Unconventional Legend Chapter 1254

"I got...a dragon of luck." Zhou Yunqing said.

"Yes!" Old Principal was pleased: "Where are the others?"

"These, except for Lan Bingrui, others should have one, including the Imperial Family. "

"Um...what else?"

Old Principal is strange.

This time there should be more than so few Qiyun dragons, right?

"The only thing I know is these, and the others have to ask Zuo Xiaoduo them." Actually Zhou Yunqing knows more than others, but if he speaks more, it is equivalent to Zuo Xiaoduo and the others betrayed.

"Well, Wang Family children... a total of four went in..." Old Principal pointed out.

"Well, they are all dead. Each of them has taken banned drugs, and one of them was killed by me." Zhou Yunqing replied very happily, without hesitation.

Old Principal is silently nodded.

After Zhou Yunqing left, after a while, Xiang Chong and Zhan Xuejun came out together.

Xiang Chong came from within reason, but the appearance of Zhan Xuejun made everyone present stared wide-eyed.

Although everyone knows about the existence of Zhan Xuejun through Lan Bingrui’s points, Lan Bingrui said it’s good, this girl...not in the quota, what’s more, or even more severe Question... How did she get in?

This is not only related to violations, but it has greatly touched the bottom line. If there is a certain way or method, people who are not on the collegiate list can be brought into the group of dragons seize the vein, where will there be any in the future? Rules at all?

But the Department Head Ding sound transmission said: "This is a hit, and it must not be exposed."

Everyone immediately closed their mouths.

Department Head Ding what you said is so mysterious, we didn’t understand it, but it’s okay, just shut up.

Department Head Ding has an expert and unpredictable appearance to preside over the overall situation. In fact, he is also in a daze.

I don't understand either.

What is a hit person? Who will explain to Lao Tzu?


It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand, it’s a sin to ask!

After a long time, in small groups, Yu Moyan and the others all came out. In the end, it turned out that only Zuo Xiaoduo and Zuo Xiaonian did not come out...

An hour later, Zuo Xiaonian also came out.

Only Zuo Xiaoduo is still inside.

According to the rules of group of dragons seize the vein in the past, the earliest ones come out, the more they gain. If that's the case... Isn't Zuo Xiaoduo the one with the least gains, who has high hopes from everyone?

It might even be the one who hasn't gained anything at all?

When asked how many people who came out of this trip oneself got, they got only one answer, no difference.

"One, really only one."

When it was Li Chenglong's turn: "Although I really want to get a lot, it seems that one person can only get one."


And Zuo Xiaonian also came out.

"Xiaonian." Department Head Ding smiled kindly: "How many lucky dragons do you have?"

"One." Zuo Xiaonian replied seriously and meticulously.

"Okay, good, one good, one good!" Department Head Ding laughed heartily, seemingly satisfied, and then secretly sound transmission: "Xiaonian, tell Ding Uncle, how many ones?"

Zuo Xiaonian sound transmission: "Ding Uncle, it's really just one."

Department Head Ding:......

This girl broke down with Zuo Xiaoduo!

Then, more than two hours later, Zuo Xiaoduo came out.

"Xiaoduo ah." Department Head Ding laughed: "If I didn't guess wrong, you must have only got a lucky dragon?"

"Ding Uncle is really a divine strategy and wonderful planning!"

Zuo Xiaoduo exclaimed: "The calculation is so accurate, accurate, and truly outstanding!"

Department Head Ding twitched his face, and then smiled kindly. Get up: "Tired? Go back and take a good rest."

"Well, after the group of dragons seize the vein, is there anything else?" Zuo Xiaoduo asked.

"No more."

Department Head Ding immediately asked: "Hey, what about the other people? Those who take banned drugs should die, but those who are killed by Star Monarch Possessed? After the annihilation of Star Monarch, where did those who were possessed go?"

"Ah? Star Monarch is possessed?"

Zuo Xiaoduo's face changed with fright "I didn’t see it...Where did those people go, how do I know? Why do you ask me?"

Department Head Ding laughed heartily: "It’s fine if you don’t come back empty-handed. , Hahaha......"

On the one hand, Ancestral Dragon High Martial also laughed heartily: "Very good, very good."

Then all the people who came out gathered together and began to inquire.

Except for the more information given by Zhou Yunqing, the other five people who came out basically asked three questions: they are really good luck and they have not encountered strong competitors.

After killing the opponent, he has been healing or collecting Qi Luck Dragon, and it will come out when the time comes.

Zuo Xiaoduo and the others entered their space without even being noticed by them...

The other comatose Lan Bingrui was the worst; it was also clear who robbed her , But I've finished talking, and now I'm in a coma...I'm being treated.

As for Xiang Chong and Zhan Xuejun, they completely denied the allegations.

"I didn't grab someone else!"

"The opponent was very strong. I killed the opponent and got the luck dragon."

