Unconventional Legend Chapter 1250

After Ning Qingcheng's death, just like Meng Chentian, there was also a cloud of luck, rising and appearing, but compared with those that exploded after Meng Chentian's death, they were more disorganized.

After all, Ning Qingcheng was a monk halfway through.

Actually, the best manpower for Greedy Wolf Sect this time is Mo Xuanyi. It’s a pity that Mo Xuanyi has never been found by them since he disappeared. In desperation, Ning Qingcheng was able to top it. Although it is not masquerade as having an ability, it is not the best choice after all.

So far, Southern Dipper Northern Dipper's fifteen Star Monarch has gone to the tenth place.

These battles are extremely tragic.

Another hour, Zuo Xiaonian and Zhen Piaopiao will kill the Southern Dipper, Tianliang Palace Lord and extend the life of the Star Monarch, Zuo Xiaoduo leads people to encircle and kill Southern Dipper, Tiantong Palace Lord will benefit Star Monarch and Northern Dipper Eighth Left Adviser Clear Understanding Star Monarch.

Zhan Xuejun staged a hat-trick to kill Northern Dipper's ninth Right Assistant Yinyuan Star Monarch.

The last Southern Dipper, the sixth heavenly secrets palace lord birth Star Monarch, was also killed by Li Chenglong Pi Yibao and other four people. Finally, he killed a Star Monarch without shaved head.

The 15th Star Monarch in the Southern Northern Dipper was wiped out!

The four chess pieces prepared by Wang Family, two bright chess and two dark chess, all have forbidden drugs. Dao Fusion Peak’s 15th largest Star Monarch can kill the Zuo Xiaoduo gang, but they mayfly shaking a tree, and they were quickly killed one by one!

Zuo Xiaonian has been dedicated to finding Lan Bingrui since at first, but unfortunately he didn't find it in the end. Instead, Zhan Xuejun, who didn't know Lan Bingrui, found it, and fought for luck.

In the end, Lan Bingrui was seriously injured and Zhan Xuejun got the Qi Luck Dragon. However, in this group of dragons seize the vein battle, there were few battles involving dead people.

Under the special environmental situation of group of dragons seize the vein, under the influence of Heavenly Dao Game and Star Fighting Game, the inferiority in everyone's heart can be infinitely magnified.

Especially the envy, envy and hatred of Zuo Xiaoduo and the others, has been specifically amplified to the extreme.

This also led to Zuo Xiaoduo and the others being the most targeted in the group of dragons seize the vein!

"It’s just because of the identity of the son of Heaven Patrolling Throne, a super Second Generation Officials, a malformed product piled up by human resources, what’s true? If my father is Heaven Patrolling Throne, I’m definitely better than He is strong!"

I have to say that there is a big market for this mentality, and there are a lot of people!

But one thing is certain: when you think like this, you have denied all the efforts of others, and even Demonized it.

At the same time, oneself is placed in a relatively unfair position.

Even Li Chenglong and the others are understood to be--

"It’s just because I took the flattery of Heaven Patrolling Throne’s son and became a stinky foot and rainbow fart. As a follower from the front and back of the horse, I get some affordable spicy chicken. This flattery is the most disgusting!"

"Are they the only ones in the world who can blow rainbow farts? Why do I work so hard, but Can’t keep up with the few flattery hot chickens? If I were replaced by me, with the same resources and benefits, I would definitely be better!"

This kind of mentality, the same has a big market!

Under such a distorted mentality, being magnified by a specific environment many times, not encountering Zuo Xiaoduo and the others is that's all, as long as you encounter them, one by one will be like a red-eyed hungry wolf. Come up and bite, fight.

But this also led to Zuo Xiaoduo and the others gaining more and more...

I have to say, this is really ironic but intriguing.

The so-called intriguing, probably this kind of thing, in this Human World, it is too marketable, too common!

None of them thought about one thing: Even if someone else is the son of Throne and takes advantage, with care, what does it have to do with them?

Or ask yourself: Son of Throne, should he be taken care of?

When you ask a question like this, even if you ask it face-to-face, you will answer it clearly: It’s nothing to do with me. Son of Throne, deserves care!

This is the reality, needless to say, the truth that everyone understands.

But here, it has become the original sin.

Even if it is due to environmental influences, some of the discomforts that exist in human nature still exist.

The entire group of dragons seize the vein, and the Qi Luck Dragons that broke out of the earth vein got 36 points. Zuo Xiaoduo didn't take too much, only nine. And most of them were those who dared to grab him before they robbed him in the opposite direction.

If Zuo Xiaoduo let go of the frequency of looting, with his speed and battle strength, he would be able to collect more than fifteen at least!

Zuo Xiaonian's method is similar to Zuo Xiaoduo's, but there are also actions that some people want to grab her. After such waves of battles, Qi Yunlong automatically entered the body, and finally received six.

Li Chenglong also has two Qiyun dragons in the account, and for others such as Long Yusheng and the others, it has twelve employees.

Zhou Yunqing took one away.

Imperial Family takes one away.

If Zhou Yunqing is also divided into Zuo Xiaoduo group as a member, Zuo Xiaoduo and the others will have collected a total of 30 Qiyun Dragons!

Even if Zhou Yunqing doesn't count, Zuo Xiaoduo and the others still have a huge share of 29!

