voice of a woman full of resentment came from the woman who was possessed by the opposite martial arts Star Monarch.

"Ning Qingcheng! So it was you!"

Zuo Xiaoduo faintly smiled: "You finally escaped a life, but you just want to come here to die. But it’s no wonder that I, Yellow Springs Road is quiet, I will not send it far away!"

Ning Qingcheng resentfully said: "Even if you are killed by you, I will gather with Ning Family and Jiuquan. It’s better than doing it in this world. An orphan who is no one to rely on is better!"

With that, she has already wiped off her makeup, revealing her stunning face that is lovely enough to cause the fall of a city or a state.

There is such a peerless face in front of me that even Gao Qiao'er can't help but give birth to my pity.

This woman, Wei is so beautiful, almost like Xiaonian sister-in-law!

But Zuo Xiaoduo's heart at the moment does not have the idea of ​​having tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex at all. From top to bottom, he has no cells to show mercy to women.

Or it can be said that the beautiful women in this world, except for a few people such as Zuo Xiaonian, can make Zuo Xiaoduo unable to play because of their beauty...


To say that Zuo Xiaoduo is so heart-warming is a compliment, and that is almost a heartless guy!

"My face is blind, I can't tell whether women are beautiful or not." Zuo Xiaoduo once said in a small chat.

Long Yusheng and the others were there at the time, and everyone asked: "Then you think sister-in-law Elder Sister Xiaonian is pretty?"

Zuo Xiaoduo boasted shamelessly said: "I really didn't see it. If it wasn't for her to chase me since I was a child, and chase me infatuatedly that many years, wherever I can be touched, the left and right will also have a family, so I will be the one who will be her...As for the beautiful or not, again What's the relationship..."

When Zuo Xiaoduo said this, he raised his legs, triumphant, proud, high-spirited and vigorous.

Then he was sprayed.

It doesn't matter if it was sprayed. Zuo Xiaoduo relied on the tyrannical military force to beat everyone present, grabbed the phone, and deleted all the video and audio recorded just now.


So Ning Qingcheng is not beautiful, according to Zuo Xiaoduo oneself, you can’t see it!


But no matter whether it is beautiful or not, it's damn to appear here!

The Destiny Points that I quickly turned into a big ticket for Lao Tzu are serious!

Then Zuo Xiaoduo rushed up with the double hammer.

Your head is shattered, see if you are still pretty!

Martial arts Star Monarch deserves to be a generation of martial arts stars. Fighting Zuo Xiaoduo made Zuo Xiaoduo feel that oneself felt an extraordinary pressure, almost not much different from Greedy Wolf Star Monarch.

However, after experiencing thousands of Destiny Points instillation, Zuo Xiaoduo is no longer the Zuo Xiaoduo who fought Greedy Wolf before!

Getting started is full firepower, and a shake of your hand is thousands of times!

Zuo Xiaoduo and Wuqu Star Monarch have fought fiercely one after another for more than half an hour!

At the current level of popularity of this campaign, Gao Qiao'er not only fully inserted his hands, but also covered his ears to hide away, his face was full of pain.

As the battle continued, the shocking power generated by the two people's impact on each other intensified, and the entire space has been broken how many times, with Gao Qiao'er nowadays cultivation base The strength is unbearable!

In all fairness, each of the combat experience and skill application of Wuqu Star Monarch is better than Zuo Xiaoduo!

Zuo Xiaoduo's grasp of the fighter will not be comparable.

That is to say, in terms of strength, it has fallen to a complete disadvantage!

But this matter made Wuqu Star Monarch autistic.

As the battle continues, after many actual engagements, oneself becomes more and more suitable for the post-possession body and can maximize its might power. Whether it is the strength of the cultivation base, that is the real Dao. Fusion Peak!

For the last Flying Peak, you also need to merge skills, experience, and timing. Oneself each has the upper hand. With so many advantages and blessings, it is at a loss in the attack power of a single battle, it can't do it!

Where do you say this is going to make sense? !

How deep is the foundation of this kid to create such a completely unreasonable situation?

After an hour of fierce battle, the Martial Arts Star Monarch is really under the wind, and there is no way to stand up!

He has tried his best to fight, but the opponent’s hammer is too heavy, it is too heavy...

