Unconventional Legend Chapter 1253

Finally, there was a deafening loud sound from the sky...

A dull dragon roar and a clear phoenix sound sounded at the same time.

Immediately, the sky suddenly appeared colorful and magnificent, and everyone was shocked to the extreme.

There was a dragon roar, and the sky shook.

They all clearly saw that a gigantic Golden Dragon that didn't know how long it was, suddenly rose out of the clouds, instantly lay ten thousand li in the air, and then suddenly disappeared.

Slightly tilted in the other direction, a Phoenix with the same stature, then appeared and quietly escaped from the clouds, Straight Clashing Nine Heavens, turned into a piece of colorful debris at the highest point. Disappeared flutteringly...

A certain angry and depressed interest surged in everyone's heart.

I don't know how to drop it, but I feel depressed, anyway, I just want to find someone to fight hard!

Only this inexplicable emotion can be vented...

The clouds are madly releasing howling wind and torrential rain, and then gradually rise, gradually dissipating...

< p>On the ground, the mist covering the group of dragons seize the vein also began to sway, engulf, and agitate.

A little bit of starlight begins to dissipate, it is obviously drawn out or pushed out...

As the starlight is drawn out...the dense fog becomes more and more swaying, no more stable.

"Is it finally over..."

Everyone was in a panic.

Who will come out first?

A total of fifty people entered. Even if Zuo Xiaoduo is not the first, at least he should be the top three?

Even if it is not in the top three, it must be in the top ten...

Otherwise, how can Lord Throne live?

A little bit of time passed, and the dense fog rippled more and more severely.

As if there is a hurricane blowing, but in fact there is no wind...


With the loud sound, the thick The fog suddenly dissipated, revealing a hole.

next moment ……

Under the gaze of everyone opening their mouths and holding their breath……


A silhouette was bounced out of the hole first!

The figure is slim, white clothed, it is mottled all over the white clothed, which is slightly unsightly.

Is it Zuo Xiaonian?

It's okay, Zuo Xiaoduo can't get the first place, Zuo Xiaonian can get it, it's all a family!


After that silhouette was ejected, it was actually lying on the ground in a strong and sad, extremely embarrassing posture!

A scream.

Pu' sound in the mouth, spurt a large mouthful of blood, and said with extreme resentment: "Zhan Xuejun! Zuo Xiaoduo! Damn you..."

Everyone was confused.

Only then did I recognize that the beauty who was threw away was Lan Bingrui.

"Cure! Heal!"

Ancestral Dragon High Martial Principal shouting loudly, and then asked: "What's the matter?"

Lan Bingrui was weak. , His face is full of shame, as he breaks away from the group of dragons seize the vein Heavenly Dao pattern, the magnified negative form suddenly shrinks, the mentality restored to sobriety and calmness, the mind is stabilized, and he keeps his head down for a long while. Speaking is obviously a loss of mood.

"...Bingrui, how did you gain?" An Ancestral Dragon High Martial Vice Principal asked.


Lan Bingrui hesitated to speak but stopped, and finally said in grief: "My harvest has been robbed..."


Everyone is full of suspicion, I don't know where this "snatched" started!

According to the practice of group of dragons seize the vein, isn't it allowed to snatch each other?

Isn’t it all right after you enter, you don’t even have to move, just wait for the Qi Luck Dragon to emerge and then choose the destined person yourself?

How can you...be robbed?

"My Qi Luck Dragon was snatched away by Zhan Xuejun... She, she is clearly not on the list of group of dragons seize the vein, but appeared in it, taking it by force with tyrannical strength Haughty..." Lan Bingrui fainted after speaking.

If you don’t faint, you can’t do it. Even if you pretend to be faint, you will have to faint.

What a shame!

But even if he decides to pretend to be dizzy, he still doesn't forget to block Zuo Xiaoduo's group of people. Obviously, he hopes to find a way to save face for oneself.

In any case, as an outstanding generation of genius, one of the new leaders of Ancestral Dragon High Martial was robbed and not taken back...

This is too unreasonable. .

Especially we are still a beautiful woman...

Several leaders of Ancestral Dragon High Martial are full of astonishment. People carry Lan Bingrui down and they hear the Department. Head Ding coughed and said: "Several Principals, this time group of dragons seize the vein is very different from the past. There are many major changes involved and cannot be viewed with the eyes of the past."

Several Principals He looked puzzled: "Change? What is the change?"

"Yes, it is the change, and this change, after the group of dragons seize the vein, no one is allowed to disclose the news. , Those who violate the order will be punished severely!"

Department Head Ding said solemnly.

"Before I asked you to dismiss all students and irrelevant personnel, leaving only our twenty or so people. The main purpose is to keep this secret to the utmost extent."

Department Head Ding Looking at the people present, indifferently said: "I can say one thing responsibly here. Once the news goes out, no matter who it is...the people present will be unlucky."

