Unconventional Legend Chapter 1258

At the time when Wang Family is waiting for it, all personnel outside are recalled, ready to respond to Zuo Xiaoduo's extreme retaliation at any time. It can be said that it is a family reunion, and no one is missing.

All the senior executives are urgently discussing how to do this.

The group of dragons seize the vein has completely failed, but the days have to go on, how are we going to fix it?

We are discussing the tribulation thunder and we are down...

The whole Wang Family, the old Wang Family house covering such a large area... The whole land sinks and enters the big pit; Wang Family Up and down, nine out of ten people who were directly shaken to death by the tribulation thunder......

A few survivors, knowingly, lie on the ground, waiting for the tribulation thunder to pass, hoping for an escape......


But who would have thought that this land, where the survivors of the Wang Family lived, was suddenly full of poisonous...

The most terrible thing, this kind of poisonous came very unexpectedly. , No one knows why this kind of poison appeared... and it was so strong as soon as it appeared...

And the tribulation thunder finally passed...

The whole Wang Clan, together with The two clan alliances on the side disappeared collectively.

Instead, it was a big lake with blue waves...

After a long time, I saw a robust man swim up from the middle of the lake, a bump, look pale: "Wipe , But I was scared to death... This is such a good meal, I haven't eaten enough..."

Turning around, I was surprised: "Damn, this is actually a lake? What's the matter?"

I remembered that oneself absolutely cannot kill, cannot cause sin of killing...Zhu Wei quickly took back all the poison, lest there be a little bit, the poison Infinite; but a sweep of spiritual consciousness found...

There are so many souls below, it seems that many of them were poisoned to death by oneself...

This... This can't kill... How's it going?

And these seem to be unsaved, and the flesh is gone...

"Is this so pissed on me!?"

Zhu Wei I feel that oneself is very sad, my heart is bitten, and the spiritual consciousness is washed away...

All these spiritual souls are wiped out. This is also a way to eliminate cause and effect in ancient times. All spiritual souls are gone, where is the causal follow-up......

According to the current world, it seems to destroy the corpse and evidence? !

As long as there is no trace of my hands...that was not what I did!

All were struck to death by lightning!

I can’t blame this!

Never blame me!

Then look at the neighborhood for a while and no one has come to see what happened, Zhu Nai rushed away sneakily...I have never been here before, and the changes in this place have nothing to do with me.

I'd better go to work quickly......


Zuo Xiaoduo and the others are reuniting for a long time and telling each other farewell, are still planning what Go to Wang Family to retaliate, and Li Chenglong is still opposing, saying that he wants to detour...

And Zuo Xiaoduo is unwilling to detour, so the two quarreled again...

Qin Fangyang's heart is also tangled.

From the heart, he is unwilling to detour; he still has the pleasure of letting go and killing a lot... But after all, Qin Fangyang has lived for so many years, and he knows that if a person is left behind This kind of controversial stain, what kind of influence is it......

So I also helped Li Chenglong persuade Zuo Xiaoduo......

Zuo Xiaoduo was extremely depressed.

Why don't you help me?

When I was wronged...

Suddenly I felt thunder and lightning, The earth shook and the mountain quivered!

"What's the matter...Is it possible that someone else has Transcending Tribulation?" Everyone was stunned.

At the beginning of the end of group of dragons seize the vein, those students who got Qiyun Dragon, so it is not a rare thing to break through and promote, but who is so awesome, actually chose to live in the city. Here Transcending Tribulation! ?

Are you not afraid of hurting the innocent?

It’s too late to think about anything. The lightning has already crackled down. Naturally, everyone at the center of the tribulation eye dare not go there. They can only wait for the heavenly tribulation to end before going...

Then... …

Finally ended...

Zuo Xiaoduo flew out in a hurry, and quickly went to see what was going on?



Zuo Xiaoduo and the others were collectively shocked.

Qin Fangyang's moving speed is absolutely not inferior to oneself and the others!

Be aware that each one of oneself and the others is a real Flying Boundary Peak, or at least the kind of Flying Peak that has been compressed several times with true origin!

Isn’t the Qin teacher exhausting his power and destroying his five incarnations? Even if he can retain a bit of strength, he won’t be able to advance instead of retreating in strength!

"Qin teacher, you... your progress seems a bit big..." Zuo Xiaoduo was shocked.

He knows what oneself has gone through, how many fortuitous encounters it has obtained, and how much effort it took to reach the current level of oneself, but Qin Fangyang has also reached the current level, even better than oneself high?

The magnitude of this ascending to the skies with a single leap seems too outrageous, right?

I thought I was oneself just hanging on the wall.

I didn’t expect someone to cheat more than me?

Qin Fangyang frowned: "Hurry up! What nonsense? Why are you talking a lot of nonsense!"

After that, Zuo Xiaoduo's head broke.

As a teacher, the oneself student said, "Qin teacher, you have made a little progress"......

Qin Fangyang feels that oneself’s dignity as a teacher has been desecrated, and Insult...

Zuo Xiaoduo did not dare to say any more, everyone rushed to the top of the scene...


< p>Zuo Xiaoduo, look left and right, look at the blue waves and the dazzling smoke below...

