Unconventional Legend Chapter 1255

Qin Fangyang doesn't know what it feels like in his heart. For a while, he becomes angry and sighs in a low voice.

"Wang Family, Wang Family..."

Qin Fangyang's eyes shot out a cold glow.

So far, Zuo Xiaoduo and the others have turned things into Heaven and Earth turning upside down, which is very popular, but Qin Fangyang, as the party and the fuse, didn’t really know until this moment that oneself’s enemy is Who!

The entire process of development, for all the reasons, just check it online and everything is perfectly clear.

"Qianqian's tomb..." Qin Fangyang's body burst into the cold.

"Lu Family..."

Qin Fangyang fell silent, his face was calm, and he let out a sigh of relief.

"hu hu...delicious."

Zhu Wei grabbed a whole beef leg bone and put it in his mouth, including the meat with bones, kacha kacha chewing Swallow it, gorgeous oneself, know the taste of the marrow.

"You can't eat bones." Qin Fangyang frowned helplessly.

"Why can't you eat it?" Zhu Wei, who really knows the taste of the marrow, argued for reasons: "ka beng is crispy, so delicious, so fragrant, besides, bones won’t be wasted if they don’t eat the marrow inside. ......"

"Use this." Qin Fangyang said, handing over a straw.

Zhu Wei took it over and took a look, slipped it into his mouth and chewed it, stretched his neck and swallowed, shaking his head and saying dissatisfied: "Where are the beef bones delicious, there is no taste at all."< /p>


Qin Fangyang was speechless, and looked at the three large pots of over 100 catties of beef and was about to eat it again. Zhu Wei took the last one. Then I went to the Boss: "I said you are a trader, how can you prepare so little, so hurry up and continue to serve..."

"Cough... buddy, how much do you plan to ask for? I’ll prepare with you!"

"Three more cows! First three cows, if not enough!"


Qin Fangyang Quietly turning his back to the window, he took out the stolen cell phone and pressed Zuo Xiaoduo's phone number proficiently.

I'm back, everything must be liquidated!

But before this, Xiaoduo had caused many storms in order to avenge me, and this child should not have been burdened by it.

The phone was beeping and Qin Fangyang was thinking in a daze.

Heaven Patrolling Throne said, I am a close friend of his Senior.

It turns out... Zuo Xiaoduo is the son of Throne.

But this kind of thought flashed through his mind.

The son of Throne...This is not a lot of trouble for Qin Fangyang, Zuo Xiaoduo or Zuo Xiaoduo.

It's still that...the little naughty monkey that gnash the teeth I like!

When you want to teach a lesson, the little bitch who still licks the belt to clean up!



Zuo Xiaoduo and the others Back to the small courtyard, each one's heart is full of eagerness, be eager to have a try.

This time the dragon qi number instillation of Qi Luck, it can be said that the end point that everyone in the room could reach, has been expanded once again, and I still don't know how far the expansion mode is!

Because of the increased vitality, it is not only a question of good luck, but also the effect of Zuo Xiaoduo's Destiny Points application.

Moisturize the body, moisturize the spiritual soul, and nourish the meridian. It is versatile and versatile...

The most direct and most significant way to use by practitioners, If Li Chenglong reaches the Peak of a realm before that, if it can be suppressed twelve times, after instilling this time, it can be suppressed at least fifteen times, sixteen times!

What’s even more pleasant is that the aura obtained this time is heaven's destiny, which is also the so-called virtue of virtue. After the group of dragons seize the vein is over, it is directly integrated into fate, no more It can be deprived by external forces.

Although Li Chenglong and the others know that oneself has gained huge benefits, the specific benefits need to be cultivation. Only after having personal experience can they know and experience it.

"Okay, okay, I know you all can't wait, go to the cultivation..."

Zuo Xiaoduo waved his hands, driving everyone away like a fly.

In the midst of joy...


A weird cat cry came out, it was full of coquettishness Full of triumphant meows, suddenly rang.

Everyone couldn't help turning their heads to look around.

I saw Zuo Xiaoduo taking out his mobile phone in a hurry...

Everyone's expressions were weird: the phone ringtone of the left boss is really... different.

Zuo Xiaoduo pretended to look calmly at the unknown number, but in order to hide his embarrassment, he connected: "Hey, who?"

"Where are you? Give it to me Send a position."

There was a calm voice on the phone.

On this voice, there are no more than a few words in total, and the voice line is very familiar, but this familiar voice suddenly makes Zuo Xiaoduo into a sluggish state, stiff in place like a statue.

In fact, Zuo Xiaoduo is not the only one who is stuck in a sluggish state. Li Chenglong, Wan Lixiu, Long Yusheng, Li Changming, Yu Moyan and the others who were planning to leave are also simultaneously caught in the sound of this sound. The atmosphere is static in the space!

Unexpectedly, some people’s eyes flashed with inexplicable rays of light, full of hope and hope, but they were afraid that they would only have a dream in front of them. They couldn't believe it and didn't dare to move a little.

