Unconventional Legend Chapter 1257

Zhu Wei looks at Zuo Xiaoduo with a cautiously convergent oneself breath.

I really don't want to hurt you...

Then I saw this guy spinning around, then around oneself...both eyes were full of strange looks.

"What are you...why are you doing around me?" Zhu Tien scratched his head.

"Why is your figure so burly?" Zuo Xiaoduo is very curious, really rarely see such a burly "giant".

Even if it is Nan Zhengqian Uncle...etc, it is absolutely not as strong as this one.

Xiang Chong is the highest among oneself friends...but Xiang Chong is at least two heads shorter than this guy!


When I see this body, words like'bully, sturdy, strong' and so on will automatically come out. .

"I... just like this, is there a problem?" Zhu Yan touched his head, is he very burly?

"How is your own cultivation base? What level?" Zuo Xiaoduo said.

Zhu Wei obediently and honestly's nodded: "It's OK..."

"It's OK? How many lines do you have?"

How many lines do you have... …This question confuses Zhu Wei.

After thinking for a long time, he said: "If it is in this world, under normal circumstances, it should be able to hit a dozen..."

This answer shocked Zuo Xiaoduo.

This tone does not seem to be so big!

"That's right, we have something urgent to deal with. I have reunited with the teacher after a long time, and I can't leave...Look, do you have time?"

Zuo Xiaoduo Asked.

"There is time." Can Zhu Wei say there is no time?

This is a student of oneself nobleman.

Then Zuo Xiaoduo took out a strange piece of paper and said: "Did you see this piece of paper, you go to the printing factory... I will tell you how to go... You go to the same , All the printed ones will be retrieved for me."

Zuo Xiaoduo has to discuss with Qin teacher how to deal with Wang Family's problems...

He feels that now So far, there is no difficulty.

The only thing to consider is what to do afterwards.

Don't look at the whole country now condemning Wang Family, it seems that Wang Family is already an absolute mouse on the street, clan is at the end of the road.

But once the Wang Family is slaughtered, the topic will be extremely huge, and there will inevitably be countless assaults the senses.

This is for sure.

Zuo Xiaoduo has always advocated positive extermination, killing directly, killing a blood flowing into a river.

But Li Chenglong has always been firmly opposed to this plan.

Li Chenglong's concern is: When the Wang Family existed, War God's clan was their body protection symbol, and it was also their reminder symbol...Everyone stood on the moral high ground and spoke and criticized.

But if Wang Family is passed away, then the four words War God's clan will become the most important and sharpest public opinion weapon for the public to conquer Zuo Xiaoduo.

By then,'hehe, the War God who once blessed the continent, was directly extinguished by Zuo Xiaoduo, the second generation of private grievances...tsk tsk...'

It is conceivable that this There is bound to be a big market for speech!

People are such strange animals.

There is always a bunch of things. Although they don’t know the truth, they never prevent him from hurting others!

Li Chenglong doesn't care about the life and death of Wang Family.

What he cares about is that this matter cannot leave a huge stain on Zuo Xiaoduo's life-yes, Human World is so complicated. Although the Wang Family wall has been pushed down by everyone and the whole country has been swearing wildly, Zuo Xiaoduo has killed all the Wang Family members, but it can still be a stain in Zuo Xiaoduo's life history.

Slaying War God's clan!

It's that simple!

Stain, plus countless controversies throughout the ages...

And Li Chenglong doesn't want to see this.

So in this matter, Zuo Xiaoduo feels that oneself has to discuss with Qin teacher, Qin teacher is eager for revenge, and he will definitely not look forward and backward like Li Chenglong...

"On this matter Er? Simple!"

Zhu Wei felt that this matter was genuine and easy.

He used to live in the gathering place of the creatures. No matter how the outside world changes with each passing day, the essence is the same after all.

"Just go roam around."

Now I took the road map, put the paper in my pocket, said hello to Qin Fangyang, and set off excitedly.

Qin Fangyang felt that this product might not know the way, but seeing Zuo Xiaoduo's introduction in such detail and leaving the phone call, he let him go.

However, Zhu Wei got lost as soon as he went out.

He just came out from the bottom of the mountain, where do you know what the common means of transportation are now on the market, and because of this guy’s stature, ordinary buses can’t get on at all, even private cars of overwhelming majority Can't pretend, the past cognition of the habitation of living beings is completely useless.

Zhu Fei didn’t feel annoyed. He leaped around in the air to observe. After watching for a long time, he found that there was a place that looked a bit like, and he passed through the air and landed at the destination, but after he came down, he found out again. The place is wrong.

Well, where is this? How come all directions are fragrant, it seems a bit hungry!

Then Xunxiang looked and saw a gate, a gate with great style and style, and two people came out from it, Zhu Wei as far as the eye can see, I can’t help but have a good time, because these two people They are all practitioners of the Dao Fusion series cultivation base, and they are quite capable characters!

He is seeing others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again, and he just asks where it is. It would be better if the other party knew oneself’s destination !

When the two opposing people saw Zhu Wei, they were very surprised. They were always Dao Fusion grade repairers. How could they not know that the burly giant in front of them was an incredibly rare super expert!