"Is this...isn't it Wang Family? How..."

Li Chenglong and the others also have each one, collectively dumbfounded and dumbfounded!

You guys are here to wait for our revenge to vent our anger...

What's the matter of disappearing like this?

Is this all dead rhythm, or is it all running away?

"Check! Thorough investigation!"

The original plan was two days later, but with this weird thunder tribulation, it was directly ahead of schedule...< /p>

In this meeting, Zuo Xiaoduo will do it and the others will have each one, they are all stupid!

What is going on here?

Wang Family is gone?

Everyone came to the place where the incident occurred, and surrounded this large lake that had just appeared. There were already many circles of people standing in the dark.

In fact, the Zuo Xiaoduo group is more puzzled. The people of the major clans are looking at them with stunned faces, and they can't believe it or don't want to believe it.

You Family, Lu Family, Nian Family...The Aristocratic Family in the capital are all admiring this spectacle!

Seeing this condensed reality in front of them, everyone has a rare thought in their hearts: Did Wang Family really suffer from Heavenly Retribution?


Everyone knows that this speculation is a bit outrageous!

Since ancient times, that many bad things have been done, base and shameless. There are countless people, but I have never heard of anyone who has suffered Heavenly Retribution... Well, although there are many endings It's dismal, saying that it has been retribution, retribution is unhappy, but it is not so immediate, such a big scene!

Wang Family did too much, too much?

Each Aristocratic Family sent countless people to salvage this newly formed big lake, looking for all evidence, whether or not.

The performance of Zuo Xiaoduo and the others is the most dazed...

We are still discussing how to take revenge, how to take revenge to be the most outrageous and the most vigilant of the world... …Now, your entire clan is gone if you say nothing at once, who are we looking for revenge? Isn't this a joke?

But what is going on?

Even if someone sits at home and disaster strikes the sky, there must be a reason!

Just the movement in front of us, unless it is a great expert of Heavenly King or above, several people have to work together to create such a big scene in a flash, not to mention the Star Soul Human at this moment. All the top experts of Race are gathered at the border, and even the Wang Family is not worthy of such a big work.

And if it is wrong to join forces with non-digital Heavenly King ranks, then the sky is really turbulent, and the heavens will punish!

Seeing this scene, Li Chenglong breathed a sigh of relief.

"Although you can't avenge yourself, it's a little inadequate, but this matter has nothing to do with us anymore, so we can avoid the controversy and taint of countless years in the future."

But even at this point, everyone is still depressed, and it's rare to feel comfortable.

Even Li Chenglong, who is sighed in relief, is also a little depressed; although the accidental destruction of Wang Family can save Zuo Xiaoduo and Throne from the taint of killing the heirs of heroes, they have not been able to avenge themselves. Still unhappy.

This is not a troublesome thing.

On the contrary, Qin Fangyang is more open, and I don’t feel much about it. Although I didn’t get revenge with my own hands, it is inevitable to regret to kill those grave-digging beasts; but the achievements of the students have completed He Yuanyue’s life. The dream, he has only warm comfort in his heart at this moment.

So he comforted Zuo Xiaoduo and the others in turn: "Although it's a bit of a sense that we can't avenge ourselves, the destruction of Wang Family is already a fact. This is equivalent to Cangtian giving this breath for us... We should remember the Five Nei, and thank God for treating us favorably."

"After all, Wang Family, the blood from the descendants of War God, can not be contaminated, or not contaminated."

while speaking, although regret in the mouth is inevitable, the kind of relaxation sighed in relief for the students is also obvious.

Master and disciple, with mixed feelings, slowly stepped into the car and walked back.

Walking far away, occasionally looking back, I can still see the blue waves, it seems that all the hatred has been blown away by the rain.

"Qin teacher, the brother you brought...what's the origin?" Li Chenglong said: "That posture is so burly, it's an ordinary Shaman Clan, and it's rare. Such a huge figure."

"He is not a human, but also not Shaman Clan, he is a demonic beast form transformation." Qin Fangyang briefly talked about oneself's experience and explained For a moment.

"Who? Qin teacher, who do you think he is! Zhu Nai?" Li Chenglong frowned, "Xiaozi Mountain, with many white jade on the top, and with red copper on the bottom, and beasts, which look like The ape, the white head is barefoot; the name is Zhu Wei, and when you see it, you will be a soldier."

Zuo Xiaoduo was shocked: "What are you talking about?"


Li Chenglong despised it and explained: "It's Zhu Nai."

Then he wondered: "Zhu Nai's main soldier murdered...at this time was born...this..."

Qin Fangyang also froze for a moment, and said: "The soldiers kill and kill? Isn't it right... Brother Zhu said, Ancient Era, he is called the beast of bad luck."

"He said he was the beast of bad luck. Naturally, the beast is right, and even more appropriate."

Li Chenglong nodded said: "The body is very poisonous, the breath becomes a cloud, and the breath becomes a miasma. It comes with calamity, and it is disaster. He is not a beast of doom, who else can afford such a name!"

Zuo Xiaoduo's mouth twitched: "I can understand that whoever has more contact with him will be unlucky. ?"


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