Universe Source Art Chapter 677

One hundred kilometers away, the Lin Xiao entire group appeared on a mountain.

“Zhang Bobo, I can’t think of you!” Red went to the old man, very smooth.

“hmph!” old man coldly snorted, the beard flutters.

“old man !” Nangong Fei black face: “I said the last time, dare to disrespect Honglian, be careful that I abolish you!”

“Do you dare?” old man shouted.

“You are a hard hair?” Nangong Fei yelled, and he would raise his fist.

“Don’t!” Red even pulled him.

Nangong Fei yelled: “He doesn’t mean you, what are you still protecting him?”

Red Lie is so weeping: “Zhang Bobo is angry, I… I can understand!”

“Damn it, he is angry to find someone else, he first came to us!”

“Oh!” Lin Xiao shouted: “Xiaofei, you calm down, go flash!”

“hmph!” Nangong Fei was indignant and walked to the edge of the cliff to sit down and sulking.

Yang Xiaoyu, Long Tiandan ran over to persuade.

“Are you really an uncle of Red?” Lin Xiao asked old man.

“If you kill, you will kill, old man will not kill you!” old man proudly said.

“How do you say this? First ask, are you okay to mess with us?”

“Kill you!”

“You…” Lin Xiao’s groaning, looking at the red lotus of the pitiful man, said: “Talk about the reason!”

“What can be said, what have you done yourself, is it not clear? Use the old man to make it clear?”

Lin Xiao is not mad, said: “I really don’t know, if you are inexplicable, you will come out and kill us. Can you tell me why?”

Old man looked at him and said: “The old man has a team of people out there, so far, but you have their aura, you said, old man is not looking for you?”

“Do we have their aura?” Lin Xiao stunned: “Where are your team?”

“Everyone has both men and women, and the whole body is black clothed, about a hundred!”

“Is they?” Lin Xiao thought of those who had been killed by the dead.

“brat, are they killing you?”

Lin Xiao bit his teeth and said: “I can tell you, the people you said, when we met, they are already dead!”

“Dead? Who are you cheating?”

“I didn’t lie to you, they were killed by the power of God. In addition, there are also traumas!”

“Is this true?”

“Of course, I don’t have to fool you!”

“According to what you said, is the Supreme Yin Sect doing the death of the gods?”


“hahaha…” old man laughed: “Whoever doesn’t know that Supreme Yin Sect has been wiped out, are you not talking about it now?”

Lin Xiao coldly smiled: “You love being or not. If we really want to kill, you are already dead!”

“Zhang Bobo, Big Brother Lin speaks correctly. Really, those people are not killed by us!” Red was open.

“How do you know them?” old man cold face and face to red.

“I just got out and I was caught by people. Later, Big Brother Lin, they saved me!”

Old man’s face is nervous: “Did they hurt you?”

“No, there is armor protection on the body, nothing!”

“It’s okay!” old man sighed, then angrily said: “Who dares to be so bold, even you dare to move?”

“Listen to Big Brother Lin, they are the hands of the Diablo League!”

“Diablo League?” old man’s face is yin: “They are really alive!”

Lin Xiao on the side coughed and said, “Can you tell me your name?”

“brat, are you worthy?”

“Hey, what do you say?” Profound Ice God is not happy.

“Shantou, who are they?”

“They…” Honglian hesitated. So far, she has not asked Lin Xiao and the others.

“I will leave them back to the city immediately. The outside world is unpredictable. You don’t want you to have any accidents!”

“But, uncle, they are very good to me, and also taught me a lot of ways to live!” Red even tears the road.

Old man blinked and glared at Lin Xiao: “What method did you use to fascinate the red hoe?”

Lin Xiao frowns, said: “You don’t want to be so ugly, if you don’t have us, she’s afraid it won’t work!”

“Nonsense, think me dignified…” He stopped here when he said it.

Then I went to the red link: “Taro, hurry back, you are going crazy, you are looking for you!”

The red chain sweeps Lin Xiao entire group and says: “Uncle, they are very good, I… I don’t want to leave!”