Wuqu Star Monarch wanted to use oneself's skills and abilities to beat the opponent To die, even if single force subduing ten meetings, oneself vowed to break through with cleverness.

He thought so, and he did the same.

And regardless of any senior expert, based on their experience, experience, and vision, what he did is the most in line with the current situation, and the best strategy to turn things around and defeat the enemy...

However, after Wuqu Star Monarch adopted the most correct strategy, oneself was boiled to death—the cultivation base was squeezed to death!

The opponent he wants to die is still a lively dragon and animated tiger, with a ruddy complexion and shouting fierce battle. It doesn’t seem like a desperate fight for so long, but it’s like just eating. Shiquan Dabu pill!

At this moment, seeing that the other party was already unable to do what he wanted, Zuo Xiaoduo finally revealed Zhurong True Fire!

The flame burst into the sky.

The benefits of these successive battles to Zuo Xiaoduo are unparalleled!

He is like a huge dry sponge, learning from several Star Monarch's experience, martial skill, tirelessly, while fishing whales swallow the sea and suck the bones and even squeeze the bones...

Probably for Zuo Xiaoduo, this is an extremely rare opportunity. If you forget about yourself and become mad, that's it!

Southern Dipper Northern Dipper fifteen Star Monarch, no matter any one, if they fight Zuo Xiaoduo with their true strength, two fingers can easily kill him, no more than crushing one. How much harder just an ant!

But at this moment, they plunged into the Heavenly Dao format, and after they were possessed...every cultivation base is in an extremely embarrassing state!

Dao Fusion Peak.

Originally, this level of cultivation base, under the current cultivation base limit but Flying Peak’s Heavenly Dao pattern, is fully in control of the overall situation, can control everything, and solve all difficulties and obstacles, but where did I think of it? Except for Zuo Xiaoduo, such an alternative, a higher rank challenge, and even victory!

And like Zuo Xiaoduo, there is more than one person. Everyone in the Zuo Xiaoduo gang has the flying peak cultivation base and the fighting strength beyond this cultivation boundary. Otherwise, how can they fight He tried his best to deal with it, and delayed until a helping hand came to help.

But in the eyes of all Star Monarch, it is simply an incredible reality!

What they don't know is that they are many, most suitable and most handy whetstones for Zuo Xiaoduo.

Zuo Xiaoduo's Flying Peak, the cultivation base is surprisingly thicker than their Dao Fusion Peak.

And all the skills and experience, in the face of Zuo Xiaoduo’s sledgehammer and fierce power like sea waves, in addition to instilling skills and experience in Zuo Xiaoduo and letting Zuo Xiaoduo steal the teacher, he was stunned. All useless.

The demon power is not there, the Life-Source Weapon is not...

The imaginary crushing game appeared as expected, but oneself was crushed in the reverse direction...

When Zuo Xiaoduo frantically hit 12,000 hammers, Wuqu Star Monarch finally spurted blood and retreated. His limit is here!

Zuo Xiaoduo took advantage of the victory and pursued, Zhurong True Fire became more and more fierce, and the starry Inextinguishable Stone appeared, and the death penalty of Wuqu Star Monarch was about to be pronounced.


Wu Qu Star Monarch shouting loudly: "I will dissipate by myself. Don't damage the body of the other girl."

Zuo Xiaoduo ruthless’s three-hundred hammer fell: "I can’t think that Star Monarch is a person who has tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex, but unfortunately, I am not!"

Ning Qingcheng's voice also resounded. : "Zuo Xiaoduo, I have something to ask you!"

"No need!"

Zuo Xiaoduo rushed up on his own, and said indifferently: "You have lost too much time ...I don't want to get any news from you, and I am not obligated to tell you...whatever! What! Matter! Love!"

The last four words, every word.

The sky fell in a general hammer potential.

Ning Qingcheng, this charming and charming lovable body, has been hammered to pieces.

Gao Qiao'er can see the corners of his mouth twitching, such a peerless beauty, in the hands of Zuo Xiaoduo, there is no special treatment...

The starlight of Wuqu Star Monarch just burst out , Zuo Xiaoduo followed closely behind him, and he didn't even give a chance to speak. The ninety-nine hammer forcibly exploded!


Besides the last strange explosion, there was only a deep sigh: "I regret not listening to the original verse..."

Seven hundred drops of Destiny Points, arrived as expected without accident.


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