That was...surprise, expectation...and ecstasy, but it was even more apprehensive, for fear of shocking this moment of excitement...

"Are you...Qin teacher? Qin Fangyang?" Zuo Xiaoduo's voice was already trembling out of tune, and he tremblingly asked.

"Crap! Can't you hear my voice? You deceiving masters and extinguishing ancestors bastard!"

There was an angry call on the phone. But it can be heard that the people over there are just trying to control their emotions, they are all pretentious...

The voice at the other end does not have a tendency to tremble, but it is just taking the initiative to call, and it is already done. Psychological hypothesis, this behaves relatively ordinary, but in reality, what is the truth and what is the psychology, who still can’t know? !

"ao ao ao oh......" Zuo Xiaoduo and the others jumped up collectively!


Zuo Xiaoduo turns around: "Old Qin is not dead! Did you hear that, did you hear? Qin teacher is not dead, hahahaha ……It really is a good person doesn't live long bad person lasts for a thousand years, Old Qin, the Old Guy is not dead…"

Li Chenglong grabbed Xiang Chong in ecstasy and started beating:" ao ao ao...Qin teacher is not dead..."

Zhan Xuejun dragged Xiang Chong out very dissatisfied: "You are excited about you, why are you beating Xiang Chong..."

< p>A group of demons danced around here, crying with excitement.

Over there, Qin Fangyang's eyes were also red, and he managed to resist the urge to choke, and said angrily: "What are you shouting? Can you be a little more formal, hurry up!"

"Immediately, immediately!"

Zuo Xiaoduo imposing manner waved his hand high, shouted: "Silent! I am going to send Qin teacher our position now! All stand upright!"< /p>

"ao wu ao wu ……"

Where do Li Chenglong and the others care about him, continue to jump frantically.

Zuo Xiaoduo hurriedly sent out the position. He typed a wrong word in a hurry. He deleted it and typed it again. While typing, he cried out strangely: "Ahhhhh, I cried for nothing a few days ago. How to calculate, my tears are very valuable..."

"It's just..."


Ten minutes later.

Qin Fangyang, with a reluctant Zhu Wei, stood in front of the small courtyard.

Zhu Wei is still complaining: "I haven't eaten enough yet..."

Qin Fangyang turned a deaf ear.

Satisfied? You think too much...

Just your size, eat...he he he; when the races come back, you go to the battlefield to eat...

Sensed the arrival of Qin Fangyang, the door suddenly opened.

Suddenly the tide rushed out a few guys, whiz whiz whiz......

Then Qin Fangyang's body was full.

Rao is Qin Fangyang's long body, but it suddenly became bloated. His body seemed to be covered with koalas, hanging on his shoulders, hanging on his neck, and hanging on his waist. There was one leg and one leg, and the remaining one was simply hung on the back.

"Come down, let me all down!"

Qin Fangyang has a dark face and pretends to be very displeased: "They are all so big, how decent they are, let people I saw a joke! It’s your business that you are seen as a joke, don’t get in the way of being a teacher!"

"Don't go down!"

"Don't go down!"< /p>

"Who made you scare us!"

"ao ao ao......"

After a long time, Zuo Xiaoduo and the others came from Qin one by one Fangyang got down, his eyes were red around him, and he touched his hands and arms from time to time, for fear that this was a dream, and even more afraid that oneself and the others would disturb the dream. Once the dream was over, the dream would become empty.

Qin Fangyang's mood is similarly agitated, but he still has to maintain his image and maintain his grace as a teacher.

The entire group entered the living room and sat full.

Qin Fangyang first greeted Wang Lingyun very politely, and then began to talk.

"What is going on?" Qin Fangyang asked.

"It went well."

It was not Zuo Xiaoduo who spoke, but Li Chenglong.

Li Chenglong is a good player in retelling the incident, and he has sorted everything out with a little bit of effort, and said it from the beginning, clearly organized, and in the details.

"We at first didn't know this matter...it was the left boss..."

"Then after we came... first, then, then..."< /p>

Finally, Li Chenglong confidently said: "Don’t worry, Qin teacher, Wang Family, no one can run away!"

Qin Fangyang pondered for a moment: "The storms on the Internet are also You guys did it?"

In this period of time, the online denunciations have not stopped, but have become more and more intense, and Wang Family, at first, still fought back and struggled. Now Even the only counterattack was stopped, and it died down completely.

And... the most surprising thing is that Wang Family's Internet company somehow disclosed the Public Area Point.

I was rushed in by some angry students, and the whole building was destroyed...

All the perpetrators were arrested and fined five thousand yuan each. Star Soul coins, and six hours of education, released...

After letting a certain local tyrant know about it, he directly posted on the Internet: "I will pay the fine!"

Suddenly , "I'm coming out!"

These three words are swiped...

Qin Fangyang listened to it. It was originally full of anger, but then it turned out to be full. It’s gratification and satisfaction...

This is my student!


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