“What?” old man panting: “Do you want to mad at you and me?”

In the distance, Nangong Fei suddenly stood up to figure, and came over, yelling: “old fellow, you are going to die, go to hell, don’t fuck here to bully Honglian, have the ability to come to me!”

“You… junior, so rude!” old man sighed and shivered.

“Uncle!” The words of the red lotus.

Nangong ice pulls red lotus, holding her jade hand, said: “I tell you, Honglian is my person, you dare to make her unhappy, who you are, be careful that I am desperate with you!”

“You…you…” old man.

“Well, don’t make a noise!” Lin Xiao waved his hand and said: “Honglian is with us. It is really safe. It’s not my own. In God World, no one can hurt her!”

“hmph, a frog in well!” old man rolled his eyes.

Lin Xiao held back and said: “Look at you as the red lotus uncle, I am letting you now. Go back and tell her, red lotus is very safe. If she wants to go back, we will send her back at any time. “”

“Can you protect her? Do you know her identity? Do you know how many people want to kill her?” Old man asked questions.

“Eh…” Lin Xiao crouched down and said, “I don’t know, but if you are willing to say, I’m listening!”

“No, you are not qualified to know!”

Wu Ya came out and said, “I am not qualified?”

Old man glanced at him and said, “No, unless you have a Nihility period, otherwise you don’t even think about it!”

Now, Lin Xiao is curious: “In the Nihility period, this is a few Lord’s cultivation base, protecting Honglian, and knowing her, must it be Nihility?”

Old man arrogantly said: “Yes, tell you, old man is there, just an old servant, the cultivation base is the countdown. Normally, the hoe is in the protection of the upper-grade Divine Artifact, never Dare to let her take a step.”

“Oh!” Lin Xiao said: “No wonder Red Lotus is ignorant of everything. She has never touched Real World!”

“Today is also a day off, and the old man was going to follow the killing of our victim murderer. Unexpectedly, I found the gimmick with you!”

After learning about these situations, Lin Xiao smiled and said: “That, Senior, you see Kazakhstan, Honglian follows us, never suffered, eat too much. Plus she is not willing to leave, can you consider, help? Turning to tell her father, is it that we took it?”

Old man, listen to the eyes of the boss: “No, the old man does not agree. If there is a flash of the skull, the old man is hard to redeem his sin!”

Nangong Fei was anxious again: “old fellow, this is not good, that can’t be done, what do you want?”

“How? Let her go back with the old man, and you have to go together!”

Wu Ya strangely said: “How do I feel, it seems that you are winning, is it like trying us?”

“Yeah, old man, this is the Sovereign side, you are now a prisoner, pay attention to identity!” Longlong called.

“Uncle, go back, Big Brother Lin, they are very good, I won’t have anything!” Red Lotus advised.

“Shantou, I told you that people are unpredictable. In this world, only you can believe that everyone else is a liar, a sinister vicious character!”

“old man, you talk again, be careful about this Sovereign!” Longlong raised his fist.

“Look, gimmick, trifling brat, actually claiming to be emperor, is this what normal people say?”

“Fuck!” Longlong got angry: ‘Do you dare say this Sovereign is not a normal person? “

Old man swept them in a circle, then shook his head and sighed, said: “Hey, how did you find a group of madmen? Nothing normal!”

When he said this, everyone did not listen.

Chen Hua, who has always been calm, spoke up: “This Senior, we are not crazy, you know better than anyone else. We can stand your unreasonable trouble, but Young Lady Red Lotus, she is really poor, a flower girl, but wants If you live alone in a lonely life, are you not cruel?”

Old man heard, eyes dark, said: “old man does not want to, ah, the identity of Shantou is too big, a little careless, it will bring devastating consequences. This ending, no one can afford it Even a Lord Lord will not work!”

“So far, are you still willing to tell the true identity of Young Lady Red Lotus?”

“No, even if you kill the old man, the old man will never say a word!”