"Then just Come out!"

And Li Chenglong and the others are even more sincere: "Others? Didn't you see, isn't it just two people in an area? If you win, you will get...nothing at The worst..."

"I haven't seen anyone else."

"Then who knows what you defeated?"

"Then I I really don’t know, I haven’t had much conversation... I can describe it to you, the process is very simple, and it’s done, what nonsense..."

"Where are they?"

"I don't know. We didn't kill anyone, nor did we kill anyone. We just had better luck, that's all."

Everyone said it one by one, everyone has a look innocent.

What are you asking? We don't know...

All the senior leaders are extremely depressed.

These little guys clearly made a confession...

However, there is nothing to do with the guys headed by the strongest second-generation Zuo Xiaoduo.

Especially everyone knows, maybe Zuo Xiaoduo and the others do not say, but oneself and the others, there are still problems, right?

Thinking about it this way, I even dare not ask...

At the end, Zuo Xiaoduo and the others left Ancestral Dragon High Martial, but there was still no useful news left. .

The Department Head Ding clearly controls the rhythm in this process.

Although Department Head Ding himself was obviously outraged, from beginning to end, they all stood firmly on Zuo Xiaoduo's side.

Once Ancestral Dragon High Martial asks related sensitive questions, the Department Head will promptly jump out to interrupt...

After the routine summary, Zuo Xiaoduo and the others gone.

The Department Head convened a meeting.

Old Principal’s anxious and dry sound transmission: "Department Head, fifty people went in, and the ones who came out eventually, including those outside the quota, were only twenty-three people... This is a whole lot. Twenty-seven people are missing!"

"Well, that’s the names of these twenty-seven people, from now on, to thoroughly investigate their clan personal background and contact with the outside world during this time!"

Department Head Ding indifferently said: "A thorough investigation starts here!"

"Tomorrow, the Martial Education Department will meet and deploy operations. Heads of all departments must attend the meeting, and the Ancestral Dragon High Martial Principal will be present."

"This time group of dragons seize the vein, so far, come to an end."

The voice just fell, and the Department Head Ding hurriedly left.

Many senior executives in Ancestral Dragon High Martial came to Principal to inquire about the situation: "Principal, what's the situation?"

Principal looked old: "I don't know, I will know when we meet tomorrow. , Don't worry, this thing is weird..."

"Is it possible that the Principal has been speaking with the Department Head Ding sound transmission for so long, and he didn't say anything?" A Vice Principal said suspiciously.

"hehe, since the Department Head Ding and I have chosen sound transmission to communicate, it is nothing more than to keep it secret. If I tell you everything, why do you want sound transmission?" Principal both eyes flipped over and looked at This Vice Principal named Kim.

"Yes, yes, I was wrong..."


The Principal looked unhappy and walked away.


Zuo Xiaoduo and the others This will have returned to the small courtyard of Zuo Xiaonian.

Wang Lingyun moved a chair and sat at the door, craned his neck and waited for a long time.

"Back?" Seeing everyone coming back unscathed, Wang Lingyun suddenly smiled.

"I'm back." Zuo Xiaoduo groaned for a while, and said: "The group of dragons seize the vein has come to an end. The senior executives are afraid they will start working on Wang Family soon... Wang Lingyun, what do you think? , Now, it’s too late."

Wang Lingyun sighed then said: "The country has laws, rivers and lakes have ways, continent has its own rules, and I don’t have any ideas. If grandfather is alive, I won’t ask for leave. a way out."

"This time, if you leave a way out to Wang Family, even if you just opened a small opening, there will be a precedent, and the whole continent will be similar in the future. I don’t know how big it will be."

"The credit is not for future crimes."

"This is what the ancestors said."

"So... just let it go and do it."

Zuo Xiaoduo was silent for a while, and said: "Okay. Let's digest the results of this trip, and then we will start a full-scale action."

< p>......

At this time, Qin Fangyang was already sitting in a restaurant box.

Holding a mobile phone in his hand, with a storage ring on his finger.

The above are all the spoils of war that Qin Fangyang robbed a local gang.

Qin Fangyang has never been a pedantic person. It is not difficult for him to use some means to achieve this goal, and it is quite comfortable to rob a gang-if there is ability, why not. battlefield? Why are you here to gang up?

I didn’t contribute to the country and the people for the continent, but came to mix with the gang......

What's the worst if you rob it......

Opposite Qin Fangyang, It was Zhu Nai, who was already wearing the largest size clothes, but still holding up to burst whether it was a shirt or pants.

The largest cloak in the ready-to-wear store, wearing this, is just a half-length windbreaker...

Qin Fangyang has learned about what happened during this period of Capital City. bits and pieces.

Zuo Xiaoduo suddenly came to avenge the Master... and a series of events...

Including Wang Family's attitude, Lu Family's attitude, He Yuanyue's true identity... …

And He Yuanyue's grave excavation...

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