This kind of figure, this kind of proportion, is simply terrifying!

As all the fifteen Star Monarchs have died, each dragon has its own master. The group of dragons seize the vein has no need to fight, but the power of the earth vein continues to surge continuously. Out...

Although it is no longer able to form a Chenglong shape, this part of the power is still not to be underestimated, but few people can use it.

People, of course, are difficult to use, but Little Dragon is not among them, winding in the air, transforming into a huge figure, entrenched tens of thousands of meters in the boundary, no matter where a qi vein emerges, Swallow it all in one bite.

This status quo makes Little Dragon happy to feel that Longsheng has reached Peak.

Especially after Zuo Xiaoduo once again gave him a few di di di, the satisfaction and happiness of Little Dragon became more and more high, directly bursting.

The sense of loyalty has soared to tens of thousands of percent in one breath!

Since ancient times, is there any other boss who can be so good to oneself's younger brother?

Only the left boss!

Only the left boss!

"Long live the boss, long live long live absolutely!" Little Dragon shouted silently from the sky.


On the other side of the distant starry sky.

In the Northern Dipper palace, the unprecedented weakness of a total of nine mighty powers directly caused the Celestial Phenomenon to change.

There is each one up and down in the entire Northern Dipper battle palace, and they are all panicked. How come the nine bosses will pass out together, and the cultivation base realm on them is like rolling Falling down...

Zhan Palace immediately reported this situation. After a lot of power came to check the results, Kunpeng Monster Master came personally to see what happened.

As a result, I haven’t figured it out yet, and I have received a new report saying that this is also happening in the Southern Dipper battle palace. Please Monster Master come over and take a look...

Kunpeng Monster Master's mind turns, connects all the status quo, but quickly understands everything, rises sighed: "South and North Star Fighting Fifteen Killing Array! Star Fighting Killing Array!"

Sighed and went straight to it. Floating away.

I entered the Monster Sovereign Palace, and now the Crown Prince who is in charge of the Monster Sovereign Palace came to inquire. The Monster Master just sighed and said: "Southern Dipper Northern Dipper, the battle strength has been abandoned. If you don't want them Being humiliated by the villain, please give the Crown Prince an order to let them... take care of their lives."

All the Great Monsters hearing this simultaneously were dull, with eyes and faces full of unbelievable.

"Millions of years of penance...Now everything is destroyed. What's more, the Southern Dipper and Northern Dipper stars in the sky, after the fifteen-star conspiracy...has been separated from Heavenly Court Control."

"The heart of the stars is free...Heavenly Court is not complete, Heavenly Cycle Star is not complete!"

Monster Master sighed: "This is heavenly fate, strong rebellion The backlash after heaven's will is regarded as heavenly fate!"

"Master." Crown Prince's handsome face was full of unwilling expressions: "Is there a remedy?"

< p>"If the two Your Majesty are not in retreat, and still keep their minds sober...or in the name of the orthodox Heavenly Court, use Eastern Sovereign Bell and Hetu Luoshu to suppress air transport, and use sovereign's prestige to frighten the stars and maintain Sunday. Complete, and then the fifteen Star Monarch divides the soul element, re-enter the Southern Dipper Northern Dipper star position, and make up for it."

"But the two Your Majesty have been in retreat for many years..."

" In the future...just after a few years of recuperation and rejuvenation, the stars can form their own system according to the ancient laws of operation, connected by fifteen stars, and traverse the sky. Even if Your Majesty wakes up, it will be too late..."

Monster Master let out a long sigh, and his expression flashed sadly.

When I finally had some hope of returning to the ancestral land, the Southern Dipper Northern Dipper Star Monarch, known as Monster Clan's high-end battle strength, unexpectedly had such a huge flaw!

This result, this status quo, filled his heart with anxiety.

He has just tried to calculate the heavenly secrets, but found that the heavenly secrets are in chaos, which is impossible to calculate!

No matter how you look at it, everywhere is a piece of confusion...

I don’t know if this is a repercussions against heaven's will, or some other sign!

"Let’s find the direction first. Let’s talk about everything after we return..."

In the great hall of gold and jade in glorious splendor, I fell into silence...



In the slums where Star Soul Continent went to Beijing...

Nominally belongs to the Shaman Alliance, but in fact it is always the fifteenth of Monster Clan. The Star Sect Sect Masters, all of them were covered in blood. Fifteen people kept vomiting blood, splashing with big mouths, spitting out each other drenched with blood......

The breath on the body was also It keeps falling down...

However, the falling down of the cultivation base and the physical pain are far inferior to the pain in the heart!

looked at each other in blank dismay, all at a loss, despair... and incredible!


All the Star Monarchs have fallen!

How is this possible?

How could this happen?

Obviously, the Heavenly Dao pattern has been activated, and everything is under control. Everyone Star Monarch has settled in the Fleshy body under the early preparation with Dao Fusion Peak, which exceeds the limit of the Heavenly Dao pattern, and the Fleshy body has also been countered. , And will not resist, so that the strength of Star Monarch will not be fully displayed!

Everything, everything is plot against. It's a little bit into the dark, and it's clear that it should be a sledgehammer, and wyvern rides on the face...

It will be defeated! ?

How could it fail? !

Star Monarch!

There are a total of fifteen Star Monarchs, so silently gone?

All gone?

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