“Chen Hua big brother, you don’t force Zhang Bobo!” Red Lotus asked.

“Forget it, I don’t ask!” Chen Hua went awkwardly.

Lin Xiao got up and waved his hand. The space of the old man disappeared and he regained his freedom.

And this move made him scared and scared.

A space constraint that makes me unable to move, is actually broken by this black clothed youth, this cultivation base? He didn’t dare to think about it.

“Okay, but you have to promise the old man, even if you are all dead, the red skull can’t have any mistakes!”

“You can rest assured that my Nangong Fei will protect her even if she fights hard!” Nangong Fei is full of pride.

“old man will believe you for the time being!” Yu La, and he said to the red-hearted words: “Shantou, why don’t you let me see the world, I really have his hardships, I hope you don’t blame you!”

“I won’t, uncle!” Red lotus eyes are red.

“Take care!” old man said, then turned to Lin Xiao: “Our people, is it really Supreme Yin Sect?”


“What credentials do you have?”

“When I was shocked, I heard the Sect Master mention this.”

“What? Have you been to Supreme Yin Sect?”


Old man stares at a few people and says, “Can you let the old man see your true face?”

“of course can!”

Said, Lin Xiao changed a few people back.

“Sure enough, you!” Old man showed a little smile on his face, saying: “Well, since you have such a high cultivation base, the old man is also relieved. However, the old man reminds you that God World has many hidden places. The power is very strong, you have to be careful!”

“Hidden forces?”

“Yes, God World has only four forces on the surface. In fact, there are still a few strands that are not weaker than the existence of Covering Heaven Sect and Tongtiange. In addition, the old man gets the news that God World’s major families have almost fallen! ”

“What?” Lin Xiao startled.

“Don’t be surprised, on the surface, those families that are calm and waveless have been controlled. On the contrary, families that often have accidents are being compiled!”

“No? It’s so blatant?”

“hmph, in God World, as long as you have the strength, even if it is just, open and honorable will be seized by Tongtiange, will not say something!”

“Don’t you ask Senior?”

“You don’t have to ask, old man won’t answer you!”

“Can the name of Senior be told?”

“Zhang Jizhong!”


Zhang Jizhong looked at Honglian again: “Shantou, don’t fall off your body armor, understand?”

“Know, Zhang Bobo!”

“How are you doing now?”

“This, Big Brother Lin said to go to Green Yingcheng!”

“Where?” Zhang Jizhong frowned: “It’s best not to go there!”

“Why?” Lin Xiao opened the mouth and said.

“You don’t know?” Zhang Jizhong turned to Lin Xiao.

“do not know!”

“After the Supreme Yin Sect incident, the Lin Da family who took control of the city was attacked and suffered heavy casualties.”

“Lin Family is being attacked?” Lin Xiao said in a hurry.

“What? They are being attacked, what are you worried about?”

Lin Xiao did not answer him and asked: “How is the situation now?”

“It’s messy. If you go now, it’s very likely that you will get caught in the vortex. This is not a good thing!”

“Zhang Senior, who is attacking Lin Family?”

“This old man is not sure. There are four major forces on the surface. In addition, the secret forces are also half. In general, Lin Family is definitely finished this time!”

“Strange person, let’s save Younger Sister Lin Qiong now!” Zi Jing yelled after hearing it.

“Younger Sister Lin Qiong?” old man wonders: “Do you know the king of Lin Family?”

“Zhang Senior, time is urgent, Junior will not say, leave!” After that, waved to indicate Honglian, they could not care about the world, and immediately teleportation.

Zhang Jizhong stunned and then shouted: “There is Monster Beast there, you have to be careful!”

In the mountains, only his voice echoed, without the shadow of Lin Xiao and the others.

“Bad, their name, and the body of their own side, I forgot to ask, it is really confused!” Zhang Jizhong patted his head, and then moved toward the direction of Green Yingcheng.



Lin Xiao Their teleportation to the destination, a magnificent and brilliant city appeared in front of them, looking up, the three big characters of Green Yingcheng, 熠熠 flash.