And now at this time, it is the time when we Wang Family most need this super expert, now it is too difficult to find an expert...

Seeing this guy is ignorant, it seems that he doesn't understand anything? Hey... I like this kind of person the most...

Now it's deliberate friendship and flattery.

Zhu Wei originally asked for directions in the past, but after speaking, the two sides became friends. The two enthusiastically invited Zhu Wei to be a guest at home.

Zhu Fei repeatedly declined: "I have something...really something."

But these two people have to say, if you have something, you are not in a hurry, right? Besides you, it’s okay to delay for half an hour, right? Everyone fell in love with each other, isn’t the chance of letting you have a meal?

As soon as I heard the meal, Zhu Fei suddenly felt more hungry, so he asked whether he was full or not?

The two said they could.

Zhu Wei felt his belly for a while, and went to eat a meal first. It seemed to be nothing...After all, I haven’t eaten enough for hundreds of thousands of years. The two words of fullness are the temptation for Zhu Wei. It's too big...

So I followed those two people in.

So the two of them happily took the beast of doom back to oneself's house...

Then naturally, the good wine and the food are served as much as you want, even if you see Zhu Wei Their appetite was so ridiculous that the two of them didn't think so much, on the contrary, they felt that...there was a show!

So I even found dozens of people to operate in the kitchen. All kinds of delicious meat dishes were served directly in pots...

It was enjoyable, I was a little reserved at first, but later it was just half a bowl in one bite, and it could be served just like this. I can’t help but sigh that there are still so many people in this world...

And just at this time...< /p>

Wang Family after group of dragons seize the vein, luck is more than dropped a thousand zhang in one fall, it is almost nothing left after being grabbed.

It should be noted that the game that Wang Family participated in was the Heavenly Dao game, the Star Fight game.

Wang Family participated in this round as a mortal, and directly and indirectly assisted Star Sect in leveraging the Heavenly Dao pattern. It was an undisputed and unquestioned act against the sky!

Since it is walking the heavens-defying road and it has not succeeded yet, the next step is naturally Heavenly Dao backlash.

And Heavenly Dao's will in the sky, no matter which one it is, it is extremely angry.

A patch of clouds gradually gathered over the Wang Family......

This situation has only happened once in recent years...... It was Wu Tiejiang’s previous intervention in the Heavenly Dao game, almost The time I was struck by lightning...

However, the impact of that time only spread to a corner, and Heavenly Dao backlash was relatively limited.

And this time, directly leveraging the Heavenly Dao pattern, the original established Heavenly Dao pattern is fundamentally different, and the scope of the attack is more than a little wider...

tribulation thunder is densely covered. , Took shape suddenly, and found out when it was about to fall...

Hey, Wang Family has an expert!

If the general tribulation thunder goes down, it is estimated that you will be beaten back...

Heavenly Dao can't be so provocative, more and more rumble down to the purple sky divine thunder...

There is a tribulation thunder in the sky, Zhu Wei knows, but oneself has never Transcending Tribulation, and there is no Transcending Tribulation in the entire large courtyard of Wang Family...

So Zhu Wei I subconsciously think that someone else has broken through, but it's not here, here it's just being affected.

He has experienced many things like this, such as when he was at the foot of the mountain not long ago, or the disaster of the unreasonable disaster during the Ten Thousand Immortal Conference in the past. It has been common since ancient times, so I don’t think it is different. !

While eating meat, he sighed that there are so many talents in ancient times and today, and when there are so many geniuses in this city, a divine thunder suddenly fell from the top of his head!

Zhu Wei, the whole person... No, the whole beast was shocked!

Damn, who am I? where am I? What am I doing...

The divine thunder of hong long long sparkles and makes Zhu Wei also scared for it. The witless purple light, heaven falls and earth rends have also landed on the Wang Family. In the yard!

Zhu Wei took the brunt several times, and was struck by lightning before he was full!

Where is he going to make sense?

But Zhu Wei is protecting the Wang Family in the eyes of the current tribulation thunder... In the stuffing oneself with food like Wang Family, what else can’t be understood? ?

boom~ boom~ ……

Zixiao divine thunder Nine ways, one after another heavier than one will come down, and after the last one, Zhu Wei's whole person is almost familiar. Yu had no choice but to show the original shape, and forgot to drill down.

Anyway, this place has been blasted into a pit by the heavenly thunder...

The tribulation thunder still fell from the hong long long...Zhu Wei had no choice but to use the housekeeping ability to release the poison qi eroded the ground...

So I drilled down all the way, with the help of Power of Earth, to reduce and unload the tribulation thunder, mighty...

I was scared to death.

Why did I come out to execute a mission and I was struck by lightning...

Where do I start?

Zhu Nian digs and drills with a sad look...

Zhu Nian, who was struck by the Zixiao divine thunder, must be very miserable, but Wang Family is only more miserable... …


[The next watch is at night, for three consecutive days, and drink until four or five in the morning...didn't expect these guys to battle strength Being so strong, I was only a little bit counter-killed...Although I have won a big victory now, I am really exhausted... Let me rest. 】

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