Everyone, Department Head Ding squinted his eyes, indifferently said: "This, but the above statement, I hope everyone, don't make mistakes!"

Ancestral Dragon High Martial Everyone is heart shivered with cold, what happened? What happened that Department Head Ding said so badly?

The Principal of Ancestral Dragon High Martial lowered his head, groaning, and did not speak for a while, and the sound transmission of Department Head Ding came in his ears: "I have sent you the specific thing. But you Oneself knows it, the Ancestral Dragon High Martial is not over yet. There are still many insiders...you have to catch them one by one, it's not worth it, remember, it's worth it!"

Principal lowered his head and seemed unresponsive, but his heart was shocked like a stormy sea!


Ning in vain!

The two words are actually used!

This shows that this problem is so big that even oneself can't even intervene!

Hurry back with sound transmission: "Department Head, will the children who participate in this group of dragons seize the vein be dangerous?"

As the Principal, what he is concerned about is The safety of oneself students is the future of this world.

"Yes, I may have died a lot." Department Head Ding said lightly.

There are many things, many news, including Department Head Ding, which I didn’t know until just now.

Probably because the person who sent him the sound transmission was in a bad mood. Finally, he sent a document and left without more words...

Department Head Ding Oneself's years of experience in politics, strong reasoning and guessing abilities, and the amount of knowledge that he learned when he was in school, and the humanity and sophistication he has honed for so many years, have I roughly understood this document.

Then he frightened the boss because of this.

According to the above, the matter is really big...

If it weren’t for sound transmission, the Ancestral Dragon Old Principal can be trusted and its help is needed. ……Department Head Ding is still going to be a bottle gourd, and I can’t and dare not disclose any information.

Know the Principal sighed.

"Ancestral Dragon High Martial is about to face a serious rectification."

Department Head Ding said: "For so many years, to eat group of dragons seize the vein bonus clans, you must Thoroughly clear it out!"

Principal muttered: "Among them...but there is the Imperial Family power..."

"The Imperial Family's right to speak will be further weakened to the people's livelihood... …And these bonus clans, it is estimated that they will be completely suppressed!"

Department Head Ding indifferently said: "This is the meaning of Throne. I am not afraid to tell you. It is also because you are Ancestral Dragon High Martial for so many years. He is the backbone of Ancestral Dragon High Martial, and he is the founder of Ancestral Dragon High Martial. For so many years, among so many old people at school, the one who knows the situation best and is the most convincing... He Senior hopes you, in this matter, don’t Be confused!"

Old Principal sighed softly: "I understand."

Under the words and heart, there is a faint sadness inexplicable.

For so many years, Capital City has finally come to the time to reshuffle the cards. At this time, at least a dozen or twenty clans will be stunned, and they will be straight from the top circle of Beijing. Falling dust.

After a while, the students participating in the group of dragons seize the vein will come out one by one...

Together with Zhou Yunqing, only seven people came out. It's moving!

"Yunqing, where is Zuo Xiaoduo?" Principal asked.

"They are still inside..." Zhou Yunqing's heart is full of confusion, why oneself was ejected, and it was clear that he was still talking to Zuo Xiaoduo just now.

As a result, he did not come out, so he came out in a daze...

Well, Li Chenglong did not come out either...

"Where are the others? "The Principal's voice trembled a little.

"Except for the students of Hidden Dragon High Martial such as Zuo Xiaoduo Zuo Xiaonian Li Chenglong, everyone else should be...all dead." Zhou Yunqing's voice was heavy.

"Dead... dead?" Everyone is startled.

"Yes, this time I was plot against by Monster Clan. The way to obtain the Qi Luck Dragon is completely different from the past. After two people compete, the winner will get the luck and the loser will die directly. Among them, there are many people who use banned drugs, and there are many situations where Star Monarch possesses possession. According to Zuo Xiaoduo, it is Star Sect who is planning to leverage the group of dragons seize the vein Heavenly Dao pattern to snatch the qi vein. ......"

Zhou Yunqing said: "The overwhelming majority of the Star Monarch possession happened to the students of Ancestral Dragon High Martial. I once played against a Star Monarch, but it was a fluke. After winning, I won the Qiyunlong..."

"Forbidden? Star Monarch possessed? The overwhelming majority possessed by possession are all Ancestral Dragon High Martial students..."

The Principal shook his body for a moment, and obviously he couldn't bear it.

How big an educational omission is this to make this happen? !

"What about after being possessed?"

"After being possessed, in addition to competing with the dragon of luck, they would kill any student they encountered, if it weren't for Zuo Xiaoduo. There will be more support from all directions, and there will only be more fallen..." Zhou Yunqing took a breath, remembering oneself's tragic battle.

"Then what?"

"Then they were all killed by us... Well, it should be said that the overwhelming majority possession Star Monarch and those taking the banned drug were all killed by Zuo Xiaoduo they killed."

"That's good!"

Old Principal asked: "How much did you get?"

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